Playing all Bob McQuillen’s Tunes - A Centenary Celebration in 2023

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Bob McQuillen 1923-2014

Starting with the tune ‘Scotty O’Neil’ in 1973, Bob McQuillen wrote tunes.
Fifteen "Bob's Note Books" filled with 1,554 tunes were published, the last one published in 2012. A book of all his waltzes was published in 2012, including 2 waltzes not included in the Note Books. A last book of tunes is in the works.

Bob's Turning 100 in 2023 - Let's Play All of his Tunes

Starting at 12:00 am on January 1, 2023 and finishing at 11:59:59 pm on December 31, 2023, the goal of is to have all Bob's published tunes played somewhere by somebody.

How to Participate

The website includes a searchable list of all Bob's published tunes. A separate view shows the tunes that haven’t yet been played, and another shows who played what, when, where and why. Many tunes will be played more than once and that data is being collected. We are spotlighting some tunes that are surfacing - submit your nominations, and see what's already been spotlighted at our Tunes of the Month page.
The interactive elements work best on a computer rather than a phone or tablet.

Bob McQuillen's Original 1973
Transcription of Scotty O'Neil

Bob McQuillen's Original 1973 Transcription of Scotty O'Neil

University of New Hampshire Library
Special Collections Archive

Tell Us When you Play a Tune

When you play one of Bob’s tunes, fill out the form with all the required information:

  • Date Played
  • Tune Name
  • Who Played
  • Where Played
  • Why (dance, jam, party, other - it need not be in a public or group setting)

The Book Number field is optional, but please include it if you have it. There are quite a few tunes with similar names and we don’t want to have to guess which one you played. There are three Howe's Reels (#1, #2, #3) and two Jill's Jigs, for example.

You may include a link to an audio or video file, or a photo - also optional.

Click “Submit”, and the info finds its way into an ongoing list of tunes documenting who played what when with whom and why. If you have played more than one tune at a dance or session, include them in the "More Tunes" field with Note Book Number if you have it, or submit multiple forms.

Anyone can play any of the tunes

Dedicatees are encouraged to play their own tunes. Loved ones of Dedicatees no longer with us are encouraged to play those tunes. Anyone can play any of the tunes. If you have questions, or trouble navigating the site, please email us.

A bit of Bob's unique solfeggio encryption -
Click to see two full pages.

Please share this project!

Spread the word to anyone you think might appreciate this effort, might have a tune to play, might be interested in this legacy. Piano back-up players, accordion players, fiddlers, dancers, callers, anyone!