Bob's Book of New Hampshire TunesIn the forward to Bob’s Book of New Hampshire Tunes Sarah Bauhan writes: The Nelson Reel from Bob's Book of New Hampshire Tunes“Shortly before Bob died, he came wheezing up to my office in the Granite Block in Peterborough and presented four notebooks full of tunes he had yet to publish... The notebooks were all done in pencil with about 20 final copies “inked”… He was in his 91st year and had run out of steam to do his usual "inking" process. I assured him I would take care of that.”

Sarah kept her promise, and the book debuted at the Kwackfest 100 celebration on July 1, 2023, in Peterborough. 228 of the new tunes are named for towns and places in Bob’s beloved New Hampshire; 8 more are stragglers that had somehow escaped the previous books.

We include these new tunes in this separate list and hope that folks will enjoy playing them. Some of them are sure to be keepers.

Some of the tunes were played right away! We’ll check them off as they are submitted and will keep a separate tally to include in our round-ups.
We still aren't sure where or how the book is available. We'll post that info as it becomes available.

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