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Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
1-2 1 Scotty O'Neil Reel D 1973 With love to Scott and Becky
1-2 2 AAAchee's Reel Reel A 15 May 73 Happy Birthday, Michael Walsh!
1-2 3 Aaron's (Rarified) Air March G Jun 74 For Aaron Garland, who is already " 'way up there."
1-2 4 Aux Bois de Norwich (Norwich Woods) Jig G/Em 19 Jul 74 Norwich, Vt 19 July 74
Mille fois merci a mon cher Qué Pi
1-2 5 Bat in d' Bat'room Jig D 1975 He got sick of that damn belfry –
1-2 6 The Beaux of the Loch Reel Em 25 Nov 73 To THE BOYS OF THE LOUGH
Aly Bain, Dave Richardson, Robin Morton, + Cathal McConnell. Best Wishes always to you all , and THANKS!
1-2 7 Becky's Birthday Reel G Apr 75 With Love from Daddy
1-2 8 Billy's Forty Footer Hornpipe G 1973 With Love from Dad
1-2 9 Blue Jay Polka Polka F 1974 The beautiful Blue Jays outside my window sing this song, and in the key of F!
1-2 10 Bobbi Rojo Reel D 1974 To Nancy Dunlap + Bobbi Welsh, with love always.
1-2 11 Brothers Three Reel G 1975 For Larry, Joe, and Raphy Haddock
1-2 12 Bryan's Fancy March D Dec 74 For Art Bryan
1-2 13 Bug in a Bucket Jig G/Em 1975 BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ
1-2 14 Burke Mountain Reel D 1975 It's beautiful with Barney up on Burke Mountain, Vt.
1-2 15 Calli's Graf Jig G/Em 1976 For Cathy LaRoche, a neat Pen-Pal.
1-2 16 Camp Oceanward March D Jul 74 For Perk and Jimmy and all at Friendship, Me.
1-2 17 Reel Canadien-Français Reel D 1975 Pour tous mes amis au Nord
1-2 18 Cathy Sue Jig G/Em Jul 74 For Sue Koallick and Cathy LaRoche XXOO
1-2 19 Cathy's Wedding Jig D 1975 With Best Wishes and Loe always to Kathy + Erik Morse.
(Editor's note: in Bob's Combination 1 & 2 Notebook, the name of this tune was correct to "Cathy's Wedding" and the dedication to "With Best Wishes and Love always to Cathy and Earl Morse"
1-2 20 Cat in the Kitchen Jig Bm 1975 With love to our T'ai-t'ai (he's Siamese, you see), and to P.J., his bed-partner.
1-2 21 Cherry Hill Jig G/Em 1973 Happy New Year to all at BRUSH FARM, DUBLIN. Love to Jim, Libby, Joe, Larry, + Raphie Haddock
1-2 22 The Chickadee's Polka Polka G 1975 This is the tune the chickadees sing in Mr. Scott Thomas' woodlot up in Norwich, VT. I go up there every year in the fall when it's beautiful, just to hear them sing it. (sometimes I see a deer!)
1-2 23 Chips from the Block Reel D Aug 74 For Allan Block, fine fellow, fine friend, fine fiddler.
1-2 24 Clover Ridge Reel A May 74
1-2 25 Col. Sanders' March Jig G 1976 For Mr. Richard Sanders, Director of Music, Contoocook Valley Regional High School, Peterborough, New Hampshire. In appreciation.
1-2 26 The Coonhunter Jig G 1973 for James B. McCarthy
1-2 27 Cory's Jig Jig D 1976 For Cory Crawford
1-2 28 Coureurs des Bois (Woodsman's Reel) Reel G 1975 J'aime beaucoup les bois, moi –
1-2 29 Craigie's Reel Reel G 1976 For Craig Hicks
1-2 30 Crowes on the Field Reel D Fall 74 For Mike and Steve Crowe. In Memoriam Con-Val H.S. Soccer Season 1974. Heeyaa!! (I know – there were some other guys, too!)
1-2 31 Cuddihee's Jig Jig Bm Jan 75 For Richard Warren Cuddihee, with many Happy Memories
1-2 32 Dancing with Duke Jig D Mar 74 For Duke Miller from his Accordion Player since 1954 — 20 yrs! Best Wishes always, Duke!
1-2 33 Danny's on the Green Reel A 1973 With Love from Dad
1-2 34 Dave Fuller's Reel Reel D Sep 74 With fondest best wishes always to you, Dave.
1-2 35 David's Return to Carlisle March A Feb 75 For Dave Fuller, with best wishes always. What a great night of music that was, in Carlisle.
1-2 36 Deer Run North Schottische G Aug 73 For Johnny and Sandy and David and Cathy and Earl and Ann and Dan and Beau + Reverse. The Wonderful Eneguess Family!
1-2 37 Delorier's Delirium Reel D Feb 75 When you hear Larry's marvelous flute playing, you'll be in a delirium, too!
1-2 38 Donna's Dream Reel G Sep 74 For Donna Hinds, in the hope that it will all come true!
1-2 39 Dougan's Reel Reel D 1975 For Stephan Dougan – who will really, as the old hymn says, "Brighten the Corner" where you are.
1-2 40 Dreesey's Waltz Waltz G May 74 For Doug Dreesen
1-2 41 Fife and Drum March G May 75 For Jack Sloanaker
1-2 42 Fleur de Lis Schottische G Aug 74 For friends at Camp Fleur de Lis, Fitzwilliam, N.H. – Happy Memories and love from Uncle Bob. (drawing of a bus) Hi Lady Sue! Hi Boo Boo! Hi …
1-2 43 The Flying Walrus Hornpipe G/Em 1973 For Johnny Kyte (drawing of a kite and a walrus)
1-2 44 Fourth of July March G 1975 July 4, 1975
1-2 45 Fox Hollow Hornpipe A Aug 75 For DON and EVELYN BERNSTEIN …with love always, and always with many heartfelt thanks for the joys you have given us.
1-2 46 The Galloping Snapshot Jig D Mar 75 Good Luck, "Monadnock Movies". Watch out, MGM!
1-2 47 Gidget's Jig Jig A 1976
1-2 48 Green Mountain March March D 1975
1-2 49 Harold's Tune Reel D 1975 For Harold Forsythe of Perkins School, a fellow piano player.
1-2 50 He's Never Wrong March A 1973 For Spenny Wright
1-2 51 Hi Low Hornpipe Hornpipe G/Em Sep 74 For Steve, a good lad, and Tom Low, his dad.
1-2 52 Hitchy's Reel Reel G 1973 For Pam Hitchcock
1-2 53 Home for the Holidays Reel A 1975 Thank you, Barney O'Neil, for this tune.
1-2 54 Iain Bain, The Piper Reel G 1975 You should hear the marvelous music when Iain plays his beautiful Northumbrian pipes. Such a joy!
1-2 55 Ingall's Jingle Jig G Apr 74 This is your tune, Chuckie!
1-2 56 Jeffie O'Neil Waltz A 1973
1-2 57 Jim Gargan's Jig Jig G 1975 To my O-Positive friend – Good Luck always, Jimmy!
1-2 58 Jimmy's Song March D Aug 73 For Jimmy Burgess at Perkins School, Lancaster, Mass.
1-2 59 Joanna's Jig Jig G 1975 For Jo Eldredge, with love always from Mac.
1-2 60 Johnny's Drum Reel G/Em 1973 For John M. Eneguess
1-2 61 Junie's Jig Jig G 1976 For June Ludlum with many thanks!
1-2 62 Kelly's Green Jig D 1975 For Linda Kelly of Cazenovia College.
1-2 63 Kevin's Camp Reel Em Aug 74 For Kevin Potter, with such happy memories of Summerime '74. (Drawing of a cabin with trees)
1-2 64 The Koo Koo Bird Polka A 1975 For Paul Krulis, Summer Street's Greatest Cook!!
1-2 65 Larry Reel F Jan 75 To LARRY HADDOCK, with Happy Memories of New Year's Eve at Brush Farm. As I walk up the snowy pathway in the darkness, I see a small boy in the window by the door, standing in the golden light, waiting, smiling "Welcome".
1-2 66 Laurie's Bird Hornpipe G/Em Apr 75 With love and a special BRAAAWK! To my favorite Bodhran player.
1-2 67 Reel Lévis Bouliane Reel D 1975 C'est bon à écouter quand Lévis joue du violin!! Merci beaucoup, Lévis!
1-2 68 Linda O'Neil Jig G 1975 For the lovely Linda . . .
1-2 69 Lindbergh's Crate Jig D 1976 With Best Wishes to the Crate, and love always to the beautiful flute player dwelling therein.
P.S. It really was L.'s crate!
P.P.S. there really is a flute player living in it. Her name is Deanna Stiles, and she's super neat!
1-2 70 Lisa's Reel Reel G 5 Aug 74 Personne ne danse comme la belle Lisa Beaudoin!!
1-2 71 Reel Louis Beaudoin Reel G 4 Aug 74 For Louis – what fun had all together at the National Folk Festival. Wilfred Beaudoin, Rod Fuller, Sylvie Blais and Lisa.
At Wolf Trap Farm
1-2 72 The Magic Banjo Hornpipe G/Em 1973 for PETE COLBY
1-2 73 Reel Maison Blanche Reel Am 1976 For Julia Whitehouse
1-2 74 Ma 'n Pappy's Reel Reel D Feb 74 With love to my in-laws, Glen + Helen Scribner
1-2 75 Marche Marcoux March D Apr 75 Pour un bon ami depuis longtemps, M. Omar Marcoux
1-2 76 Martha's Music Hornpipe D Jul 74 For Martha Wiederhold, whose beautiful singing makes me cry . . .
1-2 77 McCarthy's Irish March March Em Nov 74 To my frend, The Coon Hunter
1-2 78 McQuillen's March March G Nov 74
1-2 79 M'Gunky's Jig Jig A Apr 75 For my friend McGunky.
1-2 80 Michael's Pig Hornpipe D Jul 74 For Aaachee
1-2 81 Mike's Flasher Reel D 1976 For Mike Fraser
1-2 82 Miss Cos's Polka Polka G/Em/G 1976 For Miss Margaret Costello of Camp Union, Greenfield, N.H.
1-2 83 Monadnock Mountain Reel D 1974
1-2 84 Monday Morning March D 1975 Thank Stevie Dougan for this tune!
1-2 85 Money in the Bank Jig D 1976 For Reggie Whiting
1-2 86 Morley's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 1976 For LINDA MORLEY of New England College in Henniker, N.H.
1-2 87 The Naughty 'Noochie Jig G/Em Feb 74 With love to my Mother, "Granny" Campbell, who cooked the super "Naughty Noochie"
1-2 88 NEFFA March Jig G Apr 74 With thanks for Friends, Fun + Frolic at the the New England Folk Festival.
1-2 89 Newt & Kay's Nelson Reel Reel D Jan 74 For Kay and Newt Tolman, who have given so much to our music
1-2 90 The New Year's Resolution March G 1975 Hope this tune amounts to more than the title.
1-2 91 Nice & Easy! Jig D Mar 76 For Dudley Laufman — Friend and Fellow Sufferer for many years.
1-2 92 O'Donnell's Fling Reel G/Em 1976 For Vince O'Donnell
1-2 93 Olde Tyme Quadrille Reel D/Bm 1975
1-2 94 Page's Calling March A 1976 With Best Wishes always to Ralph Page, Dean of Dancing, New England Style
1-2 95 P & A Jig Jig D 1976 For Pete + April
1-2 96 Patty's Party Jig D 1 Jan 75 For Patty Laufman with many thanks – Wolf Trap, River Hill Grange Turkey, yummy!
1-2 97 Paul Revere's Ride jig G/Em 1975
1-2 98 Paul's Jig Jig G/Em 1973 For Paul Richardson
1-2 99 Peggy's Doozy Reel Em Jan 75 For Peggy Duesenberry, a fine far-out, favorite female fiddler. Fantastic sight reader.
1-2 100 The Perrie Dance Jig D May 74 For Perry Anable XXOO
1-2 101 Planxty Jack O'Connor Jig G/D 1976 For a friend of many years.
1-2 102 Prancy Lass Jig G/Em 1976 With love to Nancy Pratt
1-2 103 Pretty Katie Reel A 1976 For Katie Marsden of Francestown, N.H.
1-2 104 Prissy's Polka Polka G Jun 75 "I believe in livin', livin'!"
For Priscilla J. McQuillen, with love always. (I belong to her!)
1-2 105 Prissy's Whoopie New Year Reel A 1974 With love always –
1-2 106 The Purple Appendix Reel G 1975 With love to Becka, who just lost 2 pounds.
1-2 107 Pussycat Polka Polka D 1975 Did you ever have a Siamese cat? One named T'ai-T'ai adopted us a years ago and we haven't been the same since.
1-2 108 The Quacker Box Reel D Jan 74 That's what Sarah Bauhan named my new music room, and this was the 1st tune out of it.
1-2 109 Ralph Page's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 1975 Thanks a million, Ralph!
1-2 110 Rat in the Garret Jig D/Bm 1974 With apologies to the "MOUSE IN THE CUPBOARD".
1-2 111 Rebekkah McCarthy Jig A 1975 With love always to Daughter #2.
1-2 112 Reel à M'Gunky Jig D May 74 (drawing of ? A mouse on skis?)
1-2 113 Rickety Jig Jig G Jul 74 For Rick MacAdam
1-2 114 Road to Errol March G 1975 From Milan north, beautiful!
1-2 115 The Road to Glasgow March A 1975 With love to Aaaship Sarah B.; U.N.H. Durham, Beethoven's 9th, Pizza, Porter, and Pipers!! (how do you get to Glasgow from here?!!)
1-2 116 Roamin' Rommie Jig G 1975 For a good friend, George Litchfield, and his good friend, Rommel.
1-2 117 Robin the Boze Jig G 1976 Rosin's Cousin
1-2 118 Sannella's Swinger Reel Em Oct 74 Happy Memories, Ted.
1-2 119 Sarah's Whistle Reel D Sep 74 For Sarah Forbes Bauhan, with love and Happy Memories of Hall I, II, III, IV, and V!
1-2 120 Sherill's Cookie Jig D 1975 For Sherill Anderson, Deer Run North's M.V.P. You really ought to taste Her spaghetti!
1-2 121 Silver Susie Jig D 1976 For Sue Koallick with many thanks. QUACK
1-2 122 Sixteen Sarahs Hornpipe D Jun 74 Sarah Bauhan Sarah Eldridge Sarah Hammond Sarah Washington Sarah Hill Sarah Stevens Sarah Meath Sarah (Sasha) Hall Sarah Conroy Sarah Garland Sarah Elder Sarah Carlton Sarah Franklin Sarah Hamilton Sarah Johnson Sarah Woodward and if you're Sarah, its for YOU!
1-2 123 Snowy Road to Sherbrooke March D 1976 I never should have taken it!
1-2 124 Star Light Jig Jig A 1976 For Marilee Hight. A star so bright. With love from Q.
1-2 125 Sunny Morning Reel D 1975
1-2 126 Tally Ho the Fox Jig D 1975 For Tally Ravlin, with love always to a very favorite fox.
1-2 127 Tell 'em I Shant! Jig A Apr 74 For Mark Schaal, with Happy Memories!
1-2 128 Temple Mountain March D 1974 For Mike Beebe and the Merry Company assembled. (Qué Pi, your flute was great!)
1-2 129 Thanksgiving Reel Reel F 1974 "Now thank we all our God"
1-2 130 That's my Boy! Reel G 1973
1-2 131 There's Music in the Bag! Hornpipe G 1975 For all those who go in the bag looking for music.
Oh we think it's very nice (really great / jolly good / super neat / peachy keen) that there is music in the bag
1-2 132 Tom Turkey Two-Step Two-Step A 1975 Happy Thanksgiving!
1-2 133 Two Weeks 'Til Christmas Jig D 11 Dec 74 Happy Birthday and much love always to Prissy, my lovely wife
1-2 134 Umbagog Rendezvous March G 1974 For all the Merry Company assembled at Deer Run North
1-2 135 Vallie's Quickstep March A 1976 For Valery Bataille of Francestown, N.H.
1-2 136 Wacker's Fling Reel Em 1975 For JIM ACHER, who loves the woods as much as I do.
1-2 137 The White Mountains Waltz D 1975 What a wonderful day – The Old Man of the Mountains, The Flume, Clark's Trained Bears, Waterville Valley, The Polar Caves, and a visit with the Coonhunter and Prissy on the way home. It was a beautiful day with my friend Barney O'Neil.
* Part A is Swedish Traditional. Part B is my own composition.
1-2 138 Why Not? Reel G Jul 74 For Roger and Phyllis Whynot
1-2 139 With Booze You Lose March A 1975 Here's Luck to Rye Whiskey and Good Luck to me.
1-2 140 (Zee) Beeka-Weeka Reel A 1973 With love to Becky McQ. From her dad.
Bob's Note Book 3 Go: → Top → Bottom → Middle → Book 1-2 → Book 4
Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
3 1 Aly Anderson Reel D 18 Mar 77 The most beautiful music comes out of Alistair's concertina – Thank you so much for it, Aly!
3 2 Aly's Fiddle Jig A 3 Apr 77 For Aly Bain, incredible fiddler with the Boys of the Lough. We love both, you and your music, Aly.
3 3 Applejack's Reel Reel D 12 Mar 77 With love always to a great group from Southern Vermont.
3 4 April's Blueberry Pie Waltz G Aug 76 For April Limber, who cooks a real good one. Wish I had a piece right now!!
3 5 April's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 9 Dec 76 With love to April Limber, a really fine fiddler.
3 6 Barry's Breakdown March D 6 Jan 77 For my good friend and fellow lifter, Barry Nielsen, with fondest Best Wishes always.
3 7 Beth Elder's Reel Reel D 22 May 77 I wrote this tune for a nice girl, but I forgot who it is! Oh, that's right, it's Beth Elder!
3 8 Bible Hill Jig D Oct 76 Alan Block lives up there. That's where he makes good leather sandals and better music. (It's in Francestown, N.H.)
3 9 Bicky's Reel Reel A/F#m 27 May 77 There is a real nice family named Bicknell who live in Francestown and this tune is for all of them with love from Mr. Mac.
3 10 Big Arty's Reel Reel A 2 Sep 76 For "Big Arty" Keating, a good lad and fellow gun nut.
3 11 Black Friday Jig Em 15 Apr 77
3 12 Boil the Sap Jig D 10 Mar 77 Sap's runnin' real good today.
3 13 Bread and Pickles Jig Am 11 Feb 77 For Ellen Horton and Joan Goodwin, two of the very best, with love always.
3 14 The Broken Sword Jig Am 26 Apr 77 For Larry Jennings and Co., whose marvelous sword dance at the New England Folk Festival inspired this tune.
3 15 Cal's Jig Jig A Nov 76 Cal Howard is damn near indispensable on any dance stage, and this tune is for him, with best wishes always –
3 16 Cathal's Flute - First Setting - Air Em 22 Apr 77 Cathal McConnell is that truly wonderful flute player with the Boys of the Lough. This tune is for him.
3 17 Cathal's Flute - Second Setting - Jig Em 22 Apr 77 "All the best" to you, too, Cathal. We sure do love your great music.
3 18 Cessy Buck Jig D 22 july 77 For Cessy with love – I wish this tune was as nice as you!
3 19 Charlene's Special March A 8 Feb 77 For Charlene Fegelman Morse with best wishes always –
3 20 Chelsea House Jig D 5 Sep 76 With love to Carol + Bill and the Chelsea House Folklore Center in W. Brattleboro, Vt.
3 21 The Dancing Bear Reel Em 22 Feb 78 I have a wonderful friend who is a bear named Oso and this tune is for him because he likes it. Barry Nielsen likes it, too, and so it's for him, too, with love from Mac
3 22 Dave's Bazouki Jig A/F#m 4 Apr 77 For Dave Richardson of the Boys of the Lough, with so very many thanks for your beautiful music.
3 23 De Danann Reel Am Spring 78 What a wonderful group from Ireland is De Danann with their beautiful music. This tune is for them, with appreciation.
3 24 Donnie MacLean Jig A 26 Nov 76 With fondest best wishes to the fine fiddler from Westminster West, Vt.
3 25 Donnie's Return Jig G 28 Oct 77 It sure is wonderful to have him back from California. We all miss Donnie McLean when he's away. (He's a great fiddler, you know!)
3 26 The Dublin Dance Reel D 12 Jan 77
3 27 Ernie's Tune Schottishe D 10 Jan 78 For Ernie Spence of Reading Mass., a dance enthusiast of long standing, and greatly appreciated by his friends.
3 28 Every Other Jig Jig G 3 Jan 77 I wrote this tune, but it sure sounds like every other jig to me! Hope you like it.
3 29 The Fifer's Delight Jig D Oct 76 For Ralph + Walt Sweet and Pat + Cammy, whose group, the Fifer's Delight, makes great music!
3 30 Fire in the Stove Jig A 5 Jan 77 The wind's a-blowin' an' sometimes it's snowin' . . An' "Baby, it's cold outside!"
3 31 Franny O'Connor Jig A 12 Mar 77 Sometimes when I play for Dana Stone, over at Camp Union in Greenfield, N.H., I meet the neatest kids, and this Irish lad from Salisbury, Mass. was one of them.
3 32 Fred's Jig / Dinah's Jig Jig Em 8 Feb 77 For Fred + Dinah Breunig with fondest Best Wishes
3 33 The Garand Girls Jig Em 24 May 77 For Betsey + Brenda – with love from Mac
3 34 The Gingerbread Houe Reel A 13 Mar 77 My dear friend Aaachi lives in it.
3 35 The Girl with the Green Hat On Reel D Feb 75 To Forbes from Comer with love (and apologies to the "Girl with the Blue Dress on".)
3 36 The Gold-Dust Twins Jig G July 76 For Hilton and Lithgow, Kevin and Tim – old friends who brighten my life
3 37 The Graceful Girl Reel G Jan 77 With love always to Thelma Strombeck
3 38 Gunpowder Reel Reel Em 20 Feb 77 Have you ever been to one of Ralph Sweet's dances at Powder Mill Barn in Hazardville, Ct.? DYNAMITE!! (such beautiful music, by Fifer's Delight, of course!)
3 39 Harvey's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/Em May 77 For Harvey Tolman of Nelson, N.H. – with best wishes always and a deep appreciation for his wonderful fiddling.
3 40 The House by the River Reel G 2 Aug 76 I spent a great night in this house with Pete and April. Lots of cabbage. Yum.
3 41 Jacob's Jig Jig D 31 Aug 76 For Carl Jacobs of Keene, N.H., one of the best Bass players in the business.
3 42 Jay's Jig Jig D 19 Mar 78 I promised one of my schoolboy friends I'd write him a tune, so this one is for Jay Lebel, with my very Best Wishes aways.
3 43 Jean Michel Reel G 28 Sep 77 Pour un jeun homme ici de France, studient à Nathaniel Hawthorne College, Antrim, N.H. Bone chance, Jean!
3 44 Jerry's Dance - 2 parts Reel/Jig Em 28 Jan 77 For Jerry Jenkins, with very best wishes always.
3 45 Jig on the Mountain Jig A 15 May 77 On this date, yours truly, April Limber, "Applejack" and an assorted group of other idiots, 29 in all, climbed Mt. Monadnock and held a contra dance on the very top of the mountain, much to the astonishment of the many other climbers gathered there on this beautiful day.
3 46 Joanie's Jig Jig D 30 Dec 76 With love to Joanie Pelton, one of New York's finest (MUSICIANS, that is!)
3 47 Joey's Hornpipe Reel D 10 Feb 78 Happy Birthday! And love always to Joey Lance Haddock
3 48 John and Tony March D 30 May 77 For Tony Barrand and John Roberts with thanks always for your Beautiful Singing –
3 49 Jonathan's Jig Jig D 19 Mar 78 This tune is for Jonathan Hall, who always makes me feel so welcome when I go down to the Folkway in Peterborough, N.H. (The Folkway? Good food, good music, good people!)
3 50 June Bug Jig Jig A 10 Jun 76 As I stood alone in the darkness beside the stream, a beaver slapped a warning with his tail, and the air whizzed and buzzed with bombing June Bugs.
3 51 Kennedys' Reel Reel G July 76 For the Jim Kennedy Family of Fitzwilliam, N.H., who have done so much for Monadnock Region Square Dancing.
3 52 Larry's Waltz Waltz G 27 Dec 77 With love always to Larry Haddock, who is one of the brighter lights in my life.
3 53 Laurie's Hornpipe Hornpipe A/F#m 30 Sep 77 For Laurie Rose Indenbaum, great "Applejack" fiddler, with love and best wishes always.
3 54 The Lovers' Waltz Waltz D Aug 77 If you are in love, then this waltz is for you!
3 55 Lucy's Reel Reel e 28 Nov 77 For Lucy Shonk of Dublin N.H. with love and Best Wishes –
3 56 MacIntire's Harmonica Reel A 11 Mar 77 For my good friend Allen MacIntire with great appreciation for his beautiful music.
3 57 Mary Jane's Jig Jig D 1 Jun 77 For Mary Jane Marsden, a very special lady from Francestown, N.H.
3 58 McQuillen's Irish Green Jig G/Em 28 Aug 76 Chichester, N.H. XXOO
3 59 Mike Sullivan's Jig Jig D Dec 77 Here's a Merry Christmas to a real neat lad at New England College who really likes the music.
3 60 Monadnock Hornpipe Hornpipe D 25 Nov 77 We have a real pretty mountain in our area named Mt. Monadnock. This tune is for the mountain – (let's see now, 25 November, wasn't there something else, seems to me?!)
3 61 Mother's Hornpipe Hornpipe D May 77 Here's a tune for all nice mothers on Mother's Day, but especially for mine, Mrs. Eleanor L. Campbell of Peterborough, N.H.
3 62 My Favorite Flute Jig D Sep 76 My favorite flute is kept in a crate up in Contoocook, New Hampshire
3 63 Nevell's Long Bow Jig D Dec 76 For Dick Nevell, with best wishes always. By the way, have you read his book, "A Time to Dance"? It's really superb. It's required reading, you know!
3 64 New England Winter Waltz Em 31 Dec 76
3 65 Perron's Hornpipe Hornpipe A 4 Mar 77 For Jack Perron, with fondest Best Wishes always.
3 66 Phil Ireland's Jig Jig D 7 Dec 76 Here's a tune for a good boy who likes the music.
3 67 Pinky's Jig Jig D 22 May 78 With love always to a fun chick, Pinky Fiske of Temple, N.H.
3 68 Planxty Jack Number 2 Jig D 16 Mar 78 Dear Jack O'Connor – I figure if I keep after t I might get a good one.
3 69 Priscilla's Jig Jig G/D 11 Dec 76 Happy Birthday! I hope you like your tune.
3 70 Queen Elizabeth Reel Am 9 Jan 78 I hope Earl Gaddis likes this tune as much as I like his fiddle playing.
3 71 Ra's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 17 Mar 78 For Ra Eldredge, with love and Best Wishes always from Mac
3 72 Raffy's Reel Reel G 26 Feb 78 With love always to Raffy Haddock, who is one of the great joys of my life.
3 73 Ralph Miller's Jig Jig D 13 Mar 77 You musicians will be enjoying the fine tunes that Ralph writes when he publishes them one of these days.
3 74 Randy Miller's Reel Reel Am 13 Mar 77 Randy is one of the fabulous Miller Brothers – their record "Castles in the Air," is the best traditional N.E. music of 1976.
3 75 Reel Acadien Reel G Oct 76 Pour mes bons amis au sud qui jouent de la musique magnifique – Mark Savoy, "Coteau", et beaucoup d'autres.
3 76 Robin's Bodhran jig Em 4 Apr 77 For Robin Morton of the Boys of the Lough, with many thanks for his marvelous music.
3 77 Roddy Miller's Jig Jig G/Em 13 Mar 77 Maybe it's Mt. Monadnock that attracts such great musicians as the Miller Brothers. Go to a dance in Nelson, N.H. You'll see!
3 78 Roddy's Rambles Reel D 19 Mar 78 For Roddy Miller, one of the best fiddlers I ever played with.
3 79 Roger's Jig Jig A 19 Apr 77 On this, the 202nd anniversary of Paul Revere's Ride, I have written this special tune for a real special guy, Roget Whynot. Love you, old friend.
3 80 Sarah's Jig Jig D 24 Apr 77 For Sarah Forbes Bauhan, wonderful whistle player and better half of that great combo, Forbes and Comer, with love always from QUACK.
3 81 Sarah Elder's Jig Jig D 22 May 77 With love always – I hope you like this tune – Mac
3 82 Segal's Flight Reel Em 15 Jan 78 For Kenny Segal, fine friend and fiddler, with very Best Wishes always.
3 83 Shelley's Reel Reel D 22 Mar 78 For Shelly Osborne, with love and Best Wishes always.
3 84 Sibby's Jig Jig A 1 Jun 77 For Sibby Kunhardt, who is another one of those very special ladies from Francestown.
3 85 Spring Song March A May 76 My back field always makes music in May – so pretty.
3 86 Taylor's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 24 May 77 For Taylor Whiteside, with fondest best wishes
3 87 Weldwood Waltz Waltz G 23 Feb 77 For Dr. and Mrs. Weld, Gertrude and Edric, of Dublin, N.H., with love and affection.
3 88 Willie's Wild Whistle Reel D/Bm 3 Oct 76 For Bill and Anne Thomas with Best Wishes always – I'm wild about the way you play that old black flute, Bill!
3 89 Wolf Trap Farm Polka Polka D 18 Jul 76 The National Folk Festival held at Wolf Trap Farm National Park in Vienna, Virginia, is truly a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Don't miss it!
3 90 Woodland Dream Waltz D 16 Oct 77 This tune was unusual – it came to me as you see it in a dream. I was hunting in the Norwich, Vt., woods at the time. (I saw a bear this trip!)
Bob's Note Book 4 Go: → Top → Bottom → Middle → Book 3 → Book 5
Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
4 1 Al McKinney's Jig Jig D 25 Sep 78 For a real good friend, with thanks and appreciation
4 2 Alouette's Waltz Waltz D 5 Feb 79 With love to Alouette Iselin, and so many thanks for her beautiful singing. Nelson, N.H. is very lucky to claim her as a fringe benefit!
4 3 Andy's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 28 Jan 79 For Andy Toepfer of Applejack, with fondest Best Wishes and so many thanks
4 4 Another Margaret's Waltz Waltz G 29 Apr 79 If you, too, have encountered Margaret Spellman at a dance, then you know why I wrote her this tune!
4 5 April's March March D 4 Jul 79 I have a wonderful time playing music with a great fiddler named April Limber, so this is her tune, with love.
4 6 The Bains' Welcome to Dublin Jig G 13 Nov 78 For great Northumbrian Piper Iain Bain, and his lovely wife, Mrs. Sue Bain, on the occasion of their visit to Dublin, N.H., U.S.A. with fondest best wishes always.
4 7 Barry's Reel Reel G 14 Sep 78 On this nice September day, Barry Nielsen went away. This tune will tell you where.
4 8 Becky Ashenden's Jig Jig D 22 Jul 79 Becky Ashenden is a RED HOT piano player with Cammy Kaynor – I love to hear her play! I hope you like this tune, Becky!
4 9 Berger's March March Em 28 Jul 79 Berger, Rockwood, and McLenon. The 3 Musketeers in our own school – always together, and still together in this book. Here is your tune, David, with love from Mac.
4 10 Blue Ribbon in her Hair Waltz G 22 Sep 79 Kathy Rockwood is a Blue Ribbon girl for sure, and this tune is for you, Kathy, with love from Mac.
4 11 Bobbi's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 28 May 78 Surely one of the mainstays of the Fox Hollow festival is the wonderful Bobbi Humphrey, and so this is her tune, with love and a great deal of appreciation.
4 12 Cabot's Jig Jig Em 1 Oct 79 This tune is dedicated with much love and fondest Best Wishes always to Mr. + Mrs. Handesyd Cabot of Dublin.
4 13 Cammy's Tune Reel D 16 Mar 79 With very Best Wishes always to Campbell Kaynor, who brings such joy to us all with himself and his fiddle.
4 14 Carol and Richard Jig Em 14 Sep 79 Chelsea House danced for joy this day when Richard Gottlieb and Carl Levin became Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb. This tune is for you both with much love and Best Wishes always in the Happy Years ahead
4 15 Chertok's Reel Reel Bm 23 Jul 79 Besides being a real nice guy, Alan Chertok, who lives in Carlisle, Mass., is also a fine musician in our New England dance music, playing fiddle and drum. Wish you lived closer, Alan!
4 16 Cheryl's Reel Reel D 2 Feb 80 Timber Salvage is really lucky because they have a truly great fiddler, and this tune belongs to Cheryl Hurwitz, with love always –
4 17 Chuck's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 16 Jul 79 Chuck Devinne, besides being a maker and player of banjos (and incidentally, Duke Miller's grandson) brought me a WHOLE GALLON of fresh picked strawberries!! Can you imagine that?! The berries were better than this tune. Thanks, Chuckie!
4 18 Clackety Clack Jig G 14 Aug 78 I was a passenger on a train; its wheels played this tune.
4 19 Come Drink at the Well Hornpipe A 4 May 79 The Well is a school in Perterborough, N.H. It is run by the Jay Garlands, and it is a wonderful place, full of love and knowledge and happy kids. Sometimes I get to share their joy when I play for a dance there.
4 20 Cori McLenon Waltz Bm 24 Jul 79 Now here is a tune for another one of the McLenons I think so much of. You're a real sweetheart, Cori, and I hope this waltz pleases you as much as you please me – Love always from Mac
4 21 Dance Française #1 Breton-style March D 29 Sep 79 Music Breton style.
4 22 Dance Française #2 Breton-style March D 30 Sep 79
4 23 Dick Nevell's Jig Jig A 13 Sep 78 For a good friend, with fondest Best Wishes always.
4 24 Donnie's Dance Hornpipe D 27 Sep 78 For Donnie Parkhurst of Peterborough, N.H., faithful follower of many years.
4 25 Donnie's Wedding Jig D 8 Oct 78 With love and Best Wishes always to a dear friend Donnie McLean, and to Marnie, his new bride. Donnie is that great fiddler, and comes from Westminster West, Vermont.
4 26 The Drummer's Reel Reel Am 14 May 79 Can't you hear the bodhran in this tune? I sure can! Boom diddy Boom!
4 27 Earl Brock's Hornpipe Hornpipe Am Aug 78 Fox Hollow Festival would sure be in a "heap o' trouble" if it weren't for Earl's hard work. Thanks, Earl!
4 28 Freedom Jig Jig G/Em 18 Sep 79 Yesterday I danced for joy, for that was the day my boyhood friend, Lawrence Kirby Lunt, Jr., was released from a Cuban jail after being held political prisoner for fourteen long years.
4 29 Gene Roe's Reel Reel e 30 May 79 Gene Roe, from Greenville, N.H., is the wizard who tunes my piano. This is your tune, Gene, with many thanks.
4 30 George's Black Flute Reel G 10 May 79 With fondest Best Wishes always to George Reynolds of Timber Salvage. You'll love the way he plays his black Irish flute!
4 31 The Giggle Jig Jig D 8 Aug 79 I hope this tune reflects the cheery spirit of the happy boy for whom I wrote it. With love to Brad Nielsen
4 32 Gregory's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 9 Sep 79 With best wishes always to Jim Gregory, fine friend and fellow musician, and Happy Memories of a camp fire at Philly –
4 33 Happy Day in May Waltz D 20 May 78 With Love + Best Wishes always to Mr. and Mrs. Randy Miller on their Happy Wedding Day.
4 34 Harrisville Hall Polka A 26 Apr 789 Great Dances held in Clark Hall, Harrisville, N.H. Much fun.
4 35 Indian Neck Jig Jig G 14 May 78
4 36 Jack's #3 Reel Em/Bm 17 Jul 79 Well, this tune is for what's-his-name down there in Carlisle, Mass, – O'Connor that's it, Jack O'Connor – Well anyway I hope he likes this tune – God knows I've tried hard enough – this can't go on forever, ya know! With love to an old friend –
4 37 Jack's Waltz Waltz G 10 Aug 79 I've played an awful lot of dances for our local caller, Jack Perron. We have had some wonderful nights with the music.
4 38 Jane Miller's Jig Jig D 3 Feb 79 A lovely lady is Roddy's wife. She teaches school in Antrim, N.H. and this is her tune.
4 39 Janie's Polka Polka D 24 Jan 79 There's a whole bunch of Torreys and they're all nice. This tune is for Jane Torrey. Hope you like it, Janie!
4 40 Janie's Schottische Schottische A 6 Oct 78 With love to a great fiddler, Janie McBride; (when my little car busted she gave me a ride!)
4 41 Jeffie VII Reel G 25 Sep 79 I promised Jeff Sieben a tune, and here it is, with love from Mac.
4 42 Jill's Jig Jig D 20 Jan 79 With love to Jill Newton, great Applejack fiddler; thanks so much, Jill, for all your hard work –
4 43 Jimma's Jig Jig Bm/D 24 Jul 79 Over in Temple, N.H., lives a young man who has been close to me all through high school. He paints really pretty pictures, using bright, happy colors, and so this tune is for Jim Rockwood, with love from Mac.
4 44 John McCutcheon's Reel Reel A 2 Aug 79 For the below named gentleman (obviously!) with my very Best Wishes and love for a great guy – I sure do enjoy our happy times together.
4 45 Jon's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 30 Mar 80 This tune is for Jon Bicknell of Francestown, N.H. He's a great boy – once at the Fox Hollow Festival he served me fried eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee, IN BED!! I hope this will pay him back! – Best wishes to you, Jonny – Mac.
4 46 Justine's Jig Jig Em 2 Jan 80 Justine Paul is a real fine string bass player from Concord, N.H. It's always so nice when she joins us at a dance.
4 47 K. T.'s Jig Jig D/Bm 24 Sep 79 I watched Katie Thomas dance yesterday at Michael + Zoe's party, and I just had to write this tune for you, Katie, with love from Mac –
4 48 Kentish Hornpipe Hornpipe D 15 Aug 79 Well, if this tune is written for Kent Nielsen, it just has to be a Kentish hornpipe, don't you agree? Answer: It is, it does and you do.
4 49 Kiggen's Reel Reel A 19 Sep 78 For John Kiggens of the Dublin School.
4 50 Laurie's Reel Reel A Jun 78 For Laurie Wenblad of Peterborough, N.H., with love and Best Wishes from the CON-VAL H.S. weightlifting coach.
4 51 Lili's Jig Jig D/Bm 25 Sep 78 (Lee-Lee's) Lili Thomas is truly one of the superlatives in my life. Love to you always, Lili – Mac
4 52 Lisa's Jig Jig Em 8 May 79 Lisa Schnurr plays banjo with that great Contra Dance Band, Timber Salvage, so this is her tune – I hope you like it, Lisa!
4 53 MacElroy's Reel Reel D 4 Feb 79 For Kevin MacElroy of Portsmouth, N.H., a really fine musician in the old tradition. With very Best Wishes always, Kevin –
4 54 Marnie's Wedding Jig D 8 Oct 78 With love and Best Wishes always for Marnie McLean. She and Donnie just got married, and live in Westminster West, Vermont.
4 55 Martie's Polka Polka D/Bm 11 Apr 79 For Martie Fleisher of Brattleboro, Vermont. Did you ever watch her dance? She sparkles!
4 56 Mary Elder's Jig Jig G/D 11 Oct 79 Dear Mary Elder, last of three nice girls; this tune is just for thee! And with love always, from Mac
4 57 Mary is a Rose Waltz G 18 Nov 78 Mary DesRosiers of Station WSLE in Peterborough, N.H., loves folk music, and this tune is for her.
4 58 McClatchy's Jig Jig G 10 Jul 78 For the wonderful Debby, with love from an ardent admirer
4 59 McCutcheon's Quadrille Quadrille D 13 Jul 79 John McCutcheon of Dungannon, Virginia, is truly one of the great people in my life. This tune is for you, Johnny, with love always and many thanks, and special memories of "The Yellow Rose of Texas"!
4 60 McLenon's Reel Reel Bm 19 Jul 79 I am so lucky, because as a school teacher I get to know and enjoy many really great kids. Shawn McLenon is one of these, and this is your tune, Shawn, with love from Mac
4 61 Michael's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 22 Jan 79 With fondest Best Wishes and sincere thanks to Michael McKernan of Applejack.
4 62 Miskoe's Reel Reel D 14 Feb 79 For Sylvia Miskoe of Concord, N.H. who plays such happy music on her accordion.
4 63 Miss Gysan's Jig Jig D 12 May 79 One of my favorite school girls is named Michelle Gysan, and this is your tune, Mickey, with love from Mac –
4 64 Mystery Waltz Waltz G 12 Aug 79 Not only that, but also there was a light rain this morning!
4 65 Nancy's Fiddle Jig G /e 30 Apr 79 With love to Nancy Pratt, Cape Breton Style Fiddler from Dublin, N.H. and Cape Breton, N.S. – I remember a great Monday night dance in Harrisville, Nancy!
4 66 Nash the Shroo Jig D Oct 79 (in Norwich, Vt. Woods) I was about halfway through this jig when a mouse started gnawing on my camp, And then I said, Well, it might be a shrew after a big dinner (me). And I thought about those teeth*, and I named him
4 67 Nerissa Waltz G 25 Sep 78 With love always to a nice girl named Nerissa Osborne of Walpole, N.H. Happy Dancing!
4 68 New Cottage Hornpipe Hornpipe D 5 Feb 80 For Kirsty and Nina Bain of Newnham England. With many thanks for that beautiful tune your sent to me. I just love it.
4 69 Oh, Carolyn's Parrot Reel G 16 Mar 80 A lot of good-time music and dancing are being generated by a fine caller and musician from Hopkinton, N.H. named Carolyn Parrott – I promised you a reel, Carolyn, and I sure hope you like it!
4 70 The Old Squeezebox Polka G 29 Aug 79 I had a chance to play a real old Hohner accordion the other day, and this tune came tinkling out – I hope you like it!
4 71 The Old Wooden Flute Hornpipe D 17 May 79 There's nothing that makes prettier music than one of the old flutes. I adore them.
4 72 Peter's Treat Reel Reel A/F#m 11 May 79 Peter Barnes is one of the best Contra Dance musicians I know, and this tune is for him, with fondest Best Wishes always.
4 73 Pete's March March D 4 Jul 79 With love to Pete Colby, the greatest plucker of them all!
4 74 Pompelia Waltz Em 1 Oct 79 Pompelia – a place of beauty, joy and love. It's nothing but a memory now, but what it stood for will linger in our hearts.
4 75 The Pressroom Reel Reel Em 3 Jul 79 My friend Jay Smith, over in Portsmouth, N.H. has a pub on Daniels St. called The Pressroom. It's a great place, full of old typewriters, friends, and lots of good music. Hope to see you there!
4 76 The Pretty Girl in the Next Tent Jig Am 8 Jan 80 For Mary Limbaugh with much love –
4 77 Pyne-MacElroy's Wedding March March D 1 Jul 79 July 1st 1979 will long be remembered by Sharon Pyne and Kevin MacElroy! With love and Best Wishes always to you both –
4 78 Ralph Page Reel A 26 Mar 79 For a dear friend of many years.
4 79 Raphy's Red Hat Jig D 28 Jan 79 Really, it's my red hat, but Raphy Haddock brought it to me, all the way from Ireland! I love both, the hat and Raphy.
4 80 Rappaport's Jig Jig Em 9 May 79 With love to Ruth Rappaport, great piano player with Timber Salvage. The world rocks when Ruthie's on the keys!
4 81 Renata's Reel Reel Em 23 Sep 79 I was so happy to meet Renata Pompelli this summer – no wonder there's a Pompelli trail on Mt. Monadnock! With Best Wishes and love to you, Renata –
4 82 Rich's Polka Polka D 9 Apr 79 With fondest Best Wishes always to Rich Blasej of Vermont, a fellow enthusiast and great clarinet player!
4 83 Sarah Dell Reel G 15 Jul 79 One of my school girls likes the music pretty well, so here's a tune of your own, Sarah, with love from Mr. Mac.
4 84 Sharon's Jig Jig D 4 Feb 79 For Sharon Pyne who, with Kevin MacElroy, makes such beautiful music. With love to you both, Sharon –
4 85 The Sneezy Polka Polka D 7 May 79 I know it's a dumb name, but I really sneezed my head off when I wrote this tune!!
4 86 Susan's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 22 Feb 79 With love to Susan Elberger – not many people are as nice to me as you are, Susy!
4 87 Sweet September Waltz D 8 Sep 79 Georgia and Andy became Mr. + Mrs. Andrew Fletcher today, and I hope they like this tune!
4 88 Terriyaki's Jig Jig D 20 Jul 79 Yes, I know it's a little unusual, but I really do have a friend named Terriyaki who always brings me happiness. And so, you see, this is Terriyaki's Jig! And with love always
4 89 Thank You! Jig D 17 Mar 80 I'm sure you can hear me say THANK YOU! (This tune is for Applejack and Interested Others!)
4 90 Tod's Tune Reel D 18 Apr 79 With fondest Best Wishes always to Tod Whittemore, really fine dance caller in the New England tradition. We always have such a great time playing music with you, Tod!
4 91 Tolman's Reel Reel F 25 Mar 80 I have the highest regard for Newt Tolman of Nelson, N.H. Generations yet to come will still hear happy music from his silver flute ringing out across the Monadnock Region.
4 92 Tom Anderson's Reel Reel Bm 16 Jul 79 When Aly Bain and the Boys of the Lough were over here this spring, they brought a great fiddler with them, and so this tune is for Tom Anderson, with very Best Wishes.
4 93 Too Hot to Handle Jig D 20 Jun 79 That's the trade-mark of my friend Eddie Kellog's THTH Skateboard Company, and this tune is for you Eddie, with Best Wishes always from Mr. Mac.
4 94 Troy's Jig Jig D 2 May 79 Troy Brooks of Temple, N.H. is one of a very special group of people who always manage to bring happiness into my life.
4 95 Walker's Jig Jig D 18 Jul 79 There's a family in my town of Dublin, N.H., and Walker is their name, and there's about 432 of them if you count cousins and in-laws, and I guess I like most all of them, especially Mike Walker. So here's a tune for you, Mike, with best wishes always to you and yours –
4 96 Walter's Jig Jig D 29 Oct 78 For Walter Sweet, with fondest Best Wishes always. He's one of the best wooden flute players I ever heard. He and Ralph, his father, make those "Sweetheart" flutes. Wonderful!
4 97 Weatherbee's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 31 May 79 For Caleb Marlin Weatherbee, whose dramatic and musical talents I so greatly enjoy and admire – With fondest Best Wishes
4 98 Woodruff's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 29 Oct 78 This is for Steve Woodruff; I always enjoy playing music with you, Steve!
4 99 Woodsfellow's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 28 Jan 79 With very Best Wishes to David Woodsfellow, former Applejack member. (He carried my accordion down Mt. Monadnock once. I was grateful for that!) (TRY THIS AS A SCHOTTISCHE)
4 100 Yerow's Reel Reel D 15 Jul 79 Jane Yerow is a real good dancer and a super photographer, and this tune is for you Janie, with love + thanks for those great pictures. — FLASH!! –
4 101 Zoë's Reel (Michael's Reel, Too!) Reel Em 17 Sep 79 (I THINK IT'S MICHAEL'S REEL, TOO!) Well, you see, Zoë Richardson married that nice young feller Michael French, so I guess it belongs to them both, with love always —
Bob's Note Book 5 Go: → Top → Bottom → Middle → Book 4 → Book 6
Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
5 1 All Over the Floor Jig C 26 Jan 81 You'll just have to ask April Limber
5 2 Amelia Waltz D 12 Mar 81 Now here is a tune for Deanna's sweet daughter; If you haven't met her yet, you really ought'ter.
5 3 Amy's Jig Jig D/Bm 13 Aug 80 Amy Bicknell is another member of that great Francestown family I think so much of. I sure hope you like your tune, Amy!
5 4 Andy Woolf's Reel Reel G 20 Nov 80 Playing music with Andy is a really great experience - he is a wonderful fiddler from down Boston way -
5 5 Anne's Waltz Waltz Bm 4 Oct 80 With love to Anne Thomas - I think a flute player's wife needs a tune of her own, don't you?
5 6 April Lee's Waltz Waltz D 16 Sep 81 With love and so many thanks (x10^44!) to April Limber, who has played all these tunes on her fiddle first, so we could hear what they sound like!
5 7 The Armas Schottische Schottishe D/Bm 20 Sep 80 For my very dear friend and Suomalainen Issä of so many happy years - Armas Kainu -
5 8 Arthur Williams' Reel Reel A 19 Oct 81 After more than 30 years of it Arthur doesn't show any signs of giving up; in fact, I think he's dancing better now than he ever did. Here's a tune for you, Arthur, with fondest Best Wishes always -
5 9 Aunt Jenny's Jig Jig G 12 Jan 81 Jenny La Freniere of Marlboro, N.H., is the sister of Johnny Trombley, who was probably the best square + contra dance piano player in New England. I am so glad to dedicate this tune to you, Jenny - with much love always -
5 10 Betsy's Waltz Waltz D 30 Dec 80 Over in Harrisville, N.H., there's a fiddler named Betsy Church. She's awfully nice - gives great parties! I hope you like this tune, Betsy!
5 11 The Bionic Clogger Jig Bm 28 Aug 80 Bob Dalsemer suggested this title for a tune for Ginette Dubois Roy, so here it is!
5 12 Blood's Reel Reel G 24 Sep 80 From Putney, Vt., comes a fine fiddler, caller, and a most enthusiastic dancer, and so here is your tune, Alan - I hope you like it -
5 13 Bob's Own Jig A 26 May 81
5 14 Chapin Street Reel G 24 Nov 80 This tune is for our friendly caller-musician Rich Blazej (pro. Blazay) who at the time, lived there. Now he lives on Tyler St., still in Brattleboro, Vt. By the time this gets printed, I don’t know where the hell he’ll be. But it’s following you with fondest Best Wishes, Rich, no matter what![slashed out]_where_!
5 15 Chapman's Jig Jig Em 12 Aug 80 One of my ex-school boys named Mark Chapman likes contra dances pretty well - I hope this tune turns out as good as you did, Mark.
5 16 Chip's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 13 Apr 81 There are dances every Monday night in Clark Hall in Harrisville, and to these comes, from the Meeting School in Rindge, a big happy lad named Chip Comstock. It's fun watching him dance, and so here's a tune for you to dance to, Chip -
5 17 Dave Possi's Reel Reel Am 26 Mar 81 Doris and Bill Possi have a real nice kid named David who brought be some great ice cream one afternoon at the Girl Scout House in Concord, Mass. Thanks, Davey!
5 18 Deacon Brodie's Welcome to Dublin March G/Em 19 Oct 80 and it's welcome you'll be, too, when you go there - Fiona's cooking is superb - and Steve provides the greatest music ever - don't miss it!
5 19 Deanna's March March D 26 Apr 81 Deanna Stiles is that great silver flute player who lives up in Danbury, N.H., and this is her tune, as I guess you can tell! (By the way, she's also Amelia's mommy!)
5 20 Dirk's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 20 Nov 80 A real nice young man is Dirk Hermance - he was always so helpful at Fox Hollow - He was real fortunate, you know - he married that wonderful Mary Limbaugh!!
5 21 Donna's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 7 Oct 80 Donna Maglen of Concord, N.H. really loves the music and dancing - She has the longest neck I ever saw on her banjo
5 22 The Duke of Fitzwilliam Reel D Jun 80 IN MEMORIAM - LAWRENCE A. "DUKE" MILLER
5 23 Ellen Marie Jig Em 30 Oct 80 We don't see as much of Ellen since she moved out of Harrisville and away from the Monday Night Dance, but this is your tune anyway, Ellen -
5 24 Farewell to the Crate Reel D/Bm 25 Nov 80 With love to Lindberg's Crate and all that therein was. (You might want to try this one as a Schottische or Hornpipe)
5 25 Farewell to the Hollow Waltz Em 17 Feb 81 You and I have bid fond "Farewell" to many "hollows" in our lifetimes. This particular one is for Fox Hollow, so beloved by us all.
5 26 5th Prize Reel Reel G 17 May 81 April Limber played super at the Waltham French Club fiddler's Contest today and won 5th place!
5 27 5 a.m. Jig jig D 28 Sep 80 Yep - that's when it came. Ya know, sometimes I'd rather be sleeping!
5 28 Fleur de Lis Waltz Waltz D 14 Aug 80 For many friends and happy times at Camp Fleur de Lis in Fitzwilliam, N.H. With love from Uncle Bob.
5 29 The Francestown Jig Jig D Sep 80 It’s always wonderful to be in Francestown on Labor Day among so many dear friends, with special mention going to the Francestown Fire Department! (I played music for the Labor Day Dance with Duke Miller in the Town Hall for 25 consecutive years!!)
5 30 Gary's Reel Reel D 3 Oct 80 This tune is for Gary Heald of Troy, N.H. - I suppose there's been a dance somewhere in the Monadnock Region that Gary missed, but I sure don't remember when!!
5 31 Ginette's Reel Reel G/Em 29 Aug 80 If you haven't seen and heard the great Quebecois dancer, Ginette Dubois Roy, you have a real treat in store for you. Happy Birthday, Ginette!
5 32 Gordon's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 26 May 81 This tune is for Gordon Peery of New Ipswich, N.H., who is one of the spark plugs of dance music in the Monadnock Region -
5 33 Hank's Mother Jig Em 10 Aug 80 Hank Peirce's mother is Maggi Peirce - She has many friends and admirers and surely I'm glad I'm one of them. Keep the kettle boilin', Maggi dear!
5 34 Harry's Jig Jig Am Aug 80 Harry Nelson over in Francestown has helped keep the dancing going for years, so here's your tune to dance to, Harry -
5 35 Heavens to Betsy Jig D/Bm 19 Nov 80 I told Betsy Maislen, who plays silver flute for "Smash the Windows," that I'd write her a tune with this title, so here it is, Betsy, + I sure hope you like it!
5 36 Henniker Hornpipe Hornpipe D 16 Nov 80 In memoriam Henniker, N.H. - "The Only Henniker on Earth"!
5 37 Irene's Jig Jig D 23 Jan 81 Irene Howard is Cal's wife, and she, too, is one of my favorite people - I hope you like this tune, Irene!
5 38 It's Nice to be Here in New England Waltz Bb 16 May 80
5 39 Jamie McDonough Reel D 18 Aug 80 Jamie's been a real dance enthusiast for a long while; it's about time you got a tune of your own, Jamie! I hope you like it -
5 40 Joan's Reel Reel D 21 Dec 80 Joan O'Donnell has to be one of our greatest enthusiasts. She sure loves the music - Here's a tune all your own, Joanie!
5 41 Joe Gillis' Jig Jig G 1 Jun 81 You'll find Joe at every NEFFA Festival. He plays great accordion and piano, and I hope he likes this tune!
5 42 John Campbell's Reel Reel A 28 Sep 80 When John Campbell raises his fiddle and plays his wonderful "Sandy McIntire's Trip to Boston", then I know I'm in Heaven!
5 43 John Newton's Jig Jig D/G 5 Mar 81 John's running a saw mill over West Townshend, Vt. way - He's married to Jill Newton, one of Applejack's fiddlers, and he's got a band of his own called the "Turkey Mountain Window Smashers" that he calls dances with and anyway, Best Always to you, John! (P.S. I can't help thinking that a name like "Windy Mountain Turkey Smashers" would have had a great impact!)
5 44 Jonny Rhino's Polka Polka D 16 Dec 80 Jon Bicknell and Scott Rajaniemi help to make my life the happy one it is, so here's a little ditty for the pair of you, with much love from Mac
5 45 Jonny's Breakfast Reel F 10 Dec 80 Well, you see, I cooked Jon Bicknell his breakfast this time, and I only hope this tune came out better than that experiment did!
5 46 Katie McBride Jig D 2 Jun 81 Katie's a fun chick who shows up at the dances a lot - she's Janie's sister (Janie the fiddler) and I had to write her a tune, too! Hope you like it, Katie!
5 47 Katie Morse's Jig Jig A 29 Jul 80 If you ever want something done + done right, then get Katie to do it. She's super! Love you lots, Katie -
5 48 Keene's Jig Jig D 24 Feb 81 Sometimes April Limber, Pete Colby, Rich Blazej (caller from Brattleboro, Vt.) and I play at Keene State College for Ken Wilson's dance. Ken has the "Yankee Lady Record Shop" in Keene, and h's also calling dances on his own.
5 49 Ken Wilson's Reel Reel F 20 Nov 80 Ken is real great to work for - He's calling some really nice dances in the Mabel Brown Room at Keene State.
5 50 Larry's Reel Reel Em 4 Apr 81 Originally entitled "Larry Haddock’s Welcome to the Indian Neck Folk Festival." But that seemed to be a little cumbersome, so it was shortened some. But it’s your tune, Larry and, like your waltz, it comes with love from Bob
5 51 Louie's Jig Jig G 28 Mar 81 Here's a little ditty for Louis Garue over in Hancock, N.H. I know you like the music, Louie, and I hope that goes for this tune, too!
5 52 Lorraine's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 11 May 81 It’s always such a joy when Lorraine and Rick Lee are around. The music they produce is such fun. When Lorraine sings with that dulcimer, it’s like being transported into a whole new and beautiful world -
5 53 Mabou Reel A 31 Dec 80 Mabou is a town on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. They have a ceilidh (pro. kay-lee) there every year. It's a big music + dance party and I went to it once. Who do you suppose I saw there? My dear Nancy Pratt, from Dublin, N.H!
5 54 MacSkuzzie's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/Em 4 Oct 80 In Memoriam: Forbes and Comer. XXXOOO
5 55 Maggi's Son Reel Bm 10 Aug 80 Hank Peirce is Maggi's son (You all know Maggi!) and he's one of my favorites. He's a super bones player in the tradition of Percy Danforth and Rod Fuller - He's got a bodhran now, and he's working hard with it, too.
5 56 The Marshal of Bristol Jig D 7 Mar 81 Jim Marshall of the Danbury-Bristol area sure gave us a warm welcome when we played music up his way -
5 57 Maureen's Reel Reel D/Bm 17 Aug 80 Maureen Kennedy has held a special place in my heart for years, and last night, at the Fitzwilliam Dance, I promised her a tune of her own; so here it is, Maureen, with much love from "Uncle Bob" -
5 58 Melissa's Jig Jig D 27 Oct 80 Here's a tune Melissa Emmons can try on her fiddle - I sure hope you like it, Melissa!
5 59 Michael's Wedding Reel F/Bb 14 Feb 81 This is the happy day that saw Michael Walsh (my very dear Aaachi) and Lauri Myer become Mr. + Mrs. Congratulations, and love always to you both -
5 60 The Millyard Reel Reel D 2 Oct 80 You really must go to The Millyard Restaurant in Manchester, N.H. I guarantee you'll get the best steak you ever had! Tell Gary Edwards, the owner, that I sent you!
5 61 Miss Brown's Jig Jig D/Bm 27 Nov 80 Carolyn Brown is a real sweetheart, and we're always so glad whenever she's around. Here's a tune for you, Carolyn, with much love -
5 62 Miss Carey's Jig Jig G/Em 2 Jun 81 Karen Carey is a real sweetheart and she likes Mike McKernan, and Mike likes her and I like both of them and I hope you like this tune, Karen!
5 63 Miss Whittemore's Reel Reel D 1 Dec 80 If you want to see good times personified, you just watch Wendy Whittemore at a Contra Dance! Love to you, Wendy!
5 64 Ms. Davis' Jig Jig G/Em 20 Dec 80 All of us appreciate Sharon Davis - She works hard to bring great British Traditional Music groups (Silly Wizard, et cetera) into the area (and besides that, she’s a great contra dancer) - Thanks, Sharon -
5 65 My Mother's Waltz Waltz Em 4 Nov 81 With much love and so many thanks to my dear mother, Eleanore L. Campbell, of Peterborough, New Hampshire, whose help I appreciate so greatly -
5 66 Nancy's Jig Jig Bm 26 Aug 80 With love and appreciation to Nancy Hanssen, one of the great spark plugs at Fox Hollow for so many wonderful years.
5 67 Nathaniel's March March D 10 Oct 80 For my friend Nathaniel Ward, from over near Niskayuna, New York. Maybe someday you'll play this on your fiddle, Nathaniel!
5 68 Nuthin' To It Jig D 28 Mar 81 Well, he's been tellin' me that for over 20 yrs, and you know, he's just gotta be right. What do you think, Jack?
5 69 The Ompompanoosuc River Reel Reel Em 15 Oct 80 Isn’t that a wonderful name? I cross this river every time I go hunting in Vermont.
5 70 Paul's Hornpippe Hornpipe D 24 Nov 80 For my friend, Paul Milde, one of the Boston area's most enthusiastic musicians.
5 71 Phoenix Fiddle Jig Bm 23 Aug 80 For Ned Phoenix of Jamaica, Vt. - It's always so nice when I get to play the music with you, Ned -
5 72 Pinewoods Reel Reel D Aug 80 American Dance Week at Pinewoods Camp - Great place, great people! (THANKS, Fred, B.!)
5 73 Red Lynnie's Jig Jig D 20 May 81 Lynne Hammond has pretty red hair, and I just thought she needed a tune!
5 74 Reel Richard Reel D 18 Aug 80 Ray + Nancy Richard have been good friends and fellow teachers for over 20 years - They also like the music we play occasionally up at Deacon Brodie's, so here's a tune of their own!
5 75 Rhino's Reel Reel G 23 Oct 80 Scott Rajaniemi, one of my super school boys, likes our fiddle tunes pretty well, so here's one of your own, Rhino. With love from Mac -
5 76 Rick Lee's Reel Reel G 9 May 81 We had such a nice time together at Indian Neck this year. Here's a tune for you, Rick, with best always -
5 77 The Road Back Home Schottishe D 1 June 81 After you've taken the Road to the Isles, take this one!
5 78 Rocky Bay Reel G 4 Jan 81 Rocky Bay is a pretty place, on high bluffs overlooking the Atlantic. It is between Arishat and Cap La Ronde on Isle Madame, in the southernmost part of Cape Breton, and my mother, born Eleanore Frances Latimer, came from there. Maybe that’s why I like Cape Breton music so much!
5 79 Scerbi's Polka Polka D 26 Mar 81 This tune is for my good friend Gregory Scerbinski. It may not be "Roll Out the Barrell", Scerbi, but I hope you like it anyway!
5 80 Serenity Hill Waltz G 11 May 80 Such a pretty name - we pass it every year on our way to Indian Neck.
5 81 The Smasher's Reel Reel G 11 Oct 81 Really great music is being played in the Hanover area by a group called Smash the Window. This tune is for Bill Shults and his band with fondest best wishes..
5 82 Stuart's Jig Jig Em 26 Feb 81 Stuart Kenney's cheerful presence adds a lot to our contradances - Best always, Stuart -
5 83 Thimmel Jig Jig Em 3 Oct 80 This is David Thimmel's tune - He + his mom used to come to the Clark Hall dance in Harrisville quite often, but now I see him on his bike in Peterborough since they moved there - I hope you like this tune, Davey!
5 84 A Time To Dance Waltz D 27 Jan 81 Have you read Dick Nevell's book, "A Time to Dance"? It's so very interesting - required reading, you know!
5 85 Timmy Ahearn Jig G/Em 25 Sep 80 One of the lights in my life is Timmy Ahearn (you know, "The Count"...) he's a staunch member of that great group *composed of Shawn and Jimma and David - love ya, Tim - *CMC - The Carbon Monoxide Commandos
5 86 Tim McCarthy's Reel Reel D 9 Nov 80 Whenever I visit my old friend, Jim McCarthy, up north during the hunting season, his nephew Tim is there, too. Now there is one kind and thoughtful young man. He's always so nice to me - Thank you, Timmy!
5 87 To a Wee Maid (with love) Waltz Em 26 May 81 The Bees they Buzz / Among the Flowers, / Making glad / Our waking hours.
5 88 Tony's Quadrille Jig G/Em 9 Nov 80 Tony Parkes, great piano player and caller for "Yankee Ingenuity," always makes me feel so welcome whenever we meet - I sure hope you like this tune, Tony -
5 89 The Troubador's Jig Jig G/Em 7 Mar 81 This tune is for Bill Staines, and if you have ever heard him sing, then you know why. If N.H. State Troubador was an elected office, Bill would win in a landslide. Best wishes always, Bill - I hope you like this tune -
5 90 Wayne's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 14 Oct 80 Smash the Window (sic) Band is really lucky to have a great flute player named Wayne Cripps - He has an old black flute that sounds so beautiful.
5 91 Winnie Oak Reel G 10 Feb Winnie Oak was a most delightful lady and a great favorite of all who knew her. She was formerly Applejack's piano player, and she will be greatly missed.
5 92 Quinlan's Jig Jig D 13 May 81 Arthur Quinlan of Dover, Mass., has brought great happiness to others with himself and his fiddle. I sure hope you like this tune, old friend -
5 93 Van Peski's Pachyderm Jig Em 15 May 81 You'll just have to ask Jeff Van Peski about this one - After all, it was his elephant in the first place!
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Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
6 1 Angela's Reel Reel D 25 Feb 82 Angela Toppan is Bob's daughter, and I've known her since she was, and him long before that, and it's about time I wrote you a tune to dance to, Angela! I hope you like it...
6 2 Arthur Welch's NE Accordion Center Polka Polka D 31 May 82 Check it out, you box people - 36 Massahasic St., Manchester, N.H. 603-669-0424. Arthur has a great store and you will like what he does. Arthur, that's the longest name I ever put on a tune! Best Wishes always to you and Mrs. W.
6 3 Augusta Waltz Waltz G 13 July 82 Perhaps the greatest musical experience of my life happened to me this summer when I attended Irish Music Week at Elkins. It was truly an unbelievable experience. Five days of great music with superb instructors - Liz Carroll, Mick Moloney, and Billy McComiskey. The very best.
6 4 B&G Reel Reel D/Bm 8 Feb 82 This tune is for Bozeman-Gibson Organ Builders, where Pete Colby works, in Deerfield, N.H.
6 5 Billy McComiskey's Reel Reel D 15 July 82 You never in your life heard anything like it when Billy McComiskey winds up that Paulo Soprani button box of his and takes off - He can get a wailing scream out of that thing that'll blow your socks off! He and Liz and Mick (our instructors for the Irish Music Week at Augusta) gave us such a wonderful concert. Thanks for all your help and hard work, Billy - It sure was a great week!
6 6 Billy's Polka Polka G 14 Aug 82 Bill Clymer has been coming to our dances for several years, and you know what? During World War II I once sailed on the U.S.S. George Clymer, which was named after Billy's great-grandfather! It's a small world.
6 7 Bob Toppan's Reel Reel D 20 Feb 82 Bob's been dancing for many years, and he sure is an old friend of mine.
6 8 The Boys of Antrim Jig D/Bm 18 Aug '81 Once in a while I get over to Antrim, N.H., and visit with some of my school boys over there -- What a great gang they are! Here’s to Bobby Bezio, Kevin Page, Mike Gilmore, Doug Cottle, John Jeffries, Kevin Cutter, and RAT (Queeek!) Scott Burnside from Mac
6 9 Brian's Reel Reel D 24 Nov 81 Brian Cartwright brings his guitar to the Monday Night Dances, and when he's not on the floor dancing up a storm, he's on stage, playing up a storm! Great music!
6 10 Brunswick Hornpipe Hornpipe D 27 April '82 I had such a good time at the New England Folk Festival last week-end. It was so great to hear Kevin McElroy, now of Brunswick, Maine, belt out those wonderful hornpipes on his banjo.
6 11 C.D.S. Waltz Waltz D 20 Nov 82 Kit Campbell and her friend Dierdre down at CDSS in N.Y. have kept me in stitches this past year, and so I have written this waltz for the Society and I'd like to dedicate it to K + D with my very best wishes always. Thanks so much (P.S. I can't wait for that tape*) [*CDS-?]
6 12 Colin's Reel Reel D 4 Nov 82 I'm so glad I finally got this tune for Colin Quigley. Those of you who have heard him play know what I mean when I say he's a great fiddler. I'll never forget that wonderful summer (week) at Pinewoods, Colin, with you and Emilie. Best wishes always -
6 13 Corey's Reel Reel D 2 Feb 82 April Limber's dog, Corey Limber, sat up and begged so pretty that I wrote her this tune. She wagged her tail in time to the music.
6 14 Crossroads Reel Reel D 2 Aug 82 Tim Sparling, who is one of my favorite schoolboys, has a Rock Band with a great sound, named "Crossroads". I love to hear them play. I don't think you'll play this tune, though, Timmy! - With love from Mac
6 15 Dicky's March March D 26 April 82 Dicky George hails from Concord, N.H., and he seldom misses a dance. You should hear him "Balance your partner"! See you at the next one, Dicky!
6 16 Don Braley's Reel Reel D 21 Aug 81 Don Braley is a great fiddler who lives in East Concord, N.H. He also makes & repairs fiddles & bows, and once he fixed up my old fiddle (not that I can actually play the damn thing!)
6 17 Donna Hinds Reel D 10 Oct 81 Nobody's been nicer to us than you have, Donna - New England Tradition loves you!
6 18 Doozer's Waltz Waltz G/Em July 1982 For David B. Wenigmann. In memoriam, and with love.
6 19 The Dreamy Polka Polka G 5 Dec 81 This little tune came in a dream I woke up with this morning - weird, huh?
6 20 The Duke's Chair Reel A 31 Aug 81 Of course, before you can have a tune about a chair, it figures you gotta have the chair first. Sometimes this can be a problem! If you don't believe me, ask Pete & April.
6 21 Duncan MacGillivray ('s Welcome to Dublin, NH, USA) Jig D 28 July '81 It gave me such pleasure to write this tune for the great piper with the Battlefield Band.
6 22 Fairfax Park Polka Polka D 18 Juy 82 If you go to the National Folk Festival at Wolf Trap, Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, Va., is only about 10 minutes away. It is a real nice camping area. Good place to stay!
6 23 Frankie's Reel Reel F 31 Jan 82 For Frank Lepton of Nelson, N.H. - We go back many happy years together - Hope you like dancing to this tune, Frankie -
6 24 French Club Reel Reel D May '82 What a great place it is - The French-American Victory Club in Waltham, Mass. They have a yearly fiddle contest which sort of specializes in Cape Breton style music, and also a French-Canadian dance contest to go with it. It sure makes for a great day in May!
6 25 Frona's Waltz Waltz G 24 Dec 81 Whenever April, Pete and I played at Deacon Brodie's Tavern, Frona Avery treated us like royalty. Sometimes she even joined us with her bass fiddle! Love to you, Frona, and many thanks. (P.S. - Oh, those chicken livers!!)
6 26 Front Hall Reel Reel D 5 Feb 82 Here's a little tune for Andy Spence who is always nice to me. Best wishes always, Andy, to you and Bill.
6 27 Hannah's Reel Reel D 10 Sept 81 This tune is for Hannah DesRosiers. She's Mary's little daughter, and she's a real sweetheart.
6 28 Hannah Towle Waltz G/Em 22 June 81 Hannah Towle is Glen Towle's look-alike sister, and she, too, is a real sweetheart.
6 29 Hilltop House Jig A June '81 'Way up on top of Craney Hill in Henniker, N.H., is where you will find April Limber's house - It's pretty up there -
6 30 Hull's Relief Reel F 3 Jan 82 Sometime if you'd like a change from Hull's Victory, try this one. Once in a while I get tired of playing the regular tune.
6 31 An Itty Bitty Ditty Polka Polka G 10 Jan 82 Dumb name for a tune - Dumb tune.
6 32 It's C-C-Cold Out! Jig A 31 Dec 81 4 above 0º this morning! But it'll get colder than this later on. UG!
6 33 Jennifer's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 2 Dec 81 One of the Monadnock Region's best dancers is Jennifer Price of Keene - I sure hope you like this tune to dance to, Jennifer!
6 34 Jill's Jig #2 Jig D 12 Aug 82 This Jill's Jig (there's another in Book 4) is for one of my favorite school girls named Jill Erickson from Temple, N.H. - Love you always, Jill - & I hope you like this tune! Mac Baby
6 35 Jimbo's Jig Jig G 16 Nov 82 Jim Weston is another one of my happy school kids who is such a pleasure to know. Best wishes always to you, Jimbo, and love from MAC
6 36 Karen McKernan Waltz G 7 Jan 82 Here is a waltz for one of the loveliest ladies I have ever known. I hope it brings you joy, my dear Karen - IN MEMORIAM - NOVEMBER 10, 1982
6 37 Kim's Jig Jig D 9 Aug 81 Kim Guthrie lives in Vienna, Va., and she sold us icy COKES at Wolf Trap. This is her tune, and says, "Thank you, Kim!"
6 38 Krissy Finnegan Jig D 25 Feb 82 Krissy loves to dance at the Monday Night dances with Peter O'Brien, and so I thought she needed a tune of her own. I hope you like it, Krissy!
6 39 Laura's Jig Jig D 27 July 82 Laura (Garand) Simonetta was one of my favorite school girls in years past - Happily, I see her occasionally now-a-days, and she's still a great favorite of her "Uncle Bob" - with love to you, Laura
6 40 Kevin's Jig Jig D 6 Nov 82 This tune is for Kevin Delay of Bennington, N.H. I want him to be happy - perhaps this will help. With love from MAC
6 41 Laurie's Jig Jig D 6 Nov 82 This one is for Laurie Parks of Peterborough, N.H., with love from MAC
6 42 The Little Reel Reel G 18 Dec 81 It really was such a pleasure to write this tune for Jason Little and his brother, Brendan, superb musicians both, in the Cape Breton tradition.
6 43 Liza Hill Reel D 26 Jan 82 Liza never misses coming to the Monday Night dances with her guitar and her really nice big brown fuzzy dog - She once gave me a fire-breathing dragon for my birthday! Thanks, Liza!
6 44 Liz Carroll's Reel Reel D 12 July 82 Irish Music Week at Augusta, and here's a tune for a very favorite fiddler. Your music is truly exquisite, Liz. We just love to hear you play. Thanks so much for a truly great week -
6 45 Ludger LaForte Reel A June '81 One of our favorite musicians is a great Cape Breton-style fiddler named Ludger (pro. "Loo-jay") LaForte - We get to hear him every year at the French Club in Waltham, Mass.
6 46 Marie's Reel Reel D 11 Aug 82 This tune is for an old friend, Marie Rhines, great fiddler from Falmouth, on Cape Cod. Hope you and your students like this one, Marie!
6 47 Martha's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 15 May 82 Now Peter Temple has a lovely wife named Martha, you see, and I just couldn't leave her out! I hope you like your tune, Martha!
6 48 Martin's Reel Reel D 2 Feb 82 Pete Colby's fuzzy buddy is a cute kitty cat named Martin. He sometimes lilts a puurfect bass-line to this tune.
6 49 Mary Lea's Waltz Waltz D 4 Sept 81 Mary Lea is a fine fiddler down Boston way, and I promised her a tune. I hope you like your waltz, Mary!
6 50 Mary's Kettle Jig G 2 Aug 81 With love to Mary Bryan; Mary, you always did have the best kettle! (P.S. - Hi Jake!)
6 51 The Mate's March March A 31 Jan 82 Originally from Sussex, England, Grainger Marbury, AKA The Mate, now lives in Temple, N.H. As a student at Con-Val High School in Peterborough, he is a great soccer player, Co-captain of that team, and a great friend of mine. Right, mate? Love ya, Mate - Mac
6 52 McCarthy's Wedding Waltz G 27 Feb 82 With much love always to old friend Jim, and his lovely new bride, Gwendolyn - Here's to a warm sun and a smooth road!
6 53 Michael and Karen Waltz G 1 Nov 81 With so much love to Karen Carey and Michael McKernan on their Happy Wedding Day . . .
6 54 Mick Moloney's Jig Jig D 15 July 82 Mick taught strings other than fiddle at Augusta this year - Mandolin, guitar, banjo and dulcimer - Everybody had such a wonderful time - Thanks so much, Mick, for all your hard work -
6 55 Mick's Reel Reel D 7 Aug 82 It's 3 weeks since Irish Music Week at Augusta, and I can still hear that marvelous plink-a-plunk of Mick Moloney's banjo. Try this one on it, Mick - I sure hope you like it -
6 56 Miki's Jig Jig D 9 May 82 Miki McCloskey from Farmington, Ct., has long been one of my favorite musicians - She plays great piano for Tim Woodbridge, and I just love the way she plays bass - Best always to you, Miki!
6 57 Miss Brinton's Jig D 5 Nov 82 I think it's about time I found this tune for an old friend - Erica Brinton from up Hanover way has been coming to dances for such a long while, and don't you think she should have her own tune? I do! Hope you like it, Erica!
6 58 Miss Cooper's Jig Jig Em 31 Mar 82 Robin Cooper has always gone out of her way to be nice to us when we play in the Concord-Boston area - Thanks so much, Robin!
6 59 Miss Muffie's Meow Jig D 8 Aug 82 You'll just have to ask Mary Hamilton about this tune. Mary was one of my great school-girls, but she moved to Keene and I don't see her as often - Lots of love to you, Mary.
6 60 Miss Murray's Jig Jig D/Bm 10 Aug 82 Laura Murray is a Bright Star in my life - One of my school girls, she brings me joy with a bubbling-over personality and her rich command of English - Love always to you, Laura from MAC
6 61 Miss Pratt's Reel Reel G 27 July 82 Here's a Cape Breton-style tune for fiddler Nancy Pratt who loves Cape Breton music. And we all love Nancy! I hope you have fun with this tune, Nancy!
6 62 Miss Sylvester's Reel Reel D 25 July 82 Ruth Sylvester calls for the fiddling Sherrys up in Lyme, N.H. Maybe you can get them to play this tune for you, Ruth!
6 63 Monkey Mush Reel Am 21 Aug 81 Money Musk was never like this, but sometimes when you're playing it, you can try switching off onto this and see if it does anything for you (besides causing regurgitation, that is...)
6 64 Mrs. Whynot's Jig Jig A 5 Nov 82 One of my favorite ladies is Phyllis Whynot - She's at least as nice as Roger and I've written him a tune, so I figure this is the least I can do, and about time, too!
6 65 Muskeg Jig Jig G 25 Sept 81 It's always such a pleasure when we get to play up Hanover way for Muskeg Music.
6 66 The Muskeg Waltz Waltz D/G 2 Nov. 82 This past weekend I played a Happy Halloween dance in Lyme, N.H., with the Sherrys and Wayne and Ruth and Bill. This is Muskeg Music country, and they sure were nice to me. They like waltzes pretty well up there, so here is their very own, with many thanks and fondest best wishes always to Dave Millstone and all the rest of the Muskeggers.
6 67 Nannie's Jig Jig A 15 Nov 82 Anne Langley is one of my great school girls. One time she cooked a bunch of us a real good pumpkin pie, and so I cooked you up this little tune, Nannie, with love from MAC
6 68 Niña's Reel Reel G 8 Mar 82 For Niña Iselin of Nelson, N.H. - with love to you, Niña, and the hope that you like this tune - Maybe, you can find somebody to fiddle it for you!
6 69 Niskayuna Waltz D/Bm 11 June 82 Niskayuna High School, on the Balltown Rd. in Schenectady, N.Y., gave its name to a real nice folk festival that used to be a yearly event there. George & Vaughan Ward were the spark plugs who ran the festival, and I just want to thank them for all their time and hard work. (Forbes & Comer made their debut there. Great duo.)
6 70 Noah's Reel Reel D 15 Feb 82 With much love to a great boy - Noah Thomas is Ann and Bill's son and maybe he'll dance to this tune some day when his father, a great flute player, plays it for him.
6 71 Omer's Reel Reel D 6 April 82 We all lost a dear friend when Omer Marcoux, one of New Hampshire's best known French-Canadian fiddlers, passed away.
6 72 Pat 'n' Dick's Jig Jig A 20 Feb 82 This one is for Pat and Dick De La Chapelle of Peterborough, with best wishes always.
6 73 Peery Aly Reel D 12 May 82 I told him I was going to write this tune, just for him, so here it is - But I'll let him tell you about it. (D'you suppose they'll like it in Lerwick?)
6 74 Percy's Reel Reel D 18 Nov 82 If you haven't encountered the great bones player, Perry Danforth, then you have a real treat in store for you. It's always such fun when I get to play music with you, Percy, and I hope you like this tune - With Best Wishes always from your friend, Bob McQuillen
6 75 Peter Kenney's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 9 Nov 81 Pete plays banjo at the Monday Night dances - Like the rest of us, he's really into the music and we all have such a great time together -
6 76 Peter Temple's Reel Reel G 7 Mar 82 Here's one for dance caller Peter Temple of Harrisville. I hope you have fun calling a contra to this one, Peter!
6 77 Phil Cunningham's Reel Reel Em 2 June 82 Never in my life have I heard a piano accordion played the way Phil Cunningham does it. He really is a wizard on that box, and helps to produce great music with the group, Silly Wizard.
6 78 Reel Mme. Jobin (Mrs. Jobin's Reel) Reel G/D 3 Feb 82 Mrs. Aimée Jobin of Concord, N.H., has played piano back-up for Omer Marcoux's fiddle for many happy years of great music. Nous l'aimons très bien, Madame. Merci beaucoup!
6 79 Richy's Jig Jig D 1 Feb 82 Richy Cardone is another one of my great school boys I think so much of; he likes electronics and playing goalie on the soccer team. This tune isn't by the Go-Go's, Richy, but it's with love from MAC
6 80 The Road to Waltham Reel G May '82 Every year at this time, April Limber and I go down to Waltham, Mass., to the French-American Victory Club, where April enters the fiddle contest, and I get to back her up on piano. It's a great time, and we get to hear John Campbell, Ludger LaForte, Joe Cormier, and Jerry Robichaud - some of the very best Cape Breton-style fiddlers.
6 81 Roberta's Reel Reel G 15 Feb 82 Roberta Sutter plays WILD hammer dulcimer at the Dawn Dances Mike McKernan rung in Brattleboro, Vt. I sure hope you like this tune, Roberta!
6 82 Robin's Reel Reel Em 28 July 82 Robin Blecher is always so nice to me when I get down Cambridge way - She and her Mom sure make me feel welcome - Thanks, Robin.
6 83 Roger's Reel Reel D 26 Aug 81 It sure is fun to hear Roger Treat when it's his turn to fiddle at the Monday Night dance. (Note - for info on this dance, call 603-563-8425) [P.S. - That's while I'm still around!!]
6 84 Saletan Special March G 15 Nov 82 Tony Saletan is always nice to me whenever our paths meet, and besides that he is a damn good piano player, and that rates him a tune of his own, you see - I hope you like this one, Tony!
6 85 Saltwater Jig Jig G June '81 At the sea side, Wells Beach, Maine. This tune came out of my old flute that April and Pete gave me.
6 86 Sarah Greene's Jig Jig D 26 July 82 The Miller Brothers have a cute little cousin I just met who likes to dance - I hope you like this tune, Sarah!
6 87 Scott Marsden's Reel Reel F 29 Jan 82 I've wanted. to write this tune for a long while - He was one of the best kids I ever knew - In memoriam, with much love, until we meet again...
6 88 The 6 Grand Jig Jig G/Em 2 Oct 81 This tune is for my dear friend the Deacon - (Steve Avery) - It's the very least I could do!
6 89 Solomon's March March G 21 Sept 82 This tune is for Solomon's Seal - a great group of inspired instrumentalists - Rick and Lorraine Lee, Jane McBride Orzechowski, and my very dear Sarah Forbes Bauhan. With much love to all. (P.S. WAIT! Just wait till you hear them. Truly, you have a real treat coming your way!)
6 90 Stephen's Jig Jig D 6 Nov 82 This tune for Stephen O'Neal, who is a student at The Dublin School. Stephen goes out of his way to be nice to people, and so I thought he rated a tune for that. Don't you?
6 91 The Sue Wallis Jig Jig D 16 Feb 82 Sue Wallis is one of our favorite dancers - She's been really nice to us, and so here is your tune, Sue, with great appreciation and love from MAC
6 92 Teresa's Reel Reel D 14 Feb 82 Teresa Wyman likes our music and we like Teresa, so here's a tune of your own, Teresa - hope you like it -
6 93 Toleman's Hornpipe Hornpipe D/Bm 28 April, 82 Saratoga Springs, N.Y., is noteworthy for being the home of Bill and D.G. Toleman, who operate a hostel for itinerant musicians. They also like to dance pretty well, and while Bill takes care of the plumbing, D.G. keeps busy in the kitchen cooking up the best damn lemon-nut bread you ever tasted! Yum Yum! It's so good! P.S. - Thanks, Folks!!
6 94 Tom Sherry's Reel Reel A 10 June 82 Tom is 1/2 of a husband-wife team of fiddlers in Lyme, N.H., who play such great music for the contra dances so popular in that area.
6 95 Tracy Sherry's Reel Reel A 10 June 82 And here's Tracey's tune, to go with Tom's - I really have a nice time when I get to play music with them - Wayne Cripps plays his black flute & Ruth Sylvester does the calling - It's fun!
6 96 Trapezoidal Jig Jig D 4 Nov 82 Just about every time I've gone to Augusta at Elkins, W. Va., I've encountered "Trapezoid" - Freyda Epstein, Lorraine Duisit, Ralph Gordon, and Paul Reisler - great musicians all who delight us with their great concerts - Thank you so much for your beautiful music, and Best Wishes always.
6 97 Wayne's Dance Hambo Em 3 Nov 82 Wayne Cripps, who plays black flute for so many of the dances up in Muskeg Music country (Lyme-Hanover area of N.H.), probably likes Swedish hambos about the best of all. This tune is in that style if you play it a bit up-tempo, and Wayne, I sure hope you like to dance to it -
6 98 A Weird Jig Jig A 2 Oct 81 Mary DesRosiers came up with the motto of our band (New England Tradition): "When the going gets weird, the weird get going." that's us, all right!
6 99 The Wizard's Jig Jig Bm 2 June 82 We just had such a nice concert by Silly Wizard at the Folkway in Peterborough, N.H. What a wonderful evening of glorious music it was.
6 100 Yankee Ingenuity Reel D 17 Jan 82 That's the name of that great Contra Dance Band from the Boston area - Donna Hinds & Mary Lea, fiddles; Tony Parkes, caller; Joyce Desmarais, hammered dulcimer, and Peter Barnes, piano. It sure is fun playing music with this gang!! Love ya!!
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Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
7 1 Pete and April's Waltz Waltz Bm 14 Oct 88 April and Pete liked this tune, so it belongs to them forever, with love and love always from Bob
7 2 Aaron O'Donnell Jig D 6 June 89 Aaron is fiddler Vince's son, and he is a whiz-bang bass player, let me tell you. He was really rockin' at this year's NEFFA Festival. We all had such a good time playing together Saturday night, with Tod Whittemore calling. Like they say in Milwaukee, "it doesn't get any better than this!"
7 3 Ada's Jig Jig G 9 Mar 83 It's about time I wrote Ada Page (she's Mrs. Ralph) a tune – shoulda done it long ago, Ada – love always to you –
7 4 Andrea's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 23 May 89 Andrea Hoag is the fiddler with Three Way Street in Seattle – she and Dina + Frank Blade make great dance music, and sometimes I get to play with them at the Eagle's Club – what a blast! Hope you like this tune, Andrea!
7 5 Andy's Reel Reel G 13 Dec '82 This tune is for Andy Davis of So. Acworth, N.H. He's a real fine piano player who also plays accordion in the group "Noel Sing We Clear", along with Tony Barrand, John Roberts and Fred Breunig – I hope this tune sounds O.K. on your squeezebox, Andy!
7 6 Argo's Reel Reel D 12 Apr 89 Warren Argo, sound man, caller, musician, indefatigable spark plug of the West Coast music and dance scene, is a great friend of the entire contra dance community. I am so glad this tune came through with your name on it, Warren! - NOTE: If you have a red-hot high "B" (little) finger on your left hand, then play the second B part an octave higher than written. First B as written, second B 8va.
7 7 Asher's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 28 Jan 89 Asher Miller is Roddy's son (Jane who?); he's in the 3rd grade and can already play the "Dancing Bear" on his fiddle. So here's a tune of your own, Asher, with love from Bob.
7 8 Back Again Jig G 1 Sept 88 Back to work again, and about time, don't you think? That vacation was much too long!
7 9 Belov's Jig Jig G/Em 25 June 89 Anne Belov hails from Seattle; she play a mean hammer dulcimer and tells good jokes and plays the music with Julie King and a whole bunch of other local enthusiasts – I can't wait to hear what this tune sounds like on your dulcimer, Anne – I hope you like it!
7 10 Bertha's Jig Jig D 9 Oct 88 For Bertha Braley of E. Concord, N.H. She cooks us the most delicious dinner when we go there to play music with her great fiddler husband, Don – Thanks so much for your hospitality , Bertha – that chicken the last time was a real winner!
7 11 Billy's Favorite Jig D 27 July 89 I had such a good time at Augusta this year with great accordion player Billy McComiskey – he really got me cranked up on my button box! – I hope this tune really will be one of your favorites, Billy; it comes to you with every good wish from your friend, Bob
7 12 Black and Decker ™ Hornpipe Hornpipe G 11 Feb 88 It's all Pete Colby's fault! (I can't say I nothing to do with it, but it's still Pete's fault!) You can talk to Peter O'Brien, if you want – he knows about these things!
7 13 Bonsell's Reel Reel G 22 Mar 89 My good friend Ed Bonsell lives in Fort Washington, PA., and he goes to the Philly Folk Festival every year. We play up a storm into the wee hours with Johnny Brennan and various other n'er-do-wells, and Eddy plays the spots off the music with his hammer dulcimer – We all have a wonderful time together!
7 14 Brennan's Jig Jig D 22 Mar 89 It's always a happy time when I get together with my fiddle friend John Brennan of Erdenheim, PA. I first met him at the Philly Folk Festival, along with Eddy Bonsell, and we've been having great times together ever since.
7 15 Cabot Street Reel D 6 Feb 89 Dave Surette lives on Cabot Street in Portsmouth, N.H., where April used to live. Dave and Sarah Bauhan and Jane Orzechowski made up the band "Greengate", (named after Newt Tolman's place in Nelson); sometimes I get to play with them.
7 16 Carol's Reel Reel D 12 June 89 Carol Compton is from Philly – she plays accordion and piano, and is one of the (if not the) moving forces of the great SPUDS Band down there – She always makes me so welcome when I get to visit them and we play a few tunes together – Thanks a lot, Carol!
7 17 Cascadia Park Reel A 22 Mar 89 It's always fun to go up to Old Orchard Beach in Maine for a couple of days after school is over. I always stay with Fred and Marge Fitanides at their Cascadia Park Campground, on Rt. 1 in Saco. It's a real pretty spot, and a good place to relax!
7 18 Cherry's Jig Jig A 8 Apr 89 For Cherry Thomae (pr. TŌMAY) of Norwich, VT. New England Tradition was always so glad to have her sit in with us when she came to a dance with her flute – now you can play your own tune on it Cherry! Much love to you from Bob
7 19 A Waltz for Chris Waltz G/Em 4 June 89 Chris Chambers is only a beautiful memory now. As one of my favorite school boys his light still shines. With much love to Kathe, and Barry, and Tony Lee, his sister and brothers –
7 20 Clayborn's Jig Jig D 4 June 89 Well, I had company last night. I was watching the tube, when in she came, all by herself, Clayborn, tail wagging up a storm! She's the cute doggie owned jointly by Little Buff and Michelle, and she gets a warm welcome here, I can tell you!
7 21 Colin Tolman Reel D 17 Mar 89 Colin is fiddler Harvey's son, from Nelson, N.H., and I must say he is doing a bang-up job learning to play fiddle tunes on his drum set. Get your dad to play this tune for you, Colin!
7 22 Critton Hollow Hornpipe Hornpipe G 8 Apr 89 Have you heard Critton Hollow yet? Outstanding! Musical jewelry at it's best – they really sparkle! They all sing; Sam Herman plays hammer dulcimer, husband Joe plays fiddle, and Joe Fallon plays back-up guitar. I sure hope you are able to hear their pretty music!
7 23 Culhane's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 15 Apr 89 This one's for John Culhane of Seattle, WA. John's a real fine fiddler, and he and Laurie Andres and I had a wonderful time playing music together when I was out west recently – I will be so happy when we get to do it again, John!
7 24 Cuz's Jig Jig D 17 Mar 90 Chris Brennan Hagy is Johnny Brennan's cousin ("CUZ") from Wyndmoor, PA., just outside Philly. Like John, she's a fiddler, and I just thought she needed a new tune for her fiddle – so here it is, Chris, and I hope it sounds OK on your fiddle! Much love to you –
7 25 Dave Kaynor's Reel Reel D/A 16 June 89 It is a real pleasure for me to dedicate this tune to a man who has done so much to promote the contra dancing we all love so much. I hope you enjoy this tune, Dave – it comes to you with all good wishes from your friend, Bob
7 26 Dina's Waltz Waltz G/Em 6 Oct 88 With much love to Dina Blade of Seattle, WA. In the spring I go out there and visit her, her husband Frank, the Zoo and the Pike St. Market. And all team up with Andrea Hoag for a dance. Unreal!
7 27 Don Gorman's Schottische Schottishe D 8 Feb 89 Don Gorman once brought me a happy message all the way from California, so I thought I'd pay you back with a tune for you and Mary Ann to dance to, Don!
7 28 The Ducky Poo Jig Jig D 11 Feb 89 You and I both know that's a damn funny name for a tune, but April got into my work book one time when I wasn't looking, and so it's all her fault! (If you ask, maybe I'll show you what she did!)
7 29 Edelman's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 15 Apr 89 Larry Edelman of Baltimore, MD., has been awfully nice to us for many years. He's a superb caller and musician, and New England Tradition always enjoyed playing for him. I’m sure you'll enjoy his new tape of original tunes called "Timepieces." Hope to play for you again soon, Larry – perhaps this tune!
7 30 Edna's Jig Jig G 15 June 89 Edna Kolm used to dance a lot in Durham and Medbury (N.H.), and now she's been making the scene in the Boston area. It's always such a pleasure watching you have fun on the dance floor, Edna!
7 31 Elvira's Waltz Waltz Dm 29 Jan 89 Elvira Miller is Jane Miller's (Roddy who?) pretty little daughter – She's already started playing the fiddle, and perhaps someday she'll play this tune – with love to you, Elvira from Bob
7 32 Erin's Reel Reel D 18 Mar 89 Here's a tune for fiddler Erin Shrader of Olympia, WA, and Nelson, N.H. where I last played with her. We really had a good set together that last time in Nelson. I hope you like this tune, Erin!
7 33 Eugenia's Waltz Waltz A 20 Jan 89 Down Philly way there lives a lovely young woman named Eugenia (a·k·a "Mickey") Brennan who is Johnny's sister, and she's learning to play the fiddle from her big brother – It's a cute scene, and I hear by the grapevine that she's already working on this tune – good luck with it, Mickey!
7 34 Ferrel's Hornpipe Hornpipe D/G 15 April 89 It's about time I got this tune out for Frank Ferrel – He was so nice to us when we were out to his Fiddle and Dance Week '84 in Port Townsend, WA – We sure had a great time – Frank, I hope this tune will sound OK when you play it on your fiddle!
7 35 Fiddle and Dance Reel G 24 Aug 84 Fiddle and Dance, Ashokan, Root Camp; these are all names for the same beautiful musical experience you get when you go there – What a wonderful time I had – I'll never forget it!
7 36 Fish and Potatoes Reel A 27 Jan 89 Mother made me laugh one day when she came out with this saying she heard when she was a little girl on Cape Breton Island: "Fish and potatoes, the food of the land, and those who don't like it can starve and be damned!"
7 37 40 Years Waltz Waltz G 20 May 89 With love and best wishes always to Bill and DG Toleman of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., who celebrated 40 happy years together today.
7 38 Frank's Reel Reel D 8 Oct 88 it's always such fun when I go out to Seattle, WA., for a visit with Frank and Dina Blade – It's a beautiful part of the world full of good food, nice people, Starbuck's Coffee, and great music to dance to! Frank helps make it on hist mandolin + fiddle.
7 39 Freezy Jig Jig D/A 5 Oct 88 At Neffa we always stay over two nights (Fri. + Sat.) and sleep in our cars in the parking lot – Last April it was so cold one night I pretty near froze . . . you know, it was really cold!
7 40 Friday's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 2 June 89 Well, today's Friday all right, but I sure as hell didn't write this tune for the day f the week; I wrote it for May Kay Friday of Washington, D.C., who was instrumental in getting "Greengate" and me down to Maryland for the Chesapeake Spring Dance Weekend. Susie Elberger called and we had such a nice time – Thanks ever so much, Mary Kay!
7 41 Garrett''s Hornpipe Hornpipe D 11 Oct 88 Jay Garrett from Hancock, N.H. likes to dance about as well as I like to play for a dance, so here is a tune for you, Jay! (And thanks again for that T-shirt!)
7 42 Gene's Hornpipe Hornpipe D/A 17 Nov 84 Just your simple everyday generic reel in D'N'A – With thanks to that wonderful gang at Walker's annual bash in Thetford Center, Vt. OH! those clams and oysters! - P.S. And special thanks to Matt Fichtenbaum – he named this tune!
7 43 Gibson-Aiken Polka Polka D 12 Feb 89 Dawn dances at the Gibson-Aiken Center in Brattleboro, Vt. Are always such wonderful affairs. Playing there New Year's Eve with Applejack is always such fun. Michael McKernan was the spark plug that made these dances happen, and we all owe you a million thanks, Michael! Thanks 106!
7 44 Goldilocks' Waltz Waltz G/Em 4 Oct 88 For my very dear Jennifer Richardson of Jaffrey, N.H. with much love always to my own special Goldilocks –
7 45 Great Memories Waltz G 17 Dec. 1988 Today was a Memorial Day too, a different one, full of love, and sorrow, as such days are.
7 46 The Green Garage Jig G 8 Feb 89 Over in Exeter, N.H., Wally Godet has a good-sized garage/workshop with a nice stove in it, and every Thursday night a great gang of musicians and listeners gather there for a wonderful evening of music together. It's a real good time!
7 47 Guntram's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 11 Mar 83 Here is a birthday tune for Guntram Gudowius from Hanover, Germany. He is one of our most enthusiastic dancers, and the only one who ever goes to a dance driving a covered wagon with a four horse hitch – you have to see it to believe it!
7 48 Gwyneth's Reel Reel G/Em 11 Oct 88 Gwyneth Tolman is from Nelson, N.H. (where else?!) and comes from a long line of dancers and musicians (her dad is fiddler Harvey Tolman) and besides all that, she has pretty red hair!
7 49 The Happy Hambo Hambo D/A 8 June 89 Well, it sounded happy to me, and besides that, any one who dances one of these has to be kinda happy, too. It's a Swedish dance, and really great fun to do. You better learn how!
7 50 Harlow's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 17 June 89 Harlow Richardson runs neat little Deli-Lunchroom called "The Wide World of Cheese" in Peterborough, N.H. He sells me wonderful coffee in the morning, likes fiddle tunes, and is an avid sailor. So here is a real hornpipe, just for you, Harlow. Don't fall overboard trying it out. Happy Sailing!
7 51 Ms. Hathaway's Jig Jig G/D 23 June 89 You haven't seen anything until you've watched Amy Hathaway on the dance floor – Rhythm, grace, and dexterity mark her progress down the contra line – she is AWESOME! Hope you like your jig, Amy – love, Bob
7 52 Hetty's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 20 May 89 Hetty Thomae lives in Norwich VT. She and Irv got married last year (isn't that nice?!) and they've been dancing together ever since! Hope you can dance to this tune OK, Hetty – don't let Irv swing you off your feet!
7 53 High Road to Homer Reel A 5 June 89 Last February I FLU up to Homer, AK. to play music for Renn Tolman and Mary Griswold, and stayed in bed for 2 days getting rid of the damn thing – I didn't do much playing, let me tell you!
7 54 Hilary's Jig #1 Jig D 11 Jan 89 This one’s for Hilary Miskoe, who's always so nice to me when I think I'm talking to her Mom (Sylvia) on the phone!
7 55 Hilary's Jig #2 Jig G/Em 9 Apr 89 Here's a little tune for Hilary Culhane to dance to. Hilary is fiddler John's wife, from Seattle, WA., and she was awfully nice to me when I was out that way playing music with her good husband last month.
7 56 Howe's Reel #1 Reel D 8 Apr 89 Last October, New England Tradition went to the Big Apple with caller David Millstone. We played for a dance in the Metropolitan Duane Church, corner of 13th St. and 7th Ave. Afterwards we went to Steve Howe’s house and spent a real nice comfortable night. It sure was good of you to put us up, Steve – thanks loads!
7 57 Howe's Reel #2 Reel D 9 April 89 This one is for Jim Howe, of Portland OR., who put on the 1st Spring Festival there last month. He did a great job organizing the festivities and it was a fun time for all of us – congratulations Jim, and thanks for putting us up while we were there – New England Tradition appreciates you! P. S. We like Toto, too!
7 58 Howe's Reel #3 Reel D 18 June 89 Jack Howe has deserved a tune for a long time – He's a great dance enthusiast in the Boston area, and now he's well into the calling scene – Best wishes always to you, Jack!
7 59 Irv's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 21 May 89 This one's for Irv Thomae (pr TŌ-may) of Norwich, VT. – he's gotta be the most enthusiastic dancer in that state – He'll go anywhere for a dance! I've seen him do it! I sure hope you like dancing to this tune, Irv.
7 60 Jack's Jig Jig D 26 July 89 Written at Augusta for great Galway flute player Jack Coen, one of the wonderful Irish musicians who gave us all such a grand week this year –
7 61 Jacquie's Jig Jig G/D 16 June 89 Jacqui (pr. "Jacky") Wooley found and returned my favorite hat to me one time at Augusta, and I've been grateful to her ever since. Thanks ever so much Jacqui – I hope this tune pays you back!
7 62 Jason's Reel Reel D 9 Oct 88 Jason Little lives over in Marlow, N.H., the "Icebox of the Monadnock Region". Jason's a great musician – He and Harvey Tolman made a super tape of Cape Breton tunes – this tune is supposed to be that style, also. Jason, I began this tune in June 84 according to my notes – I guess it's about time I finally finished it! Hope you like it.
7 63 Josh's Jig Jig D 22 Mar 89 This one's for Josh Fisher of Moscow, Idaho (late of Seattle, WA.) and Madbury N.H. He's a super dance fan, and he cooks up a mean beef stew. Ask me how I know!
7 64 Julie's Jig Jig G 17 Mar 89 This little ditty is for Julie King, that great cook and piano player from Seattle, WA. I am real lucky to know her because she always feeds me a great dinner whenever I am out that way. I think I gained about 2 pounds on that last one, Julie! Delicious!
7 65 Julie's Waltz Waltz G 8 Feb 89 Julie Blackmore was one of my favorite school girls at the high school where I taught for so many years, and so this waltz is for you, Julie, with love from MAC
7 66 Katie's Waltz Waltz G 8 Feb 89 Katie Donath was another of my favorite school girls – she and Julie Blackmore were best friends – what a great pair they were! Much love to you, from MAC
7 67 The Lady of the Lake Waltz D Sept 87 When Debra Schultz and Penn Fix got married, they danced to this waltz – Much love to you both and best wishes in the happy years ahead.
7 68 Laurie's Polka Polka D 9 Oct 88 I work all of these tunes out on the mandolin I got from Laurie Indenbaum of Saxton's River, Vt. This little tune came flying out of it this morning while I was working on another!
7 69 Lovell's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 13 Feb 89 Kathy Lovell is the other half of that great team of Lovell and Asch which take such good care of us at the Brattleboro Dawn Dances – Thanks a lot, Kathy; you and Tony do good work!
7 70 Luther's Hornpipe Hornpipe D/Bm 10 Apr 89 Luther Black really serves a tune. I mean really! If you've ever seen him in action, you know what I mean – he's one of the hardest workers I ever saw. The great West Coast Dance scene would not be what it is today without him. Thanks a lot, Luther, for all you have done for all of us –
7 71 Marianne's Reel Reel G 21 Mar 89 Here's a tune for Marianne Jewell of Vashon Island, WA. She's a real fine Cape Breton-style fiddler, and I dearly love those tunes she plays so well. I sincerely hope this tune lays well on your fiddle, Marianne!
7 72 Marianne Taylor's Waltz Waltz D/Bm 27 Mar 90 In our New England dance scene there is no nicer lady that Marianne Taylor – We've known each other for years, but I've never gotten around to writing her a tune until now – and frankly, isn't it about time, Marianne? Much love to you from Bob
7 73 Marshall's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 23 June 89 George Marshall is from Belchertown, MA. He calls with a gang called "Wild Asparagus", and they make great music, let me tell you – You will really enjoy one of George's dances if you get a chance to go – Best wishes always to you, George!
7 74 Mary's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 8 Mar 89 When I went up to Homer, Alaska, where Mary Griswold and Renn Tolman live, she fed me some chicken soup which kept me alive so I could write her this tune! Thanks a lot Mary, it sure was good! (P.S. I no sooner got there than I came down with the damn flu! Gosh I was sick!!) : ( UG
7 75 Mary Cay's Jig Jig A 17 June 89 You haven't lived until you have met Mary Cay Brass – She's a wonderful piano player, and she also plays a grand old Hohner accordion with such a beautiful tone. She's from Brattleboro, Vt., so I'm lucky, I get to hear her pretty often. I hope you like your jig, Mary Cay!
7 76 Mary Wakefield's Waltz Waltz D 19 Feb 89 Mary is a great fan of ours – she comes to the Peterborough Dance with Donny Parkhurst and they have a really nice time. Last Christmas Mary made me some fabulous fruit cake – Boy, was it good! Thanks a lot, Mary – I guess you earned this tune! P.S. Hi Mike!
7 77 The Mattin Reel Reel Em 22 June 89 Claire Mattin is from Kensington, N.H., and calls dances in Madbury and the Seacoast area. She and husband Steve sure are nice to O.P.P.'s*, and it's greatly appreciated – Hope you like calling to this tune, Claire! * OLD PIANO PLAYERS
7 78 Mike's March March Em 28 June 89 A most genial soul, Mike Richardson is from Seattle where he is immersed clear up to his third cervical vertebrae in the contra dance scene, what with calling, playing his fiddle, and writing great dance tunes for his friends – We sure do appreciate and enjoy all the great stuff you're doing, Mike!
7 79 Mike Bean's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 21 Feb 89 Mike came to the Philly Festival for several years – he was a young bones player and we used to hook up with Percy Danforth (THE Mr. Bones!) at the top of the hill and play some tunes together – We used to have a real nice time. Anybody know where Mike is these days?
7 80 Milo's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 6 July 84 When we were in Port Townsend on the West Coast for Fiddle Tunes this summer, we enjoyed our meals in Milo's dining room. He and his crew sure worked hard for us – Delicious salmon AND oysters one night!
7 81 Miss Carey's Jig Jig D 22 Mar 89 I've been a long time (10+ years?!) getting this tune out for Sarah Carey, one of my favorite ConVal High School girls who just loved to dance – What a joy to watch her on the floor!
7 82 Missile Hall March March D 30 May 89 Tod Whittemore has his Thursday night dances at the V.F.W. Post in Cambridge, MA. There's a great big rocket middle out front (hence the nickname "Missile Hall"), and the beautiful dance hall inside makes it a great place for a happy time. New England Tradition sure did enjoy their visits there. Thanks, Tod!
7 83 Morningside Waltz Waltz Em 9 Oct 88 April named this tune; I wrote it for her. "I've been waiting for you to write me a minor key waltz," she said at the time. She really liked it (you should have heard her play it!), and she named it after a place owned by one of her aunts, where she had enjoyed happy times as a girl.
7 84 The New Melody Quadrille (March) March G 21 Mar 89 Every Monday night there is a dance at New Melody Tavern in Seattle, WA. Anyone can play, anyone can dance; nobody pays and nobody gets paid. It's a wonderful time for everyone and a great way to learn the music if you're new to the scene. Be there or be {square]!!
7 85 Nisa's Jig Jig D 6 Feb 89 Here's a little tune for Nisa Smiley of Concord, N.H. She visits with me while I'm playing piano at the Peterborough Dance on 1st Saturdays. One time she brought me a Milky Way candy bar. Yummy!
7 86 Nomad Quadrille March G 16 Oct 88 For Chip and Fran Hendrickson of Sandy Hook, CT. We had a great time at their very first NOMAD Festival.
7 87 O'Donnell's Waltz Waltz G 29 April 85 On this Happy Day, Marcia Goldensher and Vince O'Donnell, great fiddler from Newton Mass, were united in marriage. Much love to you both!
7 88 The Open Window Jig D 24 Jan 86 This little tune is for New England Tradition's very good friend Jim Halla, from over Durham way. He seldom misses one of our dances. Hope you like this tune, Jim!
7 89 The Orzechowski Jig Jig Am 7 Apr. 89 With love and best wishes always to Mr. + Mrs. Peter Orzechowski of Claremont, N.H. Mrs. is Janie O, who is the fiddler for the group "Greengate", with Sarah Bauhan and Dave Surette. They make great music, and sometimes I get to play with them when they ask me. I think that's pretty nice of them, don't you? Peter's not doing so bad this year, either – he's made a lot of pocket money babysitting the kids! (Thanks, Pete!)
7 90 Pat's Jig Jig D 21 Feb 89 Pat Wexelblat hails from Yorktown, N.Y., and comes to NEFFA every year with her red button accordion and a brand new tune she has written that will blow your SOX off! It's always fun to hear her play – Keep 'em coming, Pat!
7 91 Pasquarello's Reel Reel D 28 Mar 90 In Newtown, PA., there lives a man, Bob Pasquarello, who plays wonderful piano with the SPUDS band, composes beautiful tunes, and is awfully nice to me whenever our paths cross – so here's a little ditty for you, Bob, which is sent with every good wish, and I hope it sounds OK down Philly way.
7 92 Pauline's Waltz Waltz G/Em 18 Feb 84 Pauline Laforte was so nice to us when we went down to Waltham, MA. to visit her and Ludger – we had a wonderful time – the music was fun, and the food was terrific!
7 93 Payer's Reel Reel Am 13 June 89 Hollis Payer is from Philly, but I first met her in Chicago's O'Hare Airport. She had her fiddle with her, and when I (a perfect stranger) asked her, she said she played Irish music, and of course, it turned that she was a good friend of my good friend, Johnny Brennan, great Irish fiddle player from Philly, and truly, isn't it a small world? Love to you Hollis!
7 94 The Peterson Girls Jig G 19 Feb 89 Heather and Laurel Peterson of Peterborough, N.H. have danced for more years than I can remember, and I thought it was about time they had their own tune to dance to. Don't you agree?
7 95 Peter Ward's Reel Reel G 7 Feb 89 Here is your tune, Pete, and I'm only sorry I took so long to finish it – I think I started it 3 years ago! Hope you like it. (Peter's folks are George + Vaughn Ward who used to spark-plug the Niskayuna Festival we enjoyed so much over in Schenectady, N.Y. years ago.)
7 96 Philly Polka Polka G 14 Aug 88 The Philadelphia Folk Festival is held every year at the end of August. "A good time was had by all." You get to meet some real nice people there; I did!
7 97 The Popcorn Jig Jig A 27 Mar 89 For Cyd Smith of Seattle, WA., who lives at Dina + Frank Blade's, and who could not possibly survive the trials and tribulations of this earthly experience without her daily ingestion (of) seven (7) quarts of popcorn.
7 98 Prestopino's Polka Polka G 28 June 89 New England Tradition was always so happy to have Paul Prestopino sit in with us, when he'd show up at a dance – nowadays, I look forward to the next time our paths cross, and we get to play a few tunes together – truly it's always such a please to play music with you, Paul!
7 99 Quinn's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/Em 30 May 89 Eddie Quinn was absolutely entranced when he first heard a bunch of us jamming one night at the Philly Festival, and I decided then that some day he'd have his town tune, so here it is!
7 100 Randy's Jig Jig D 17 Nov 84 Randy Thomae is a teenager from Norwich, V.T. who likes to come to the dances up in the Lyme-Hanover area – It's always nice to see you on the floor, Randy!
7 101 Renn's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 7 Feb 89 For Renn Tolman, of Homer Alaska. Born with a silver pennywhistle in his mouth, Renn grew up in Nelson, N.H., where he learned to play jigs and reels at the feet of his dad, Newt Tolman, who was a highly-acclaimed flute player throughout New England. Hope you like this tune, Renn!
7 102 Rich 'n' Lucy Jig G/D 19 Feb '83 After this happy day was over, Rich Blazej and Lucy Spahr-Blazej were man and wife, and a good time was had by all!
7 103 Sam's Jig Jig D/A 19 Feb 89 Laurie Indenbaum and Andy Toepfer (of Applejack fame) from Saxton's River Vt., have the cutest little boy named Sam, and perhaps someday he'll dance to his own tune while his folks play the music!
7 104 Sandy's Waltz Waltz G/Em 17 April 89 Whenever I get out to the West Coast, great caller and musician Sandy Bradley is always so nice to me – so here's a waltz, just for you, Sandy, and I sure hope you like it – It comes to you with many thanks for your many kindnesses to me – Love, Bob
7 105 Sarah Bryan Reel D/A 12 May 89 I just thought that Art and Laurie Bryans' sweet little daughter really needed a tune, and when you meet her, you'll know why! Much love to you, Sarah, from Mac – XXOO :)
7 106 Sgt. Tony's Jig Jig G 6 June 89 With the third weekend in April each year comes the New England Folk Festival, held at the Natick, Mass, High School (where Doug Flutie went), and we are always warmly welcomed by Sgt. Tony Melchiorri of the Natick Police Dept. Thanks so much for your kindness to us, Tony – It is much appreciated by your friend, Bob
7 107 Sharon McNamara Reel D 26 May 89 Sharon, you worked so hard to give us all a good time at Camp Wannadance this year, I just thought you ought to have a tune of your own to dance to and relax! I hope you like it – maybe you can find somebody to play it for you (P.S. Hi Laurie!)
7 108 Spencer's Polka Polka Em 15 Apr 89 This tune is for a young man named Spencer Nelson, who will probably never hear it, but for the rest of the story, you'll just have to ask Frank and Dina Blade. I will tell you that you always get a wonderful dinner (what a treat!) at the Space Needle Restaurant in Seattle, which is where we met Spencer.
7 109 Spuds Polka Polka D 31 Jan 89 SPUDS stands for the Summit Pick-up Dance Society, based at the Summit Church in Philly. When I played with them recently, there were 31 band members on the stage! What a fun night that was - they're great musicians!
7 110 Stoney's Reel Reel D 20 Feb 89 Chris Stoney is a real dedicated dancer – When we used to play up in the Dublin Town Hall, Chris always brought some bakery goodies to share with everybody during intermission – they were so good! Thanks a lot, Chris!
7 111 Sue Truman's Reel Reel D 19 Mar 89 Sue is that great Cape Breton-style clogger from Seattle. We all love to watch her perform when we run into her at one of the dance camps. I sure hope you like dancing to this tune, Sue!
7 112 Surette's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/Em 22 Feb 89 David Surette is a great mandolin/guitar player from Portsmouth, N.H. He plays with "Greengate" (Jane Orzechowski, fiddle, and Sarah Bauhan, flute and whistle), and he also duos with sweet singer Susie Burke. Dave's a great musician – Hope you like this tune, Dave!
7 113 Toleman's Daughter Reel G/D 28 May 89 Donna Fay Mogul of Bellingham, MA. Is a really happy dancer – I guess she should be – she's Bill and D.G. Toleman's daughter, and they raised her up right! Watch her on the floor sometime, and tell me what you think!
7 114 Tomczak's Polka Polka Em/G 26 Sept. 86 We think we're real lucky if we get to play music with Bill Tomczak at the New England Folk Festival each year – He's a great friend and a superb clarinette player – what a joy it is to know you, Bill – One time, at the Girl Scout House in Concord, MA., Ralph Page got Bill T., Bill Possi, and Rich Blazej to play one of his tunes that he had written out a 3-part clarinette version for. Three great clarinette players! Now I'm gonna tell you – THAT was remarkable to a degree beyond calculation!!
7 115 Tony Asch's Reel Reel A 12 Feb 89 Tony is a good friend who always works hard at the Dawn Dances in Brattleboro (Vt.). We'd all be in rough shape if he and Kathy Lovell ever stopped dispensing all those goodies we enjoy so much!
7 116 Tony Lee Reel G 4 June 89 I've known Tony from 'way back, when he was a small boy (his dad was my doctor for years), and now he's a big strapping young man who likes to come to our dances. It's always nice to see you there, Tony!
7 117 Toto's Polka Polka D 8 Apr 89 Jim Howe of Portland, OR., has the nicest old dog you ever saw – She's part shepherd and part Great Dane – a beautiful cross, and she's a real sweetheart. When I was out there for the Spring Festival, she made me really welcome, so Toto, I hope you can wag your tail in time to this tune!
7 118 Town Hall Polka Polka D/Bm 22 Feb 89 I was thinking of the Town Hall in Francestown when I wrote this tune – Do you think it will sound OK there? Perhaps Gladys St. John will return some night to dance it with me, the way we did 40 years ago. - P.S. I think this might turn into a fairly good schottishe if you slow it way down - try it and see what you think.
7 119 Trina McLennon Waltz G 16 June 89 You may have met some of the McLennons already in these little books – Trina (pr. "Treena") is another delightful member of that family, and I'm happy this waltz came along with her name on it – With love from MAC
7 120 Van Peski's Sister Reel G 14 June 89 Cathy Van Peski was at the Greenfield (MA.) Dance when I played there last Friday night with Dave Kaynor. What a joy it was to see her shining countenance again after all these years! Did you know her brother Jeff once made an elephant float? He told me how to do it. Much love always to you, Cathy –
7 121 Wally's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 3 Oct 88 Here's a tune for Walter Godet of Exeter, N.H. Wally's the proprietor of the "Green Garage", and a great fiddler, maker of fiddles, and friend.
7 122 What Are You Doing Here? Jig G 4 Oct 86 You'll just have to talk to Todd Whittemore and Penn Fix about this tune!
7 123 Zakon's Reel Reel D 10 Feb 83 (Revised 1989) – Over the years, no one has been any nicer to me than Steve Zakon of E. Sullivan, N.H. I am grateful to you, Steve, and in particular will never forget that great birthday party you gave me as I was turning 66 last summer. I am forever in your debt. (It was so great to see all those dear friends you asked to come – You gave me great joy, Steve!) Thank You!
7 124 Zebadiah's Jig Jig Bm/Em 30 May 89 Zebadiah K-Roe is from Greenville, N.H. and I got to know him because his dad, Gene, tunes my piano. Zeb's a dandy young man, full of music, and maybe someday you'll play this tune on your flute, Zeb! Much love to you, from Bob - NOTE: THE 1ST SETTING FITS BOTH FLUTE AND FIDDLE; THE 2ND SETTING WON'T FIT THE FLUTE, BUT I THOUGHT IT MIGHT SOUND GOOD ON THE FIDDLE IN THE LOWER REGISTER – TRY IT AND SEE!
7 125 Whirlwind Reel D 27 Mar 90 Over in Portsmouth, N.H. there's a great outfit by the name of Whirlwind Productions putting on great concerts (Altan, Patty Larkin, et al) – info 603-436-1031 – Check it out! XXOO
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Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
8 1 Abell's Reel Reel D 28 Mar 91 I'd like to send my thanks down to Chris Abell of Concord, MA, for a lot of hard work. He made all of Sarah Bauhan's beautiful whistles and rebuilt part of her great Haines wooden flute, so I guess it would be fair to say that he has been (forgive me!) instrumental to her success. I hope this tune sounds OK in your shop, Chris!
8 2 Adam's Jig Jig D/Bm 10 Apr 91 Adam Bluhm lives over in Fitzwilliam, where his dad, fiddler Carey and nice mom Dancy are trying hard to re-establish contra dancing in the beautiful old hall that Duke Miller called in for so many years. Adam's working at the piano and perhaps someday before longhe'll be backing up his dad while Dancy collects the ticket money!
8 3 Altan's Reel Reel Em 14 Feb 91 Last night, Sarah Bauhan, Steve Zakon, and I drove down to the Iron Horse coffeehouse in Northampton, MA, to hear the Irish group ALTAN in concert. What a wonderful way to spend the evening. They were truly great!
8 4 Andy Drake's Jig Jig D 25 Aug 90 Andy is one of Andrea Hoag's fiddle students out in Seattle, and I just thought that a neat kid like him needed his own tune to play on his fiddle. So here it is. Go for it, Andy! Love, Bob
8 5 Ant Lucy's Jig Jig D 20 Apr 91 Lucillle Reilly, AKA The Dulcimer Lady, is a truly great performer on the hammered dulcimer. I really enjoyed playing with her all too briefly at the New England Folk Festival this year. She also runs an ant farm down there in the Garden State (NJ) where she is trainng them (the ants) to dance to her music. Utterly incredible!
8 6 Armin's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 28 Mar 91 A lot of nice people are involved with dance music out on the West Coast, and one of them is Armin Barnett of Seattle. Armin is a real fine fiddler, and he also makes real fine fiddles. He's even been known to teach Frank Blade how to make and repair fiddles; I guess all these things are reason enough for this tune's being here!
8 7 Aunt Maddie's Reel Reel Bm 26 Jan 91 When I was young, I had a wonderful stepmother named Madelaine Pond McQuillen. I called her Aunt Maddie. She taught me to drive, was a terrific cook, and made home-made peach ice cream, using fresh peaches, that I have never seen equalled. Jan 26 was her birthday.
8 8 B and L Waltz Waltz D 26 Nov 91 In two days, on the 28th of November (Thanksgiving Day), Lorraine Lee and Bennett Hammond are going to married. Isn't that super? And so I thought, well, you already know what I thought, and so here it is, with many blessings and much love to you both in the happy years ahead... - LATER NOTE: It was a fun day. There was music, and singing and dancing, and a piper piping, and a wonderful turkey dinner cooked by Debby MCClatchy. As they say, " A Good Time was had by All!"
8 9 Bateman's Reel Reel D 27 Aug 90 It's a real pleasure to write this tune for Dave Bateman. He's doing lots of fine calling in the Monadnock Region and elsewhere, and is the spark plug for contra dancing in Nashua, New Hamshire's "Gate City."
8 10 Bauhan's Pub Reel D 3 Mar 91 This little ditty is for William Bauhan (pr. Bow-an) of Dublin, N.H. He is my friend Sarah's dad, and is the proprietor of Bauhan Publishing Co. of Dublin, N.H. 603-563-8020. Tell him Mac sent you! (No, this is not a paid commercial!)
8 11 Bill's Reel Reel D 9 May 90 This little ditty is for Bill Christopherson, great fiddler with The Lazy Aces String Band. From New York City, Bill plays Southern Style, and you really should hear him play "WAKE UP FARMER". It'll wake you up!
8 12 Billie's Polka Polka D 20 Mar 91 Billie Hockett from Lexington, MA, has worked so hard to bring beautiful music to Boston for us all to enjoy that I thought she deserved a tune of her own as (hopefully) partial compensation for her labors. Thanks a lot, Billie - it's always such a joy to come down to one of those wonderful concerts.
8 13 Bo's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 3 Mar 90 The New England dance scene got a great boost when Bo Bradham moved up here from North Carolina. Thanks for coming, Bo - we sure like your fiddling!
8 14 Bob's Breakdown Reel Em 18 Apr 91 Bob Stein is a real whiz-bang accordion player down Philly way and it's always a real blast when I get to play with him. I sure hope this tune sounds OK on your box, Bob! Hope to see you soon.
8 15 Bommarito's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 25 Jan 91 Seattle, WA, is a hustling, bustling, beehive of dance activity and one of the King Bees in that scene is Larry Bommarito. I never saw anybody have more fun on the dance floor than Larry does. Hope you like your tune old friend! - * = FLUTE SUBSTITOOT
8 16 Bonnie's Jig Jig Bm/D 3 Oct 90 I met Bonnie Harbin at the Blades' in Seattle. She is a fiddle player, and besides that excellent credential, she was awfully nice to me when I was out there, all of which earned her this tune.
8 17 The Buffum's Reel Reel G/D 27 Jan 91 As they say, "You ain't seen nuthin' yet!" until you've seen the 3 brothers, Todd, Scott and Derek, AKA "Little Buff," all former school boys of mine, along with their dad, Dick Buffum, out on the field playing softball on the same team at the same time. Back in 1984, I saw them come from 10 runs behind to win a championship game in the last 2 innings! They were AWESOME!
8 18 The Canote Men's Bramble Reel D 14 Jan '91 (not written to be a thorn in anyone's side...) I am so sorry that only lack of space prevents me from saying more about the great Canote brothers, wonderful musicians from Seattle and mainstays of Sandy Bradley's Small Wonders String Band. Their playing (and singing!) help set the standard for West Coast music. - Note: A fine traditional tune much-played at dances is "Connaught-Man's Ramble", I couldn't resist the title above!
8 19 Carey's Hornpipe Reel D 6 Nov 90 Carey Bluhm is a real fine fiddler from Fitzwilliam, N.H., and sometimes he and I get to play a dance in that nice old hall over there where Duke Miller called for so many years.
8 20 Cece's Reel Reel D 8 Jan 91 You ain't seen nuthin' yet if you haven't run up against Cecilia McGowan from Spokane, WA. Cece (pro. See-See) is a great dancers and an even greater story-teller, and we all love it when she's at the Lady of the Lake. Much love to you, Cece
8 21 Chris's Reel Reel G 14 Nov 90 Chris Peters is from Spokane, WA. She is another stalwart Lady of the Lake which is where I met her. It was fun to have her visit us back East for a while. Hope it happens again, Chris! (P.S. - She's a great dancer!)
8 22 Cousin Cathy's Jig Jig A 21 Feb 91 I have been blessed with three wonderful cousins*, and it occurred to me some time ago that each one should have a tune. this first one is for my dear cousin Cathy Morse, with love from Bob. *Edward, James, and Catherine Martinez, all originally from Dedham, MA - Note: May I suggest that this tune and the two that follow be played together as an A, D, G medley; after all, they are related!
8 23 Cousin Eddy's Jig Jig D 21 Feb 91 This second tune is for my dear cousin Eddy Martinez. He and Cathy really surprised me one time when they came to a contra dance we were playing for at Woods Hole, MA. I couldn't believe my eyes! Ted Sanella was calling that night, with Sarah Bauhan, David Surette, and I making the music. It was a great evening in my life.
8 24 Cousin Jimmy's Jig Jig G 21 Feb 91 This is the third tune, and the last one in this group. It is for my dear cousin Jimmy Martinez. Neither he nor Eddy will ever hear their tune, since they are both gone now, but the bond between us all still survives; such is the power of love. I will play these for you some day, Cathy!
8 25 Dancing with Fred Reel D 8 Jan 91 I hope you all get to know Fred Armstrong Park, that wonderful caller from Swannanoa, Georgia. I still remember the wonderful night that Fred made an unexpected appearance at our little dance in Dublin years ago - what a joy it was, and always is, to see you, Fred! - Note: Play this one fast!
8 26 Dancy's Reel Reel A 16 Nov 90 Dancy Bluhm lives over in Fitzwilliam with her nice fiddle-playing husband Carey and equally nice son Adam, and all I can tell you is that I'm really glad this tune has her name on it! I bet you get to dance to this one some day, Dancy!
8 27 Dan Pearl's Jig Jig G 10 Apr 91 Dan is one of the spark plugs of the Thursday night Dances at Missile Hall (AKA Cambridge, MA. VFW). He's been known to come up to N.H. and call dances, and it's always a pleasure when I get to play for him. I hope that happens again real soon, Dan!
8 28 Dave's Hambo Hambo G/Em 30 Aug 90 Dave Kaynor of Montague, MA, is one of New England's great dance musicians & Callers. Dave loves Swedish music, so I thought he might like this tune. (maybe he won't!)
8 29 Dave's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 27 Jan 91 Dave Cousineau from Somersworth, N.H. plays great base (sic) with the Lamprey River Band. You want to hear something decent, you listen to that outfit when they get fired up! Great music!
8 30 David's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 28 Jan 91 David Allen's been coming to dances ever since he was a young boy. He used to carry my accordion up those 19 steps in Fitzwilliam town Hall for me when I first started playing for Duke Miller. Perhaps this tune will let him know how much I appreciated all his hard work!
8 31 Davy Lee's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 18 Apr 91 Back in the early 70's, Dick and Marlene Levine arranged for the Canterbury Orchestra to go down to the Middletown, NJ Folk Festival. We had a great time, and it was there that I met their young son, David, who was just getting started with the fiddle. He can fiddle up a storm now, and this is his tune. Hope you have fun with it, David!
8 32 Dawson's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 15 Nov 90 Sarah Dawson is one of the mainstays of the Madbury dance, and it's always nice to see her when I play there. I sure hope you like dancing to this tune, Sarah!
8 33 Deanna's Waltz Waltz G/Em 9 Sept 91 Deanna Stiles and I go back to Dudley Laufman's Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra. Deanna's a great flute player, and sometimes she'll have me up to Deerfield (NH) for supper (delicious!) and a few tunes. I should have written this waltz for you years ago, Deanna! Thanks for all you do with my tunes! (She keeps them safe for me in between books. I really appreciate it. XXOO P.S. Hi Melia!)
8 34 Eileen O'Connor Reel D 14 Apr 91 If you get into the dance scene in Seattle you will meet a whole lot of nice people, and Eileen is one of them. She loves to dance and she's a real fine concertina player. I hope this tune sounds OK on your little squeezer, Eileen!
8 35 Enid's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 12 Jan 91 Enid Diamante is a real fine fiddler from Philly who plays with the S.P.U.D.S. Band, and she's also a member of a smaller group that includes my friend Eddy Bonsell on the hammer dulcimer. I always look forward to playing with her when I'm down that way, and I hope it happens again real soon, Enid!
8 36 Eric's Tune Reel D 7 Nov 90 Eric Smiley used to come to the Peterborough dance with his sister Nisa when they lived in Concord, but now they've moved to Vermont and I don't get to see them very much - they were a real cute pair of kids and I will miss them a lot. Nisa has a jig in Book 7.
8 37 Ernie's #2 Schottishe G 27 Jan 91 If you look in Book 3 on Pg. 27, you will find "Ernie's Tune," written back in 1978 for my good friend Ernie Spence. He still comes up from Reading, MA, to the Peterborough Dance, and he keeps on being real nice to me, and so anyway, I hope you enjoy dancing to this tune, Ernie, as much as I appreciate your many kindnesses.
8 38 Faith's Jig Jig D 5 Feb 91 Faith McIntire is Alan's nice wife, and they've got a whole lot of hens who lay a whole bunch of eggs, and every so often the good egg fairy lays a whole box of these cackle berries on my door step, all of which qualifies Faith for a tune of her own, wouldn't you say so? You bet! BRAWK!!
8 39 Fitzwilliam Polka Polka D 31 Aug 90 Would you believe that I played in Fitzwilliam (N.H.) Town Hall for Duke Miller, the great caller, every summer for 26 consecutive years? Well, I did! No wonder I hate "Life on the Ocean Wave"! Duke called that tune "Mac's Favorite"! (I was "Mac".)
8 40 Fogg's Favorite Reel G/Gm 30 Mar 91 One of the fringe benefits of being at the Ralph Page Legacy Weekend is getting to visit with George Fogg. George is from Boston, and he's a really fine dance leader, specializing in English dances. A jolly man, he has great energy, and it's always a pleasure to work for him. I hope it happens again real soon, George!
8 41 Foley's Jig Jig D 31 Aug 90 You'll never meet nicer people or more enthusiastic dancers thatn John & Louise Foley of Trumbull, CT. I am so glad this jig came along with their name on it. They deserve it!
8 42 Frankie's Tune Reel G 28 Mar 91 It's always such a treat when the Irish group ALTAN plays in the neighborhood. Their music is beautiful and Frankie Kennedy's flute helps make it so. I hope this tune sounds OK on that flute, Frankie!
8 43 Gena's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 30 Jan 91 Regina McCarthy works at Harlow's Deli where I go every morning for wonderful coffee - I've known her for years, since she was a little girl, and she's just as nice now as she was then. Much love to you, Gena!
8 44 Good Sound Jig #1 Jig C 27 Mar 91 Good sound is a necessity at a dance, and Debbie Knight knows how to make that happen; besides that, she's also a good piano player, and so you sure do qualify for this tune, Debbie!
8 45 Good Sound Jig #2 Jig Am 27 Mar 91 Well, you see, Walter Lenk is the other half of that Good Sound team, and besides that, he's a good caller, and so I guess that qualifies you for a tune, too, Walter. So here it is!
8 46 Harvey's Wedding Reel D Feb 91 (AKA Frankie's Wedding!) Well of course it was Frankie Brackley's wedding, too, because she and Harvey Tolman got married on Feb 9th, and had a real nice reception and contra dance in Clark Hall in Harrisville. It sure was a happy time. Maybe you were there, too! The Tolmans live in Nelson, N.H.
8 47 Hattie's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 8 Oct 90 Did you know that Hattie Andres is 20 days old today? Well, She is! And don't think her proud parents, Laurie and Sharon, aren't happy about that! Hattie lives out in Seattle, WA, where her dad keeps everybody happy with his wonderful accordion playing.
8 48 Hewitt's Jig Jig E 25 June 90 Nat Hewitt of Nelson, NH, likes to play "Caliope House" on his fiddle, so I wrote him the only "E" tune I ever wrote to go along with it - Just for you, Nat!
8 49 Hickman's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 26 Oct 90 You have missed one of the great joys of this life if you haven't watched Steve Hickman's hamboning or heard him play his fiddle. Truly a great entertainer and performer. I wish he lived closer to New Hampshire than King George, Virginia.
8 50 Home James! Reel G 2 Feb 92 Sarah Bauhan's folks, Bill & Liz Bauhan, bought the Alexander James place in Dublin ca 20 years ago, and they named their new home (what else?!) "Home James!" Incidentally, noted artist Alexander James was a great friend of Albert Quigley, great fiddler from Nelson N.H. Quig was awfully kind to a budding young dance musician, as well as being a fine oil painter in his own right.
8 51 Jack and Connie's Jig Jig D/A 10 Nov 90 Jack and Connie Hume hail from Altamont, NY, and they're always real nice to me when we have our annual gathering at Indian Neck for the Spring Rites.
8 52 Jack and Peggy's Jig Jig G 2 Apr 91 The last time I got down Philly way, I just happened to get there at the same time that Jack Crowley and his lovely wife, Peggy, were throwing a party. They were so nice to me that I thought they needed this jig to thank them for a great evening - see how this sounds on your banjo, Jack - I hope it's OK!
8 53 Jared's Jig Jig Am 9 Jan 91 If you were to look in Book V you would find Harry's Jig, for Harry Nelson of Francestown - well, this one is for Jared Nelson, Harry's son, and one of my great school-boy friends. Jared's also a great skier, and perhaps someday we'll all see him doing good stuff on the tube - World Cup, Olympics, whatever. Who knows? Good luck, Jared!
8 53 Jared's Jig Jig Am 9 Jan 91 If you were to look in Book V you would find Harry's Jig, for Harry Nelson of Francestown - well, this one is for Jared Nelson, Harry's son, and one of my great school-boy friends. Jared's also a great skier, and perhaps someday we'll all see him doing good stuff on the tube - World Cup, Olympics, whatever. Who knows? Good luck, Jared!
8 54 Jennings' Hornpipe Hornpipe D 17 April 90 I'm sure that every Contra Dancer in New England would agree that Larry Jennings should have a tune named just for him, so here it is, Larry, with every good wish & thanks from us all.
8 55 Jeremiah's Jig Jig Em 3 May 91 This one's for Jeremiah McLane, who lives in Hartland, VT with nice wife Tii McLane. They are both fine musicians, she on the flute and Jerry on the accordion. I'm always thrilled when I get to play a dance with either one of them (preferably both!)
8 56 Jesse's Jig Jig Em 25 July 91 Donna Long plays piano for the Irish contingent at Augusta. Her young son, who has taken up the fiddle, asked me one day how I named my tunes. I said I named them after people, places, or things that for one reason or another became dear to me. After a short pause, he suddenly stuck out his hand and said, brightly, "MY name is jesse Smith!" Behold the result.
8 57 John Krumm's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 25 Feb 91 John Krumm lives down Philly way where he keeps the dance community happy with his fiddle playing and cheery calling style. If you haven't danced to John, you've got a real treat coming your way!
8 58 Johnny Farewell Jig Em 7 Jan 91 That was what I said to John Brennan when he took himself and his fiddle down to Florida for the winter. I'm glad he came back. Philly's a lot closer than Florida!
8 59 Johnny Jig Jig Em/G 9 Jan 91 Johnny Ducmank lives down in New York City, but he loves to dance and sometimes gets up this way to a Brattleboro Dawn Dance. It was at one of these that he first got my attention while doing "Rory O'More" by kissing every girl in the line as he went down through. Outstanding!!
8 60 Judy Jacob's Jig Jig D 15 Sept 91 Judy was the only camper to show up at my tune composition class today (at Buffalo Gap Dance Weekend) so I thought she deserved this tune as a reward!
8 61 Katia Rose's Waltz Waltz D 18 Apr 91 Katia Rose is one of Joe and Linda Fallon's cute little daughters. She's a real jewel as I'm sure you'll agree, and I just knew she had a tune coming her way from the first moment I saw her. Much love to you, Katie. I hope you like your waltz!
8 62 Kerry's Reel Reel G 3 Sept 90 If you go to Rochester, N.H., you can go to the Rochester Fair; if you go to Rochester, N.Y. you can get your pictures developed at the KODAK plant; if you go to Rochester, MA. you can listen to Kerry Elkin play the fiddle, 'cause that's where he lives. That's what I would do if I were you, because Kerry's a real fine fiddler!
8 63 Larry Kulgren's Jig Jig A 10 Nov 90 It was always a pleasure to see Police Office Larry Kullgren when he would stop by at the Francestown Dance to visit for a few minutes and listen to the music. We miss him a lot and send much love to his family.
8 64 Lilac Lady Jig Em 23 Jan 91 Cathy Walker is a regular at the Madbury Dance, and we both laughed when I told her I bet I knew what her favorite color was - even her leather dancing shoes were lilac!
8 65 Linda's Waltz Waltz G 22 Nov 90 A very lovely lady was Linda Fallon, wife of Joe Fallon (of Critton Hollow) and mother of two cute kids, Katie and Monika. We share your loss, Joe, and send you much love.
8 66 Lucy's Jig Jig G 22 Jan 91 Lucy Young is a most dedicated & enthusiastic dancer from Fairlee, VT. She's Sarah Young's mother, & besides that she also distinguished herself by winning 1st prize for her costume at the Halloween Dance in Dublin in 1988. She was wearing 2 hats at the time. Know why? She had 2 heads! Fabulous!
8 67 Lydia's Jig Jig Bm 11 Jan 91 Lydia Reeve is a lovely lady from Weare, NH, who comes to the local dances a lot with her nice husband Bob and cute little daughter Fritha. Lydia plays the fiddle, too, and so I thought she needed this tune to play on it. Don't you think that was a good idea?
8 68 Maggie Murphy's Reel Reel D 8 Jan 91 Maggie did such a great job with the sound at the Fiddle Tunes Dance Camp that April & I went to, back in '84 (?), that I thought she should have a tune - ESPECIALLY with a name like Maggie Murphy! Love to you, Maggie.
8 69 Mairéad's Jig Jig Em 28 Feb 91 If you go to one of ALTAN's concerts, you will be able to hear great fiddling and beautiful singing by Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh. What a joy it is to hear her perform. I hope I get to do that again real soon!
8 70 Marcia's Jig Jig Am 17 Mar 91 I've known Marcia Young for such a long time, and it's always nice to see her each year at the New England Folk Festival. I'm glad this tune is for you, Marcia!
8 71 Margo's Waltz Waltz D 30 Aug 91 I have a great time when I go to Irish week at Augusta (in Elkins, WV). It's a wonderful experience, and Margo Blein, the Program Director, is always so nice to me that I thought she needed a waltz of her own.
8 72 Martyn's Jig Jig G 12 July 90 Lots of great music and musicians come from Edinburgh, Scotland, and one of these is Martyn Bennett. Sarah and I stopped at the Hammon-Lee (Bennett and Lorraine) House in Brookline one time and that's when I had the pleasure of hearing him play. At age 19 he is accomplished on piano whistle, & pipes. Hope he likes this tune!
8 73 McComiskey's Waltz Waltz D/Bm 23 July 90 When I took Billy McComiskey's class in "Button Box II" at Augusta this year, he said he'd flunk me if I didn't write him a waltz and learn to play it on my box in C, G, and D. So here it is, in the D setting. I sure hope I pass, Billy! (It was lots easier writing the tune than playing it!!)
8 74 The Mermaid Waltz D 8 Aug 90 Wednesday nights at the Mermaid Inn in Philly, the clan gathers and plays joyful music into the wee hours, thanks to the benevolence of Joanne Mekis, the owner. We love you, Joanne! Thanks a lot!!
8 75 Mike's Polka Polka C 23 Feb 91 Mary Wakefield has a real nice son, and so I thought maybe he would enjoy having a tune of his own. Best wishes always to you, Mike - Mac
8 76 Miss Currie's Jig Jig Am 6 Jan 91 It's always a fun time when Cait Currie from Philly* is on the scene with her banjo or bodhran. She's really deep into Irish music, and it's just great when I get down that way and we all gather at The Mermaid for a Wednesday night session. *NOTE: I've always seen Cait in Philly, and wrongly assumed she lived there. Actually, she hails from Sickleville, NJ, just over twenty miles SE of Philly.
8 77 Miss Mason's Hornpipe Hornpipe A 2 Nov 90 Dudley Laufman has a really nice niece hamed Sarah Mason who plays the music real well on her penny whistle and loves to dance. I see her quite a lot over at the Madbury Dance - hope this tune sounds OK on your whistle, Sarah!
8 78 Monika's Waltz Waltz D 27 Sept 91 This one's for Monika Lauren Fallon, Linda and Joe's other daughter (you've already met her sister Katie in these pages). I haven't met Monika yet, but Joe says she's super, and that's good enough for me! Much love to you, Monika, from Bob. TECH NOTE: TRY THIS ONE AS A HAMBO - I think you will like it. I do!
8 79 Morley's Wedding March D Apr 91 Perhaps you've heard the tune "Mauri's Wedding." It's been around a long time, but it gave birth to this tune which is brand new, because it's celebrating Linda Morley's marriage to Ormand Szainer on 21 April 91. Congratulations and very best wishes to you both!
8 80 Mrs. Bauhan Waltz A 3 Mar 90 Elizabeth Forbes (Mrs. William) Bauhan, mother of Patrick and Sarah, passed away this year. In Memoriam, and with much love from Mac.
8 81 Ms. McCormick's Jig Jig A 20 Feb 91 Kim McCormick lives over in Marlow, N.H., a town celebrated for its cold temperatures, and known as the "Ice Box of Cheshire County." Kim loves to dance and often comes over to Nelson on Monday nights. I bet she finds someone to play this tune for her, don't you?
8 82 Nelson Town Hall Polka Polka D 18 Mar 91 Unforgettable! That's what dancing in Nelson is. You line up on the north side of the hall at the start of the dance, and you finish way over on the south side. Now why do you suppose that is?
8 83 Nick's Hornpipe Hornpipe D/Bm 16 Dec 91 Nick Hawes, from just across the Connecticut River in Brattleboro, VT, is one of the most versatile musicians I know, playing several instruments, all of them well. I'm so glad I finally got you a tune, Nick. Should have done it long ago!
8 84 The Olive Street Jig Jig G/Em 7 Nov 90 Actually, it's EAST Olive St., and that's where Dina & Frank Blade live now. I call them my "West Coast Family" and they sure are nice to me. For more information, please see the introduction to "RAVENNA REEL" in this book.
8 85 Owen's Reel Reel D 27 Jan 91 Owen Iselin is the nice young son of Mike and Alouette from Nelson, NH, and one night when I was playing piano at a dance over there, Owen kept me company. He's pretty much of a live wire, and we had a good time together. I liked his stories!
8 86 Paddy and the Chieftains March D 3 Apr 90 It's always such a treat when the Chieftains get up into New England. We sure do love their wonderful music. Hope they come again soon!
8 87 The Palindrome Jig Jig G 1 Jan 1991 Sarah Bauhan, Janie Orzechowski, Ken Wilson, and I had fun playing for First Night over in Portsmouth. P.S. It's a bad deed if you poop in your kayak.
8 88 Pam Sweet Hornpipe Hornpipe G 4 Dec 91 Pam was one of my neat school girls a few years back. She was from Francestown, NH, then, but now she's living in East Aurora, NY. (You know where that is) and it's always special when I run into her at a dance somewhere. Much love to you, Pammy!
8 89 Pete Jung's Reel Reel Bm 10 Apr 91 Pete Jung (pro. Yung) hails from Kingston, N.Y., and does great stuff on both guitar and bass. You can hear him on Bo Bradham's new tape "Moving Clouds," and he wrote a waltz called "Far Away" which is truly "State of the Art" it's so beautiful. This tune attempts to tell you how much I appreciate both, your tune and you, Pete.
8 90 Peter and Polly's Waltz Waltz D 15 Oct 91 Great weeks at Augusta get even better after you've met Polly and Peter Gott. Peter, with help from Lenny Riggs, runs a log cabin building class, and on Thursday night, when it's almost finished, they have a wonderful dance party in the new cabin. Great stuff!
8 91 Peter Colby's Waltz Waltz G 29 Aug 90 It has taken me much too long to write this tune for Pete. I only wish he could hear it. Pete was a good friend of Eileen Roys of Stevensville, MD. They met in Autoharp class at Augusta. Perhaps you'll play this on your autoharp, Eileen. I hope you like it.
8 92 Phoebe's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 28 Jan 91 I haven't seen Phoebe Allen in a long time, but she's David's sister, and she was a real sweetheart when she danced in Fitzwilliam years ago. Their nice mother (Mrs. Peg Allen) danced, too, and it was fun to see all three of them on the floor at the same time.
8 93 The Pit Polka Polka Bm/D 30 Aug 90 If you've been to Augusta (and if you haven't, you should go!), then you know about "The Pit," where they hold dances. It's a great place. You'll have a real good time there. I did!
8 94 Randy's Jig #2 Jig D 15 Apr 91 This one's for Randy Thomas of Hillsboro, NH. He's Bill & Anne's youngest (Noah is his brother), and his mom tells me he likes the piano pretty well, so maybe someday you'll back up your dad playing this dune on his flute for you, Randy. I hope you like what you hear!
8 95 Ravenna Reel Reel D 10 June 90 Ravenna Avenue is in Seattle, WA, and that's where Frank & Dina Blade used to live. They ran a refuge for aging itinerant piano players at that address. They still operate the refuge at the new location. I'm glad they do!
8 96 Rod's Schottishe Schottishe A 16 April 91 Rod Slieth and caller Mary Des Rosiers live in Harrisville, NH. They got married several years ago and have two real cute kids of their own, and sometimes they all come to the Monday night dance in Nelson. The wee ones bed down under the piano while their folks dance. Rod, I hope you and Mary like dancing to this tune. (P.S. - Love from the MAKSHAK!) (P.P.S - Hi Hannah! I wouldn't leave you out!)
8 97 Room 227 Jig Jig D 3 Sept 90 A lot of music came out of this room in the Women's Center at Augusta during Irish Week. Hollis Payer was the guilty party. She had help, tho', from John Brennan & me!
8 98 Rossi's Reel #1 Reel C 2 Sept 90 Shrouded in the mists of antiquity pretty well sums it up - Surely Neil Rossi and I had our first encounter some time ago, perhaps at the Old Joe Clarks on Arrow St. in Cambridge, MA. Neil lives in Westford, VT now with lovely wife Donna, and I'm glad this tune is for him. I hope it lays well on your fiddle, Neil!
8 99 Rossi's Reel #2 Reel F 27 Mar 91 Well, first there was Neil Rossi, then there was Rossi #2, who turns out to be Donna Leiserowitz and who is always nice to me whenever we get together, all of which results in there being 2 Rossi's Reels, and that's the story!
8 100 Ruthie's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 25 Dec 91 Ruthie Dornfeld of Cambridge, MA, is one of the best fiddlers I know. Team her up with fellow-fiddler Mary Lea, throw in Jack O'Connor on tenor banjo and Cal Howard on bass, and that's one of the best combos I ever played with. Thanks for what you do, Ruthie - I just love it! Sorry it's taken me so long to get you a tune!
8 101 Sarah Smith's Jig Jig G 27 Jan 91 Jonathan Smith and his wife, Laurie, live over in Nelson, NH, the "Contra Dance Capital of the World" (any argument?!) and they have a really cute daughter who I thought needed a tune all her own to dance to. So Sarah, here it is, and I hope you like it.
8 102 Shelly's Jig Jig D 28 Sept 90 Playing for Dudley Laufman years ago in South Amherst brought many nice rewards, including Shelly Bell. Now she's dancing at Dave Kaynor's Greenfield Dance, and just as much fun to watch on the floor as ever., including Shelly Bell. Now she's dancing at Dave Kaynor's Greenfield Dance, and just as much fun to watch on the floor as ever.
8 103 Skip's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 15 Jan 91 Every so often Skip Gorman gets persuaded to leave the wilds of Grafton NH and come down this way long enough to play his fiddle at one of our dances. That's real nice when it happens, and even nicer (for me, anyway) is when I'm playing piano along with him! Hope you'll come again soon, Skip!
8 104 Sour Milk for the Tea Jig G 18 Oct 90 Well, that's what Sarah Bauhan got the last time she was here. Hasn't been back since!! (Just kidding!)
8 105 The Squeeky Jig Jig D 16 Sept 91 When I went to Buffalo Gap Dance Weekend I discovered I was all out of soap, but Susan Jewett gave me some which kept me squeeky clean the whole time I was there. Thanks, Susan! P.S. Thanks also to Rick Trois for getting me down there. I really had a wonderful time!
8 106 Steve's Y Factor Jig C 25 Jan 91 Out in Seattle, Steve Trempe established the vertical component with his wonderful jig entitled "The X Factor," so here is the horizontal component to go along with it, Steve! Best wishes always to you.
8 107 Sue's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 23 Dec 91 Sue Bartlett lives over in Antrim, NH, and I first met her in Chris Cappy's Tai Chi class here in Peterborough. When I saw her later, having a wonderful time at the dances, that's when I decided she needed a tune, so here it is. I sure hope you like it, Sue!
8 108 Sue Weaver's Jig Jig G 17 Mar 91 Sue plays piano over at Nelson and she loves to dance, too, so it seemed like a good idea to write her this tune. Don't you agree?
8 109 Susan Joy's Jig Jig Am 19 Mar 91 Susan King (her middle name is JOY) lives over in Gilsum, NH, famous in the region for its large mineral deposits. You'ld think she was a pretty rare gem, too, if you could watch her on the dance floor. She really sparkles!
8 110 Susie's Waltz Waltz G 14 Nov 90 If you've ever been to the "Lady of the Lake" dance camp on Lake Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, then you, too, have met a lovely Lady of the Lake named Susie Winegardner. If you don't believe me, go see for yourself! Love to you, Susie!
8 111 Tea with Debra Jig D 3 Sept 90 This little ditty is to celebrate the wonderful cup of MINT TEA I so thoroughly enjoyed at Debra & Penn's house after the dance at the Masonic Temple in Spokane in 1989. Let me tell you - Debra's a real good tea-maker!!
8 112 Their First Anniversary Waltz G/Em 30 Sept 90 Hollis Payer and Patrick O'Bannon celebrated their first wedding anniversary while here on a visit (they live in Phlly) - Hollis plays the fiddle while Patrick does great stuff with the spoons. Much love to you both. P.S.: "From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli..." says the Marine's Hymn. It was Patrick's great-great grandfather, Lt. Presley O'Bannon, USMC, who led the landing on those shores!
8 113 Tii's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 3 May 91 Tii McLane lives up in Hartland, VT with husband Jeremiah. She's a real fine flute player, and sometimes when Dave Millstone calls a dance up that way, I get to play with her. It's always a fun time, and I hope. it happens again real soon, Tii!
8 114 Tom Bryan's Reel D 16 Apr 91 Tommy lives over in Hancock, NH, on a real nice farm. He has a neat sister named Sarah, and his folks are Art and Laurie Bryan. They raise great big furry things (MOOO) and it's a wonderful place to visit. Art used to play guitar with the Canterbury, and sometimes we still get to play a few tunes together. Kids, cows, and music. You can't beat that with a stick!
8 115 Too Damn Early Reel G 18 Jan 91 This little ditty is to celebrate the fact that I don't know how to set an alarm clock, which probably explains why Ted Sanella woke up at 5:30 instead of 6:30 one morning at the Ralph Page Legacy Week-end. We're still friends, though, which says quite a lot for Ted!
8 116 Udell's Reel Reel D 20 Nov 90 Don Udell lived in Morgantown, WV, where he kept 36 pianos on the U. of W.V. campus tuned and properly maintained. He was a central figure at Augusta each summer with his cheer and his guitar. Legally blind, he displayed his great sense of humor with his T-Shirts, one of which reminded us that "You don't have to be blind to be a piano tuner!" He will be greatly missed by all of us who loved him.
8 117 Visit to John Reel D 19 Apr 91 If Paul Revere went for a ride on this day, I guess I can go for a ride down to see Johnny Brennan and play a few tunes. Of course, I went a little further than Paul did, like, you know, Florida?!
8 118 Yarenski's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 27 Jan 91 Here's a little tune Peter Yarenski can try out on his hammer dulcimer. Pete lives over in Dover, NH, where he is a major factor in the Lamprey River Band. I sure hope you get to hear them play sometime - they really produce good music!
8 119 Zora's Waltz Waltz G/C 7 Sept 91 Aug 4, 1991 was the day that new arrival Zora Alexis Blade chose to join her happy parents, Dina and Frank, in their new house on E. Olive St. in Seattle. Actually, she came home the next day, Aug 5, and even Kitty was glad to see her! I guess it will be a while before you dance to this tune, Zora, but I hope you like it when you do!
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Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
9 1 Alice's Hornpipe Hornpipe D/A 14 Oct 92 Alice Backer is one of my Mother's Day Friends (there are several more of them in this book) because that's when I'll see her next. She will arrive at camp in a motor-cycle side-car playing her fiddle as always; it will be so good to see her again and have a few tunes together.
9 2 Amy Richardson's Reel Em 26 Feb 92 Amy came up from East Sandwich, MA in January and played her fiddle at the Peterborough Dance (1st Saturdays). We had such a good time playing together I thought she should have a tune of her own. I sure do hope you like it, Amy!
9 3 Amy's Tune Reel D 15 Oct 92 I first met Amy Cann at Indian Neck; she's a real sparky fiddler and lots of fun to play tunes with. She lives up this way now and I see her quite often at the dances - see how this tune sounds on your fiddle, Amy - I hope you like it!
9 4 Anita's Jig Jig Em 17 Nov 92 When Anita Anderson isn't playing super piano back-up for Rex Blazer's fiddling, she can also be heard singing her heard out in a terrific group called the "'S' Curves" with Wendy and Juanita - Frankly, I'm not sure you West Coasters know how lucky you are! WOW! And then, of course, there's Dina too - I could go on like this for eight more pages, at least! Do you suppose you can get Rex to play this for you, Anita? I hope so!
9 5 Ann's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 20 Oct 92 If you have had very much to do with the Country Dance and Song Society down in Northampton MA, then most likely you have encountered Ann Pearce in their office, where she is sales manager. I see her quite often at various dance functions and she is always nice to me. Now it's my turn to be nice to you, Ann!
9 6 Another Doozy? Reel G 24 Oct 92 I've known Peggy Duesenberry Binney for nearly a hundred years, well anyway, it's a long time. She's a great fiddler, and we used to play for Duke Miller in Fitzwilliam years ago. She has her own tune (Peggy's Doozy) in Book 1 (see? I told you it was close to a hundred years!) and now she and her husband* have a little daughter named Sara Helen Binney. So this tune is for you, Sara, with much love from QUACK, and I sure hope it gets to you over in Scotland (which is where they all live now.) *TIM BINNEY - Sorry Tim, your name was supposed to be right there!
9 7 Arthur's Jig Jig A 24 Oct 92 Arthur and Jean Tufts of Exeter, NH, could easily have taken the prize for "New Hampshire's Greatest Dance Enthusiasts." They really loved the dance scene during the Ralph Page years, and Arthur got to be a very respectable caller by following Ralph's example. His dear Jean is no longer with us, but I still have the pleasure of seeing Arthur occasionally at various dance functions. Many blessings on you, old friend!
9 8 Balmoral Place Reel Bm 26 Aug 92 Edinburgh, Scotland is a wonderful part of the world, perhaps especially so if the visitor from a foreign land has a particular interest in traditional music. Three of us went there in late summer '92, and Aly Bain treated us like we were royalty. Thanks ever so much for your great hospitality, Aly; we surely enjoyed being at Balmoral Place. Best wishes always to you and the Boys - we hope to see you soon.
9 9 Bannerman's Quadrille March D 16 Oct 92 Glenn Bannerman comes all the way from Montreat, NC, just to attend the Ralph Page Legacy Weekend each year. He is an old friend of Ralph's, and a real fine caller; he's full of fun and great spirit which he manages to pass on to us all. You give us a real good time on the dance floor, Glenn - we're so glad you come!
9 10 The Blazer Reel D 28 Feb 92 Alaska is the home of a huge amount of great stuff, and this includes Rex Blazer, of Fairbanks. What a joy it is to be around him when he winds up his beautiful fiddle and starts belting out a great tune, especially if he has Juanita (sic) Anderson on the piano. Now there's a great combination that I hope you get to hear someday. I once heard them in my living room! Wonderful!!
9 11 Bob Reeve's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 5 Nov 92 Well, it's like this: Lydia Reeve has a nice husband named Bob, and Lydia's daughter Fritha has a nice daddy and his name is Bob, too (same guy!) (that's why!) and of course, they all come to the dances and I like them a lot, and I guess that has a whole lot to do with why this tune is called what it's called! Whaddya think of that?!
9 12 The Boxman Jig D 29 Feb 92 Do you know Monica Strogen from the West Coast? I met her in Seattle at Frank and Dina Blade's. She's a really good button box player and we played a few tunes together. We had a good time, and I told her if she kept it up the way she was going, she was going to be a great boxman someday (gimme a break, that's supposed to be funny). She's in Ireland now, and having the time of her life.
9 13 Brennan's Parlor Jig G/Em 8 Aug 90 And that's just where I was, with Johnny Brennan in Erdenheim, PA (just outside Philly) when this little ditty came popping out of my cute little Hohner "Carmen" squeeze box.
9 14 Brynne Marie Waltz Em 5 Mar 92 This tune is for Brynne Marie Hagy, In Memoriam, and with much love. Her mom, Chris Brennan Hagy, is a great favorite of mine.
9 15 Carol's Jig Jig Am 1 Mar 92 This tune is for Carol Kaufman, a real fine fiddler from the Boston area. Once when a traffic snarl delayed two members of New England Tradition coming down from N.H. to play for a dance at the 1st Church in Cambridge, Carol stepped right in with her fiddle and held forth in grand style until they arrived. I still say "Thank you!" for that, Carol!
9 16 Chapman's Reel Reel D 26 Oct 92 Andy Chapman is a real fine guitar player and a regular at the Nelson Town Hall Monday Night Dances. I don't think you'll have a whole lot of trouble chording this tune, Andy, if you can get somebody to play melody for you!
9 17 Charlie Pilzer's Reel G/D 23 Oct 92 Charlie Pilzer is one of the East Coast's great musicians (bass and button box) and every once in a while it's been my great good fortune to play a few tunes with him. He and lovely wife Cecily and their cute daughter live in Tacoma Park, MD, where they operate a B&B for grateful itinerant musicians. Thanks, you guys!
9 18 Chris Cauldwell's Contra Reel G 22 Sept 92 Chris lives out in Seattle, where she is immersed in two things - Pediatrics and Contra dancing. I haven't had much to do with her pediatrics , but I have been involved with her dancing when I'm out that way. She's got an awful nice husband named Mike Richardson who calls and plays the fiddle so I bet she won't have a problem hearing what this sounds like. I think it's kind of a funny little tune, but perhaps it will be fun to dance to. I hope so, Chris, and I hope you like it!
9 19 Cia's Jig Jig D/A 24 Mar 92 I've known Cia Iselin (pro. "Keeya Isslin") and her wonderful family for probably more years that either of us cares to talk about, and every time I go over to the Folkway she always gives me the warmest possible welcome. I really appreciate all you do for us, Cia, and I'm so glad this little tune came along with your name in the title space. Much love to you from Bob
9 20 Cindy's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 23 Sept 92 Cindy Larock is one of the Main(e) spark plugs of contra dance activity in the Lewiston, ME area. She has a lot to do with keeping those dances going up there, and it's always a happy occasion when our paths cross. I hope that happens again soon, Cindy!
9 21 Connor's Tune Reel G 7 Nov 92 This one's for Connor Slieth. Connor's one of the a neat pair of twin boys owned and operated by Mary DesRosiers and Rod Slieth. They live in Harrisville, and I get to see them at dances, particularly the Nelson Dance. It's always fun when the kids are there. They're a cute pair.
9 22 Conval Contra Reel D Fall, 1992 I started teaching in what later became the Contoocook Valley Regional School District ("Conval" for short) in 1959; although I retired in 1984, I am still connected with the high school (Conval High School) where I substitute teach on request and coach weight lifting. I've had the title to this tune for several years, but the tune itself came only a short while ago. I'm really glad it did.
9 23 Dale's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 23 Sept 92 Dale Thomas is a good friend of long standing, and it's always such a pleasure to see him every year at the New England Folk Festival. He is a man of many talents, and one thing he knows how to do real well is make a good cup of coffee! I've been thankful to you for a long while, Dale, and I'm glad this tune came along to tell you so.
9 24 Dana's Jig Jig Bm 11 Feb 93 Dana Wells has been dancing for years. He was a good friend of New England Tradition, and he's been on my "tune list" for a long while. He recently sent me a tape of the Canterbury playing back in '74 and '75, and it was fun to listen to, bringing back so many happy memories. thanks a lot, Dana - that was awfully nice of you!
9 25 D and J Hornpipe Hornpipe D 15 Mar 92 Last night was such fun. Deanna Stiles (flute), Janie Orzechowski (fiddle), and I (piano) played for a dance in Francestown (20 minutes from my house), and we had such a good time. You should have heard those two sail into Cincinatti, Durang's, and Bricklayer's - they were just wonderful!
9 26 Danny Flynn's Jig Jig D 24 Nov 92 From Philly comes Danny Flynn, bringing his beautiful accordion with him, and boy! can he play it! We get together every so often, at Augusta, or the Philly Festival, or the Mermaid, and we do have such a good time, the bunch of us, and we're all into Irish style, and it's great fun. How lucky we all are to be together in this wonderful thing we enjoy so much. See you at Augusta, Danny!
9 27 Dave Miller's Jig Jig D 29 Sept 92 If you've ever been to anything involving traditional music in the Philly area, then you've seen, met, jammed or whatever, with Dave Miller. He is the definitive enthusiast. He brings himself and his fiddle to NEFFA every year, too, so I know that one way or another, I'm going to enjoy playing music with him before long. Best wishes always to you, Dave.
9 28 Dave Stone's Reel G 8 Mar 92 David lives over in Nelson. He is a forester by trade, plays the guitar real well, and loves to dance. On Sunday nights he comes out of the woods long enought to MC the Folk Show on radio station WEVO up in Concord. Something we all look forward to so much. We really appreciate all you do, Dave!
9 29 Dave Trop's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 14 Oct 92 I usually see Dave every year at the Seattle Folk Life Festival. He's a fine fiddler, and we've played lots of tunes together over the years. Try this one, Dave, and see what you think of it (but don't tell me!)
9 30 Debbie's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 14 Oct 92 Debbie Cray calls dances down Boston way, and I'm always glad when she's on the scene. I will never forget the cute little bouquet of flowers she set on the piano one night at a time when it was deeply appreciated. Thank you so much, Debbie.
9 31 Derek's Jig Jig D 26 Mar 92 Every so often, over the years, some of my favorite school kids will make it into one of these tune books, and that's what happened this time! This one's for Derek Buffum, now of HIllsboro, NH, but raised in Antrim. He's got a real nice girlfriend named Melissa and would you believe his dog's name is Jordache? Well, it is! Well anyway, here's a tune for you, Little Buff, with love from Mac
9 32 Diana's Jig Jig D 27 Sept 92 This tune's been waiting in the wings for TEN YEARS! Do you believe that? I frist wrote it in March 1983, and it's for Diana Jacobs, who lives over in Chesham. She was living in Dublin when I decided she needed a tune. She's a great dancer, you know; but the melody needed work, and so at long last, here it is. Probably no better than it ever was, Diana, but I hope you like it!
9 33 Diane's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 15 Mar 92 Diane Goodman is from Hillsboro, NH. If you mail her a letter, she'll get it right off: she works in the Post Office! She also calles dances and plays the fiddle, so you know she needs her own tune. I'm so glad I could find one for her!
9 34 Dowdy's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 22 Nov 92 Once upon a time there was a band who called themselves the "Bobolinks." Deanna Stiles was the spark plug of this group. Deanna loves to play these little tunes of mine, and she got this band interested in them, hence its name (link with Bob). So that's what happened, and Mark Dowdy was the mandolin player, and I see Mark occasionally at a dance, and he's a real nice guy, and soooo - now you have a new tune to try out on your mandolin, Mark!
9 35 Ernie's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 25 Aug 90 I just thought that Ernie Spence, of Reading, MA, needed this tune. Don't you agree? After all, he's been awfully nice to me for so many years.
9 36 Evelyn's Waltz Waltz C 1 Mar 93 Evelyn Bannerman comes to the Ralph Page Weekend each year with her nice husband, Glenn, and so I thought probably she ought to have a waltz of her own for her and him to dance to. She's at least as nice as he is, so I think this is a pretty good idea. Don't you think so, too? Say "YES"!
9 37 Farley's Jig Jig D 29 Sept 92 If you've been to Lady of the Lake dance camp, then you know that Farley is the nice big fluffy dog that wags his tail at everybody and helps to make that scene the happy one it is. Farley has a feline friend (meow) named Nearly, and he wags his tail at her, too. Nearly just purrs.
9 38 Father Charlie's Reel Am 24 Nov 92 You've been reading quite a lot about Augusta in these little books; that's because the Augusta Experience is such a wonderful happening in a person's life. Irish week is spectacular (perhaps no more so that the other weeks) with great people and great music. The Coen Brothers have a lot to do with that; Jack is a great Galway-style flute player, and his brother, Father Charlie Coen, is one of the very best concertina players ever. We are all so lucky to have musicians of this caliber to listen to and learn from. We're so glad you're at Augusta, Father Charlie!
9 39 Fingal's Reel Reel Bm 24 Mar 92 FINGAL is the great Scottish giant who lives in a huge cave on the island of Staffa, a short distance from the Isle of Mull. off the west coast of Scotland in the group of islands called the Hebrides. Sue and Iain Bain and Sarah Bauhan and I stopped by to see him one day in Sept 89; he was not at home in his cave; we were told this was his day to chase the sea monsters and mermaids away from his waters. We played some tunes in his cave and the left the way we had come, on Iain Morrison's boat. We saw a mermaid on the way home!
9 40 Flawn's Reel Reel D 27 Oct 92 Sound engineer Flawn Williams is the reason why the Augusta Concerts always sound so nice. I get to see him every summer when I go down to Elkins, WV, for Irish Week. I still can't play my button box, but you just can't beat being there! Thanks for all your hard work, Flawn, we sure do appreciate all you do for us!
9 41 Frank's Back Jig G 19 Sept 92 The day before we were scheduled to play a dance at the '92 Folklife Festival in Seattle, Frank Blade threw his back out, and he was in real serious pain. You know what? The next day he showed up a half hour before starting time, and played the whole set perfectly; you'ld never have known there was anything bothering him, I mean, not even a little bit. You sure earned the gold medal for courage that time, Frank. We couldn't have done it without you!
9 42 Fred and Marilyn's Waltz Waltz G 20 Nov 92 Fred and Marilyn Richardson live over in Jaffrey, NH, and they've been dancing as far back as I can remember. They have been loyal supporters over many years, dancing with Ralph and then later with Duke at all those Fitzwilliam dances (thanks, Jim Kennedy!). Did you know Duke also called Friday nights in the summer at the Peterborough Golf Club for about ten years? and Fred and Marilyn were at those dances, too! I wonder how many pairs of shoes the Richardsons have worn out, just from the dances?! Much love to you both - keep it up!
9 43 Fritha's Jig Jig D 27 Oct 92 Bob and Lydia Reeve come to the dances all the time (Lydia is a fine fiddler, too) and I think they are pretty lucky people because they have a real nice little daughter named Fritha. So this is your tune, Fritha, and I sure hope you like it - if you smile at me at the next dance, perhaps that'll mean you do!
9 44 Genny's Jig Jig C 15 Mar 92 Genny Vaughan is from Waldwick, NJ, and she is a great autoharp enthusiast. She lives not too far from Drew Smith, over in Ho-Ho-Kus, and sometimes gets to jam with him. I see Genny quite often at various musical events, and I hope I get to hear you play this on your harp, Genny!
9 45 The Guiding Star Polka Polka D 22 Sept 92 Talk about having a good time! Last Saturday I played down in Greenfield, MA, at the Guiding Star Grange Hall, with Roddy Miller, Fiddle, Bill Tomczak, Clarinet, and Bill's wife Susan Kevra doing the calling. I'm glad you can't get arrested for having too much fun, because I'd still be in jail if you could! I think Marcy Rawitscher would be in there with me, because we rode down together, and she did seem to get along OK!!
9 46 Hall's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 15 Nov 92 Last night, a brand new contra dance band had its "World Premier" when "Old New England" played over in Francestown. The fiddler was Janie Orzechowski, Deanna Stiles played flute and piccolo, and I played piano. We had a read nice evening. There was a pretty good turn-out, and the reason for that was that Ed Hall, from Greenfield NH, who did a great job calling the dance, did everything he could to publicize it, including having some really neat fliers printed. Thanks loads for all your hard work, Ed - we really appreciate all you did to launch us in style!
9 47 Helen's Jig Jig Am 29 Sept 92 This one's for Helen Stokoe. I'll see her on Mother's Day week-end, when a bunch of us have a musical get-together in Connecticut. The weather will be warm by then, with lots of sunshine, and we'll play some tunes out in the field and have a grand time. It sure will be nice to see you there again, Helen. It always is!
9 48 Iain Morrison's Reel A/D 24 Mar 92 When Sarah Bauhan and I were on the Isle of Mull in Sept. '89, Cap't. Iain Morrison took us out to see Fingal's Cave on his boat, Puffin II. It was a great trip in a truly beautiful part of the world. We later played tunes with Iain and others in great sessions at various. Iain really liked to play "La Bastringue" on his accordion!
9 49 The Isle of Mull March D 22 Sept 92 What a wonderful place! I hope that, some day, you, too can go there. Sarah Bauhan took me there on the best vacation I ever had. We stayed with the Iain Bains at Acheronic, and were (and still are) most grateful for their hospitality; we enjoyed beautiful scenery and great boat rides; ate haggis (yummy) and roast beef and broiled salmon (MORE yummy!) ; we played music with good friends at pubs, and I can tell you right now that, for as long as I live, part of me will be on the Isle of Mull, and part of Mull will always be with me.
9 50 Jack Beard's Jig Jig G 10 July 92 Jack is a friend of many years. He and Dave Stone share in putting on the Folk Show on Radio Station WEVO in Concord on Sunday nights, he's a talented musician, and he sure loves to dance. I hope this tune repays him for his many kindnesses to me over the years.
9 51 Jacqueline's Jig Jig G 24 Mar 92 Jacqueline Gilman, from Canterbury, is one half of that intrepid pair called "Two Fiddles", (the other half being Dudley Laufman), and she's so nice to me whenever we meet or play together that I though she rated her own tune, so here it is, Jackie, and I hope you like it!
9 52 Jay Iselin's Jig Jig D 14 Mar 93 If you've been to the Folkway Coffee House here in Peterborough, then you have seen a busy young man setting up the sound system and getting the stage ready for the evening's performance. That young man is Jay Iselin, and he sure goes out of his way to make me welcome when I go there. I can't thank you enough, Jay - perhaps this tune will tell you how much I appreciate your hospitality!
9 53 Jennifer's Waltz Waltz D 11 July 92 We all mourn the recent loss of our friend, Dave Fuller, He was a greatly-valued member of Dudley Laufman's Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra and it was his wonderful accordion playing that contributed so much to that special Canterbury sound. This tune is for Dave and Edith's lovely daughter, Jennifer, with much love, from Bob
9 54 Joe's Jig Jig G 22 Apr 92 Joe Cummings was a nice kid when I had him in class years ago. He's still nice, and today his Transcript Printing is where I go to get these little books printed. Pretty neat, don't you think? I'm so happy with what he does that I wrote him a tune of his own. If he ever shows up at one of our dances, we'll have to play it for him. Thanks for such excellent work, Joe. I really appreciate it!
9 55 John G.'s Hornpipe Hornpipe D 19 Oct 92 When April Limber and Pete Colby and I used to play at the N.H. Folk Festivals, first at Pat's Peak Ski Area in Henniker (The Only Henniker on Earth"!) and then at that nice farm out on Iron Works Road in Concord, John Gfroerer was always real good to us. He was the spark plug for those festivals and he did a fine job. We enjoyed playing for you, John - thanks for your hospitality -
9 56 Julie Anderson Jig D 18 Apr 92 Have ever heard of Rollinsford, NH? I never had until Julie showed up, and I found out that's where she lived. It's over near the coast, and it sure must be a nice place if she came from there! Julie loves to dance and I enjoy seeing her on 1st Saturdays in Peterborough, where Steve Zakon calls each month. I sure hope you like dancing to this tune, Julie!
9 57 Judy Wheeler's Jig Jig D 26 Sept 92 I've been going to write Judy at tune for years - She's Ricky Cardona's sister, and Ricky got his tune (in Book 6) long ago; it's way past time for me to take care of Judy, too - they're both ex-school kids of mine, and Judy's a real sweetheart. Much love to you, dear, from MAC
9 58 Just Say Mo Jig G 18 Sept 92 I get to see Moe Turcotte once a year when I go to Augusta for Irish Week and take Billy McComiskey's Button Box class. Moe is a regular down there and it's always a pleasure when we have our annual meeting. He has a T-shirt that gave me the title of this tune; I sure hope it plays OK on your box, Moe.
9 59 Kanaly's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 23 Mar 92 Paul Kanaly (pro. ka-NAY-ly) lives over in Kingston, NH, near the coast. Paul is 80+ and loves to dance, and he also likes to make jelly. So what does he do? He brings delicious home-made jellies to the dances to give to his friends! I'm sure glad he does!
9 60 Kathy Miller's Jig Jig G 19 Nov 92 East Alstead, NH, is an interesting place. They have a cat over there who thinks he's a piano player. There's a real good fiddler in the town; and then there's a guy who is quite a celebrated block-print wood carver (but now I've got to tell you, they're the same guy, Randy Miller!) And then, too, there's Randy's wife, Kathy, who calls dances and works a lot with kids and she's so nice to me whenever I see her that, well, you're looking at it right now! Love you lots, Kathy!
9 61 Kendell's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 24 Oct 92 Kendell Kardt used to live here in Peterborough. He's a real fine guitar player and has a fine singing voice to go along with it. A year or so ago he moved down to Tennessee, where he is playing piano with a group down there. It sounds like fun. He got to picking fiddle tunes out on his guitar and so I thought he might like to try this one and see how it goes. Best wishe always to you, Kendell.
9 62 Kerrie's Hornpipe Hornpipe A 25 Sept 92 Kerrie Iselin is Mike and Alouette's oldest of three children. She was real nice to me when I came into the store where she works one day. It was fun to see her somewhere else besides the dance floor in Nelson, her hometown. I'll stop by again, Kerrie!
9 63 Keyboard Kitty Reel D 15 Dec 91 I played over in East Alstead (pro. Al-sted) NH last night with Randy Miller on fiddle and nice wife Kathy doing the calling. Right in the middle of a tune this big beautiful tomcat jumped up onto the piano keyboard on the high end and walked right down the length of it while I was playing. And you can believe this or not, but in a little while he came back the same way from the low end!! And I never stopped playing!
9 64 Lausanne's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 14 Oct 92 Lausanne Allen hails from Starksboro, VT, about three hours Northwest of here. She's a real good caller, and it's always such a joy when she calls a dance down this way. Besides calling, she's also Willow's Mom, and Willow and Ruthy are buddies, and Ruthy is Jay and Molly's daughter, and I bet I could get two more pages out of this, don't you? So anyhow, come down this way soon, Lausanne - we miss you!
9 65 Leaf's Waltz Waltz G 24 Aug 92 If a tune gets written in France, does that make it a French tune? I dunno, but this tune appeared in Scotland last summer (writing this in Feb '93) when Sarah Bauhan and Leaf Seligman and I were over there on vacation. So perhaps it's a Scottish tune. You can decide that one. Anyway it's Leaf's Waltz, no matter what, and it comes to her with love from her friend MAC
9 66 Leger's Quadrille March D 17 Oct 92 I think the last time I played for Dick Leger was up at Vermont Academy with April and Pete as New England Tradition, but I played for him occasionally long before that when I was a member of Ralph's band in the late 40's and early 50's. He is a find caller and great fun to work for; I've wanted a tune for you for a long while, Dick - I'm so glad this one finally showed up with your name on it!
9 67 The Lemon Cake Reel G 1 Feb 91 DG Tolman, wife of Bill, tries to keep my stomach filled with her wondrous lemon cake. I eat so much I make it ache. thanks, DG!
9 68 Leslie's Jig Jig G 18 Nov 92 Every so often I get to play for one of the Thursday Night dances at the VFW in Cambridge, MA, thanks to Larry Jennings and Dan Pearl and the committee. When the dance is over this lovely young woman named Leslie Morrison shows up at the stage with the cash box. Leslie is the treasurer, and she always sends us home happy with what we just did. Of course, we had a good time playing the music, but we are grateful for what Leslie does too. Thanks a lot, Leslie!
9 69 Louise Claire's Waltz Waltz D 5 Mar 92 Louise Claire Fix was born 29 Aug 91. She has real nice folks, Penn Fix and Debra Shultz, and they all live in a cute house in Spokane, WA, where Debra makes tea for itinerant piano players. I hope you have fun some day dancing to your very own waltz, Louise!
9 70 Macintire's #1 Reel D 29 Nov 92 Banjo player Ray MacIntire has been a part of the New England music scene as far back as I can recall. I can't think of a New England Folk Festival he hasn't been at, and that goes back a long way. He and his lovely wife, Lois, have been awfully nice to me over the years, even to the extent of providing B and B on occasions when I was at Neffa and had no housing. I sure do thank you, folks!
9 71 Marcy's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 28 Feb 92 Marcy Rawitscher came down to the lower 48 from Alaska, just so she could gladden our hearts when she shows up on the local dance scene. We are sure happy she's here, and I wrote this tune just for you, Marcy.
9 72 Margaret's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 25 Sept 92 Margaret is the younger of Mike and Alouette Iselin's two daughters. She lives in Nelson, has a little brother named Owen, and is a real good dancer. I was so happy when her tune came along. I hope you like it, Margaret!
9 73 Marianne O'Doherty Reel D/Bm 26 Mar 92 Marianne was a real good friend of Don Udell (you'll find his tune in Bk. 8). We didn't meet too many times, Marianne, but I know Donny would be pleased to know you have your own tune in one of these little books, to go along with his. It comes to you with much love, from Bob
9 74 Marjie's Quadrille March G 21 Oct 92 Marjie Davis lives out in Portland, OR, and one time when I was out that way, she and Paul McCulloch were kind enough to put me up for the night after we did a dance. I thought that was real nice of them, and I do hope you'll enjoy dancing to this tune, Marjie - it's especially for you.
9 75 Martha's March March D March 92 A good friend of Sarah Bauhan's, Martha Harrah was living in Portsmouth, NH when this tune came along. She's moved to Seattle now, staying at Helen Bommaritos' (Hi Helen!) and I hope somebody out there will play this for her. I hope I see you at the Folklife Festival, Martha!
9 76 Mary Etter's Jig Jig G 28 Sept 92 Mary Etter has always been so nice to me at Neffa each year that I decided to try and pay her back with a tune. If the tune's no good, then it just goes to prove that the road to hell is paved with good intentions! But I did try, and in any case, thanks, Mary, for all your help to me. Love, Bob
9 77 Mary's Favorite Reel D 5 Dec 92 Have you ever danced in Grafton Center? A lot of people have never even heard of Grafton Center, but that's where great fiddler Chip Gorman lives (actually Grafton), and he was trying to get a dance going in a real nice little hall up there. Last night, Mary DesRosiers called the last dance there in this series; we had a real good time and came home in a snow storm! I thought she needed a souvenir of the occasion, so here's a tune for you, Mary, with love from MAC.
9 78 McCulloch's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 2 Oct 92 Have you had a chance to dance to Paul McCulloch? He's a real fine caller in Portland, OR, and every once in a while over the last several years I've had the good fortune to play for him. It's always been a happy time and I'm looking forward to our next encounter. Hope it's soon, Paul!
9 79 McIntyre's #2 Reel G/D 1 Dec 92 This tune's for Don and Diane McIntyre of Ancorage, AK, and the reason for the #2 is because, when you say it, it sounds just the same as the other one. So it's #2. See? - Well, anyway, Don and Diane are old friends; I met Don years ago in Billy McComiskey's button box class at Augusta, and more recently all three of us, along with some other friends, had the best jam session ever at the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle last year. That was such fun! I really love those pictures you guys sent me of us playing together - thanks ever so much!
9 80 Mrs. Marsden's Jig Jig C 16 Mar 92 Fifteen years ago I wrote Mary Jane Marsden a tune by way of thanking her for all her hard work in keeping the Francestown dances going. She could retire and go to the Bahamas on 10% of all the ticket money she's collected over the years! This tune says it once again: "Thanks, Mary Jane!"
9 81 Mrs. St. John's Waltz Waltz F 22 Feb 93 I went to my first dance (we called them Square Dances back then) in Francestown, and very soon became a regular because it was such fun. Part of the pleasure was waltzing with Mrs. St. John; she was a very very large lady, but she was an absolute feather on her feet. I have never known anyone who could waltz like that wonderful woman, and I always looked forward to dancing with her. Perhaps, some day, in a far-away place, we'll do it again. I do hope so, Mrs. St. John.
9 82 Multnomah March March A 8 Apr 89 What a wonderful weekend we all had at Jim Howe's very first Spring Festival, held a the Multnomah Art Center in Portland, OR. It was a great success, Jim, Congratulations!
9 83 Murray's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 16 May 92 Mother's Day weekend finds a small group of us musical types gathered for our annual get-together at Camp Isabella Freedman, in Falls Village, CT. Called the Indian Neck Folk Festival (that's where it used to be held), it is a happy time. Robert Murray's cooking contributes to that happiness, so much so that I thought he deserved a tune of his own for all his hard work. I hope you agree! Thanks, Robert!
9 84 The New Good Shirt Jig D 23 Sept 92 Well, we were all going out to dinner one night down Philly way, and when several of us commented on the nice-looking shirt Ed Bonsell was wearing, he said, "Yeah, it's my new good shirt." Johnny Brennan and I both thought that would make a great name for a tune, so here it is. Thanks a lot, Eddy!
9 85 The Ostroushko Polka Polka G 21 Nov 92 April Limber and I went out to a Fiddle Tunes Dance Camp in Port Townsend, WA, the last year that Frank Ferrel was there, back in the early eightys I think it was, and there we met another wonderful fiddler named Peter Ostroushko. Peter and I hit it off real well, and later he even wrote me a tune, which I think was pretty nice of him. He's come east and played at concerts but so far I've had a gig myself every time he's been in the area. I do so hope our paths will cross again, Peter - I'll look forward to seeing you and hearing you play some more - 'til then best wishes always.
9 86 Pam and Edie's Tune Reel D 1 Mar 92 'Way up in the hills of Middlesex, Vt., is where Pam Abel and Edie Hentey live. There's a small mountain right in back of the house they share, and it sure is a pretty place. Pam's kids, Nisa and Eric Smiley, live there too and I bet it won't be long before Eric plays this tune lickety-split on his saxophone. I hope I'm there to hear it!
9 87 Panish Jig #1 Jig D 29 Mar 91 Paul Panish does the sound for the Lamprey River Band and others on occasion, and I really appreciate all the TLC he put sinto getting the system to work just right. Thanks a lot, Paul!
9 88 Panish Jig #2 Jig G 29 Mary 91 You don't need me to tell you that Steve Panish is Paul's brother. Steve is one of the fine fiddlers in that great-sounding Lamprey River Band from the N.H. coastal area. I hope you get to dance to them some day - you'll love it!
9 89 Peggy's Reel Reel G 23 Oct 92 So there I was, down in Harlow's Deli this morning, drinking my coffee, and where do you think Peggy McCauley was? She was supposed to be there too! But no, there she was, way out in Seattle, dancing up a storm and drinking Starbuck's Coffee (hey, that ain't bad!) and we all miss you Peggy. Nelson Town Hall dances haven't been the same since you left.
9 90 Phil's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 24 Mar 92 Phil Katz is surely a prime mover in the band "Salmonberry", out in Seattle. He plays button box, and I've never met anyone who has more enthusiasm for the contra dance scene than he does. He once cooked us a salmon dinner that I'll never forget. It was so good! I hope this tune will say, "Thanks, Phil!"
9 91 President Clinton's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 27 Feb 93 Well, today does happen to be Chelseal Clinton's 13th birthday, so Happy birthday, Chelsea!" , but that isn't why I wrote this tune. There's a "President Garfield's Hornpipe" that's pretty well known here in New England, and since I am such a strong believer in and supporter of our new president, I just felt it would be nice if he had his own tune, too. It comes to you with faith, hope, and trust, and most sincere best wishes in the arduous years ahead, Mr. President. Good Luck to you! - P.S. This will play on a saxophone!
9 92 Priscilla's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 18 Nov 92 Ed Bonsell is a fine hammer dulcimer player from Ft. Washington, PA. He has a nursery in his back yard where he raises pretty trees and bushes and woodchucks. He also has a real nice friend named Priscilla Mathes (whom he does NOT keep in the back yard) and I happen to think she's so cool that I wrote her this tune. I sure hope you like it, Priscilla - see if you can get Eddy to play it for you on his dulcimer - much love to you guys.
9 93 Raven Lodge Reel Am 23 Nov 92 If you ever danced in Fairbanks, AK, a few years back, you probably danced in Susan MacNeil's Raven Lodge. It was a good big building, made entirely out of enormous cedar logs; really it was just beautiful, and it had a huge wood furnace heating it that took great four foot logs with ease. What a place! I think that was the first time I'd played with fine Alaska fiddler Rex Blazer, and we sure had a good time. A woman whose name I can't recall played flute, and we had so much fun they should have named us the "Gleesome Threesome"!
9 94 Rewick Reel Reel G Lucille Reilly (The Dulcimer Lady!) and I recently played some dances down in the Garden State and at the Summit Church in Philly. We had a real fine time, and I was very pleased to meet her nice husband, Dave Rewick, when they so kindly put me up for the night. I bet you won't have a problem finding someone to play this tune for you, Dave! Thanks again to you both for your hospitality.
9 95 Rich's Daughter Reel C 15 Oct 92 ERIKA CASTNER THIS IS YOUR TUNE!! There now aren't you surprised? Well I hope so anyway. At a Ralph Page weekend a while back, your dad told me what a nice daughter he had, and so here's a little present for you, from him and from me. I hope you like it, Erika!
9 96 Rick's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 21 Nov 92 The Hanover area has a lot of good stuff going for it, such as Dartmouth College, Mary Hitchcock Hospital, Dan and Whit's General Store across the river in Norwich, VT, and two nice dance halls close at hand, one in Lyme and one in Etna. There are also lots of great musicians nearby, and one of these in mandolin player, Rick Barrows. I thought this fingered OK on my mandolin, Rick. I sure hope it sounds OK on yours!
9 97 Robin's Tune Reel D 7 Nov 92 Robin Slieth is the other half of that dynamic duo of twin boys I told you about in Connor's Tune; their folks are Mary DesRosiers and Rod Slieth, and they are great kids. I'm so glad you and Connor each have your own tune, Robin - perhaps some day I'll see you both on the floor in Nelson dancing to them!
9 98 Roger's Tune Reel D 15 Oct 92 I'll see Roger Polansky on Mother's Day Weekend, along with his friend Helen Stokoe and several others in here, and I'll enjoy playing some tunes with him and his banjo. It's always such a happy occasion and I look forward to it each year. See you then, Roger! - NOTE: Try this one as a Schottische - (I wouldn't be surprised if somebody already wrote it as a Schottische!)
9 99 Rosa's Jig Jig G 11 Nov 92 Three years ago, in Book 7, I told you about Sam, and now, guess what? He's got a little sister named Rosa, and she's a real crown jewel, let me tell you! Laurie Rose Indenbaum and Andy Toepfer are parents of two of the cutest kids I ever saw in my life, and I know you'll say the same when you see them. If the kids get into the dance scene like their folks did, maybe they'll have fun dancing to their tunes someday. I sure hope so. Much love to you all.
9 100 R. P. Hale Reel D 19 Mar 92 It's always a pleasure when I meet up with R.P. Although he lives up in Concord, just an hour from here, about the only time our paths cross is at festivals and such. He is a great musician, playing hammered dulcimer and harpsichord, and I love to listen to his beautiful tapes. Best Wishes always to you, RP - see you in West Virginia this summer!
9 101 Sam & Joe Reel A 17 Sept 92 Joe and Sam Herrmann have never had a tune all their own (at least, not in these little bookies.) They are two-thirds of a wonderful musical group called "Critton Hollow" (the other third is Joe Fallon) and this just seemed like the right time for their tune to show up here. I hope they think so too. If you see them before I do, tell 'em Bob said "Let's go jam with Joe and Sam!" (Jam and Go with Sam and Joe!?) Oh well - Best Wishes anyway and always to you guys. Can't wait to see you again.
9 102 Sam Bartlett's March March D 18 Sept 92 One fine day Sam Bartlett said to me, "I'm waiting for you to write 'Sam Bartlett's March.'" Well, you know how it is; when Sam speaks, people listen. So, I listened. And listened. And finally, one fine day, as I was listening real hard, I heard this tune gently whishlng through the big pine tree beside my houe and I cried out, "Gee Whiz! That's Sam Bartlett's March!" So here it is, Sam, just what you asked for, and it comes to you with my very Best Wishes always. Maybe Wild Asparagus (Sam's a member of that great band) will play this for you. I sure hope you like it.
9 103 S. G. Smith Reel G 24 Sept 92 Sarah Gregory Smith is from the Boston area, so I don't see her too often. She's a real good caller, and I was so glad when she asked me to play for her over at Richard Herman's Camp Interlochen a while ago. We had such a pleasant evening - a nice supper and then dancing in the beautiful pavilion after. Thanks a lot, Sarah, to you and Dick.
9 104 Shoshanna's Jig Jig D 2 Mar 92 Shoshanna Schwimmer is from Hinton, WV, and I met her at Augusta a few years ago when she and I were taking Billy McComiskey's class. I was so pleased when she said she really liked one of my tunes (Black Friday in Bk 3) and I though she ought to have a tune of her own someday. Well today's the day, Shoshanna!
9 105 Sid's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 19 Oct 92 Plainfield, VT lies about 10 miles northeast of Montpelier and, unless he's moved, that's where Sid Blum lives. Sid's good at many things: he's a good sound man, a fine fiddler, and he's excellent on the button box. I always enjoy it when circumstance brings us together - we've played a lot of music and I hope it continues. All the best to you, Sid.
9 106 Ssissy's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 20 Apr 92 Ssissy Ffolliott (that's the way she writes it) is a fine fiddler and dancer from South Hamilton, MA. She comes to the Cambridge VFW Thursday night dances and she's awfully nice to me when I'm down that way. Once, when it was a real hot night, she brought me a big glass of ice cole ginger ale during the break. Boy, did that ever taste good! Thanks a lot, Ssissy!
9 107 Still Nuthin' To It Jig D 27 Feb 92 I've tried and tried, and tried again. THREE times I've tried. Nuthin. Just nuthin. Well this is the last damn time, I mean it! Enuf's enuf. (For info, please see Jack O'Connor. The whole thing is his fault, anyway.)
9 108 Sugar River Reel C 13 Oct 92 Janie Orzechowski, who is the fiddler in our new band "Old New England", sent me such a pretty picture post card of this great river up in Newport, NH, that I thought it needed a tune to go with it. So here it is, Janie! (Deanna Stiles plays flute in our band too; she's out there in a canoe in the picture, but you can't really tell who it is.)
9 109 The Superintendent Jig G 29 Jan 93 The official name for the Conval (Contoocook Valley Regional) School District where I taught for so many years is Supervisory Union #1, and our Superintendent of Schools is Mr. Larry Bramblett. His job is a difficult one and keeps him terribly busy, so even if he were inclined to go to a dance some time, he probably wouldn't have time for it. But he's been awfully good to me, and I just wanted him to have tune in this book to show my appreciation. Sincere best wishes always to you, Larry, from MAC.
9 110 Susan Gorman's Reel C 13 Mar 93 Up in Grafton, NH, there's a nice young woman named Susan Gorman. She happens to be the wife of a very fine fiddler named Skip Gorman who, coincidentally, also lives in Grafton! I've only gotten to know Susan recently while I was playing with Skip for his nice little dance in Grafton Center, but there was no question in my mind that she deserved a tune of her own for helping with the dance. So here it is, Susan, and I hope you like it. Perhaps Skip will play it for you on his fiddle. (He'd better, or I'll smack him!)
9 111 Susie's Jig Jig D 29 Sept 92 Every Spring I'm lucky enough to attend a real nice musical week-end in Falls Village CT, and Susan Deane Miller is always there, too. Talk about your fringe benefits!
9 112 Ted's Triple Jig Jig D/A 25 Sept 92 Ted Sannella is famous for his triplets, known as "Ted's Triplet #___." YAY!! (from the crowd!!) These are done with three couples in a mini-contra formation) hence triplet, and they're lots of fun. this tune is for his 333rd triplet (YAY!!) I hope you make it, Ted!
9 113 Timmy's Tune Reel D 26 Feb 92 Timmy Buick is Johnny Brennan's 7-year-old nephew (they're from down Philly way) and he's just getting started on the fiddle, with Johnny doing the teaching. I can't wait for the day when he can play this tune! Hope it comes soon, Timmy!
9 114 Tommy's Waltz Waltz G 26 Feb 92 I always get a big lift out of it when Tom McTeague stops by for a visit. He's one of my favorite school boys, and one time he said, "Hey, Mac, write me a tune someday; make it a waltz!" (indicating that while he might not know a reel from a jig, he knew what a waltz was!). So here it is, Tommy, and I sure hope you like it - with much love from MAC
9 115 Two Fiddles Reel A 20 Mar 92 It was such a pleasure for me to write this tune for the "Two Fiddles", Jacqueline Gilman and Dudley Laufman - with love to you both and many thanks for happy times.
9 116 Uncle Ralph's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 30 Jan 93 We all had such a good time at the Ralph Page Legacy WeekEnd just past. Many thanks especially due to Sylvia Miskoe for the musical arrangements so much enjoyed by all concertned, especially the ones producing it! I thought perhaps Ralph might have liked this littel ditty; maybe sometime Ted Sannella will call a dance in memoriam and use this for the music (that is, if he likes it!)
9 117 Uriah's Jig Jig D 17 Mar 91 All the way from Concord, NH comes Uriah Clark to the Peterborough Dance. Uriah is neither too big nor too old at this point, but he likes to keep me company when I'm playing the piano, and I bet that someday he'll be on the floor dancing to this tune.
9 118 Vicki's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 27 Oct 92 You know those nice concerts they have during the week at Augusta? (Well, even if you don't know, they stil have 'em) Well anyway, do you know who puts them on, who arranges them, who directs them, who makes everbody happy back stage, and makes everybody happy out in FRONT of the stage? Do you know who does all thsi? Vicki Moss, that's who! Thanks a lot for all your hard work, Vicki - you're awesome!
9 119 A Waltz for Elise Waltz D 18 Apr 92 Last week Dave Millstone called a dance in Woodstock, NY, and he got Janie Orzechowski and Sarah Bauhan and I to play the music. We had a real nice evening. I saw a familiar face, belonging to an old friend with deep roots in Dublin, NH, where I used to live; it was Elise Cabot, and I had the great pleasure of dancing a waltz with her. Someday perhaps you will dance to this waltz, Elise - I surely hope so. Much love to you, from Bob
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Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
10 1 Allison's Jig Jig G 11 Nov 93 This little tune is for my youngest grandchild, Allison Parsons. Her folks are Becky (my daughter) and Daniel, and she lives in Kissimmee, FL, so I don't get to see her too often. But she's a sweetheart just the same, and this tune comes to you with much love always, Allison, from Grampy
10 2 Amelia's Jig Jig D 7 Nov 93 Amelia Orzechowski is the 6-year-old daughter of Peter and Jane - she lives in Newport, N.H., and she's such a sweetheart that I figured she needed a nice bouncey tune to dance to when she felt like it, so here it is, Amelia, with love from Bob
10 3 Amy Sarli's Reel Reel A 24 Aug 93 Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, in my recent experience, gets a bigger bang for her buck than Amy Sarli does when she goes down through a contra line. If you really want to see it happen, all of it, then you glue your eyeballs to her when she's in high gear and you'll know what I mean! Amy's a member of the Fiddle Puppets, which should tell you something - when it comes to clogging, there's nothing better on this great green earth. I can't wait 'til the next Augusta to watch you and Eileen and Rodney & the rest do your wonderful thing, Amy - It's absolutely AWESOME! Love to you, Amy - Bob P.S. - There's nothing wrong with the music, either - Hi Crits!!
10 4 Anna's Waltz Waltz D 14 Nov 93 Anna Lenore Parsons is the oldest of my Kissimmee, FL, grandchildren. Her mom is my daughter Becky, and her dad is Daniel. They were all living in Texas the last time I saw them, but the MOUSE called and so they moved to the Orlando area. Anna was awfully nice to me when I last saw her, so I wrote her this waltz to thank her, and to tell her much love always to you, Anna, from Grampy.
10 5 Ashley's Waltz Waltz D 6 Nov 93 It was such fun for me when this waltz came along for Ashley Noonan. Ashley is the 2 year old daughter of Nicki and James Noonan, and she's as cute as a bug's ear, as my mother used to say. When I went to see them last summer, Ashley held the door open for me and said, "Comin' in?" I nearly had a cow!
10 6 Aussie's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 31 Oct 93 Last summer at the Philly Folk Festival I had the pleasure of getting to know a real nice Australian lady named Lee Boothman. She's a real winner, and she's just getting going with the tunes on the fiddle, and she loves the music. Her mom lives in Philly, and I sure hope she comes back to visit her next year. It would be real nice to see you again, Lee - it was fun having you around.
10 7 B.A.T.-Man's Jig Jig D/Bm 29 Oct 93 Brent A. Toyer (B.A.T.) is one of the many people at Augusta who do so much to make things easier for the rest of us. He was my dorm manager last summer, and he sure went out of his way to be nice to me (like helping me lug all my stuff - read LOTS! - up to the 2nd floor) - I really appreciate all the TLC you lay on me, Brent - Thanks a lot - see you next year!
10 8 Betsy's Jig Jig D 21 Oct 93 You've already met John Brennan from Philly in these little books - now it is my pleasure to present to you his sister Betsy, a delightful young woman who would capture the heart of the Sphinx - she surely captured mine, anyway, and this tune is proof of it. Much love to you, Betsy - see you before too long -
10 9 Bettie's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 8 Apr 93 Bettie Anderson lives over in Mason, N.H., and she's doing some neat dance stuff with Steve Zakon. She and Steve are two of the nicest people in my life, and I am most grateful for the many kindnesses I have received from them both. Much love to the two of you, Bettie, from MAC
10 10 Bill & Betsy's Reel Reel G 27 Oct 93 Whenever I go down to the Augusta Heritage Arts Workshops, I always have the good fortune to encounter caller-fiddler Bill Wellington, and so far he's never failed to fulfil my heart's desire by getting me a good seat on the keyboard side of a piano, and we go on from there. He and Betsy Bartholomew have a fine relationship, and she was the concert coordinator last summer (and the one before that? - I forget - help me, Vicky) and she's a real neat lady, and so here's a tune for you both, with fondest best wishes always and may thanks for happy times.
10 11 Bill Paine's Polka Polka D 2 Nov 93 I'm sure Bill Paine has an official title at Augusta, probably "program coordinator." In any case, he is one super wheel-greaser, problem-solver, makes things happen-er, clerk-of-the-works, and general all-around factotum. He is also an accommodating impromptu dancer, waltzing with people on demand, and last summer he turned his talents towards becoming a fine artillerist. He's been a good friend to me for years, and I am so glad this tune has your name on it, Bill. thanks a lot for all you do for all of us -
10 12 Blanche's Bouquet Reel Em 19 Oct 93 Blanche Bouquet is a simply super Seattle singer (so, by the way, is Dina Blade! Yeah!) Blanche sings what I guess would be called music hall songs, with the Volunteer Park Conservatory Orchestra, and it sure is great fun to listen to her "Betty Boop" style in full flight. She has another name she occasionally goes by when she desires privacy, but it's SO private even I can't remember it. If you need it, ask John Culhane - he may be able to help. P.S. Blanche actually lives in Olympia, but she sings in Seattle, doesn't that make her a Seattle Singer?
10 13 The Bobolink's Jig Jig G/D 14 June 93 No this tune is NOT for the birds (at least I hope it isn't!) It's for a band ("The Bobolinks") Deanna Stiles started a while back. She played flute & fiddle, Lydia Reeve fiddled, Bob Shannahan was on piano, and Mark Dowdy played mandolin. Appreciation is hereby expressed to you, one and all from the "Bob" in the Link
10 14 Bob's Polka Polka C/G 13 April 93 Bob Walser is from down Connecticut way and I usually get to see him several times a year at various functions. He's a real fine box player and I just thought this tune might work on it OK. I sure hope so, Bob!
10 15 Bo's Breakdown Reel G 12 May 93 In Book 8 it says that Bo Bradham is from North Carolina. Well, that's a big fat lie, whoever wrote that in there! He's from SOUTH Carolina, and the worst of it (as far as we up here are concerned) is that he and Kim have moved back Down South again. I sure miss your fiddling, Bo, and I know this tune isn't all that great, but you can try it and see what you think. Best wishes always to you both - come back and see us, y'hear?
10 16 Brionna's Jig Jig D 5 Dec 93 Dennis and Joanna Morrissey live up on Windy Row in Peterborough. Jo's dad, Arthur Eldredge, has known me since I was 12 years old, when we were school boys together. Dennis and Jo have two nice children, Lauren and Brionna, and Bri, the oldest, is a real charmer and always has a big wave for me. I think that's worth a tune any day, don't you? Of course you do! So here it is, Bri, with much love from MAC
10 17 Canaan's March March G 18 July 93 There's a nicely restored old hall up in Canaan, NH called the Canaan Meetinghouse, and last night they had West Lebanon caller Dave Millstone and Old New England up there to help them celebrate the hall's 200th anniversary. It was fun, especially when David called them through a Grand March. When we go back to play for the 300th, we're gonna use this tune.
10 18 Carol's Harp Waltz Am/Em 28 Oct 93 Carol Thompson is a regular at Irish Week at Augusta, and with good reason, as you might expect. She is a marvelous harp player, and regularly makes us all "swoon with delight" over her stellar performance. It's just another good reason to look forward to the annual pilgrimage to Elkins, WV. You can't surpass that great Augusta Experience. Thanks so much, Carol for your beautiful music. See you next year!
10 19 Carpenter's Reel Reel Em 14 Oct 93 Chris Carpenter lives down in Philly, and we've played tunes together for years. He's one of the best tenor banjo players I ever heard (he and Jack O'Connor would make a great team. Pete Colby said Jack was the best he ever heard).. Chris plays with the Philadelphia Ceilidh Group, and I hope we get together real soon, Chris.
10 20 Casey's Waltz Waltz D 14 Nov 93 Last August 4 guess who came to Baltimore? Casey Rose Edelman, that's who! She'd been 9 months in transit, but she got there just fine. Her folks are Larry and Ashley, and naturally they're pretty thrilled with the whole business. And all of us dance folks are really happy for the Edelmans, so much so that this waltz for Casey showed up not long ago. It's your very own tune, Casey Rose, with much love from Bob
10 21 Christine's Waltz Waltz G 22 June 93 Christine Balfa hails from Breaux Bridge, LA. She makes the most beautiful music Cajun style with her great group, "Toujours Balfa" - and boy can she sing! Hope you get to hear them and her - it's a real treat - love to you, Christine!
10 22 Davis' Jig Jig D/A 22 Apr 93 The "Folkway" coffee house is right here in Peterborough, and when you go there for a concert, be sure to go early enough so you can enjy a nice dinner before the music. Davis Barnes does the cooking, and the dinners are delicious. Ask anyone. Ask me! (P.S. See you soon, Davis - love that swordfish!!)
10 23 Debbie's Jig Jig G 8 Apr 93 Debbie Cloughley is such an enthusiastic dancer here in the Monadnock Region that I thought she should have her own tune to dance to. I hope it fits your feet, Debbie!
10 24 Drew's March March G 18 Oct 93 Drew Smith hails from HO-HO-KUS, NJ (I don't understand "HO-HO-KUS" either, but that's what it is) and he plays the best autoharp around. He's the only one I ever heard play one of those things and drive a motorcycle at the same time, which I think is fairly unusual. I look forward to our next encounter, Drew. We'll have a few tunes together.
10 25 Eileen Carson's Reel G 22 Aug 93 Eileen Carson is one of the greats in my life, and if you've ever had the pleasure of watching the Fiddle Putppets dance, then she is in yours too. Eileen heads up that wonderful clogging group, and every year I am lucky enough to be at Augusta to enjoy their marvelous performance. Thanks a million, Eileen, for all the fun you have given us over the years - it's a real treat to watch your feet! (And you too, my dear - you're fabulous!)
10 26 Eric's Jig Jig D 17 June 93 April Limber's cousin is Melody Brown, and when Melody comes to the Peterborough dance, she brings her nice son Eric with her. So I just thought it would be good for him to have a tune of his own. And so here it is! OK, Eric?
10 27 Erin's Waltz Waltz A 13 April 93 Erin Tichy was one of my favorite school girls, and now that she's out of the school and working in the area, she's still pretty special. I always enjoy it when she stops by for a chat - come again soon, Erin!
10 28 Eugene O'Donnell Air D 15 Nov 93 It has given me a great deal of pleasure to write this tune and dedicate to Eugene O'Donnell of Philadelphia and Ireland, one of the greatest Irish fiddlers, much loved and respected by your friend, Bob McQuillen
10 29 Evan's Tune Reel G 14 Nov 93 Down in Kissimmee, FL, there lives a boy named Evan Parsons. His mom's name is Becky (she's my daughter), his Dad's name is Daniel, and guess what? He's my grandson! He's a real nice boy, too, and so I thought I'd write him this tune to tell him so. And it comes with much love to you, Evan, from Grampy
10 30 Farewell to the Holler jig A 9 April 93 Besides the fact that he's a nice guy, anybody who ever danced with Ed Ouimette should have a pretty good idea why I wrote hime this tune - Best Wishes always to you, Ed!
10 31 Flannery's Jig Jig D 3 May 93 Back in 1975 Jack Sloanaker had a Fife and Drum Corps down in Lincoln, MA, and Brian Flannery was one of his drummers. Brian was kind enough to write out the drum part to "Fife and Drum" (Bk 1/2 Comb.) for me in invisible ink, so by way of thanks here's a tune for you, Brian. Hope you're still keeping the beat!
10 32 The Folklife Waltz Waltz G/Em 19 April 93 For so many good friends and happy times and great music at the NorthWest Folklife Festival. And with thanks, many thanks to my very dear Frank and Dina and Zora and Kitty Blade - love MAC
10 33 Francis's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 9 Nov 93 Francis Orzechowski lives up in Newport with his nice family - at 10 yrs old he's Jane and Peter's oldest, and he's a real nice kid; he's always thoughtful and courteous whenever I go up there for our "Old New England" rehearsals. He's a big help to his folks with the younger ones, and don't you think he ought to have this hornpipe? I thought that's what you'd say! I hope you think so too, Francis!!
10 34 Frosty's Reel Reel G 17 Apr 93 Bob Frost is a fine guitar player from Portsmouth, and I always enjoy the several visits I have with him in the course of year. We always share a happy musicians' get-together in May, down in Connecticut; anything beyond that is a plus, and I hope it happens soon, Frosty!
10 35 Gabe's Jig Jig G 19 Apr 92 It's been a while since I've been to a fiddle contest at the French Club in Waltham, MA, but the last time Harvey Tolman and I went down, we shared a table with a real nice man named Gabe Arseneault. We got along so well that I told him I'd write hime a tune some day. Well here it is, Gabe, for better or worse, and I hope you like it!
10 36 Garth's March March Am 13 April 93 Garth Tichy (pro. Ticky, by the way) is Erin's little brother, and since I'd written a tune for her, I didn't want to leave him out - and besides that, he's kind of a nice kid, to, so what the
10 37 The Guiness Polka Polka G/D 17 Apr 91 It's not very far from Newton, MA, where Jim Guiness lives, to Natick High School, which is where I see him every year at the New England Folk Festival. A really enthusiastic musician, Jim plays flute and clarinet and assorted whistles. I sure hope this tune sounds OK on your clarinet, Jim
10 38 Hooker's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 16 Apr 93 Kim Hooker is a real nice woman who loves to dance at Nelson and Peterborough, & probably any where else! And so now she's got her own tune to dance to. Any questions?
10 39 Hope's Waltz Waltz D 13 April 93 Hope Thomas is 1. a real nice lady; 2. an avid dancer; 3. Bill Thomas's Mom (Bill is a well-known flute & uillean pipe player in the region) and 4. I figured it was about time she had her own tune. So that's the story, Hope, and I hope you like your waltz.
10 40 Isabella's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 10 May 93 Every year, in the month of May, a bunch of us old cronies (and young cronies!) gather in Falls Village, CT, at Camp Isabella Freedman and enjoy a very happy musical reunion. It makes for a very nice weekend, full of good friends and good music. I'm sure Isabella would approve.
10 41 Jan and Bob's Reel Reel G 18 April 93 It was good to see Bob Mills and Jan Drechsler here in Peterborough in February for the 1st Saturday dance. They live 'way down in New Jersey, and once they were kind enough to provide room and board to an aging itinerant piano player. Personally, I thought that was real nice of them!
10 42 Jane's March March G 19 Oct 93 Jane Orzechowski lives up in Newport, NH with Peter O. and five neat kids. She played fiddle with "Greengate" and others for several years, and is most recently a member of "Old New England", along with Deanna Stiles on flute and yours truly on piano! We are having a wonderful time together, and I'm glad she has her own march (note please: John Phillips Souza I'm NOT!)
10 43 The JB-JB Waltz Waltz G 10 Oct 93 Jami Boyle and Jonathan Brooks are from Francestown, and they got married last June 19th. I received a real nice invitation to their wedding but I was away at that time and couldn't go. I sure hope this belated wedding waltz will tell you how sorry I was to miss your Happy Day. Much love to you both, from Bob
10 44 Jerry's Jig Jig G 23 Oct 93 I've known Jerry Weene for years and more years, at least since the blue Canterbury record and probably before. Jerry's into fiddle sales and service (as well as being a real fine fiddler himself), and he has a shop in Waltham, MA, called Artisan's Violin. Sometime before long a bunch of us are going to have a Canterbury concert down there, and it's going to be real nice to play music with you again, Jerry. Best Wishes always to you -
10 45 Jessamyn's Jig Jig G 16 July 93 Jessamyn Iselin is Alouette and Mike Iselin's youngest, and of course all the other kids have their own tunes, and you know there's no way I'd leave you out, Jessamyn!
10 46 Joan's Waltz Waltz D 10 April 93 This tune is written with a great deal of pleasure for Joan Spence, who is the lovely wife of super dance enthusiast Ernie Spence. It's always so nice to see her when she comes with Ernie up to the Peterborough Dance. Come again soon, Joan. (I know it's a long way from Reading!)
10 47 Jo Ellen's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 6 Aug 93 Jo Ellen Bosson and I go back a long way. She told me recently she was at Fox Hollow and heard the first playing of The Dancing Bear! It sure was a pleasure to see you at Augusta this summer, Jo Ellen - I hope that happens again soon!
10 48 Kate Butler's Reel Am 26 Oct 93 In real life, Kate Butler is Mrs. Kevin McElroy, and they live up in Freeport, ME, a famous Bean-growing area of New England (B&M Baked Beans are from Portland). There is considerable music in the region, and Kevin is very accomplished at it, playing Irish-style and New England style on various instruments, as well as singing like a lark. Perhaps you can persuade Kevin to play this tune for you on his fiddle, Kate - when he does, i hope it's worth the trouble!
10 49 Kathy's Jig Jig Em 25 June 93 Kathy Anderson is a great caller and dance teacher from Dayton, OH, and when it developed that jigs were her favorite kind of music*, why then, it just naturally followed that se should have one of her very own - so here it is, Kathy, with love from Bob P.S. We met at Lady of the Lake - have you been there yet? Gotta do it!!! *NOT!!
10 50 Kevra's Hornpipe Hornpipe C 9 April 93 About once a year I get a great phone call from Wendell, MA, and it's Susan Kevra asking me if I'd like to join her and husband Bill Tomczak in playing for a dance at the Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield. It's always a real happy evening, and such fun to get together with two good friends.
10 51 Kristen's Waltz Waltz D 11 Nov 93 When my son Bill married Kristen, he showed a wisdom far beond his years, for she is one dandy lady, and besides that she is a great carrot cooker. So based on this, it necessarily followed that a waltz should appear with your name on it, Kris - so here it is, with much love from the I.G.
10 52 Lassie's Three Jig G 24 Oct 92 You've heard of three pretty maids all in a row - well how about three pretty maids all in a house? I've been going to write this tune for years to memorialize the fact that quite a long time ago Nancy Pratt, Sarah Bauhan, and Julie Perron all lived together in the same house over in Harrisville. I don't know why I thought I had to write a tune about this important historical fact - I guess I just liked the title, and I liked all three girls. And I still do!
10 53 Laufman's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 3 Nov 93 If you browse around through these little books you will find Dudley Laufman's name mentioned several times, for one reason or another, but until now, there's never been a tune titled just for him, with his name on it. Well, there is now, Dudley, and I hope you like it well enough to play it on your fiddle when the mood strikes. Perhaps you can get your nice Jacqueline to give you a hand with it! Anyway, it comes to you with very best wishes always to a greatly valued friend of many happy years.
10 54 Layer's Reerl Reel Em 5 May 93 Chris Layer is a great flute player from up in the Champlain Valley area, and every once in a while he gets down this way so we can all enjoy his music. Hope to see you soon, Chris - we'll play a few tunes together.
10 55 Leif's Reel Reel G/Em 2 June 93 Last month I was playing dances with great Fairbanks fiddler Rex Blazer in Anchorage and in Juneau (AK). We had such fun playing together. Jim Hansk called in Anchorage, and Tom Paul called in Juneau. We sure had a wonderful time. It was in Juneau that I met a young fiddler named Leif Saya. he's well on his way to being a real fine fiddler, and you'll be hearing from him someday before long. Good Luck to you, Leif!
10 56 Lenaghan's Jig Jig D 16 Apr 93 It's always good to see David Lenaghan when he comes over to the states from England for a visit. He's Sarah Bauhan's cousin, which is reason enough for him to have his own tune, but besides that, I happen to like him, and that's another reason. So here it is, and I hope you like it, David!
10 57 Lia's Jig Jig G 6 Apr 93 Lia Olsborg lives over in Antrim, and is in the 6th Grade at the Great Brook School. She comes to the Peterborough Dance once in a while, and likes to come visit with me when I'm playing piano. I like it when she does.
10 58 Linnett's Waltz Waltz D 11 Nov 93 Linnett Miller is a lovely girl who lives in East Alstead, NH. She's Randy and Kathy Miller's daughter, and she's a sweetheart like her mom, and as nice as her dad, and that gets her this, with love from Bob
10 59 Lisa's Hornpipe Hornpipe Am 15 Nov 93 Lisa Greenleaf lives in Bolton, MA, and she's a great caller and such fun to work with that I came to the conlusion that the only thing she lacked was one of these damn tunes. Well! here it is, and I'm glad that's all taken care of! Seriously, Best wishes always to you, Lisa, I sure hope you like your tune.
10 60 Lizabeth's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 15 Apr 93 Liz Harrington lives up in Ocean Park, ME. She's a good friend of Ken Wilson, and she's a wonderful dancer, and it's always nice to see them both when the occasion presents itself - hope it happens again soon!
10 61 Luke's Quickstep Reel G 12 Nov 93 This one's for my grandson Luke McQuillen, Bill and Kristen's boy. They've all just become Vermonters, moving from near Keene, NH, to West Rutland, VT, up on top of a big hill with a 270 degree view. Magnificent! Make a great place to play the pipes! Well, Luke, good luck to you in your new digs, and hope you like this little tune, which comes to you with much love from the IG.
10 62 Lusty's Reel Reel G 5 May 93 Scott Lustenberger is from Hancock, and he was one of my good school boys when he was in Conval High School, where I taught wood shop and electricity. Now that he's a counselor at Sargent Camp, I get to see him every so often when Steve Zakon, Nat Hewitt (and sometimes Bo Bradham) and I play for a dance over there. Good luck always to you, Scotty, from MAC
10 63 Lydia's Waltz Waltz G/D 21 Sept 93 You've already met Lydia Reeve. She has a jig, back in Book 8, but I just couldn't leave it at that, not with Lydia! She just had to have her own waltz, too, and when this one showed up recently, I said, WOW!! That's Lydia's Waltz! So here it is, dear lady, with much love to you from Bob
10 64 Marion's Waltz Waltz A 4 Nov 93 Marion Stiles is a real nice lady who lives in Concord, NH, and I am greatly in her debt, because what she did was she gave Deanna Stiles to the world, and then Deanna gave Amelia to the world, and where in the world would we be without either one? So thanks loads, Marion, for contributing so much to our happiness. We sure are much obliged to you!
10 65 Mary Breton's Waltz Waltz G 4 April 93 Mary Breton is a wonderful teacher at Conval High School where I taught for so many years. I am so glad this waltz came along with your name on it, Mary - you are a very dear friend - and thanks for teaching me how to type all those years ago!
10 66 Melissa's Waltz Waltz D 6 July 93 If you looked up #31 in Book 9, you'ld see it was for Derek Buffum, one of my school kids; but of course, it firgures that that's only half of the story, and so here's the other (better?!) half, in the person of Melissa King. Melissa lives over in Hillsboro, and she's AWESOME! Together, they make a super team, and I'm real glad this waltz is just for you, Melissa, with much love from MAC
10 67 Melody's Jig Jig G 16 June 93 Melody Brown is April Limber's cousin, and since she's awfully nice and comes to the Peterborough Dance once in a while, I thought it would be nice if she had her own tune. I bet April would think that was a good idea.
10 68 Mike's Polka Polka G 21 July 93 Mike Iselin lives over in Nelson with his lovely wife, Alouette, and four nice children (are you being nice today, Owen?!) They're a grand bunch, and I always enjoy it when any one of them shows up at the dances. Hope that happens again real soon, Mike!
10 69 Millstone's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 8 Nov 93 Dave Millstone is a fine caller who lives up in West Lebanon, NH, and we've had a happy relationship for years, first with New England Tradition, and now with Old New England. We like the way you operate, Dave, and look forward to our next gig together (which I personally hope is a bit hotter than that last one!) Best wishes always to you, Dave -
10 70 Miss Nicolson's Waltz Waltz G/D 17 Sept 93 A wonderful group of Tom Anderson's Shetland fiddle students and their piano accompanist (Hi Jim!) came to the states this summer on tour as Shetland's Young Heritage. I first heard them in Nelson, where they were joined by Walt Michael and Company, and the music that night was out of this world! It was a grand evening, and I could just tell that one of the group, Miss Valerie Nicolson, badly needed a waltz! So here it is Valerie, with much love from Bob - Will ye no come back again? I sure hope so! THIS TUNE ENDS ON THE "A" PART PLAYED ONCE THROUGH.
10 71 Miss O'Donnell's Jig Jig D 2 April 93 Joan O'Donnell is another one of Conval High School's great teachers, and like Mary Breton, a very dear friend of mine. She loves the music, and with a name like O'Donnell, she really needed a jig of her own! So here it is, Joni, with much love from MAC
10 72 Molly's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 12 April 93 Molly Peery lives over in Nelson. Her folks are Susan and Gordon Peery and they are a great family (She has a brother named Spencer, too) - perhaps you'll play this tune on your fiddle some day, Molly! I hope you like it when you do.
10 73 Mrs. MacIntire Jig D 15 Oct 93 This one's for Lois MacIntire (Mrs. Ray). She's Allen & Leanne's mother, and she and Ray have shown this writer truck loads of hospitality and TLC over the years. Thanks so much Lois, you are greatly appreciated.
10 74 Mrs. McClintock's Jig Jig G 27 June 93 Doris McClintock lives up in Concord and she was April's mother. She's always been real nice to me, and we all have a great deal to thank her for. Perhaps this tune will help you to know how I feel, Doris. Best wishes always to you & love from Bob
10 75 Mrs. Peery's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 10 April 93 Gordon Peery is a real nice man, a great piano player, and you know what he has? He's got the neatest nicest wife named Susan, and I just thought it would be fun for her to have her own tune. So for what it's worth, here it is! With love to you all from Bob
10 76 A Warm Welcome for Mrs. Sue Bain Pipe March D/A 18 April 93 Well, you see, this tune was written to welcome Sue Bain to the states when she came here on a visit from England. It's a pipe march, because her husband, Iain Bain, plays the pipes. Well, of course it turns out that Sue hasn't been in this part of the world since her visit in 1974, and shows no signs of coming. Furthermore, because the damn tune is in two keys it won't fit on Iain's pipes! So why is it here, and why in two keys? Well, it turns out the Sarah Bauhan, who is sort of a semi-demi cousin of the Bains, and I both like the tune the way it is, and so I guess that's why. Kinda stupid, don't you think? But we both love the Bains! and Sue, this tune will be waiting for you if you ever come! Please make it soon!!
10 77 The Muckeram Jig Em 14 June 93 Let the Muckeram in! With thanks to my Mom (who came from Cape Breton Island), and Roger Whynot (who told me what a "muckeram" was!) - It means "old fool", said affectionately, as of the family pet dog, "let the muckeram in!"
10 78 Nancy's Waltz Waltz G 13 April 93 Nancy Monaco is the manager of the Folk Shop at the Folkway Coffee House and she's awfully nice to me whenever I go in there. I just thought she ought to be rewarded for all her hard work. OK, Nancy? P.S. - Hi David!
10 79 Neil Vincent Orzechowski's Welcome to Earth March A 18 May 93 Neil arrived 3 May 93, and thereby made glad his Mom and Dad, Jane and Peter, his sisters, Amelia and Sophie, and his brothers, Francis and Russell. Welcome aboard, Neil - we're all glad you got here OK!
10 80 Nicki's Jig Jig D 6 Nov 93 Here's a real old-fashioned Irish jig for Nicki (Sullivan) Noonan to dance to when she's running around the house being a good mummy to Ashley and a lovely wife to James - Nicki's always been a favorite of mine since her high school days at Conval, and so I'm glad you have your own tune, Nicki. With much love from MAC
10 81 Noonan's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 5 Nov 93 It was so nice to get to know James Noonan from Francestown (and New Jersey!) when he became a student at Conval High School and joined the weight lifting group I coached there. He's a great boy, and now he's married to Nicki, has a cute little daughter named Ashley, goes to the University of West Virginia in Morgantown, plays on the hockey team, and hits a 4.0 grade point average. Pretty good, huh? I think so! Love ya, Kid -
10 82 Owen's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 27 Oct 93 Owen Miller is the youngest of Randy & Kathy's 3 children, and it's always fun to see him and the others doing their "thing" when I'm over that way - "that way" being East Alstead (pro. AL-stead) NH. Say Owen, ask your Dad about the cat that plays the piano at the dances! Well it's ALMOST TRUE!
10 83 Pat Spaeth's Reel Reel F 13 Nov 93 From Seattle, WA, Pat Spaeth is one great piano player. She can really PLAY the piano - melody, back-up, whatever. One of the treats of my life is to listen to her playing for the S-Curves at the Folklife Festival, WOW! Between what they're doing with their marvelous singing, and what she's doing with her wonderful accompaniment, it makes for one of my all-time favorite musical experiences. Thanks so much, Pat, for your part in giving us all so much pleasure. It's worth going to Folklife, just for that!
10 84 Peter's Birthday Jig D 15 June 93 I was truly sorry to be away on the occasion of great New England contra dance pianist Peter Barnes' birthday celebration, so what you see is what he got, along with much love, from me.
10 85 Peter's Polka Polka D 18 April 93 It's always so nice to visit with Peter Orzechowski when Deanna Stiles and I go up there to rehearse with his wife, Jane, for whatever upcoming event our new band, Old New England, may be headed. Pete is extremely hospitable, and always does his best to make us welcome. thanks ever so much, Peter - we really appreciate it.
10 86 The Piper's Leg Jig A 18 Apr 93 This tune commemorates the fine concert of Scottish music given by the Strathspey and Reel Society of New Hampshire on 29 Nov 92 at St. Paul's School in Concord, and is affectionately dedicated to Sylvia Miskoe with my most sincere thanks for her many kindnesses to me.
10 87 Prouty's Polka Polka D 29 Oct 93 Do you know Scott Prouty? He helps out in the Augusta office (he's been there several years) and he's studying guitar. I don't know if he's in college yet - must be getting close - anyway he's a real nice dude & I thought he should have this tune. So here you are, Scotty, and I hope you like it. All the best to you & see you next year!
10 88 Ralph's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 2 May 93 I've known Ralph Jones for years. He's Treasurer of the New England Folk Festival Association, and he plays great flute with Sylvia Miskoe, Cal Howard, and others, in "White Cockade". I'm real glad you finally have one of these little tunes, Ralph. Hope it sounds OK on your flute.
10 89 Richard's Jig Jig D/Bm 14 June 93 Richard Blood lives up in Concord NH and he's a real fan. He loves the dances and misses very few of them. "Thanks for your patronage," Richard!
10 90 Rick Watson's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 18 April 93 Tom Daly is the owner of the Fishtraks Recording Studio over in Portsmouth. That's where Sarah Bauhan made her albums, and Rick Watson with the engineer. He and Sarah also remixed New England Tradition's "Farewell to the Hollow," and I am just so pleased with what he did that I thought he had a right to this hornpipe. Perhaps you'll play it on your synthesizer, Rick!
10 91 Rob's Hornpipe Hornpipe A/F#m 17 Apr 93 Once upon a time I had a car stranded up in Dublin, and Rob Morris and Sasha Hall were kind enough to take me up there so I could pick it up. I thought that was real nice of Rob to stop for me (I was hitching!) and so perhaps he'll accept this tune as some kind of compensation. I really appreciated that ride, Robby - thanks a lot!
10 92 Rodney Sutton's Tune Reel D 30 Oct 93 As you've gone through this book, you've already read my raves about the Fiddle Puppets dance group. And I expect that my words don't mean much to someone who hasn't seen them perform. But I can tell you that Rodney Sutton has to be one of the best cloggers I ever saw- you've just got to see him all wound up and running to know what I'm talking about. He's not the youngest in the group, but he sure as hell is spectacular, and I just love watching him and the rest of them when I'm down in West Virginia enjoying my yearly visit at Augusta. Thanks loads, Rodney, and thanks again to you all. See you next year!
10 93 Rowena's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 28 Aug 93 Have you ever been to Nelleysford, VA? Me neither, but I'll tell you who lives there - Rowena Owell (pr. Ō+well), that's who! And Rowena is two things 1) a real neat lady, and 2) a damn good flute player. So last summer we had such a good time playing together for a little dance each evening at Augusta that I said, "Rowena needs a tune!" And so here it is, Rowena, and I hope it toots good on your flute. See you next year, and I hope we do it all over again!
10 94 Russell's Reel Reel G/Em 9 Nov 93 I always enjoy calling the Orzechowskis because usually, Russell, age 8, answers the phone, and it's fun to visit with him. Sometimes I try to disguise my voice but he always seems to know who it is. I'm beginning to wonder if he knows who's calling before he picks it up!? Good luck to you Russell - I hope you like Russell's Reel. It's a real reel!
10 95 Ryan's Reel Reel D 17 Oct 93 Ryan Thompson lives over in Newmarket, NH, in the Seacoast Region. He writes under the name of "Captain Fiddle", and he's put out a whole bunch of fine musical publications. Ryan's a real good fiddle player too, and when his right bow arm gave out on him, he got a fiddle set up for a left-handed player and taught himself to play that way. Try that some time and you will learn the meaning of true. dedication. All the best to you, Ryan - we'll have some tunes the next time we meet.
10 96 Sasha's Jig Jig G 16 Apr 93 Sasha Hall is Widde and Jonathan Hall's sweet daughter and she's awfully nice to me, so I thought I ought to be nice to her. I know you agree with me! (P.S. - Widde and Jonathan started the Folkway, just in case you didn't know that.)
10 97 Scott's Polka Polka D 4 Apr 93 Scott Buffum lives over in Antrim. He's one of my school-boy friends and last year he shot a big deer and brought me over a big deer liver. Thanks, Scotty! It sure was good!
10 98 The "S" Curves' Reel Reel C/Am 9 June 93 When you go (you WILL go, you know) to Seattle, WA, you will discover that one of the 237 Scenic Seattle Wonders is The "S" Curves. These are 3 lucious lovelies who sing like nightingales - 3-part harmonies of the 50's and 60's; and of course, they have Pat Spaeth doing miracles on the piano to go with, and they are AWESOME! Talk about your Audio-Video extravaganza! You'll see! And when you do, tell them I sent you, and give them my love. Wendy Whittemore, Juanita Ramsey, Anita Anderson - thanks for your beautiful music - I can't wait to hear you again!
10 99 Shane's Jig Jig G 10 Nov 93 Two days before I wrote this tune, the phone rang and it was one of my former school boys who is in the Navy calling me up just to say "hello." I said, "where are you?" and he said "Puerto Rico!" Well, I thought that was a pretty nice thing for Shane Sullivan to do (he's Nicki Noonan's cousin, by the way) and so I thought the least I could do was write him a tune by way of saying "thanks" - love to you and to your nice Veronica, Shane - (P.S. - I love my new hat!)
10 100 Shannahan's Jig Jig G 13 April 93 Deanna Stiles was the driving force behind a band called the Bob-o-links , and I guess you could say that Bob Shannahan was a driving force too, because, you see, he was the piano player, and you know how THEY are - well, anyway, here is a tune for you, Bob, with very best wishes always from Bob McQ.
10 101 Shetland's Young Heritage Reel D 31 Aug 93 This summer we were truy blessed when that wonderful group of Tom Anderson's former students, all young fiddle players from Shetland, came through on tour. They called themselves Shetland's Young Heritage, and the music they played was glorious. I just hope I can hear them again some day!
10 102 Siegal's Reel Reel G/D 19 Oct 93 Here's a tune for Larry Siegal (sic) of Westmoreland, NH. Larry's an excellent piano player and he's been awfully nice to me. He even wrote me a real fine jig a while back that I like very much - it's a good tune, Larry, and thanks a lot. I hope this tune pleases you as much as yours did me!
10 103 Sloanaker's Quickstep Jig G 11 May 93 Jack Sloanaker lives down in Lincoln, MA, and besides being the producer of the Canterbury Orchestra "blue record" and several others, he also played on it, too. I guess you could say he was "Instrumental in its production"! I hope this tune will fit OK into your fife and drum activities, Jack - Best wishes always to you!
10 104 Sophie's Hambo Hambo D 6 Nov 93 Sophie is the 3 year-old daughter of Jane and Peter Orzechowski, of Newport, NH - she's adorable, and since her mom plays Swedish-style fiddle music in addition to her New England repertoire, I thought she should have a hambo to call her own. Jane thought so, too! Much love to you, Sophie -
10 105 Spencer's Reel Reel Em 12 April 93 Spencer Perry lives over in Nelson. He's the young son of Gordon and Susan Perry, and I think I heard he's taking after his dad and doing stuff on the piano. Be that as it may, here's a tune for you, Spencer, and I hope you like it.
10 106 Starbuck's Polka Polka G/Em 15 April 93 One of the great fringe benefits of going out to Seattle to see Frank and Dina and Zora and Kitty Blade is getting a cup of that wonderful Starbucks Coffee. Guiness fans will dispute me, I know, but I still think that nothing beats a Starbucks Latté. It is so good!
10 107 Steve Gove's Welcome to Deerfield March D 16 April 93 Steve lives up in North Woodstock, NH, but every so often he makes it down to Deerfield, and that's why I thought he needed this tune. Deanna Stiles likes the melody pretty well, and so sometimes she plays it on her flute for Steve. I think that's mighty nice of her, don't you?
10 108 Stey in State Reel A 23 May '93 If you go to Juneau, Alaska, you can eat dinner in a nice restaurant and watch the eagles fly up and down the river. If you know the right people, you might even get to sleep in a brand new bed, like I did when Jim Stey so kindly put me up on my visit there. I really stayed in state, let me tell you! thanks loads, Jim, for the wonderful time you showed me. I sure enjoyed being with you!
10 109 Tammy's Waltz Waltz G 9 Nov 93 Back years ago when my wife, Priscilla, and I were talking kids names, Tamasyn ("Tammy") was a front runner. "Rebecca" won out when the time came (Hi Beeka!), but it was close. So when son Daniel married a lovely Texas girl (they live in Houston) named "Tammy", you can just imagine how surprised I was! Prissy would have been thrilled with you, Tammy, just as I am. Much love to you always (from the I.D.!)
10 110 Tegan's Polka Polka D 25 Oct 93 Down Philly way there's a nice family named Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Nagy. Now it turns out that Mrs. Nagy is Chris Brennan Nagy and that, you see, makes her A) John Brennan's cousin and B) a fiddle player. Well, the Nagy's have a real cute daughter named Tegan Nagy, (who is John Brennan's 2nd cousin) and she's the one this tune is for. Now isn't that nice? Say "Yes", "YES!" Thank you.
10 111 Timothy's Jig Jig D 13 Nov 93 When my son Bill married Kristen (Järvi) Graves, she already had a nice 8 year old boy named Tim, so it figures that in about 15 minutes (wedding ceremony +/-) I turned into the I.G. (instant grandpa!) I've been real happy with this, and I'm real happy with the now 22 year old young man that Tim's become. Good luck to you, Tim, from the IG
10 112 Tom & Jan's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/Em 20 Oct 93 Jan Caulfield and Tom Paul live in Juneau, AK, and I had the pleasure of meeting them last spring when I was lucky enough to be up there. Tom called a great dance, and Rex Blazer was the fiddler, and you-know-who played piano, and it was a real fun time. They're really enthusiastic about contra dancing in Juneau - lots of people dance and lots of musicians are playing for them - it's a wonderful scene. Thanks for getting me up there and being so nice to me - I had a wonderful time.
10 113 Walter's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 3 Nov 93 Walter Dudley lives up in Concord, NH - he is a friend of Donna Maglin and he, too, is, to some degree at least, a domesticated rat fancier. Walter's got a really nice old Sears-Roebuck (pre-Silvertone) Mandolin that he likes to play tunes on (when he's not busy making music tapes to give to his friends) and so I thought you might like to try out your own tune, Walter - and by the way, thanks a lot for that last tape - I really appreciated getting it!
10 114 Walt's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 22 Oct 93 Walt Michael, from Cold Spring, NY, had a great deal to do with getting the Shetland fiddlers over here last summer, and I've been grateful to him ever since. We were able to listen to some of the best fiddle music I've ever heard, and we've got Walt to thank for it. When he and his group (Walt Michael and Company) joined in with the Shetlanders, the music was out of this world. Thanks, Walt, for giving us all such a wonderful treat.
10 115 West Coast Kitty Reel G 25 May 93 Frank and Dina Blade's "KITTY" kept us company on the piano bench beside me when Warren Argo and Frank and I were rehearsing for our set at the Folklife Festival.
10 116 Willie's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 11 Nov 93 Willie Miller lives in East Alstead, NH, where he's the son of Kathy and Randy Miller. they are an awfully nice family, with strong ties to the music. Randy plays fiddle and Kathy calls, and now Willie, you have your own tune to dance to. Hope you like it!
10 117 Winnie's Jig Jig D 12 Dec 93 Winnie Werth lives in Antrim, NH, and she was a great favorite of mine when she was one of my school girls. She's just as much a favorite today, and she should have gotten this tune long ago. I'm sorry it took so long, Winnie! Much love to you always from MAC
10 118 Worm in the Fiddle! Jig Am 27 Aug 90 Well, at least the worm holes were there, so there musta been a worm - (and it was April's fiddle, too!)
10 119 The Philbin/Clarke Waltz Waltz D 5 Nov 93 Mary Lou Philbin and Charlie Clarke are two lovely people, good friends, from Loudon, N.H., (just outside of Concord) who, as Ossian USA (603-783-4383) are doing a wonderful job as performer agents, concert producers, and sellers of traditional Irish music, both written and recorded. They are relatively new in the business, but a great deal of their extensive offerings is only available from them in the States. They are agents for my new band, "Old New England," and I'm glad this opportunity came along for me to help promote their business! Good luck, you guys, (Hope you like your new waltz!)
Bob's Note Book 11 Go: → Top → Bottom → Middle → Book 10 → Book 12
Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
11 1 A & E Jig Jig C 9 April 2000 Each January, dancers from all over the country attend the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend at the University of New Hampshire. And every year we are all made welcome by the smiling faces of Angie Taylor and Eleanor Strong, who do all in their power to make certain that we are well-fed for the weekend. Thanks loads, dear friends; you sure keep me and my tummy happy!
11 2 A to Z Waltz Waltz G 19 June '94 With much love always to two very favorite people in my life - For Bettie Anderson and Steve Zakon on this, their Happy Wedding Day.
11 3 Abby's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 15 April '01 The McBride family is large and far-flung, with relatives living in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oregon. Music runs through the whole gang, and Abby McBride of Taunton, Ma, for whom this tune is written, plays it easily on her penny whistle. I think that's pretty neat, don't you? I think Abby's pretty neat, too!
11 4 Alice's Jig Jig D 24 May '01 Alice McBride is the youngest of George and Lee's nice children, and she's into the music scene just like all the rest of the family. This tune sure sounds like Alice's jig to me - what do you think? That's what I thought. Hope you like it, Alice!
11 5 Allen McBride Waltz G 7 Sept 94 Jane (McBride) Orzechowski is the wonderful fiddler in our new band, "Old New England," and she recently lost her dear brother. So this is Allen's tune, in memoriam, and with much love from Bob.
11 6 Aran's Reel Reel D 24 July 98 Rowena Olwell makes pretty hats. Patrick Olwell makes fine wooden flutes, and together they made two nice boys, Mathew and Aran. Mathew dances with Eileen Carson's "Footworks," and Aran, who was a student at Augusta in earlier years, is now on staff there teaching beginning flute. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get to play piano with him and Brendan Callahan; it's always such a treat for me when that happens. Thanks, Aran!
11 7 Aunty Lee's Jig Jig D 15 Aug '01 Aunty Lee, of Taunton, MA, is Mrs. George McBride, and so, of course, that makes her Jane (McBride) Orzechowski's (She's Mrs. Peter Orzechowski) sister-in-law. And since the McB's have 4 kids and the O'skis have 5 kids, that makes everybody a cousin or an aunt or an uncle or a something to somebody, and you don't know it, but we've only just begun this thing! Stay tuned!
11 8 Austin's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 30 April 97 You've already met the Orzechowski family from Newport (NH) in these little books; well, they have relatives who live way out in New Bloomfield, MO, and one of the them is a nice cousin named Austin Dey. Austin's into the music scene, too, playing Irish tunes on a wooden flute. Hope this one sounds OK on it, Austin!
11 9 Barbara's Reel Reel G/D 20 Jan 99 Barbara Williams and caller Dave Bateman live not far from here in Hudson, NH, and they usually show up together at the dances. It's always good to see them when they do come because they give me nice hugs - you talk about the fringe benefits of being an old piano player?! Hey - thanks, guys!
11 10 The Bow Maker Jig C 5 Feb 2002 Roger Treat lives over across the Connecticut River in Putney, VT, and he has become a celebrated bow maker (did you see the great article about him in "Fiddler Magazine"?) Old New England likes both, Roger and his bows. They're great! P.S. - Bk. 6 #83, 21 Aug. '81: "It sure is fun to hear Roger Treat when it's his turn to fiddle at the Monday Night dance." 20-plus years later and it's still fun, Roger! (Same dance!) See you Monday!
11 11 Braley's Birthday Reel D 22 Oct 96 Don Braley is a great fiddler who lives over in East Concord, and he's got a birthday coming up the 1st of November. Besides that, He's a real good friend, so doesn't that make him rate a tune? I think so! Happy Birthday, Don!
11 12 Brendan Callahan's Reel Em 23 July 98 This tune came during Irish Week at Augusta. That's where I see Brendan every year; when he was younger he was taking lessons in Irish fiddling and now he's on staff teaching fiddle and showing others the way. Sometimes I get to play piano with him and his friends (thank you, Brendan!) and belive me, that's a fun time! Cheers, Brendan!
11 13 Caroline's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 1 June '01 Caroline McBride is the oldest daughter of George and Lee McBride's family. She's noted for playing tunes on her penny whistle and for pulling a mean oar in a whale boat. She's a real nice girl, and certainly deserves a tune, so here it is, Caroline, with love from Bob P.S. How many kids do you know who row to school in a whale boat?
11 14 Cathie's Waltz Waltz Em/G 29 Aug 95 It's always such a pleasure when I get to play with wonderful West Coast fiddler Cathie Whitesides of Seattle. Besides being a great fiddler, she also has to be one of the nicest people I know. I'm forever in your debt, Cathie!
11 15 Cecil's Jig Jig D 1 Oct 96 In the town of Deerfield (NH), in a little cabin in the woods surrounded by pretty flowers, there lives a woman named Deanna Stiles. We play music together (she's the wonderful flute-fiddle-piccolo player in our band "Old New England"), and she used to have a nice orange kitty named Cecil. She taught him to dance: she would take him by his paws and around the cabin they'd go! Cecil's in Cat Heaven now. I hope this tune brings you happy memories, Deanna, with love from Bob
11 16 Charlie Fenton's Reel C 16 April 96 It's always a pleasure when I get to play for San Francisco's Charlie Fenton. He's a most hospitable host at the Monte Toyon dance camp, and with his great calling he gives everybody a good time. Cheers, Charlie!
11 17 Cindy Hartman's Reel D 20 May 01 As everybody knows, lots of nice people live on the West Coast, many of them in Seattle (of course!), and it turns out that one of the very nicest of them all is Warren Argo's lovely wife, Cindy Hartman. At least, this is what I think, and actually, I bet you do, too, because she is a winner from 'way back!
11 18 Clover's Polka Polka D 12 April 99 I have some very lovely female acquaintances in my life, mostly two-legged ones (as you might guess), but this one happens to have FOUR legs, brown hair, brown eyes, and boy what a sweetheart she is! She's Russell Orzechowski's brown Lab, and a nicer dog never was.
11 19 CoNor's Jig Jig D 27 Dec 01 This one's for Robin SLEITH'S brother, Conor; these two are the twin sons of Mary DesRosiers and Rod SLEITH. Nine years ago I wrote about them both in Book 9, and I think if you bother to do a little research, you'll find out why I wrote this tune! (Don't you just love a mystery?!). HEY CONOR - I'm sorry I'm so dumb!
11 20 Cousin Sarah Beth's Jig Jig D 30 Oct 99 Once upon a time I had a lovely wife named Priscilla; her grandfather was Luke Harland Richardson. Sarah Beth Richardson's great-grandfather was Clifton Richardson, and he and Luke Harland were brothers. I guess that makes Sarah Beth and me cousins*! Pretty neat, eh? And believe me, Sarah Beth's pretty neat too! She's a real sweetheart! *Sort of, anyhow!
11 21 Dave Langford's Reel Reel D 30 June 2000 You've really missed out if you've never danced to Dave's great fiddling. He's from Arlington, MA, and every so often, I'm lucky enough to get to play with him. It's always such a pleasure, Dave - hope it happens again real soon!
11 22 David Millstone's Hornpipe Hornpipe C/Am 24 Dec 01 There is no way that this tune will provide adequate compensation to David Millstone for all the happiness he has brought into my life, but I guess it could be called a step in the right direction. Anyhow, it's your tune, David, and it comes to you with sincere thanks and best wishes from your friend, MAC.
11 23 Denice's Reel Reel Em 29 July 96 Denice Reese lives in Hendricks, WV, when she's home, and then during the summer she and Rodney Sutton coordinate Dance Week at Augstua. Quite often I get to play piano for her when she's calling dances and she's a real joy to work with. Much love to you, Denice -
11 24 Don's Reel Reel D 25 Jan '00 Don Primrose lives over in Sullivan. By day, he's a contractor, but at night, ahah! he's a contra dancer and a real fine caller, and one of the several spark plugs of the (famous!!) Monday Night Dance in Nelson. He's also a great cookie cooker, and he's also Shannon's dad (which says a lot right there!)
11 25 Doug MacPhee's Waltz Waltz D 17 Oct 94 Marianne Jewell, wonderful Cape Breton-style fiddler, invited me up to Mabou for a visit, and one of the many nice things we did was go to see Doug MacPhee and his mother. What a great evening of music we all had - it was such fun. Thanks so much, dear friends.
11 26 Ed and Priscilla's Waltz Waltz G 15 Sept 94 Now, here is a waltz to help my dear friends Ed Bonsell and Priscilla Mathes (of Fort Washington, PA) celebrate their Happy Wedding Day on October 8, 1994 - with much love from their old Kwack.
11 27 Ed's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 8 July 2001 You couldn't name a more enthusiastic supporter of the Seattle area folk music scene than Ed Littlefield. He's a tremendous fan of the Folklife Festival; his generous contribution in 2001 will ensure that the festival continues for many more years to come. We are all indebted to you, Ed - thank you so much for all you have done.
11 28 Eileen's March March D 28 Jan '00 Eileen Roys is a great autoharp player from Stevensville, MD. She was a friend of Pete Colby, and I see her every summer at Augusta. I should have got this tune out for you long ago, Eileen. I sure hope you like it! Much love to you from Bob.
11 29 Eileen's Waltz Waltz G/D 28 Aug 2000 Eileen Carson is one of my most favorite people in all the world. She's the choreographic director (AKA "Boss"!) of the marvelous clogging group, "Footworks." I love her, and I love them, and I can't wait to see you all at Augusta next summer, Eileen! YEEEEEEE-WHOOOOOPOOOOO!!!!!!
11 30 Elissa's Hornpipe Hornpipe D Elissa Dey is Austin's sister, from New Bloomfield, MO, and since she's a fiddle player as well as being one of the cousins, it happens that she found this tune on a music stand not far from the Sugar River in Newport, NH, on 12 April 2001. Pretty amazing stuff, don't you think?
11 31 Ellen's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 27 Dec 01 Ellen Chase is from Hopkinton, and she's one of the regulars at the Monday-Night-in-Nelson contra dances. We're always glad to see you, Ellen, and we wish you a Happy New Year! (Keep those dancing shoes oiled up!!)
11 32 Eva's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 28 Dec 01 Eva Caton-Williams from Hancock never misses the Nelson Monday Night dance. She's a sweetie, a great cookie cooker, and a real good dancer. How can you beat a combination like that? Yummy!
11 33 Finn's Polka Polka D 4 May 94 Finnegan Hewitt is Kris Finnegan's & Nat Hewitt's boy, and he's sure grown a lot since I wrote him this tune six years (!) ago. these days he's taking piano lessons from me, and we're having a wonderful time together. See you Tuesday, Finn!
11 34 Girardot's Jig #1 Jig D 24 June 2000 Well, it turns out that there are two Girardot (pro. ...doe) sisters, Suzanne and Laura, and they are mainstays of the Seattle area dance (contra and otherwise) community. Suzanne calls dances, plays fiddle, and clogs; Laura dances, plays flute and piccolo, and teaches Cajun Dancing. They're a great pair, and I call them dear friends. Hope these tunes work out OK, you guys!
11 35 Girardot's Jig #2 Jig G 24 June 2000 Well, it turns out that there are two Girardot (pro. ...doe) sisters, Suzanne and Laura, and they are mainstays of the Seattle area dance (contra and otherwise) community. Suzanne calls dances, plays fiddle, and clogs; Laura dances, plays flute and piccolo, and teaches Cajun Dancing. They're a great pair, and I call them dear friends. Hope these tunes work out OK, you guys!
11 36 Governor Jean's Jig Jig G 1 June 99 With great appreciation to New Hampshire's Head of State, Governor Jean Shaheen, and sincere best wishes always from Bob McQuillen
11 37 Grammie's Waltz Waltz D 13 April 2000 Not long ago a very wonderful woman in my life passed away. Virginia Richardson (Mrs. Robert) was Sarah Beth's Grammie, Robbie's Mom, and a good friend to me and a host of other people. We all loved her, and we all miss her.
11 38 Hands Four Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 29 Nov. 97 This one's for Tony and Beth Parkes, with many thanks for the nice time Old New England just had at their Hands Four Dance Camp Weekend at Lake Shore Farm in Northwood. Thanks loads, dear friends, it was great fun!
11 39 Heather's Reel Reel G 7 July 2001 Heather Littlefield is Ed's nice little daughter, and it just seemed to me that she needed a tune of her own to dance to; so here it is, Heather, and I sure hope you like it!
11 40 Henriettë's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 12 Feb 98 An avid dancer, Henriettë lives in West Wilton, a pretty little community the other side of Temple Mountain from me. She never misses a 1st Saturday Peterborough dance, and sometimes her son, Einar, comes with her when he's around. It's always a pleasure to see you on the floor, Henriettë!
11 41 (Shetland's Young) Heritage Waltz Waltz D 1 Jan '01 (010101!) Shetland's Young Heritage is a wonderful group of young fiddlers who derive their skills from great teacher and fiddler Dr. Tom Anderson. Famous during his lifetime for gathering and playing Shetland's traditional music, he was also well-known for his own compositions in that same distinctive style. This tune is with thanks to "Tommy" for "passing it on," and with much love to the Heritage who are carrying it on. P.S.: And Valerie, Thank you so much for maintaining my connection with the Heritage; I'll never forget seeing you all in New Hampshire, and that wonderful jam session we all had at the Philly Festival - they're still talking about that down there!
11 42 Hodgson's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 3 Feb 95 Tom Hodgson comes from Cayuga, NY, and every so often I run into him at one of our area festivals, where he and his guitar make us all happy. It's always nice to see you, Tom - you're a good friend.
11 43 The House Band Jig Jig G 25 July 97 What fun to hear them here at Augusta - Ged, John, Chris, and Roger - such great music - all the Best, guys! Ed. Note: Sometimes, when Roger isn't playing with them, they have Sandy on fiddle instead, and they sound just as good - Sandy's a great fiddler, believe me!
11 44 Jake Stewart's Reel D 23 March 2000 Mary and Garry Stewart live in Bow, NH, right near Concord, our Capitol, and they have a real nice son named Jake. Jake is a very fine fiddler; he was one [of] our New Hampshire musicians at the '99 Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C.. Try this one, Jake - I sure hope you like it.
11 45 Jane's Hambo Hambo Em 15 Sept 94 Jane Orzechowski, "Old New England's" wonderful fiddler, loves to play Swedish music when she gets a chance, so here is a hambo for you to try out, Janie, and I sure hope you like it!
11 46 Janet's Jig Jig A 29 Oct. 2001 Janet May's an old friend and a fine piano player from Youngstown, OH. She recently engineered a trip out there for me to do a piano workshop and dance in Cleveland. I played for a Saturday night dance with their local band, "Rhubarb Pie," and boy, can they play! What a great night of music it was; I really enjoyed our evening together so much. Thanks loads, Janet; it was a wonderful weekend!
11 47 Jenny's Chix Reel D 6 July 2000 Well, you see, the Irish have a great tune called "Jenny's Chickens," and out in Seattle Jenny Van West has an all-woman band which is NOT named "Jenny's Chickens," and anyway, this tune is for them with love from Bob, and don't ask me what this is about because I just plain don't know!
11 48 Joyce's Waltz Waltz G 29 Dec 95 One of the happy places I get to go each summer is the Augusta Heritage Center down in Elkins, WV. It's a place full of love and great music (I tend to think the two go together), and one of the many people there who are nice to me is Joyce Nestor. Much love to you, Joyce, and thanks for everything!
11 49 Julia's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 8 July 2001 One of the fringe benefits of going out to the Folklife Festival every year is the joyful reunion of old friends. Ed Littlefield's partner, Julia Derby, is one of those nice people who always gives me a warm welcome; it's always nice to see you, Julia
11 50 Juliana's Jig Jig D 11 Aug. 99 Earlier in this book you met Denice Reese; well, this tune is for her cute little daughter, Juliana, with much love from Bob
11 51 The Katz Meow Reel D 19 July 2000 Well I don't think this tune is THAT good, but let's hope that Seattle Squeezer Phil Katz thinks it is; if he does, it'll be time well spent. If he doesn't, well, I tried. Anyway, always best wishes to you, Phil - see you in the Spring!
11 52 Ken Sweeney's Reel A 8 Feb 95 Ken is a good friend and delights us all with his wonderful harmonica playing when he shows up at a contra dance. You are always welcome, Kenny! P.S. - He's no slouch with a concertina or banjo, either!)
11 53 The Kindness of Marianne Reel G 18 Oct 94 Marianne Jewell invited me to spend a week with her in Mabou, Cape Breton Island, N.S. She put me up in her spare bedroom, cooked for me, and took me all over the island playing music. There's no way I can ever repay your kindness, Marianne. Thank you for a wonderful time! (I hope this tune sounds OK on your fiddle!)
11 54 Krista's Jig Jig G 21 Mar 01 While visiting up in Newport, NH, I had the good fortune to get to know Krista Wangner, a lovely young woman of high school age. She worked at the check-out counter at Butson's Super Market, and sold me Melita coffee with such finesse that I figured she needed a dance tune for her reward. So here it is, Krista, with love from Bob* * P.S. Krista's eligibility for a tune is, without a doubt, increased by her connection with the Orzechowski family in Newport, but it was the Butson Connection that really did it
11 55 Laurie's Squeeze-Box March Em 5 April 01 For Laurie Andres, dear friend and great accordion player from Seattle, WA. He, along with Cathie Whitesides, fiddle and me on piano, get to play together every so often as the "Rythm Rollers" (don't ask), and it's always great fun. Hope it happens soon, Laurie! (Don't you, Cathie?!)
11 56 Lisa's #2 Jig D 8 July 2000 Fiddle Tunes 2000 was such a happy time. It was wonderful to be on staff (thanks Warren & Cindy!) and share music with such a nice group of people, one of whom was Lisa Harris of Lawrence, Kansas. I'm glad you were there, Lisa, and here's a little ditty to tell you so! *So named because of "Lisa's Jig" in Book 4, 1979.
11 57 Liz's Reel Reel G 6 July 2000 Every year when I go out to Seattle for the Northwest Folklife Festival, I run into the Canote family. They are grand folks, and one of them is Liz Klein-Canote, aka Mrs. Greg. She always makes of point of being real nice to me, so I thought I'd try to pay her back with a tune of her own. I sure hope you like it, Liz, that is, if you can ever find someone to play it for you! Love from Bob
11 58 Liza's Reel Reel G 20 Jan 99 Lots of nice people live over in Nelson, NH, and a whole bunch of them are very fine musicians: there's Harvey and Frankie Tolman, Nat Hewitt, Alouette Iselin, Finn Hewitt, and Liza Constable, just to name a few. Liza plays guitar and sings, and she is also a whiz-bang electric bass player with the Nelson-based women's group, "The Rolling Crones." They're a great gang - be sure and catch their act! * * I more recently found out that currently, Liza also plays with two other groups, "The Sevens", and "Chanterell". I hope you get to hear their great music. I'm glad I did - they played at the "Old Songs Festival," and they were the hit of the show!
11 59 Lloyd Carr's Reel Reel D 17 Sept 99 The Monday Night Dance in Nelson benefits greatly from the fact that Lloyd Carr doesn't mind driving an hour and half all the way from Candia just so he can be there. Not only does he love to dance, but he also likes to play the piano, especially when Harvey Tolman plays Cape Breton tunes on his fiddle. It's such fun to listen to them together. Good stuff!
11 60 Marilyn's Jig Jig D 5 May, 94 Marilyn Weir lives in Peterborough and she likes to dance so much that I wrote her this tune to dance to. I hope you like it, Marilyn! love, MAC P.S. - Try this on your flute, OK!?
11 61 Marko's March March A 3 Nov 99 Here's one for Mark Murray, of South Harpswell, Maine, who plays such great guitar on Sarah Bauhan's latest recording, "Broad Waters" (Q.V.!)
11 62 Mary Lou and Charlie Reel D 30 Dec 01 Their last names (Philbin/Clarke) are on a waltz, the last tune (inside the back cover) in Book 10, but these two very dear friends surely deserve an Irish-style reel of their own, to thank them for their many acts of kindness to us all. Much love to you guys from your old Kwack.
11 63 Melanie's Waltz Waltz Em 20 Feb 94 For Melanie Stiles, Deanna's sister. In memoriam, and with much love.
11 64 Michael Kerry's Reel Reel G 16 Feb 99 When Michael Kerry moved from Seattle, WA, to Somerville, MA, the New England dance scene gained an incredibly talented musician - thanks for coming, Michael - we're all glad to have you here!
11 65 Mike's Reel Reel D 13 Jan 98 Up in North Sandwich, NH, is where the Jose family lives. Leslie is the mother, and I first met her when she was making wonderful pancakes for us all at the Eneguess family's camp, Deer Run North, in Errol, NH, on Lake Umbagog, back in the summer of '73. In more recent times, she and her nice son, Mike, have been showing up at the dances in Peterborough and Nelson. It's always such a pleasure to see them. I sure hope you like your tune, Mike!! My love to you both - Bob
11 66 Mis McKinnon's Fipple Jig G 5 Dec 99 A couple of summers ago Lee Breslow and Sarah Nelson had a music party at their home over in Londonderry. We were playing tunes out in their back yard beside a great big pile of brush, when suddenly, the fipple (Q.V.!) in Lorna McKinnon's recorder loosened up and went flying out into the brush! Oh Dear! Well, We started pulling the brush apart, and suddenly, Lorna found her fipple! Oh joy! Amazing!!
11 67 Natalie's Waltz Waltz D 16 July 94 From Cape Breton Island, Natalie MacMaster's wonderful fiddleing, dancing, and general vivacity brings us all tons of joy. Thanks so much, Natalie - we sure do appreciate your great performances!
11 68 Nathan's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 1 July 2000 Nathan Spaulding's dad, Howard, was an avid dancer a few years back, and his son is surely following in his father's footsteps. Nathan is a real fan, and it's always nice to see him out on the dance floor. Hope you like your tune, Nathan!
11 69 Niki's Reel Reel D 20 Mar 2000 Niki Tatro started showing up at area contradances in the last year or so, and boy is she having fun! In fact, she's having such a good time that I thought she needed a tune of her own to dance to. So here it is, Niki, and I hope you like it. Maybe somebody will play it for you on their fiddle.
11 70 O-N-E Polka Polka D 26 Dec 01 O.N.E. stands for our band, "Old New England" (I'm the old part!), and this tune is for Jane and Deanna with much love always from Bob. (Jane Orzechowski, fiddle; Deanna Stiles, fiddle, flute & piccolo.)
11 71 Pat & Penny's Jig Jig D 30 June 2000 Penny and Pat Stevens are real nice folks who live in Portsmouth on the N.H. coast. When Pat isn't calling, he and Penny are dancing up a storm. Pat took that great picture of "Old New England" on the cover of their first album - Thanks, Pat!
11 72 Philips's Reel Reel G 24 May '01 Philip McBride is a real nice boy and he's George and Lee's oldest child. He's also full of music, just like his sisters, and guess what? He's a guitar player! And I bet you, dollars to donuts he can back up this tune on his guitar if he can only get somebody to play if for him! Good luck, Phil!
11 73 Pippi's Polka Polka D 23 Dec 01 The Sugar River Orzechowskis have some Swedish friends, one of whom is named Pippi Longstockings. So when Sophy O. got a brand new puppy just before Christmas, no other name would do but that one! Much love to you and Pippi, Sofi!
11 74 Polly's Jig Jig D 24 Nov 99 This little ditty is for Polly Sweet of Hazardville, CT. Polly is flute-maker Ralph Sweet's daughter, and she's a sweetie. (and I guess I don't need to tell you that if you've never seen a sweet jig before, you're looking at one now!)
11 75 Poodle's Polka Polka D 21 Aug 99 My friend, Gary Sredzienski, has a nice little doggy buddy named "Poodle" who loves music. I happened to be there when Gary played him this tune on his accordion, and I wish you could have been there, too, to see Poodle wag his tail in time to the music. Very remarkable dog! For Poodle - in memoriam, 2001. With love to him and his master.
11 76 The Primrose Polka Polka G/D 6 Jan 2001 You've already met my good Monday-Night-in-Nelson-Caller-Dancer-friend (that's a noun and it's all one word) Don Primrose in this book, but what I didn't tell you before is that he's nuts about polkas! He'd walk a mile (2 miles?) to dance a polka. Harvey Tolman's been playing this one for Don lately, and it's fun watching him go, Especially when he's dancing with daughter Shannon. Now there's a wonderful sight to see!!
11 77 Reel Du Sac Bleu Reel G/D 11 Aug '99 Old New England went down to D.C. this summer to play for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and you know what? A nice blue bag full of music got spearated from us on the platform in front of the train station, and, lo and behold, when we went back for it, there it was, waiting for us with a big smile. Pretty nifty, huh? Honest people, down D.C. way!
11 78 Rich Hart's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 4 Jan 99 Over in the town of Nelson, not quite a half hour from here, there's a Contra Dance every Monday night that's been running in the region for the last two hundred-or-so years. It's a sit-in situation for musicians (leads take turns), and callers are welcome to do the same. Rich is one of the regulars who comes and calls, and he's one of the spark plugs of the dance. We're always glad to see you, Rich!
11 79 Roadhouse Reel Reel G/Em 20 Dec '01 Frank Blade says that as far back as he and Dina can remember, dancing at the Folklife Festival has always been held in The Roadhouse (Flag Pavilion West); this year, 2002, marks the year of its relocation, to a place where new happy memories will be created. This tune is to celebrate the zillion happy memories of the old Roadhouse, memories which this writer is so glad he shares with so many dear friends.
11 80 Road to the Stiles Reel D 25 Dec 95 Well, you see, there's Marian Stiles, and she's Deanna the Flute Player's Mom, and then there's Amelia, and she's Deanna's daughter, and so, of course, that makes Marian her grandmother, and these folks are awfully nice to me, and today is Dec. 25, and so I wish these dear friends (and you, too!) a Merry Christmas! (P.S. - Is this a "run-on" sentence or what?!)
11 81 Robin's Hambo Hambo Am/C 17 Nov 99 This one's for Robin Orzechowski. The Sugar River Band, from Newport, NH, played it for her, and when I asked her if she liked it, she said, "Neigh!" Oh, well - I tried
11 82 Rosie's Jig Jig G 2 July 2000 You've run across the Seattle Canotes before in the pages of these tune books, but this one is for Rosie Canote. She's Liz and Greg's daughter and she's a real sweetie. She's getting to be a fine fiddle player, and I hope we get to play this tune together at next year's Folklife, Rosie!
11 83 Sally's Waltz Waltz D 2 Aug 2000 Sally Freund is truly a dear friend of many years. She directs the Elderhostel Program during Dance Week at Augusta. She schedules a yearly mini-concert for me to. come and tell a few stories and play a few tunes on the accordion. It's such a joy to do this and I look forward to it so much, Sally: it's always a pleasure to be there with you.
11 84 Sammy's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 23 Nov. 2000 Today is Thanksgiving Day, and we all give thanks to Steve and Bettie Zakon-Anderson for their cute little boy, Sammy, who does nothing except grin at the world and make us all happy! He sure is a winner. Thanks, Folks!
11 85 Sandy Silva's Reel G March '94 Sandy Silva has to be one of the best tap/step Dancers I ever saw. I hope you get to see her - she's out of this world! And Sandy, I hope you have a ball steppin' to this tune - it's just for you, with love from Bob
11 86 Saya Special Reel G/D 27 Nov 99 For Lis Saya and all her nice family (Greg McLaughlin, Aengus and Leif Saya) in Juneau, AK. On the occasions when I've been up that way, it's been such a joy to play a few tunes with Lis and Leif and their friends - their hospitality is great and so is their music!
11 87 Sean's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 25 July '00 For over 20 years it's been my good fortune to have a McComiskey connection. Master of the Button accordion, Billy McComiskey got me hooked on the button box back in 1982, and despite continuous booster shots, it's still an uphill fight, with no end in sight. Now comes his and Annie's nice son, Sean, playing the buttons right off the thing, and it's such a joy for me to still be a part of that scene. Thank you so much for your patience, you guys, as I continue to stumble over the "stony steps." I'll always be grateful to you. And Sean, I don't think you'll stumble too much on this little tune. I hope you like it!
11 88 Shannon's Jig Jig D 24 Nov 99 Don Primrose has a lovely daughter named Shannon. They live in Sullivan, NH, but they get over to Nelson on Monday night for the dance. It's fun watching Shannon. She really has a good time - see you soon, Shannon!
11 89 Shauna's Jig Jig D 28 Dec 01 Shauna Landrey is a little fifth-grader who shows up at the Nelson dance any time her folks come. She's a real good dancer, and as my mom used to say, she's "as cute as a bug's ear," so I guess that's probably why she got her own tune! Keep those feet flying, Shauna!
11 90 Sheila's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 23 Jan '02 Sheila Moran is a real nice woman who, living up in Lebanon as she does, has more than a passing acquaintance with David Millstone (like, you know, they're married!) Well, of course, this puts her right in line for a tune of her own (I know - it's about time!) and so anyway, here it is, Sheila, with love from MAC, and I sure hope you like dancing to it!
11 91 Sheri's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 5 Jan 99 Sheri Haseltine is the lovely wife of great fiddler Rex Blazer; they live with thier cute son in Juneau, AK, and they are very hospitable to itinerant old piano players. Please note that Sheri is a four-star turkey cooker! (Boy, that was a good dinner - thanks loads, Sheri!)
11 92 Shetland Fiddler Jig D 29 Dec 94 We all enjoyed the music when Trevor Hunter from Shetland gave us such a fine concert in Nelson Town Hall recently.
11 93 Snowbird Reel Reel G 1 July '00 To tell about the Gotts, Peter and Polly, of Marshall, NC, would take almost this whole page and leave no room for the tune! But they are old friends of many years, going back to happy times at Augusta where Peter taught log cabin construction. They have a beautiful Peter-built cabin in the Adirodacks, full of pretty paintings by Polly; it's called Snowbird Camp, and once in a blue moon I get to go there and play a dance with these dear people. I'm sure looking forward to our next get-together!
11 94 The Spirit Hornpipe Hornpipe D 9 July 2000 Well, if you were going to write a tune for Blythe Knecktel of Seattle, what would you call it? Of Course! Blythe's back here in New England, these days, with her fiddle, soaking up tunes and having a great time generally. It's nice to see you at our dances, Blythe!
11 95 Sugar River Jig Jig D/Bm 14 Mar 01 Up in Newport, N.H. is where the Orzechowski family lives (you have already met them in these tune books.) The Sugar River runs right past their house, and Jane, Francis, Russell, Sophie and Neil are all members of the Sugar River Band. They have a wonderful time together, making good music for Contra Dances. You should go hear them the next time you are up their way. Bring your dancing shoes, too - you'll need them!
11 96 Sylvia's Birthday Jig A 5 Nov 95 Here is a pipe tune especially for Sylvia Miskoe on her 39th Birthday - with love to you, Sylvia, from Bob
11 97 Tony's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 2 June '97 Tony Mates is a good friend, a great musician, and a talented multi-instrumentalist (yes, he is all the above!) who lives in Seattle, the home of so many other dear friends. Quite often, when I'm out at Folklife, I get to play with Tony, and I must say, it's always a pleasure. Cheers, Tony!
11 98 Trooper's Polka Polka G 5 Nov 99 Down in Norristown, PA., Tim Brennan (fiddler John's banjo-playing brother - and BOY can he play!) has a real cute doggie buddy named Trooper who likes my hat.
11 99 Turtle on the Rock Reel D 29 Sept 99 Just before you get to Keene, there's a tiny frog pond with a rock that sticks up out of the water. Whenever Deanna and I go to the old Songs Festival over in Altamont, N.Y. we always see a turtle sunning itself on the rock. This has gone on for several years now, and it's always the same turtle! We know this because it has a funny little white mark just over one eye.
11 100 Uncle George's Reel Reel G 9 June '01 George McBride is Lee's husband and Jane McBride Orzechowski's brother. Although he doesn't dance much, he sure loves the music, and since his children are musicians, he sure has plenty to listen to. I hope you like it when they play you this tune, George!
11 101 Visit to Sandy Reel D 16 Oct 94 Thanks to Marianne Jewell, my trip to Cape Breton Island included a wonderful evening of music with Sandy Cameron of Mabou. I sure hope he likes his tune. Thanks loads for such a good time, Sandy!
11 102 West Tisbury Woman Reel D 7 July 2000 Off the Massachusetts coast is Martha's Vinyard (pro. vin...) which is where West Tisbury is and also where Sandi Atwood lives. She takes the ferry to the mainland twice a year, once in January to go to the Ralph Page Legacy Weekend in NH and once to go to the New England Folk Festival in April in MA. She blesses us with her presence while she dances up a storm, and then heads back to the island. It sure is nice to see you, Sandi - You're a lovely West Tisbury Woman.
11 103 Wilson's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 12 Jan 98 Our good friend, Wilson Langlois, lives down in Nashua, New Hampshire's "Gate City". Wilson is a great fiddler, with a huge repertoire of tunes from French Canada that he has generously shared with us. Merci beaucoup, Wilson!
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Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
12 1 Aaron Moore's Reel D 16 May '03 Aaron Moore lives in Seattle, WA, one of the great West Coast contradance centers. Aaron always makes me feel good when I'm out there playing for a dance by telling me to play louder. "Piano's not loud enough," he says. Well, I'm trying, Aaron, I'm trying to. But thanks anyway; I'm glad you like my playing - I hope you like your tune, old friend.
12 2 Abram's Jig Jig D Aug '03 It's a pleasure to write this tune for Bob Abrams, who lives over in Nottingham, next door to Deerfield where Deanna lives. When Bob isn't playing his Cairdion button box he keeps busy cranking out his beautiful Trillium Octave Mandolins, which are as pretty to listen to as they are to look at. Keep up the good work, Bob!
12 3 The A-Conn Polka Polka G June '05 Just outside Concord you can pick up Rt. 106 North, and if you follow that a few miles (not far) you will come to the Accordion Connection, in Gilmanton. This is a great squeezebox store (Sales and Repair) that Arthur and Susan Weld have established for the benefit of mankind in general and fellow squeezers in particular. They're lovely folks, it's a great store, and you gotta go there. Tell 'em Bob sent you!
12 4 Aesop's Jig Jig G 1 June '05 Well, if you go from "Aesop's Fables" to "Aesop's Tables", you wind up in Nell Conkright's great coffee shop, located in Willard Williams' Toadstool Bookstore in Peterborough. And if you do it from 8 to 9, you can join me for my morning coffee, "The Best Coffee in Our Town," as the sign on the wall says. I'm there every day, and if you come, I'm buying!
12 5 Amy's March March A 10 December '03 For my one and only fiddle student, and very good friend, Amy Shinerock, with love from MAC. (If you want an explanation for this, you'll just have to ask Amy!)
12 6 Anita's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D Aug '03 Anita Stevens is a sweetheart. She is Patrick and Penny Stevens' (of Star Island fame) daughter, and I've just been waiting for her tune to come along. Well, it finally did, Anita, for better or for worse - I'll let you decide which it is!
12 7 Apache's Patch Reel Em 11 June '05 Sophie Orzechowski has a new horse named "Apache." He's pretty much all black except that on his rump, right in back of where the saddle goes, The Great Spirit splashed about a quart of white paint, and you can't wipe it off with a towel, either. I already tried that and it didn't work. It's Apache's patch.
12 8 Becky's Jig Jig A 1 July '00 Every spring, Becky Hartman-Bernier's folks, Jay and Bob, host a real nice gathering of happy people down in Falls Village, Connecticut. It's a delightful affair, a great re-union of old and dear friends, with lots of good food and good music. Next year we'll play your tune for you, Becky - I sure hope you like it!
12 9 Becky Tracy Reel G/D 19 Aug 2000 Becky plays fiddle in a great band called "Nightingale" (I'm sure you've heard of them) along with Keith Murphy and Jeremiah McLean. They make wonderful music and one of my favorite groups. I was so glad when this tune showed up with your name on it, Becky; I only hope you like it as much as I like your fiddling!
12 10 Belmont Birthday Reel D 3 Feb '95 A large gang of the New England dance community gathered in Belmont, MA, for a surprise party for Marianne Taylor's 39th Birthday. It was great fun! Much love to you, Marianne, from MAC
12 11 Ben's Jig Jig C 6 Nov '02 Ben Naylor is a good friend of Neal Orzechowski, and of course, any friend of Neal Orzechowski is, ipso facto, a good friend of mine, hence, this tune!
12 12 Big Hang-Up! Jig D 30 Oct 99 Well, you see, that's what Sharon McNamara did to me last year when I called her on the 'phone - she hung up on me! Yes she did! Just ask her!
12 13 Bob and Cindy's Waltz Waltz G/D 5 June '02 Bob, Cindy and daugher Sarah own Hilltop Farm up in Claremont. They're good friends of the Orzechowskis, and sometimes Russell helps them get the hay in. Last fall I played for a dance in their barn with the Sugar River Band. What a great time we had!
12 14 Bob & Jeanie's Jig Jig G 26 Sept '02 My wife Priscilla's grandfather, Luke, and Bob Richardson's grandfather, Clifton, were brothers. I taught Bob Electricity in Peterborough High School. He married Jeanie, and so I guess they deserve a tune of their own, don't you think so, Sarah Beth?
12 15 The Brennan Bros. Reel G May '05 If you drive eight hours south by a little bit west from here, you could wind up in Norristown, PA. It's a really nice place, noted for two things: a great restaurant called "The Old Country Buffet", and for being the home of the Brennan Brothers, John and Tim. I like all three: John, Tim, and O.C.B. They're all nice.
12 16 Brian Kennedy's Reel Reel Em 3 July 2000 For many years, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kennedy kept the Duke Miller dances going in Fitzwilliam, and now, these days, it's so good to see their nice son Brian on the dance floor. It's always a pleasure to see you, Brian - thanks for coming.
12 17 Bruce's Jig Jig G 22 Sept. 95 This one's for Bruce Hagy, of Wyndmoor, PA. He's Chris Brennan (CUZ) Hagy's nice husband, and I just thought he ought to have his own tune for Chris to play for him. I hope you like it, Bruce! All the best to you - Bob.
12 18 Bucksteep Hornpipe Hornpipe D/A 18 Sept 98 Each year in September, Rich Morse and Doug Creighton, proprieters of the Button Box Accordion/Concertinat shop in Amherst, MA, put on a "Squeeze-In" at Bucksteep Manor, a country inn in Washington, MA. Good friends, good food, good music, "a wonderful time was had by all!"
12 19 Burt's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 9 April 2001 If you go an hour and a half east of here, you'll get to Exeter, which is where Burt Feintuck lives. He's a real fine fiddler, and every so often our paths cross and we get to play some tunes together. Perhaps, if you like this one well enough, Burt, we can try it the next time we meet!
12 20 The Button Box Polka Polka D 31 May '05 Doug Creighton and Rich Morse are the owner/ops of the Button Box accordion shop. They recently moved from Amherst to Sunderland, MA, and I can't wait to see the new store. All the best to you guys!
12 21 Byron Smith's Reel D August '03 Byron Smith was a lovely man who lived over in Nelson (a lot of nice people live in Nelson; Byron was one of them). He was very well known in the area for his wonderful concertina playing, and now that, sadly, he's gone, we all miss him terribly, him and his beautiful music.
12 22 Carol's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 6 Nov 99 Carol Hamm is a good friend and a great bass player - her beat is solid and her timing is perfect. This tune is long over-due, Carol - I'm sorry it took me so long. I hope you have fun with it!
12 23 Cedar House Hornpipe Hornpipe D 29 May 05 Engineer Gerry Putnam has a state-of-the-art recording studio up in North Sutton called "Cedar House Sound and Mastering." Gerry himself is state-of-the-art, too, so it's a fine combination all the way. Old New England likes Gerry, his sound and his mastering (he's done our three CDs!) Thanks loads, Gerry!
12 24 Cheshire Polka Polka G June '05 They're a great gang, Ian, Tom, Mike and Jason, at Cheshire Music in Keene. It's a wonderful store (for a musician, anyhow!). It's chock full of musical goodies, and it's also chock full of TLC, at least that's what I get when I go there - it's always such fun to visit you guys. Thanks loads for all you have done for me. Cheers! Bob
12 25 Chris Booth's Reel Reel A 16 April 98 Well, the plain truth is that Chris has been such a great fan, and has been a regular at the dances for such a long time, and is also such a nice guy, that it was absolutely inevitable that he should get a tune of his own. I guess it was just meant to be, Chris, don't you think so?
12 26 Cis Hinkle's Reel G June '05 Cis Hinkle comes from Atlanta, GA, and she's a happy woman. At least she is happy when I've seen her calling dances at various dance camps around the country. And she's a real good caller, too. She's "fun on the floor", and definitely fun to play for. I dunno if this tune will work for you, Cis, but I sure hope it does!
12 27 Clayton's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 29 May '02 Clayton Cutting, from Winchester, has to be one of the most enthusiastic contra dancers I ever saw. If there's a dance within five hundred (well, maybe not quite 5 hundred) miles of Winchester, Clayton will be there. He's a real good dancer, too, and it's always fun to watch him on the floor. Best always to you, Clayton - Bob (P.S. - Moooo!)
12 28 The Cocker Spaniel Reel G/D 19 Mar '03 For Tim Jones, one of my great school boys and an avid dancer. You'll have to ask him about the title, thought! Hope you like your tune, Timmy! MAC
12 29 Coffee's "Woo-Woo" Polka Polka D/Bm 15 March 05 Janie's mom, Marjorie (Mrs. Lyle) McBride, has a cute doggie named "Coffee" (she's the color of black coffee, you see). On command, she will sit, point her nose straight up in the air, and sing "woo woo woo"! It's hysterical!
12 30 The Conversation March A 18 August '04 Old New England's wonderful flute player (fiddle, too!) Deanna Stiles, lives in the woods in Deerfield, where she has an ongoing relationship with the local owl population. Not long ago she had a face-to-face, heart-to-heart (she speaks owl-ese fluently) talk with an owl in a tree not ten feet away from her. they literally talked back and forth to each other. Great stuff!
12 31 Coppelman's Jig Jig F 19 March 02 Glenn Coppelman is an avid dancer and a dear friend who lives over in Kingston, where he is a sparkplug for area dances. Glenn, it's high time you had your own dance tune to thank you for your many kindnesses.
12 32 Craig's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 8 July 2000 Out in Seattle, the region in and around 28th Avenue N.E. is crawling with folk musicians, and one of these is flute player Craig Shaw. You team him up with Eileen O'Connor (from the same area) on concertina, and you've got real good music. See how this one goes, dear friends - I hope it works OK!
12 33 Dave Kahn's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 17 Nov 99 David's a fine fiddler who lives out in Seattle, WA, and sometimes when I'm out there for the Folklife Festival I am lucky enough to get to play with him. It's always such a happy time when that happens, Dave. I hope I see you soon.
12 34 Deerfield Reel Reel G 25 Jan 2000 The first two bars of this tune came to me between contras at the Deerfield dance on 8 Jan. "Old New England" was playing, Marianne Taylor was calling, and did we have fun or WHAT!? Great night. Thanks, Marianne!
12 35 Don's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 10 June 2001 Since Don Lenartson lives right there in Seattle, it's pretty easy for him to come to the Folklife Festival. He does this every year and brings his flute with him, and we have some great jam sessions on the porch by the Roadhouse. We'll have some more tunes together, Don, when I see you next May!
12 36 Dr. Becky's Jig Jig D 22 Spetember '03 I bet you don't know what day today is - well it's Becky Beard's Birthday. Becky is Jack Beard's wife, and don't you think she ought to have a tune, especially today? I think so, too, so here it is Becky, with many happy returns of the day and love from Bob.
12 37 Edith & David's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 6 Mar '03 David and Edith Pierson have been year-round caretakers of the Star Island Conference Center for over 25 years. When Old New England played for dances out there, we soon discovered why the Piersons were the Island's favorite dancers!
12 38 Elinor's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 30 May '05 Last year, Elinor Preston invited the Rythm Rollers out west to play for the Northwest Passage Dance Camp. Held just outside of Portland, OR, it was a wonderful weekend, and Laurie and Cathie and I had a great time. Thanks loads, Elinor, it was such fun and nice getting to know you, too!
12 39 The Elkins Jig Jig G 2 August 03 In recent years, I've been fortunate to have Elkins, WV, as my part-time summer "home-away-from-home". For three weeks I participate in various musical activities at the Augusta Heritage Center located at the Davis and Elkins College. It's a wonderful experience., filled with good friends, good food, and great music, and I have Margo Blevin and company to thank for it. Thanks loads, dear friends!
12 40 Elliot's Jig Jig G 9 April '01 Irish Week at Augusta is one of those "a good time was had by all" situations: a whole lot of people having a really good time (thanks, Mick, Margo, Joyce, et al!) One of those participants is young uilleann piper Elliot Grasso, now an assistant instructor on the pipes; he teams up with others of like interests (the "Celidh Kids"!) and you should hear them play! Believe me, they make great music!
12 41 Elsie's Jig Jig G 23 April '02 Elsie Shogren lives 'way out in Herman, Nebraska. She is a fiddle player, and is one of the Orzechowski kids' many cousins (their mom, Jane, is the sister of Elsie's mom, Kate). Elsie can already play this tune on her fiddle (how do you suppose she got a copy of it?! Much love to you, Elsie, from M. Q.
12 42 Ernie's Shirts Reel C Aug '03 I'm really sorry, but I really can't remember who it was a couple of years ago who said, "Bob, you ought to write a tune for Ernie's shirts. Well, they were so right, and here it is, and it's all because Ernie Spence's wife, Joan, makes such beautiful matching outfits for her and Ernie to wear at the dances. They're the best dressed couple there!
12 43 Everett's Arrival Reel D 26 Sept 04 Well, you see, Amelia (yes, Deanna's daughter, that Amelia) married a really nice guy named Dominic Martin, and it turns out that today is the day a baby named Everett Stiles Martin decided to make his appearance on Planet Earth. There's quite a lot of excitement in some quarters, let me tell you!
12 44 Flavia's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 31 Aug 2000 If you are a sports fan, you know that the Trail Blazers Basketball team makes its home in Portland, OR. If you are a contradancer, you surely know that Flavia Moshofsky lives in Portland, too! And Portland must be very proud of both entities. I know I'm awfully glad I know Flavia - she's always a joy to be around when we meet at Folklife or one of the dance camps. Cheers, Flavia, Hope you can dance to this tune OK!
12 45 Flawn and Vicki's Waltz Waltz G August '03 Flawn Williams and Vicki Moss are lovely people who have graced the scene at the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, WV, each summer for years and years. It's always such a joy when we have our happy reunion there. See you next summer, dear friends!
12 46 The Flurry Jig Jig D 16 Feb '02 February heralds the arrival of the Dance Flurry - a truly wonderful dance and music festival that Paul Rosenburg (and friends) put on over in Saratoga Springs, NY. I was there this year, and had such a good time - Thanks loads, Paul!
12 47 Frank's Waltz Waltz D 24 May '04 When I was out in Seattle for the N.W. Folklife Festival, Frank Blade just happened to play four notes on his fiddle that triggered this waltz. Thanks, Frank, I owe you! Actually, I owe him and Dina and Zora BIG time, but that's another story!!)
12 48 Frank Woodward's Reel G 9 Jan '05 For years and years, Frank Woodward has been running dances in Southern New Hampshire, and quite often he hires an old piano player to join in the fun. It's always a pleasure to work for you, Frank - love that "Darling Nellie Gray"!
12 49 The Gallagher's March March G 20 Mar '03 This one's for Seattle photographer per excellence, John Gallagher, and his lovely wife, Joan, with fondest best wishes always from MAC
12 50 George's Quadrille March C 5 July 2000 In the days of the Duke Miller dances in Fitzwilliam, Duke used to get George Hodgson from Phillipston, MA, to come up and sub for him on occasion. George is fine caller and he gave everybody a real good time. He and wife Fran are regulars at the Ralph Page Legacy Weekend these days, and he's still giving dancers a good time when he calls there. It's always great to see you, George - it sure brings back happy memories!* *P.S.- George, do you suppose that Little Old Log Cabin is still in the Lane? I bet it is.
12 51 Gillian's Hornpipe Hornpipe D June '05 Mary DesRosiers has nice kids. One of them is named Robin Sleith, and he has this real nice girl friend named Gillian Graham (and I think she's pretty cool.) So anyway, that's why this tune is called "Gillians Hornpipe". Any questions?
12 52 Great Bear Reel Reel G May '05 So there were these three bears....NO - I'm all mixed up, there are these three great musicians, the Van Norstrands from Fulton, NY. There's mom, Kim, who plays piano backing up Andrew (fiddle, guitar, bouzoucki, etc.) and Noah (also fiddle and percussion). they call themselves the Great Bear Trio, and let me tell you, they play great music. I'm so glad I got to know you dear friends.
12 53 Great Meadow Jig Jig D 28 May '03 Pat Baker and Betty Ann Sather over in Westmoreland have done wonders for the New England Contradance scene since they started Great Meadow Music just a few short years ago. They now stock sixteen CDs and are sponsoring a dance as well. More power to them and sincere thanks for all they have done.
12 54 Hanny's Jig Jig D Nov. '04 Hanny Budnick (pro. Hahny Boodnick, and you'ld better!) lives in Philly, but she always makes it up to NH for the Ralph Page Weekend. It's always a pleasure to see you, Hanny - let's do it again next year!
12 55 Harvey's #2 Reel D 18 July 2000 Harvey Nablonsky is one of the many fine musicians who always come to the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle every Memorial Day Weekend. Harvey always gives me a warm welcome, and so I thought he might like to have a tune of his own to play on his fiddle. I hope it sounds OK, Harvey! *So named because of "Harvey's Hornpipe" in Book 3, 1978
12 56 Hattie's Waltz Waltz G/D 3 Sept 98 'Way out in Seattle, WA, there lives the nice Andres family: Laurie is the father (perhaps you know him - he's the best folk-Klezmer accordion player in the business); Sharon MacNamara is the Mother (and she's pretty good at being a nice mummy, too!) , and they have three cute girls to brighten their lives. One of them is named Hattie, and she's always nice to me, so this tune is to say, "Thank you, Hattie!"
12 57 Hector's Polka Polka G/D 1 June '05 Hector is a really nice horse. He has a pretty dark coat, and he's very gentle. He lives with the Orzechowski family beside the Sugar River in Newport. Amelia and Neal enjoy riding him, and sometimes I feed him tufts of grass when it's hard to find. He thinks that's nice.
12 58 Hooty's Jig Jig D Jan '03 Deanna has some nice feathered neighbors. Sometimes they interfere with her sleep. Perhaps if she plays them this tune on her fiddle, it'll make them sleepy so they'll go to bed on the nearest tree and leave her in peace and quiet!
12 59 Jeff's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 28 May '05 I can think of no one who has more fun at a dance than Jeff Petrovich. He is exuberance personified. He never misses Monday Night in Nelson, and he's always at the first Saturday dance in Peterborough. And that's just for starters! And actually he's the complete package, because he is turning into a real good caller, too. Keep up the good work, Jeffie! love from Mac
12 60 Joe Pollock's Reel G 6 July 05 If you ever want to take up playing the banjo, you can get Joe Pollock in Wilton to give you lessons. He also plays the fiddle, showing up at the last Friday dance in Milford and at Frank Woodward's dance in Windham. Joe is a great musician and a good friend, and I'm glad this finally came along with your name on it, Joe. All the best to you!
12 61 John McIntire's Reel G/D Aug '03 The State of Maine is notable for its coastline, whose length is roughly one-third the diameter of the earth, and about 1/50 the distance from the earth to the moon. Maine is also notable for its potatoes, lobster, "them B&M Baked Beans," L.L. Bean Camping Equipment, and great Maine contradance caller John McIntire, whom we get to enjoy at the Ralph Page Weekend and NEFFA. Here's to you, John!
12 62 Joyce R.'s Waltz Waltz G 23 June '05 The Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, WV, is full of good friends, good food, and great music. One of the reasons I have such a good time there is because of the TLC shown be by the Augusta staff in general, and by Joy's Rossbach in particular. I am so very grateful. Thanks, Joyce!
12 63 Julie's Reel Reel D 18 July 2000 There's an awfully nice woman out Seattle way who is a very good (like, as in "AWESOME") cook, and of course, by now, you know I'm talking about none other than Julie Yerxa. She's Jere Canote's wife, and so here's the deal: he gets good eats and she gets good music! You talk about a symbiotic relationship! Hey, it doesn't get any better than that! Love you guys.
12 64 Kay's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 10 June '01 Kay Atwood is a real fine accordion player who lives over in Seattle. She's always at Folklife and we've had lots of good times playing tunes together at the Roadhouse jam sessions. See you next May, Kay, and we'll do it some more!
12 65 Kitty's Polka Polka G/D 19 Aug 99 The Blade Family of Seattle, WA (Frank, Dina, and Zora) had a very dear furry friend named "Kitty" who dispensed nothing but loud purrs and love throughout a long and happy life. With much love to her family.
12 66 Lady's Polka Polka G/D 29 May '02 Several of my very good friends have four feet, and Lady McBride is one of them. She lives up in Newport with the Orzechoski famiily, and she always gives me a warm welcome when I go there for a visit. (I have to say that she does NOT dance a polka too well!)
12 67 The L and M Waltz Waltz A 12 March '02 L & M stands for (who else!) Lyle and Marjorie McBride, who are the nice parents of Jane Orzechowski, the fiddler in our band. I do so hope you dear friends like your tune - it comes to you with love from Bob
12 68 Lily's Jig Jig D 31 May '05 The Albrecht family in Seattle are good friends of the Blades (my "West Coast Family"). Lily Albrecht and Zora B. are buddies, and Lily is getting pretty good with the fiddle, so perhaps she can give this tune a shot. I hope it works OK, Lily!
12 69 Loria's Waltz Waltz A 3 May 94 I'm so lucky I get to play with Vince O'Donnell at the New England Folk Festival. We have such a good time. He and his lovely wife, Marcia, have a sweet daughter named Loria, who's getting to be a find fiddler just like her dad. I hope you like playing your waltz, Loria!
12 70 Lydia's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 15 April '03 It's always so nice with I run into Lydia Thiessen at various West Coast venues. She lives in Bothel, WA, and she's a great dancer. She's a lovely young woman and she's always nice to me; she truly deserves a tune of her own. I hope you like this one, Lydia.
12 71 Lynn's Jig Jig D May '05 This one's for Lynn Ackerson, a real nice dance caller from El Cerrito, CA. We met at Monte Toyon Dance Camp in 2001 and various other happy dance places, so I thought it might be nice for her to have her own tune to dance to. Have fun with it, Lynn!
12 72 M and M Hornpipe Reel D 1 Jan 96 Up in Lebanon there lives a nice man and great dance caller David Millstone and his lovely wife Sheila Moran (just as nice - maybe even nicer!) O.N.E. gets to play for him occasionally and it's always something we look forward to. thanks so much, David, for your many kindnesses - we sure do appreciate you. (P.S. He's a great poet too!)
12 73 Marguerite's Polka Polka G 1 June '03 Sophie Orzechowski at age 14 has a whole bunch of fiddle students. One of them is named Marguerite Bellavance, who is from Sunapee where the mountain is. She's a real sweetie, and I'm glad this tune came with your name on it, Marguerite.
12 74 Martha's (about time!) Waltz Waltz D 6 Nov. '02 The Naylors are a nice family who live up the Mosquito School House Road, a short way past the Orzechowskis, whose good friends they are. Martha (Mrs. N.) got after me to write her a waltz; I thought she deserved one, anyway, so here it is, Martha - I sure hope you like it!
12 75 Martha's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/Em August '03 Jack and Becky Beard have a lovely daughter named Martha. They live over in Candia, and all three of them are dyed-in-the-wool contradancers. I hope you get to dance to this tune someday, Martha, and I hope you like it when you do!
12 76 Matt's Hambo Hambo D 1 May '01 Matt Fichtenbaum is a good friend of Jane Orzechowski, and at Neffa last year, along with their friend Toby Weinberg, the three of them put on the nicest mini-concert of Swedish fiddle music you could every hope to hear. It was just beautiful, truly a delight to listen to. We are all looking forward to your next concert, Matt - hope it's soon!
12 77 Miki's Waltz Waltz G/D 19 Mar '03 Miki and Tim Woodbridge. What a great pair of people, and such wonderful musicians, too. I especially liked her bass playing - she was just the greatest. She was a real sweetheart; we all miss dear Miki, and we send Tim much love always.
12 78 Monte's Jig Jig D 29 May '05 In March 2001, Cathie Whitesides, fiddle, Laurie Andres, accorion, and me on piano, known collectively as the "Rythm Rollers," had a wonderful time playing music together in Aptos, CA. It was over St. Patrick's Day Weekend and we were playing for the Monte Toyon Dance Camp, hosted by Charlie Fenton. Thanks, Charlie, for having us there; it was a great week-end. (Note: This tune surfaced at the camp 17 March '01, but was only recently readied for publication.)
12 79 Ms. Kingsbury's Jig Jig F 30 May '02 Susan Kingsbury is a dancer who lives over in Munsonville, where Ralph Page came from. I see Susan at Aesop's Table coffee shop most mornings. She gave me some beautiful red day lilies, and I gave her some pretty yellow lemon lilies that came from Pete and April's garden. (A fair exchange is no robbery.)
12 80 Ms. Stechler's Hornpipe Hornpipe Em Aug '03 Jennifer Stechler brightened up the "Monday-Night-in-Nelson" dance quite a lot when she was in the area. But now, as the tune says, she's "Off to California," and we miss you, Jennifer! (Can you play that tune on your fiddle, yet?)
12 81 Myron's Reel Reel G 17 June '03 It would take me all the space available here to tell the many ways Baltimore, MD, dweller Myron Bretholz has endeared himself to me over the years. Suffice it to say that I am more than grateful to him and can't wait to hear him beat the begeezus out of that wonderful bodhran he plays so well. Love ya, Myron!
12 82 Nicholas Howe's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 6 May 94 A fellow member of the original Canterbury Country Dance Orchstra, Nick hales from Jackson, NH. We've enjoyed playing tunes with him on several occasions recently; it's always a pleasure, Nick!
12 83 Odyssia's Egg Jig D/Bm 11 April '03 Sophie Orzechowski had a young snow-white chicken named Odysseus (a nice name for a chicken). This was fine until the thing underwent a gender swap and laid a (snow-white) egg and changed her name to Odyssia! Sophie gave me the egg. It was yummy!
12 84 Pam and Joe Reel Em 4 Nov ?? Joe Rush and Pam Owens are very dear friends, avid contra dancers, and they always bring me a pretty flower from their garden to put on the piano. I think that's pretty cool, don't you? Thanks loads, you two. Much love from Bob.
12 85 The Predicament Jig Jig D 24 July '03 So, what do you do when you have three (3) lovely women in a band class, all eager to play the only available piano? Well, you write them a tune, call it the "Predicament Jig," and quietly steal away! For Bridget Shirey, Marion Eisenberg, and Mary Kathryn Victor - with love from Bob - Irish Week 2003, Augusta Heritage Center, Elkins, West Virginia
12 86 Rear-End Reel Reel G 23 May '05 This spring while I was out West for the N.W. Folklife Festival, great Seattle accordion player Laurie Andres and I were headed south on I5 to play for a dance in Tacoma. We had to slow down in traffic, and got rear-ended by the car behind us. Laurie's car was totalled (bent frame, etc.) but he was still able to drive it to the dance and get us home again. We were some shook up, but still managed to have a real nice evening of music.
12 87 Regina Delaney Jig Em 22 May '03 Regina Delaney comes from Exeter and is celebrated in our State as New Hampshire's favorite harp player. And boy, can she ever play one of those wonderful instruments. Even Brian Boru would be jealous! I sure hope this tune sounds OK on your harp, Regina!
12 88 Rose's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 11 June '05 It was Dina Blade who clued me in on Lily Albrecht's little sister, Rose, and when I saw her, I just knew she had to have a tune, too. So here it is, Rose, and I sure hope you like it. Maybe Lily will play it for you on her fiddle! Maybe some day you'll play it on your fiddle!
12 89 Rusty's Polka Polka D 23 Feb. '05 Bob and Martha Naylor live up the road from the Orzechowskis, and they had a very nice dog named Rusty. He had a tooth that stuck out sideways which gave him kind of a comical look, and he was a real sweetheart. He and I were buddies, and I really miss him. RIP, Rusty.
12 90 Sammy's Tune Reel D May '05 It's been nearly five years since I wrote "Sammy's Hornpipe" (Bk. 11). He was just about brand new at the time. He had a birthday a little while ago, and "Old New England" played him this tune at their "First Saturday in Peterborough" dance in June. I don't think it did that much for him, but his folks, Steve and Bettie Zakon-Anderson, thought it was nice of us!
12 91 Sarah Pollock's Jig Jig Em 1 Nov. '05 Sarah Pollock is Joe's sister, and she sure loves to dance. I figure if everything goes right, she'll get Joe to play her this tune, and won't that be a nice sibling thing?
12 92 Sarah's Hornpipe Hornpipe D May '05 Over in New Ipswich there is an awfully nice family named Rosenfelder. Father John and two daughers, Lisa and Sarah, are all fiddlers but Sarah wanted to learn back-up piano so they could be a family band. She's doing real well with it, learns fast, and it's truly a joy to teach her.
12 93 Sarah's Polka Polka G 15 October '04 Sarah Porter from Claremont is one of Sophie Orzechowski's young fiddle students. She's Bob and Cindy's Porter's really nice little daughter (with folks like them she's have to be nice!), and if anybody ever deserved a tune of their own, it's you, Sarah! With much love from Macky Quacky.
12 94 Séamus Connolly's Reel D 17 March '04 Séamus Connolly, Director of the Irish Studies Program at Boston College, is a dear friend of many years. He has gone 'way out of his way to be more than just nice to me on many occasions, and I am eternally grateful to him for his TLC. This tune is a small but ineffectual effort at pay-back; Sláinte, Séamus!
12 95 Sister Judy's Jig Jig G 1 May 99 There's an awfully nice piano player down Philly way named Judy Wisecarver. She's my good friend irish fiddler John Brennan's sister, and when "The Brennans" are on stage, she's right in the middle, helping to make great music! Good on you, Judy!
12 96 Solid Silver Jig Jig D August '03 Solid Silver? Of course! That's Diane Silver and she's awesome! She's a real fine caller, and she used to be a regular at the Nelson dance until she moved down to North Carolina. Boy, are they lucky!
12 97 Sootie's Polka Polka D 30 May '05 Sooty? Who's Sooty? Well Sooty is black (that figures), has four legs, wags her tail, and belongs to Alice McBride, one of the many Orzechowski cousins (her dad, George, McB., is Janie's brother, AKA Uncle George.) Sometimes Sooty washes my nose.
12 98 Sophie's Students Reel G 8 July '05 Sophie Orzechowski, at age 15, has seventeen fiddle students, ranging all the way from 4 yrs. to adult. I thought this tune might be useful for beginners - at least, it's a change from twinkle twinkle!
12 99 Star Island Jig Jig D 30 Mar '03 Star Island lies ten miles off the N.H. coast, and for several summers, Amelia (you might know her) worked out there. She got Old New England the job of playing for dances there; it was such fun and was our favorite gig. Thanks, Amelia!
12 100 Stewart's Cake Jig D 30 Oct 99 Stewart Dean comes from Kingston, NY, and at the Old Songs Festival in '98, he went to a lot of trouble to present me with a nice Birthday Cake of his own invention. Wasn't that kind of him? Thanks, Stewart - that was fun! (And it was yummy, too!)
12 101 Sue's Waltz Waltz G 27 May '03 In Portland, OR, there lives a lovely woman who keeps busier than a cat on a marble floor compiling tunes for the rest of us to enjoy. This would, of course, be Sue Songer of the "Portland Collection" fame! We're all so grateful to you, Sue - thanks loads for all your hard work!
12 102 Susan Christie's Waltz Waltz G 6 Oct '05 New Boston is an awfully nice town. It's where I grew up (sic) and there are some really nice people in it. Susan Christie Woodward (wife of dance caller Frank) is in this group (and so, for that matter, is husband Frank!) Anyhow, I hope you both enjoy dancing to Susan's Waltz, which was such a pleasure to write.
12 103 Susanna's Jig Jig A 1 July '00 Besides having a wonderful music store called Maple Leaf Music over in Brattleboro, Vt., Kate Spencer also has a nifty daughter named Susanna Branch, and I guess you can tell who this tune is for! Much love to you guys!
12 104 Tucker's Tune Reel D 11 Dec '01 Steve, Bettie, and Sammy Zakon-Anderson were all real happy last June 17, because that's the day that Tucker Graham Z-A arrived on Planet Earth. I was real happy, too, because they told me he was going to be my next piano student! I can't wait!
12 105 T V Hornpipe Hornpipe D August '03 Tom Buttrick and Valerie Van Meier live in the Town of Nelson, right behind the Church. They are a large part of the "Monday Night in Nelson" contradance, which they have been instrumental in keeping going for years. Many thanks to you dear friends for all your hard work and dedication.
12 106 Warren's Car Jig G/D 26 May '05 When I'm out in Seattle for the N.W. Folklife Festival, I generally get to see my good friend, Warren Argo, and if his car isn't already spoken for (it is, occasionally), sometimes he lets me borrow it. That's awfully good of you, Warren - I really appreciate your kindness. Thanks loads.
12 107 Wilder's Reel Reel G 22 June '03 Hilliare Wilder is a real "Monday Night in Nelson" enthusiast. He never misses coming over from Sullivan so he can join in the 7-to-8 jam before the dance starts. He plays both accordion and piano, and works real hard developing skills on both instruments. All best wishes to you, Hilliare!
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Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
13 1 Adam Blanchette's Jig G May '06 Adam Blanchette is one of my school boys who found lots of fun at a contradance. He seldom misses the Monday Night Dance in Nelson, and he's almost always at the Peterborough 1st Saturday Dance, too. It's always nice to see you, Adam - keep up the good work!
13 2 Ali's Reel Reel A 20 May '06 Ali Dreyfuss is Colleen's sweet dancing daughter and one of the regulars at the Monday-Night-Dance-in-Nelson. Ali and her buddy Chris-Anne once danced the best Chorus Jig I ever saw - they were spectacular.
13 3 Anne's Polka Polka G/D August'03 Anne Outerbridge is a nifty young box player I met in Billy McComiskey's button accordion class this summer in East Durham, NY. See if this tune works OK on your box, Anne - I hope it does!
13 4 Annie's Mazurka Mazurka D 28 Mar '07 Well, you see, today is the Baltimore McComiskeys' 25th Wedding Anniversary, and since I've never written Annie a tune, now seemed like a good time. And, it's about time, too! Much love to both you and Billy, Annie! Bob
13 5 Arianna's Air Air D 2 May '07 This tune is for Arianna Stiles, with love from Bob...Now, Arianna is Dominick and Amelia's brand new daughter (they already have a nifty little son named Everett - he's a winner!) And since Amelia is Deanna's daughter, and Deanna is Marion's daughter, why then go ahead - you figure out who's what! And much love to them all, from Bob
13 6 Barbara's Hornpipe Hornpipe D Oct. '07 Barbara Colony Watkins started earning this tune when she was the cutest little girl you ever saw, dancing outdoors on the Chesham tennis courts. Although that was quite a while ago, things haven't changed that much since, and she still deserves a tune, with love from Bob.
13 7 Benjamin's Jig Jig G/Em 16 May '07 The Albrechts of Seattle are a great dancing family. There's a Mummy and a Daddy and four nice kids, and they are truly a delightful gang. All of which brings me to this tune for their youngest which I just know Lilly will play for him on his fiddle - won't you, Lilly?! Sure she will!
13 8 Bill's Hornpipe Hornpipe D/A 11 May '01 Every so often, Bill Wallach comes up this way from Connecticut, and when he does, he brings his flame-toned mandolin with him and treats us to some real nifty music. He sure is fun to play with. I know we'll see you a Neffa, if not before, Bill - I hope it's soon in any case!
13 9 Bill Perry's Reel G/D 25 May '06 Frank Woodward runs a real happy little dance over in Windham on 1st Fridays. He hires a couple of musicians for the music, but he also welcomes half-a-dozen (or more) sit-ins for the open stage, and almost always Bill Perry shows up with his fiddle. It's always nice when you come, Bill - you're a fine fiddler!
13 10 Bobby's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 10 Feb '98 Kensington is over towards the Seacoast, and home to the Mattin Family, Steve, Claire, Albert, and Bob. They are all lovely people, and Claire is a very fine caller; Old New England loves to play for her. Their youngest got into the dance scene in pretty good shape when he was growing up, so here's a tune for you, Bobby - I sure hope you like it!
13 11 Brendan's Reel Reel D 24 Jan '98 Brendan Block is a young Cape Breton-style fiddler who lives in Antrim, just three towns north of Peterborough. this summer, at age 15, he won the Junior National Scottish Fiddle Championship, and I'd say he was well on his way to Fame and Fortune, wouldn't you? Always Best Wishes to you, Brendan, and congratulations on your wonderful achievement.
13 12 Bonnie's Hornpipe Hornpipe D May '07 Now, it turns out that Bonnie Harbin is a real good friend of Bruce*, and since there is such a nice connection there, and it seemed that the least that could happen was a companion tune to Bruce's. That explains why you're reading this, see? (Hope this sounds nice on your fiddle, Bonnie - Love Bob) *Actually they've been married for over 5 years, so I guess they gotta be pretty good friends!
13 13 Bruce's March March D May '07 W. Bruce Reid (AKA "WB") is one of a great gang of superb Seattle musicians. He plays fine fiddle, great guitar and finger-picks the spots right off a SIX-STRING banjo! He's in at least two bands, one of which is called "The Rythm Rollers" (WHO?) and he's a real joy to play music with. Hope this tune marches well for you, Bruce!
13 14 Brigget's Jig Jig G 10 July 2000 for Brigget Wenger of Bellingham, WA - this is her reward for a great demo at Fiddle Tunes. Thanks, Brigget! (Somebody asked, "How does one go about getting a tune?" Brigget was handy (and dandy!) so I grabbed her and gave her a big hug and said, "Well that's a start!")
13 15 Colleen's Reel Reel A May '06 Colleen Dreyfus is one of the Monday Night in Nelson regulars - I like her red hair, so she gets a tune, see?
13 16 Comer's March March Em 30 October '07 Actually, this tune started up quite a while ago, but only recently did it finally get published. If you want to know more about Comer, you can talk to Sarah Bauhan, and she'll fill you in. Won't you, Sarah??
13 17 Dave Murray's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 31 Dec '95 David's an enthusiastic dancer, a regular at the Peterborough dance, and a long-time sound tech for Steve Z-A at that same dance. All the best to you, Dave!
13 18 Debbie Keller's Jig Jig C/D 27 Jan '07 Randy Miller has a real nice woman sharing his life named Debbie Keller. She has been awfully kind to me on numerous occasions, so I guess you could call this "Payback". Anyway, I'm sure happy it came along with your name on it, Debbie!
13 19 Dominick's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 12 Dec. '05 Dominick Martin is a real nice guy who was smart enough to marry Amelia (yes, THAT Amelia), and Amelia was smart enough to marry Dominick, and now they have two cute kids, and Grammy Deanna is going nuts (she's Amelia's Mom) and here's a tune just for you, Dominick, with love from Bob
13 20 Don 'n' Abby's Reel D July '07 Jane Orzechowski (Peter, too, of course!) has a bunch of nice nieces, and one of them is named Abby McBride. One time when I was up to Newport (O'ski H.Q.), Abby and her boyfriend Don Mitchell were there too. It was such a pleasant meeting that I know, actually, if you're looking at this page, you already know what I said, and so, 'nuff said.
13 21 Doug's Reel Reel G/D 30 May 06 Doug Challenger lives right here in Peterborough, so an easy commute to his work as a professor at Franklin Pierce University over in Rindge. It's also a short ride to Nelson, home to Harvey Tolman. Harvey's taught Doug how to play the fiddle - isn't that great? How do you suppose this tune will sound on it, Doug? OK, I hope! Cheers - MAC
13 22 Down by the River Polka G 27 Sept 92 The Connecticut River is pretty now, all decked out in Fall Coloring, and that's where I stopped one day, coming back from hunting in Norwich, VT. The date was Oct 5, 1975! and that's when I find I wrote this polka.
13 23 Dr. Bob's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 16 March '02 Dr. Robert Fay was Chairman of the English Department at ConVal High School when I taught there. He was a contra dancer and a great fan of my old band, New England Tradition. Hope you like your tune, Dr. Bob - It comes to you with every good wish from Mac
13 24 Dublin Jig Jig D 11 Dec '03 There's no special reason for calling this The Dublin Jig. I lived there with a happy family (most of the time, anyway!) for 34 years, so perhaps that's why. It sure is (and was) a nice town. I'm glad I wrote this tune for it.
13 25 Eisenstadter's Reel Reel G 30 Jan '07 Dave E. may not be the most enthusiastic dancer I ever saw, but he comes close. He drives all the way over from Marlow ("you can't get there from here") to the Monday-Night-Dance-in-Nelson, and this keeps him going until he can recharge the next Monday. See you there, David, and I sure hope you like your tune!
13 26 Elena's Jig Jig C May '06 The Fiddler's Choice is a music store located in Dublin, the next town, and it's real fine shop. Elena Del Rossi is the lady in charge, and she's always so nice to me whenever I need something - Thanks so much for your kindness, Elena.
13 27 Emma's Reel Reel G 26 Jan 07 Sarah Bauhan lives in Eliot, Maine, just across the Piscataqua River from Portsmouth, NH, and she is great friends with a very nice Portsmouth family named Clarkson. Emma, their nifty little daughter (age 12) can (and does) play the spots off a fiddle, and she plays on Sarah's new "Lathrop's Waltz," where she more than holds her own. I sure hope you like playing this tune on your fiddle, Emma!
13 28 Eric's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D May '06 Eric Anderson is a fine piano player and one of the mainstays of the Seattle dance scene. You can't imagine how surprised I was when he recently showed up at the Nelson dance! It sure was nice to see you there, Eric - Thanks so much for coming!
13 29 Folklife March March D 28 May 96 (It's Tuesday after Folklife; I woke up with this tune!) Memorial Day Weekend in Seattle, WA, is an exciting time, because that's when the N.W. Folklife Festival is held every year. It's free, it's wonderful, it's huge, it's just plain FUN! And boy do they dance! Eight hours a day in "The Roadhouse"! CU there!
13 30 For Frank Reel G July '05 For many years "Irish Week" held each summer at the Augusta Heritage Workshop (at Davis and Elkins College in Elkins, WV) has been greatly blessed by the presence of wonderful singer Frank Harte. Not long ago Frank passed away; his loss is deeply felt by the entire Irish Community. RIP, Frank, and thanks so much for your beautiful music so much enjoyed. Note - inspiration for this tune was provided by Billy McComiskey - thank you so much, Billy.
13 31 Gaelic Roots Jig Jig Em 1 Dec. 06 Gaelic Roots was the wonderful Irish Music festival that Séamus Connolly hosted at Boston College for quite a few years. It was so nice of Séamus to include me in what was to be the last one, held in June '03. Thanks so much, Séamus - Visha go honnawa!
13 32 George's Reel Reel G 16 May 07 You've already run across the Albrecht family in these pages - well, here's a tune for George Albrecht, another nice member of the group, and of course, it's something else to keep Lilly busy ! I guess this will expand your horizons, Lilly! Love from Bob -
13 33 Gerry's Hornpipe Hornpipe D May '05 If you cruise on Hominy Pot Road in North Sutton, you'll probably wind up in Gerry Putnam's door yard, the home of Cedar House Sound and mastering. Gerry has a beautiful recording studio there, and he is a wonderful sound engineer. He has recorded all three of "Old New England's" CDs; we love him and his work. Cheers, Gerry! (P.S. Love to Winston!)
13 34 Good Bye, Old Man Waltz G Nov '07 At the Lake City Dance in Seattle in May, 2003, Dave Kaynor was the caller that night and he told the crowd of a tragic event. He said, "New Hampshire has lost face." Well, it did - the Great Stone Face (AKA The Old Man of the Mountain) that Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote about so many years ago finally fell down on May 3, just before Dave came out. And it really was a tragedy. We sure miss him. Many thanks to Marilyn Weir of the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript for her assistance in the above introduction. - [ed.: One measure is blocked out: "don't ask; just play the damn tune."]
13 34 Good Bye, Old Man Waltz G Nov '07 At the Lake City Dance in Seattle in May, 2003, Dave Kaynor was the caller that night and he told the crowd of a tragic event. He said, "New Hampshire has lost face." Well, it did - the Great Stone Face (AKA The Old Man of the Mountain) that Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote about so many years ago finally fell down on May 3, just before Dave came out. And it really was a tragedy. We sure miss him. Many thanks to Marilyn Weir of the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript for her assistance in the above introduction. - [ed.: One measure is blocked out: "don't ask; just play the damn tune."]
13 35 Grant Taylor's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 30 Nov '06 A man of many talents, Grant Taylor lives in Acworth where he plays Irish flute, makes find handcrafted furniture, and does beautiful Celtic Stone carvings. It's always a delight to see his remarkable work. See you in the Catskills, Grant!
13 36 Greg's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 21 May '06 Greg Seaggs has been coming to the Monday-Night-in-Nelson dance for a good many years. He travels all the way from Dummerston, VT, in fair weather and in foul, and that's my idea of a real enthusiast, wouldn't you say so? Of course you would.
13 37 Greg & Wendy's Reel D 8 April '07 Deanna Stiles lives in a cute cabin over in Deerfield. Her wonderful landlords are Greg Doane and Wendy Schorr, and there's lots of flowers outside and lots of music inside. That makes it a real nice place to visit (especially the music part!) and so I'm not a stranger. They earned this tune by being so kind to Deanna. Thanks loads, dear friends!
13 38 Heddy's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 4 Sept 98 Harold J. Wilson, Jr., (AKA "Heddy") is one of my former (and favorite) school boys. Every spring he stops by the house and brings me a jar of his home-made maple syrup - it's the best I ever tasted! Thanks, H.J.! love Mac
13 39 Hornig's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 7 April 01 Patrick Hornig lives up in Canterbury (you've heard of that place before - it's home to Dudley & Jacqueline Laufman, and I know you've heard of them!) I've always enjoyed Patrick when he shows up at Mary Lou Philbin and Charlie Clarke's concerts and we have a few tunes together. Try playing this one, Patrick and see if it works!
13 40 Jackie's Tune (a Schottishe) Schottishe G/D 28 Jan 95 For Jackie Orzechowski, the O'ski's sweetheart furry canine companion; he and I are best buddies.
13 41 Jamie's Jig Jig D 7 March '07 Jamie Fox is a really fine fiddler from Harlem, Montana, who used to pop up everywhere - at the Lady of the Lake, where I first met her, at Fiddle tunes where she was on staff, at the Northwest Folklife Festival, and she recently blew my mind when she showed up at Nelson, of all places! She recently enlisted in the Air Force, so I guess I won't get to see her as often as I'd like - you sure will be missed, Jamie - Good Luck! P.S. Hi to your nice folks!)
13 42 Jerry's Polka Polka Em 23 Nov 05 If you like Irish music, I'm sure you have heard of Jerry O'Sullivan, great player of the Uilleann Pipes. He once mentioned that perhaps I could come up with a polka he could play on his pipes. Well, I tried real hard and came up with two, and the 1st one was awful. I haven't heard him play this one yet, so probably it's awful, too!
13 43 John Richardson's Reel Reel G 18 May 07 The two Seattle doctors (there are more!) Mike Richardson and Chris Cauldwell, have a real nice boy named John Richardson, and since both his folks have a tune of their own, it would be sacrilege not to get one out for their son. So here it is, John, for what it's worth, and I hope you like it.
13 44 Jonas's Jig Jig D 30 June '06 Up in Sunnapee there's a pretty mountain well known for its ski resort. It's also where a young fiddler named Jonas Coverdale lives. Jonas goes over to Newport on a regular basis so he can take lessons from Neil Orzechowski and it's beginning to pay off because he's really starting to sound good. Good teacher, good student. Good stuff!
13 45 Katie's Jig Jig D August '03 This one's for Katie Outerbridge, Anne's sister. She's a fiddler, and she's a sweetheart, just like Anne; of course she had to have a tune!
13 46 Kelly's Birthday Jig G October '07 Kelly Straus is a regular at the Monday Night Dance in Nelson, and I think caller Don Primrose had us singing "Happy Birthday" to him at least six times in the past year!
13 47 Kendra's Reel Reel G 29 Jan '07 Kendra Sanderson is the lovely daughter of Randy Miller's companion, Debbie Keller, and since she's always nice to me whenever we meet, a tune of her own seemed like a great idea. Agreed? That's what I though. Hope you like your tune, Kendra!
13 48 Kirk's Cookies Reel G 31 Oct 07 Don Primrose will tell you that the Monday Night in Nelson Dance musicians get paid in cookies. This is absolutely true, and for my money, the best cookie cooker of them all is Kirk Dale. Like, WOW! Baby - you should taste his handiwork - thanks loads, Kirk - you're the greatest!
13 49 Kitty in the Tree Jig G May '06 Dina Blade's Kitty went up a tree and stayed there for a week and a half until it finally came down. It lost 3 pounds.
13 50 Leslie's Jig Jig G May '06 Leslie Vogel is a fine musician who lives in Greenfield and plays accordion and piano. She's real good at both of them, and I don't think we get to hear her as often as we should. I hope this little jig makes you smile, Leslie!
13 51 Linda's Reel Reel D May '06 Linda Leslie manages to keep pretty busy, especially when the New England Folk Festival is going on. Besides being a grand dance caller, she's also the Festival's Program Director, and I think that job would drive anybody nuts! Thanks so much fo all your hard work, Linda - we're grateful to you!
13 52 Lisa's Tune Reel G May '06 The Monday-Night-Dance-in-Nelson is truly lucky to have resident Lisa Sieverts as one of its afficianados. Actually, she's more than that, she's the sound tech and great caller, too, and one of the main spark plugs of the whole shooting match. Thanks loads, Lisa, for all you do to keep things going.
13 53 Liz Dreisbach's Reel G 7 June '03 Liz lives out on the West Coast where she keeps busy playing the keys right off her clarinet. She is also the head honcho of the wonderful Ballard (WA) Sedentary Sousa Band, which I get to hear at the Northwest Folklife Festival held in Seattle every Memorial Day weekend. You guys make the greatest music, Liz!!
13 54 Lynn's Waltz Waltz G 21 May '07 Dina Blade is a dental tech in Seattle and she works for a real nice woman in the U. district named Lynn Rowland (DDS). So when Dina suggested that perhaps Lynn would like to listen to a waltz while she was cleaning teeth, or whatever, I said, "Hey, that's a great idea, Dina!" Lo and Behold.
13 55 Marcy's Jig Jig D 28 May '06 Marcy Tubbs makes everybody in Seattle (well, almost everybody) happy by playing pretty music on both fiddle and piano. She sure was nice to me at Folklife, and I appreciate her kindness. Perhaps this tune will tell you so, Marcy! Anyway, thanks!
13 56 Marilyn's Jig #2 Jig G 30 Oct '99 When it comes to contradancing, you just can't beat Marilyn Handley's attendance record. She's a real enthusiast, and a good friend of many years. I'm so glad this tune came with your name on it, Marilyn! * so-called because of Marilyn's Jig in Bk. 11
13 57 Mary Nelson's Jig Jig G May '06 Mary Nelson is another West Coast lady (Seattle, actually) who plays the fiddle and is awfully nice to an old New Hampshire piano player, so I guess that's why you're reading this.
13 58 Meyer's Reel Reel G May '06 There are more musicians and contradancers per square inch on 28th Ave NE in Seattle than you can shake a fiddle at, and they all live within a stone's throw of Frank and Dina and Zora Blade. Bill Meyer is one of these nice folks; he lives right across the street from the Blades, and I just know he deserves his own tune. Thanks loads for being so nice to me, Bill!
13 59 Michael's Reel Reel Am May '06 Whenever I go out to Seattle, I almost always get to play a few tunes with Michael Twomey's folks, Sue Truman and Richard Twomey. Since they are both really fine fiddle players, it seemed like a good idea for them to have tune to play for their nice son. I sure hope you like it, Michael!
13 60 Milo's Reel Reel Am 23 Nov 07 Doug Protsik runs the Maine Fiddle Camp in Montville, and I was lucky enough to be there this summer. At a concert one night, 83 year-old fiddler Lucien Mathieu teamed up with a 12-year-old fiddler named Milo Standley, and they played a tune called Joe Mathieu's. Milo sent it to me, and our band, "Old New England," played it for our very first time at the Peterborough dance last night. What a great tune! Thanks loads for sending it to us, Milo!
13 61 Molly's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 25 Jan 07 Molly Trayner lives over in Warner - she's a fiddle player, a sweetheart, and a real good friend of Sophie Orzechoski; with all that going for her (especially the sweetheart part!), I think she rates a tune of her own. Agreed?
13 62 Monday Night in Nelson Reel D October '07 Ralph Page, great New Hampshire caller and local historian, once told me that dancing had been going on in Nelson for 250 years. I hope they had as much fun dancing then as we do these days. I bet they did. See you there!
13 63 Mouse in the Truck Jig Em April '07 Some of you know I have this old bread truck with bunks and a ... PIANO! in it. It's a pretty fun rig. Well anyway, last winter the mice got into the ceiling of the thing and almost did me in when I opened it up come spring. Whee-ew! Two weeks of cleaning and back in business!
13 64 Mowgli's Polka Polka D 10 May '06 Mowgli is the cutest black dog you ever saw. He lives with Neil Orzechowski and his nice family up in Newport, on the Sugar River, and every so often I go up there to get my face washed.
13 65 Mrs. Brennan's Jig Jig A 4 Jan '07 One of my favorite people in all the world is Mrs. Nancy Brennan, from down Philly way. She's John Brennan's mother, (also Judy's, Betsy's, Eugenia's, Tim's, and a few more I forget, but they're all awfully nice!) So anyway, she sure rates her own tune, which I am so happy to provide her with. Do you suppose she'll like it??
13 66 Ms. Conkright's Jig G 29 March '07 Willard Williams, one of my great former schoolboys, has a bookstore here in Peterborough called the Toadstool Book Shop. In it is a very nice coffee shop called "Aesop's Tables" run by a lovely woman named Nell Conkright, and she sells a delicious dark roast coffee that I drink every morning. A wonderful way to start the day!
13 67 My Dad's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 1 August 2000 If my father, Bryant McQuillen, were still with us, we could wish him Happy Birthday: he would have been 101 today.
13 68 Myron's March March C November '07 I wish everyone I ever knew was as nice to me as great Baltimore bodhran player Myron Bretholz. He is, what the Irish call, a "Jewell of a man", and I am grateful to him far beyond the power of ordinary words. I hope this tune will take their place. Thanks, Myron
13 69 Nani's Reel Reel A 23 Sept 92 This one's for my very loving and much-loved grandmother, Caroline Root McQuillen, from Westfield, MA. We all called her "Nani" and she was a sweetheart. When my mother and I would go to see her, she'd say, "Come in, dears, come in and sit down and rest your face and hands!"
13 70 Nate's Reel Reel G 6 April '00 My dear friend Mary Jane Marsden has run the Francestown dance for years and years, and Katie Marsden Gadwah is her lovely daughter. Katie has a real nice son named Nate - get the picture? 'Course you do! Much love to you all from Bob - (Hope you like your tune, Nate!)
13 71 Neil's Guitar Reel G 16 April '07 One evening last spring when I was visiting the Orzechowskis up in Newport, Neil struck a couple of chords on his guitar that somehow gave rise to this tune. Kinda peculiar, don't you think?
13 72 October Fourth Reel A 4 Oct '07 My Mother came from Cape Breton Island. Her birthday was October 4, the same day as this tune came along, and I think it has a slightly Cape Breton flavor to it. Message from Mom? Maybe so. Thanks, Mom.
13 73 Let's go to Old Songs! Reel G Summer '07 If you haven't been to Old Songs, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! It's a truly great folk festival, put on by Bill and Andy Spence (lovely folks!) ant it's held every year the last week-end in June, in Altamont, N.Y. I've gone every summer for years and years; I can't wait for next summer, so I can go again. See you there!
13 74 Ottinger's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 2 May '04 Dave Ottinger is a good friend of our band (OLD NEW ENGLAND - I'm the OLD part). He is a most enthusiastic dancer, and I thought he should have his own tune. So, for better or worse, here it is! Hope you like it, Dave!
13 75 The Outerbridge Jig Jig G August '03 You've already met Anne and Katie, but I thought their folks deserved to be included. They're awfully nice people, too! So this one's for Eileen and Steve Outerbridge, with every good wish from Bob
13 76 Patricia Lynn's Jig Jig C 24 May '06 Just like New England, the State of Washington is full of lovely (and lively!) contra dancers, and loads of them live in the Seattle area. Pat Eaton is one of this group, and she sure deserves her own tune to dance to. Hope you like it, Patricia Lynn!
13 77 Peterborough Polka Polka C 29 Jan 91 After you've gone to a Nelson dance on any Monday night, you should try one in Peterborough on a first Saturday through the winter. They are great fun, with a good crowd. And the music could be worse. Years ago I met my wife at a Ralph Page dance in Peterborough. Perhaps, if you go there, you'll be as lucky as I was!
13 78 Pippi Stole my Hankie Jig G 7 Sept '07 So there I am, up at the O'skis in Newport, right beside the Sugar River, playing my accordion, and the next thing I know, that Pippi dog is running all around the room trying to shake my Hankie to pieces! The nerve of that dog!! and right out of my pocket, too!
13 79 Plummer's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 18 May '06 Doug Plummer lives in Seattle, across the street from Frank and Dina Blade, and next door to Sue Truman and Richard Twomey. He's a superb photographer, and very generous with the pictures he takes at contra dances (when he's not dancing!) I hope this tune pays you back for some of the great pictures you have given me, Doug - Thanks so much for your kindness!
13 80 Porter House Hornpipe Hornpipe D 8 Nove '07 Bob and Cindy Porter are the owner-operators of Hilltop Farm in Claremont. They raise strictly organic beef cattle for a living, and boy, is it delicious. They are also raising a real cute little daughter named Sarah, and I think she's kind of yummy, too! Much love to you, Dear friends.
13 81 Rachel, Dan, and Michael Reel G May '06 Two wonderful brothers and a lovely sister are what make up a grand trio, the Stribling kids from Elk City, OK. They always show up at Augusta and the Dance Flurry, and it's such a happy reunion when we meet. See you guys in February!
13 82 Randy's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 2 Oct '07 Every year, Penn Fix holds the Lady of Lake dance camp at Camp N-Sid-Sen in Harrison, ID on the shores of Lake Coeur d'Alene. It's a beautiful place, and the camp director, Randy Crowe, works real hard to keep it that way. In fact, he works so hard, what with camp maintenance and cooking delicious meals for all the campers, that I thought he needed a tune of his own as a reward. Hope you like it, Randy, and Thanks!
13 83 Robert's Reel Reel D May '06 Robert Shinerock is a n awfully nice man who manages to makes it over to Nelson pretty often for the Monday Night dance. He has a wife named Amy that he brings with him, and they always have a good time. They're a grand couple, and it's always nice when they come over from Greenfield. Good to see you, folks!
13 84 Sande Gillette's Reel G/D 8 July 2000 People come from all over to the Folklife Festival, and musical Jam sessions of all kinds abound. Sande (pro. Sandē) Gillette brings her fiddle, and it's always such fun when we get to play together. See you next year, Sande!
13 85 Sandy LaFleur's Reel G/D 25 May '05 Question: where would contradancing in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire be if it weren't for Sandy La Fleur? Answer: Well, probably right where it is now, but it sure wouldn't have that great sparkle she brings to the dances. Thanks, Sandy!
13 86 Sandy's Reel Reel D 20 May '06 It was such a pleasure to meet Sandy Walters at the Gaelic Roots Festival in June '03. Sandy is Séamus Connolly's lovely wife, and I was glad that we finally met, especially on such a wonderful occasion. Hope it. happens again soon, Sandy!
13 87 Seattle Schottishe Schottishe G May '06 Why in the world would someone write a tune like this? Probably for the same reason a guy got a light bulb tattooed on top of his head - it seemed like a good idea at the time.
13 88 Shawna's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 15 April '07 The contradance world is full of truly delightful people, and Shawna Jorgensen of Port Townsend, WA is right in the middle of this grand group. All best wishes to you, Shawna - see you on the dance floor!
13 89 Stephanie's Jig Jig Am 30 May '02 It's true that you don't have to be a contra dancer to get your own tune, but it helps! And Stephanie Wells is a fine dancer, and she's awfully nice, and she gets her morning coffee at Aesop's Tables like I do, and what more could you ask?
13 90 Sylvia's March March A 6 Nov '05 Today is Sylvia Miskoe's Birthday - I think it's her 39th or 49th or 59th or SOMETHING! Anyway, it seemed like a good excuse to write a tune for a dear friend of many years. Happy Birthday! from Bob
13 91 Thelma's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 19 May '07 Actually, there are several reasons why this tune was written. Thelma Leuber lives in Olympia, WA, which is where Warren Argo also lives, and they're good friends of each other and they're both pretty good friends of mine, and Thelma is awfully nice to me when I'm out Seattle way, and of course she's a real good contra dancer, and isn't all this reason enough? I know you'll say so.
13 92 Tracy's Tune Reel Em 18 May '06 Tracy La Fleur is a nifty girl who shows up at the Monday Night Dance in Nelson regularly. She's a real sweetheart, has a nice mommy named Sandy, plays flute, and needs a tune. Hence, THIS!! (Stacey?????!)
13 93 Tracey's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 29 March '07 Tracey Clarkson lives over in Portsmouth, and Sarah Bauhan lives just across the Piscataqua in Eliot, Maine, and it turns out they are good friends for a variety of reasons, which is more or less why this tune is for Tracey. Comprende?
13 94 Trooper Stole my Hat! Jig Em 3 Oct. '07 So, I'm down Philly way, visiting my Irish fiddler friend, John Brennan, and we're having our morning coffee when who comes prancing into the kitchen wagging his tail off, but Trooper, and he's got my nightcap that Pete and April gave me for Xmas back in '88! Well, you know, we had a discussion about that RIGHT NOW, and I still have my Hat!
13 95 The Two-Cat Polka Polka D 29 May '02 There's an awfully nice family out in Seattle, WA, named Blade (you've already met them in these tune books). There's Dina and Frank and their daughter, Zora, and Zora has to of the cutest little kittens (Cali and Cloudy) you could ever ask for.
13 96 Twomey's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 31 May '01 The area of Seattle, WA, in and around 28th Avenue NE, is celebrated for the wide variety of folk musicians who live there. One of these is Irish music fiddler Richard Twomey, who, along with his nice wife, Cape Breton-style fiddler Sue Truman, and son Michael, lives just across the street from my much-loved West Coast family, Frank and Dina Blade and their daughter, Zora. It's a great part of the world!
13 97 Uncle Doug's Reel Reel D Aug '03 It was about 1932 when my then-single mom met a man named Douglas Campbell, wo was to become my step-father. He was a nice man, good to me; I don't ever recall a cross word between us. He taught me how to ride a bicycle, and I still have (and cherish) the .22 rifle he and my mom got me for Christmas in 1937. Thanks for being a part of my life, Uncle Doug. RIP
13 98 Uncle Izzie's Jig Jig D May '06 Amy Shinerock is the very proud possessor of her Uncle Izzie's great-sounding fiddle, and quite often she comes to my house and we have a few tunes. What a treat!
13 99 Walton's Reel Reel G/D May '06 Thomas Cody Walton is a really nice young man, a great dancer, and I see him at just about every gig I'm playing for. It's always a pleasure, Tommy - I know I'll see you soon. - at the next one!
13 100 A Waltz for Hans Waltz G/D 7 June '06 Lovely Seattle singer, Starbucks enthusiast, and very dear friend Dina Blade, suggested that since her wonderful piano player, Hans Brehmer, really likes waltzes, perhaps I could write one just for him. Well, Hans, you can give this a shot and see if it works. I hope it does! ("Blue Danube", watch out!)
13 101 Winston's Schottische Schottishe G/D 10 Oct '07 If you've ever been up to Gerry Putnam's Cedar House recording studio in North Sutton, you've been welcomed by "Wiggles." No, his real name is Winston, but it should be Wiggles, for he is the most enthusiastic tail wagger I ever saw. The whole dog wags! A true reflection of his lovely family, he does the Putnams proud. Much love to you dear friends.
13 102 The Woman of Wyndmoor Jig Am 16 Oct 95 When brother John and sister Eugenia Brennan shared a house in Wyndmoor, PA, they had a most interesting psychic experience, quite spirited, in fact! And it was shared by others in the neighborhood. Be sure to ask them about it!
13 103 Zeke Smuckler's Reel D 25 May '06 If you've ever been to the Ralph Page Weekend or the New England Folk Festival, you have probably seen a very nice young man named Zeke Smuckler running visiting with his friends and enjoying the scene. Zeke plays mandolin, and joins in with the band whenever there's an open stage. Deanna Stiles says he plays really well, too. Good work, Zeke!
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Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
14 1 Aesop's Lassies Jig G April '08 Aesop's Tables is a wonderful coffee shop here in Peterborough. The owners are Tiffany Quilty and Natasha Meehan, and I come in every morning to jump-start my day. It's yummy! With much love to Tiff & Tash, from Mac.
14 2 Amy Larkin's Reel D 30 Nov '08 Amy Larkin is a really fine fiddler who hails from Sandwich, MA. Steve Zakon-Anderson gets her to occasionally come up to Peterborough for his 1st Saturday dance, and lucky me, I get to play piano with her. Thanks, Steve, for making that happen; it's always a great night of music; I love playing with you, Amy!
14 3 Anthony's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 30 June '08 Anthony Joseph Swingle was a nifty young dancer who came to the "Monday Night Dance in Nelson". It was so much fun watching him on the floor that I wrote him this tune. I hope he likes it!
14 4 The Antrim's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 5 May '09 Tim and Carol Antrim of Roxbury (NH) have been regulars at the Monday Night Dance in Nelson for such a long time that they have surely earned their own tune. This being so, here it is. Finally! And it comes to your both with all good wishes from Bob.
14 5 Aunt Esther's Reel Reel G May '08 Aunt Esther (I called her "Aunt") was my father's third wife (my second step-mother) and she was awfully nice to my wife, Priscilla, and me. She's gone now, but I still thought she ought to have a tune of her own. I hope she can hear this, and I hope she likes it if she does!
14 6 Barb's Hornpipe Hornpipe D May '10 When I came to Folklife this year, I ran into Barb Berry at the Lake City dance, and I realized that she didn't have a tune (HORRORS!), and so here it is, Barb, and it sure is about time. I am so sorry I didn't already have one for you. You should have had it long ago!
14 7 (Luke) Bartlett's Reel G Nov. '09 Neal Orzechowski has several fiddle students, and two of them are the Bartlett brothers, Luke and Will. They are real nice boys, and of course, they each deserve a tune. Can you tell which one of them this tune's for?
14 8 (Will) Bartlett's Reel G Nov. '09 Neal Orzechowski has several fiddle students, and two of them are the Bartlett brothers, Luke and Will. They are real nice boys, and of course, they each deserve a tune. Can you tell which one of them this tune's for?
14 9 Bear Hug Reel Reel Am 30 Oct. '08 Did you ever hug a bear? Or get hugged by a bear? Well, I came close when I played for the Bear Hug '08 Dance Camp in Rollins, MT. It was their 25th Anniversary, and Helen Pilling and Dan'l Moore of Kila, MT, got us "Rythym Rollers" out there along with "KGB" to play for them. It was a great time. Good Food!! (For the best in instrument cases, look up Coon Hollow Canvas, Kila, MT.!)
14 10 The Bookseller's Jig Jig G/Em March '09 A bookseller by trade, Richard Mori seldom misses a contra dance in the area, and it's always fun watching him have fun. Thanks for coming, Richard. See you soon!
14 11 The Cabin Reel Reel D August '09 Twenty-five! That's a long time. That's how long Deanna Stiles has lived in that nice cabin over in Deerfield, where she and I have played so many tunes together. Happy Memories, Deanna!
14 12 Camden's Jig Jig D Dec. '09 Camden Spear was one of the stalwarts in my piano class at the Maine Fiddle Camp last summer, and he did so well that he earned a tune. I hope you like it, Camden!
14 13 Chelsea's Jig Jig G 16 Dec. '09 Chelsea Clausen is a real nice young woman who brings herself, her fiddle, and a Rosy Boa about 4 feet long to the Lady of the Lake Dance Camp. It's always such fun when I see her - she's a great girl! Much love to you, Chelsea!
14 14 Chris Burt's Hornpipe Hornpipe G July '08 Chris Burt is a real nice guy. He's also a really lucky guy because he's married to Wendy Whittemore, one of the mainstays of that wonderful Seattle singing group, the S-Curves. Chris is a contra-dancer, so here's a tune for you to dance to, Chris - I hope you like it!
14 15 Chris Salmon's Reel G/D Dec. '08 Chris Salmon is another fan of the Monday Night in Nelson Dance. I don't think he ever misses it. It's always nice to see you on the floor, Chris - keep those feet flying!
14 16 The Dancer Waltz G Dec '09 This tune was written with many thanks and, of course, much love, for Deanna's mom, Marion Stiles, who not long ago passed away at age 87. No sweeter woman ever lived, and we are all so grateful that she is finally in a pain-free environment. Rest in peace, dear Marion.
14 16 The Dancer Waltz G Dec '09 This tune was written with many thanks and, of course, much love, for Deanna's mom, Marion Stiles, who not long ago passed away at age 87. No sweeter woman ever lived, and we are all so grateful that she is finally in a pain-free environment. Rest in peace, dear Marion.
14 17 Debbie's Jig Jig D 28 May '08 Debbie Ash lives in Peterborough, where I live. She is a farrier, shoeing horses all over (mostly their feet); she is involved in Search-and-Rescue with her sweet doggies (who wash my neck) and she likes to attend contra dances as an observer. All the best to you, Debbie - see you at Aesop's for coffee in the morning! love, MAC
14 18 Dick Gassett's Reel G Nov. '09 With all good wishes to a good Newport friend - thanks for your TLC, Dick!
14 19 Doug Creighton's Reel D Jan '09 Recently, Doug Creighton on Button Box, Ethan Hazard-Watkins on Fiddle, and I on piano played a dance together in Peterborough. Steve Zakon-Anderson was the caller, and it was a great night. Doug and Ethan were a wonderful matched pair, and I thought their music was spectacular. Doug can really push those buttons!
14 20 Doug Protsik's Reel Reel G July '08 Every summer, Doug Prostik hosts the Maine Fiddle Camp, up in Montville, Maine. It's a beautiful place in the woods, right by a pretty lake, and Doug works real hard to make sure everybody has a wonderful time.
14 21 Ed Hall's Reel G 16 July '08 The first dance "Old New England" ever played was in Francestown on Saturday, November 14, 1992. Ed Hall, now living in Seattle, was the caller. He did such a good job that I thought he deserved a tune of his own. So here it is, Ed, and I hope you like it!
14 22 Elena's Jig Jig G 16 July '08 Elena Mednick is one of a neat matched pair of 8th graders in Nelson. It's always fun to watch them on the floor. This is Elena's tune, of course, and you'll find Iva's a little further on.
14 23 Elyse's Jig Jig A 29 June '10 Elyse Rubchinuk is a Junior at Newport (NH) High School, where she is a stalwart member of the track team. She's also a good friend of fellow track member, Neil Orzechowski, who is also a member of the Sugar River Band. Neil already has his tune, so now it's Elyse's turn to have one, too. Much love to you both, from Bob.
14 24 Eph's Hornpipe Hornpipe D May '10 When Neffa was held in Natick, Eph Weiss used to be in charge of festival parking, and he always helped me find a good place to park, not far from the hall. I sure appreciated your help, Eph - Thanks ever so much!
14 25 Fiddle Camp Jig Jig G 26 June '08 What fiddle camp? Why Doug Prostik's Maine Fiddle Camp in Montville! And what a wonderful place it is, full of good music, great food, and a zillion kids having the time of their life.
14 26 Fiona's Harp (Slow March) March D 12 July '10 Fiona Graham is Gillian Graham's sister (as you can probably tell, and they both play Irish music on the harp. Since they are friends of the Sleith-DesRosiers clan in Dublin, (NH, that is!) and I am too, it seemed right for each to have a tune. So here they are, with love to you both, from Mac.
14 27 Fio's Reel Reel D 4 Nov. '09 The summer of 2009 sent me some super students at the Maine Fiddle Camp piano class, and one of them was Fiona Grey Hall, from Camden. It was so much fun working with you, Fio, and you did so well, that I thought you earned a tune. So here it is, and I hope you like it. Much love to you, from Bob
14 28 Flute & Fiddle Reel A 23 June '08 For Jane Orzechowski and Deanna Stiles. It's so much fun playing music with Jane and Deanna. We've been together as "Old New England" since 1992!
14 29 The Fuzzy Jig Jig D April '09 Bob Mills, great sound tech from Montague, MA, has a real nice friend named Lydia Ievens, and that's who this tune is for. I sure hope you like it, Lydia! (P.S. - Kind of a funny name for a tune for a nice young woman, don't you think?)
14 30 Gail's Cat Reel D May '08 Gail Wood is an avid Contra Dancer, and when he comes to the Deerfield Dance, he brings his cute kitty with him. You should see those two dance Money Musk! Amazing!
14 31 George Wilson's Reel D May '09 I've said, "it's always" several times in these notes, but 'it' really is always a pleasure when I get to jam with the wonderful fiddler George Wilson at the Dance Flurry. I'm not much of a box player, but we get along OK and have a good time, and that's what it's about. Thanks ever so much, George!
14 32 Gillian's Harp (Slow March) March D 12 July '10 If you read about the tune called "Fiona's Harp," then there's not much more to tell about this one. They're both sweet sisters, and I'm real glad these tunes came along. Much love to you both from MAC
14 33 Gregor's Reel Reel Em 1 Jan '08 When I wrote this tune for Gregor Fahrendorf, he was the very nice new husband of Sarah Beth Richardson, a distant cousin of my wife Priscilla. Well, he's not new anymore, but he's still very nice. Hope you like your tune, Gregor!
14 34 Guy's Reel Reel G May '08 Guy Banks is from Philly and I've known him for years. He's an avid contra dancer and always comes to the Ralph Page and Neffa. It's always good to see you, Guy. Happy Dancing!
14 35 The Harris Hornpipe Hornpipe D May '08 It's always fun when "Old New England" gets to play for Dave Harris at the East Concord Dance. It's a real nice hall, and we enjoy playing there. Thanks a lot, Dave!
14 36 Harvey's Fiddle Jig Em Summer '09 At some point during the summer, I had a dream about Harvey Tolman. He was playing his fiddle, and this was the tune he played. It sure wasn't a Cape Breton style tune such as Harvey plays, at least I don't think it was, but it's what I got. Dreams are sure funny.
14 36 Harvey's Fiddle Jig Em Summer '09 At some point during the summer, I had a dream about Harvey Tolman. He was playing his fiddle, and this was the tune he played. It sure wasn't a Cape Breton style tune such as Harvey plays, at least I don't think it was, but it's what I got. Dreams are sure funny.
14 37 The Hilltop Reel Reel Am Feb '09 Cindy and Bob Porter raise beef cattle on their "Hilltop Farm" in Claremont. They're lovely folks, and it's always such a treat when some of their Hilltop steaks land on your plate. Yummy stuff! And besides that, they have a real sweet fiddle playing daughter named Sarah that I like a lot. Hi Sarah!
14 38 Ingrid's Jig Jig D May '08 Mike and Alouette Iselin, from Nelson, have a real nice son named Owen. He's married to a real sweet young woman named Rosamond, and they have the cutest daughter you ever saw named Ingrid, whose tune, as you can surely tell, this is. With much love from Bob.
14 39 Iva's Jig Jig G Dec. '08 Iva de Maretlly is one of the regulars at the Monday Night Dance in Nelson. She and Elena Mednick are a real cute pair, and boy, you should see them dance! Iva is also learning to be a caller, and Don Primrose sometimes lets her. She does a good job of it, and always gets a nice hand from the crowd. Go Iva, Go!
14 40 Jackson's Reel Reel G June '09 When Jackson Reed was pretty small, he used to come to local contra dances and keep me company when I was playing the piano. Nowadays, he's a six-footer, and lives up in Alaska. AK or no, Jackson, I still think you need a tune, so here it is, with all good wishes to you and your Mom, Carol, from Bob
14 41 Jenna's Jig Jig D Dec '09 My grand-son, Luke, is in the Air Force, stationed over in Germany, where he and his lovely wife, Laura, have managed to produce the cutest little girl you ever saw. Her name is Jenna Leigh, and so, of course, I had to write my great-grand-daughter a tune to celebrate her arrival. Welcome to Earth, Jenna Leigh!
14 42 Jerry Berger's Jig Jig D 8 July '08 Suzanne Girardot lives in Seattle, and you know what? So does Jerry Berger. And now, guess what? They got married! Yep. Great stuff. And Jerry's so nice I thought he needed this tune. Maybe some day, Suzanne will call a dance to it. Wouldn't that be fun?
14 43 John Redmond's Jig G April '09 John Redmond is a very fine button accordion player from the Bronx, N.Y. I once had the privilege of taking lessons from him. He is a fine teacher. Thanks, Johnny! All the best to you. Sláinte!
14 44 John Roger's Reel Reel G Dec '08 John Rogers comes all the way from Gilford to dance at the "Monday Night Dance in Nelson." That's what is called "dedication"! He sure had a good time and it's always nice to see him there. All the best, John!
14 45 Jordan's Jig Jig C Feb '09 Jordan Turell-Wysocki was a pretty young fiddler when I first heard him play. Now he's a very talented young man, closely associated with Dudley and Jacqueline Laufman, and playing up a storm. It's surely a great pleasure to hear him. All the best to you, Jordan!
14 46 Karen's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D Feb. '09 When Old New England plays at the Deerfield Dance, we are always made welcome by Karen Horsman and Don Gorman. Thanks a lot, you guys; we sure do appreciate your hospitality. Which is why you got this tune, Karen! All the best to you both!
14 47 Kathy's Koffee Reel G 5 July '10 Kathy Fanning is more than just kind, she is very kind! She went all the way over to the Folklife Hospitality Center from the Roadhouse, just to get me a cup of coffee so I wouldn't collapse! Thanks loads, Kathy - you're a sweetie!
14 48 Laura Mé's Reel Reel D 30 June '08 The Seattle area is noted for having a Contra dance almost every night of the week, and Laura Mé Smith is one of the best known callers there. Get 'em to play this tune for you, Laura Mé - I sure hope you like it! Love Bob
14 49 Leslie Fuller's Jig Jig G April '09 Leslie Fuller is a real nice woman and a fine fiddler as well. She's from Reading, MA, and I just thought she ought to have a tune of her own to play for all those folks back in Reading. So here it is, Leslie! Hope they (and you!) like it!
14 50 Lissa's Reel Reel G/D 12 Dec. '08 Lissa Schneckenberger is a wonderful fiddler. Originally from Massachusetts, she now lives across the river in Brattleboro, Vermont, which is pretty handy when Steve Zakon-Anderson gets her to team up with an old piano player to play for the first Saturday Dance in Peterborough. It's always great when you're playing here, Lissa; thanks for coming!
14 51 Magruder's Hornpipe Reel G/D July '08 Chris Magruder owns and operates the "Thundering Sky" recording studio in South Berwick, ME. He's done great work for Sarah Bauhan, so Old New England has a WIP (Work in Progress) there now. We can't wait 'til it's all done! Thanks, Chris! All the best to you!
14 52 Marching to Gavin's (Slow March) March D 10 July '10 This is the second year in a row that I haven't been able to attend the Irish Arts Week in East Durham, N.Y., and I greatly miss it. I always stay at a wonderful place, Gavin's Golden Hill Resort, and enjoy Jack, Margaret, and Bernadette so much when I'm there. All the best to you, dear friends; see you next year for sure! Sláinte!
14 53 Mary O'Brien Reel D 1 Dec. '08 I've run into this very dear woman at so many dances that I've lost track, but I sure haven't lost track of her. So here's your very own tune, Mary, and I sure hope you like it! All the best, from Bob
14 54 Matti's Hornpipe Hornpipe G 1 July '08 As you may (or may not!) know, I get out to Seattle once a year for the Folklife Festival. While I'm there, I usually get to play for a dance or two. One of the great callers I play for is Matti Maro, and that's how he earned this tune! Cheers, Matti!
14 55 Max Music Reel A April '09 Max Nunemacher sure rates a tune. In the first place, he's a good friend of Lisa Sieverts; in the second place, he's a regular at the Monday Night Dance in Nelson (so's Lisa!), so it's obvious (to me at least!) that you ought to have a tune, Max, so here it is! I hope it works for you!
14 56 The Meng's Reel Reel G May '10 Meng Chi T'sen and his lovely wife, from Stoddard, have been regulars at the Peterborough 1st Saturday Dance for so many years that I felt they should have a tune of their own long ago. So finally, dear friends, here it is, with best wishes always, from Bob
14 57 Mia's Reel Reel D Dec. '09 Not long ago, I was very happy to find out that my second cousin, Mia Meade, had moved up to Peterborough from Massachusetts. It sure is nice to have her here in town. She's a real sweet-heart!
14 58 Millie's Jig Jig G 25 Dec. '09 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Orzechowski of Newport, N.H., are the proud parents (of course!) of three fine sons and two lovely daughters, one of whom, although actually named Amelia, is called Millie. And as you can plainly see, this tune is for her, with much, much love from Bob
14 59 Miss Anson's Reel G 16 May '09 When Laurie Andres and I played for the Tacoma Dance, the star of the evening was a cute twelve-year-old girl named Emma Anson, and boy, could she dance! She kept right up with all the grown-ups there. It sure was fun watching you dance, Emma!
14 60 Monte's March March G May '09 It's always a pleasure to be out west with Charlie Fenton at his Monte Toyon dance camp. It's a wonderful experience in a really beautiful place, with nice big, that's BIG trees and lots of music. You can't go wrong with that! Thanks loads, Charlie!
14 61 Mr. Kubbs' Reel Reel G 27 May '08 When I came out to the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle this year, Mary Kubbs introduced me to her nice dad, Jim Kubbs. He pretty much glued himself to the Roadhouse Steps, and enjoyed listening to the music so much that I thought he might like a tune of his own. Mary told me she played it for him on her fiddle. Thanks loads, Mary!
14 62 Ms. Brennan's Waltz Waltz D 27 May '08 Yeah, I know, I wrote Eugenia Brennan a waltz back in Bk. 7. But what's it been, over 20 years? So I just felt she ought to be up-dated, especially since she's John Brennan's sister. That's a pretty good reason, and besides, she sings like a bird. That's another good reason; and besides that, I don't think a hell of a lot of that other waltz, even if I did write it. So there!
14 63 Ms. Eklund's Reel D Feb '09 Wonderful writer Jane Eklund, from Hancock, is Programs Information Officer for the N.H. State Council on the Arts, and also the editor of their beautiful new publication, the N.H. Arts Journal. So why this tune? Well, it's because she is a close friend of Sarah Bauhan, a twanger on a mandolin, and has been very nice to me. That's why! Thanks, Jane!!
14 64 Ms. Whittemore's Waltz Waltz D/Bm 4 July '10 Seattle-ite Wendy Whittemore started life up in Dublin, NH where I used to live, and I've known her for years. Her mom used to go to contra dances with their pet mini-horse in the back of a micro-bus (not to dance with, 'tho!) Wendy's one of the wonderful singers in that great Seattle group, the "S-Curves," and boy, can they sing! Lucky me gets to hear them at Folklife every year! Fantabulous!!
14 65 Nana Deanna Jig D 22 July '08 Well, it turns out that Deanna Stiles' daughter, Amelia (you may have met her), has presented her with two adorable grand-kids so far, and that's why this tune has emerged from the crypt.
14 66 Neville's Reel Reel D 16 July '08 Every Memorial Day Weekend, those nice folks out in Seattle put on the Northwest Folklife Festival. There's a building called the "Roadhouse" with a huge dance hall where folks dance 24/7 (almost!), and Neville Pearsall does a wonderful job of making sure the sound is perfect. Thanks loads, Neville!
14 67 Nollett's Reel Reel D Feb. '09 William Nollett, from Keene, is another one of the regulars at the Monday Night in Nelson dance, and since he is a nice man, I thought he should have a tune. So here it is, Bill, and I hope you like it
14 68 O.N.E. Jig Jig A 15 July '08 Every once in a while, I think our band, Old New England, might like something else to play. Hence, this. I hope it's worth while!
14 69 Oshi's Reel Reel D Dec. '09 Oshi Simsarian brings her fiddle to several of the dance camps I've been to. She's a real nice woman, and it's always a pleasure when I get to visit with her. All the best to you, Oshi!
14 69 Oshi's Reel Reel D Dec. '09 Oshi Simsarian brings her fiddle to several of the dance camps I've been to. She's a real nice woman, and it's always a pleasure when I get to visit with her. All the best to you, Oshi!
14 70 The Ouimette's Jig Jig C/Am 23 Oct '08 Ed and Leanne recently got married, and they got Old New England to play for the nice dance that followed their wedding. It was truly a great day; thanks a lot, dear friends, for letting us share your happiness. You made us happy, too.
14 71 Pat and Chick's Waltz Waltz G July '08 When John Colony was a young man, I got to play for him at out-door summer dances on the tennis courts in Chesham. This was in the late 40s, and great caller Ralph Page and his Orchestra (with whom I was so lucky to play accordion) provided the music. Those were happy times, which occasionally repeat themselves when I get to play for John (now "Chick") and his lovely wife, Pat, these days! For you both, with love from Bob
14 72 Pat and Vicki's Reel Reel G 3 Mar '10 For many years, Pat and Vicki Marron have teamed up with Penn Fix and Debra Shultz in running the Lady of the Lake Dance Camp. They have been great mainstays in putting on the camp, and it was such a joy for me when this time came along. All the best, and many thanks to you both for all your hard work and great kindness.
14 73 Peery's Pleasure Reel D 1 May '10 Gordon Peery is a very nice man, a good cook, and a great piano player. He has the good fortune to live in Nelson, which is, and has been, home to many fine traditional musicians. I hope this tune will bring you pleasure, Gordon; you sure have done that for me! Thanks, Gordon - MAC
14 74 The Prickly Polka Polka Em April '09 Last fall, while on my way to the Bear Hug Dance Camp in Rollins, MT, Judy Lungren and Rick Noll put me up at their nice home in Spokane, WA. They had the most wonderful cactus collection you ever saw in their front yard. Thanks for the comfy bed, you guys!
14 75 Priority Mail Reel Bm April '09 Lloyd Carr, good friend and great piano player from Candia, wanted a certain tune which I said I'd send him. After mailing it by Priority Mail, I discovered the tune still sitting on my desk! I'd forgotten to put it in the envelope!! So, Priority Mail #2. $9.90!
14 76 Quincy's Hornpipe Hornpipe G May '09 Quincy Moore is from Montana, where his mom & dad put on the Bear Hug Dance Camp. Quincy's going to college in Massachusetts, while his mom (Helen Pilling) is busy making instrument cases at Coon Hollow Canvas. Theyre a great gang. All the best to you all from Bob
14 77 Rachel's Reel Reel C 24 May '08 This tune is for Rachel Allen. Rachel is either in Oregon or here in Peterborough on Summer Street. When she's here, she has her morning coffee at Aesop's, and dances at the Monday Night Dance in Nelson. Hope to see you soon, Rachel - love, MAC
14 78 Ready Anytime March Em Jan. '76 Slow + stately
14 79 Reaveley Road Reel D 1 January '09 Congratulations to Sarah Bauhan and Jane Ecklund on their new house in Hancock. It's real pretty, and besides all that, Happy New Year!! and much love from MAC
14 80 Rich's Jig Jig G Feb. '09 Rich Rommer doesn't mind traveling all the way from Chester, Vermont to go to the Monday Night Dance in Nelson. Thanks for coming, Rich - it's always nice to see you there.
14 81 Richard's Reel Reel G Dec. '09 Richard Backes joins the musicians on stage at the Monday Night Dance in Nelson. He plays a great guitar and every once in a while, he breaks out his fiddle and plays that too. He's real good at both; it's fun to have you there, Richard - thanks for coming!
14 82 Rosamond's Hornpipe Hornpipe D May '08 Owen Iselin from Nelson has a nifty wife named Rosamond, who, like her husband and sweet little daughter, Ingrid, is awfully nice to this writer. I think that rates her a tune, don't you? You do? O.K. So here it is, with love from Bob
14 83 The Rosenfelder's Jig Jig G June The Rosenfelders are a really nice family that live not far from me, over in New Ipswich. There's Sharon and John (Mom & Dad) and two lovely daughters, Lisa and Sarah. Between anvils and hammers and machine shop stuff, and bows and arrows and fiddles and their bows, we have a great deal in common. Hence, this tune! All the best to you, dear friends. A 440!
14 84 Rothfield's Reel Reel G April '09 Jane Rothfield is a really fine fiddler who frequently shows up at festivals where I happen to be. It's always a joy to see her, and she's so nice I thought she ought to have a tune. I'm really happy to find this one for you, Jane. (Hope it's worth playing!)
14 85 Sam's Hornpipe Hornpipe D March '09 Sam (Samantha!) is a nifty young woman. She's married to Curtis Dude, (who is also nifty!) and they work together at tree removal. Sometimes she comes to the Monday Night Dance in Nelson, and she always comes up and says "Hi" to me. She's a sweetheart. And a big "HI" to you too, Sam! (and "Hi" Curtis, too!)
14 86 Shelley's Waltz Waltz G May '10 Way back in Book 4, there's a waltz called "Nerissa". Well, Nerissa has a real sweet mother named Shelley Osborne, and I thought it was about time for her to have a waltz, too. So here's one, just for you, dear Shelley, with love from MAC.
14 87 The Short Brothers' Reel Reel D July '08 Rick Watson and Jerry Short are two of the very best sound techs I have ever known. Every year they provide sound for the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Week-end in Durham, NH, and it's always such a pleasure to have them there. Thanks loads, guys! You make it sound perfect!!
14 88 Shumacher's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D Feb '09 John S. is another one of the wonderful dance fans who is always a fixture at the Monday Night Dance in Nelson. It sure wouldn't be the same without you, John - thanks for coming!
14 89 Silas' Hornpipe Hornpipe D Nov. '08 Silas is Amy Larkin's son, and she usually brings him along to the Peterborough dance when she plays there. He's a real nice kids, and so, here's a tune, just for you, Silas. Hope you like it!
14 90 The Silver Bear Reel A Feb '09 Hellen Pilling and Dan'l Moore were kind enough to the the Rhythm Rollers to come out to Rollins MT, to play for the Bear Hug Dance Camp's 25th Anniversary. The place was beautiful, the food was yummy, and we had a great time. Thanks loads, dear friends!
14 91 Smokey's Hornpipe Hornpipe D May '09 It's always fun when Jeff (AKA "Smokey") McKeon fires up his button box. A member of Maine's great contra-dance band, "Old Gray Goose", he's also a mainstay of Doug Protsik's Maine Fiddle Camp. All the best to you, Smokey. I love to hear you play that accordion!
14 92 Sono's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 6 July '10 At this year's Seattle Folklife Festival, Steve Trampe once again gathered together the greatest gang of female fiddlers you ever heard. Known and the "Fab Girls," they played for a contra dance in the Road House, and I was lucky enough to play piano for them. Sono Hashisaki was one of the fiddlers, and she worked so hard, I thought she deserved a tune of her own. So here it is, Sono, and I hope you like ti!
14 93 Sophie's Goats Jig G Aug '08 Sophie Orzechowski got real busy and built a real nice high fence. Then she built a nice little house. Then she got three nice little goats. Then she put the whole thing together and now she has the Sugar River Goat Farm. Great stuff. Real nice. So's Sophie!
14 94 Steve Clement's Reel G Feb. '09 Fiddler Steve Clement comes from Toano, VA, and he and I go back to happy times at the Augusta Heritage Workshops in Elkins, WV. Each year he comes to the Ralph Page Legacy Weekend and we enjoy our reunion! It's always a pleasure to see you, Steve.
14 95 Stony Creek Reel D 25 Dec. '09 My fiddler friend, John Brennan, from down Philly way, has gone quite far into the jewelry business, which he does at home. When he makes something really pretty, which is usually what happens, then he is apt to tune up his fiddle and play a lovely Irish tune to celebrate it. His little company is called "Stony Creek" (he lives right next to it), and he's having a wonderful time.
14 96 Tammy's Waltz No. 2 Waltz G/Em 20 March '09 For my beloved daughter-in-law, Tammy McQuillen.
14 97 Tiana's Jig Jig G May '09 Amy Hathaway might not be the best contra dancer I ever saw, but I sure can't name anyone better! And Amy has a really sweet dancing daughter named Tiana Withers who I thought needed a tune. I hope you like it, Tiana! Much love to you both, from Bob
14 98 28th Ave. Jig Jig D 22 May '08 Yesterday, I had a nice nap, and right as I woke up, this tune came flying in. Strange stuff! (28th Ave. NE is in Seattle, and is where my West. Coast family, the Blades live. Maybe they'll dance to this tune - I hope so! love Bob
14 99 The Twins' Reel Reel D 14 July '08 I know they're not identical, but Sophie Orzechowski from Newport and Molly Trainer from Warner are close enough to earn this tune. Since they are both fiddlers, they can try this out and see if it turns their crank. I hope it does! Much love to you both from Bob
14 100 Wendy Rappa's Reel Reel G 24 Nov. '08 This one's for that really nice young woman who got Old New England a job doing a concert at the Deerfield Fair. It was a really nice gig and we had a good time. Thanks loads, Wendy - it was fun playing for you!
14 101 The Wright Waltz Waltz D 3 June '10 Things, like time, slide by. I should have written this tune for Chris Wright, of Seattle, ages ago. She's a dear friend, and a member of that wonderful Seattle singing group, the "S-Curves", whose music I so adore! So finally, Chris, and with much love, from Bob
14 102 Zora's March March D 1 May '09 ('10) More recently, Zora Blade, of the Seattle Blades, has been involved with Circus Smirkus, and now she's headed for the Ecole National du Cirque do Canada. Of course, she'll eventually need a tune so she can march into the Ring in the Big top, so here it is, Z-Z! With much love from Bob.
14 Dedication to Warren Argo The introduction to Warren's Waltz (found on the outside of this back cover) tells of the many talents of this wonderful man, whose loss is felt so keenly by so many - this is especially true of his lovely partner, Thelma Leuba.
14 103 Warren's Waltz Waltz G 7 Oct. '10 Our West Coast folk music community recently lost its greatest member when Warren Argo passed away on Sept. 27th, 2010. Dance caller, musician, sound technician, organizational director - Warren's presence enhanced every aspect of that wonderful folk scene. Farewell, Dear Friend
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Book Page Name Meter Key Date Inscription
15 0.1 Lyle's Waltz Waltz G 8 February 2011 This tune is for Janie's dad, Lyle McBride, with much love from Bob.
15 0.2 Marjorie's Waltz Waltz A 8 February '12 This tune is for Marjorie McBride, Janie's mom, with love from Bob
15 1 Aladdin's Jig Jig D Jan. '09 Back in the late 40s, Ralph Page teamed up with Gene Gowing to run the Monadnock Folkways, a dancing- and dance-calling school in Peterborough. Ralph's band, which included me playing accordion, provided the music. Gene's boxer dog, Aladdin, used to keep me company while I was playing. He would rest his chin on my knee, just inches away from the accordion, and watch me with his big, brown, eyes. What a sweetie he was!
15 2 Amy's Chandelier Reel A 12 Sept. '11 Great Vermont fiddler Amy Cann, really likes that very old chandelier in Pierce's Hall over in Putney. When Russell Orzechowski and I recently played for a dance there, she suggested that I write a tune for it. So here it is, Amy, just for you (and the chandelier!)
15 3 Apple Pie Reel D 25 Aug. '11 This one's for my much-loved father-in-law, Glen Scribner, of Dublin, NH. He's gone now but he was a great man in my life. I'll tell you about the apple pie if you ask me. It was really hilarious!!
15 4 April's Welcome Jig G 23 May '08 Whenever somebody said "Thank You" to April Limber (great fiddler with "New England Tradition"), she always said, "You're more than welcome." She also (occasionally) said, "Come home with me now and I'll make the dogs sleep on the floor."
15 5 Autumn Rose's Reel Reel G September '11 I get to see Autumn Rose Lester every spring at a wonderful musicians' gathering in Connecticut. She's a nifty teen-age piano/fiddle player, and so here's a tune, just for you, Autumn Rose, and I hope you like it!
15 6 Brady's Reel Reel D June 2011 Brady's is a real nice restaurant right here in Peterborough, not too far from where I live. I really like their onion soup!
15 7 Bronson Shonk's Reel D Sept. 2011 Bronson Shonk never misses the Monday-Night-in-Nelson dance and so I thought he might like to have a tune of his own to dance to. All the best to you, Bronson - MAC
15 8 The Bunny Jig Jig A There are (or were) two bunnies in my life; one of them came clunk-clunk-clunk across my roof at 3 A.M.. Easter morning last year, and the other one, my wife, Priscilla, gave me years ago with a card that said, "Rabbits got habits!"
15 9 Carolyn's Waltz Waltz G June 2011 Carolyn (Mrs. Lars) Saxegaard of Seattle has never been known to miss a Contradance, and so I thought it might be fun if I wrote her a tune to dance to. I sure hope you like this one, Carolyn! Cheers! Bob
15 9 Carolyn's Waltz Waltz G June 2011 Carolyn (Mrs. Lars) Saxegaard of Seattle has never been known to miss a Contradance, and so I thought it might be fun if I wrote her a tune to dance to. I sure hope you like this one, Carolyn! Cheers! Bob
15 10 Cathie's Visit Reel D October '11 Last spring when I was out at the Blades for the N.W. Folklife Festival in Seattle, Cathie Whitesides brought her fiddle over one day, and we had the best music session you could ask for. Thanks so much for coming, Cathie; it sure was fun!
15 11 CDSS Jig Jig G 27 May '09 I thought maybe those nice folks over in Haydenville (MA) would like a tune to play when it was quiet in the office, so here's one they can try out. All the best to you, dear friends.
15 12 Chase the Moose Reel G/D Fall '07 Once, while I was coming home from playing at the "Monday Night in Nelson Dance", I got behind a moose going the same way I was. I had to stay behind it for half a mile before it turned off on a side road and I could get by!
15 13 Chris Hattie's Reel D Summer 2011 Once upon a time I had a nifty paper boy named Chris Hattie. Every day he brought me my paper, on his bike. Several years later, he lost his life in a motor vehicle accident. I miss that boy. He was a winner.
15 14 City Lights Waltz G 2011 Coming into Seattle after a Tacoma dance - So Pretty!
15 15 Cold Road To Tamworth Jig e 6 Sept '11 I can't remember what year it was when I went to play a Tamworth Dance for Dudley Laufman, but I do remember it was a damn cold ride! Good dance, tho'!
15 16 Colleen and Ali Reel D 28 January 08 You should see that great mother-and-Daughter team go down the hall doing Money Musk together. Colleen and Ali Dreyfuss are out of this world when it comes to dancing. Much love, you guys!
15 17 Commodore Barry's Waltz Waltz G Feb '09 The Commodor Barry Club, also known as the Irish Center, is a wonderful place. It is in Philadelphia, and many and many are the Irish music concerts and Ceilidh dances that are held there. My friend, John Brennan, who lives nearby, has brought me there on occasion, and it sure was a wonderful experience. thanks, Johnny! Slaínte!
15 18 Dave Stone's Hornpipe Hornpipe G May 2011 Once, at a Dance Camp, I got kinda mixed up (I don't even remember where it was!) and Dave Stone rescued me. thanks Dave, I'll never forget that!!
15 19 David's Wedding Waltz D 21 Aug 94 With much love to David Allen and his lovely new bride on their Happy Wedding Day. David lived in Fitzwilliam when he was a boy, and he was a regular at the Duke Miller Dances held there. He never failed to carry my heavy accordion up the 17 steps into the hall, and I never failed to give him 25c for his great service!
15 20 Deanna's Waltz Waltz G 26 January '12 This tune is for "Old New England's" flute (and fiddle) player, with much love, and thanks, from Bob
15 21 Deerfield Hall Reel D May '08 For many years, Old New England Contra Dance Band has enjoyed playing dances for Mary Ann Taylor and Don Gorman in Deerfield's beautiful old Town Hall. It is one of our favorite "gigs", and we are very grateful to you both for having us play there. With much love and many thanks from Bob
15 22 Edgar's Capers Reel D 19 Aug. 2011 Nancy Carlton's cat, Edgar, jumps into the bathtub and runs 'round and 'round inside it like a race course, just for the fun of it. Wow! Go, Edgar, Go!
15 23 Eighty-Eight Keys Reel D 27 June 2011 Did you know that there are 88 keys on a piano? Well, there are! And this tune is to celebrate my piano, which Bill Faller just tuned. And he did a great job. Thanks, Bill. If sure sounds great! I always wanted to celebrate my piano on 27th. This is a great day to tune a piano!
15 24 Emerald City Waltz Waltz G September '11 I have played quite a few dances in Keene, NH (Known as the "Emerald City") so I thought a waltz for that nice place would be a good thing.
15 25 Ethan's Reel Reel D 14 Sept '11 Mrs. Craig (Kate) Shogren of Herman, NE, and Mrs. Peter (Jane) Orzechowski, of Newport, NH, are McBride sisters and so of course, their kids are cousins. And since I'm somehow entangled with these nice folks, their kids have to have a tune. So here's one for Ethan, with love from Bob
15 26 Fiona's Jig Jig G 4 September '11 Lots of nice things grow on the York Creek Farm out in Herman, Nebraska, and one of them is Jane Orzechowski's nice niece, Fiona Shogren. This tune is just for you, Fiona, with much love from Macky Quacky. P.S. Hi Katie!
15 27 Fish and Potatoes Reel D June 27, 2011 When my mother was a little girl who lived in Rocky Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, people used to say, "Fish and Potatoes, the food of the land, and those who don't like it can starve and be damned!!"
15 28 The Flurry Reel Reel D 14 September 2011 The Dance Flurry is a wonderful musical event, held every Valentine's Day week-end at the Saratoga Hilton in Saratoga Springs, New York. Workshops, mini-concerts, dancing in a huge hall (you should hear that music!) all these and much more take place in this fine hotel every year. Hope I see you there! (I'll see YOU, George!)
15 29 Flying Fingers Reel a August '08 If you've ever heard Deanna and Jane play the Cincinatti Hornpipe", then you can understand why I named this tune what I did. The title sure describes what they do. They're AWESOME!!
15 30 Freya's Jig Jig A 26 Aug '11 Old New England's fiddle player, Jane Orzechowski, has some neat family living out in Nebraska. One of these is a cutie-pie named Freya Shogren, which tells you why I wrote this tune. I hope you like it, Freya! Love from Macky Quacky
15 31 Gene Gowing's Jig Jig C/G 24 December '07 Gene Gowing was a very fine caller from Dublin (NH). He joined Ralph Page in a Folk School that was called Monadnock Folkways, that ran for several summers in Bell Studio, located in Peterborough. Duke Miller learned to call there.
15 32 General Washington's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 22 Feb 91 Since we celebrate his birthday today, I thought it would be fitting to name a tune in his honor.
15 33 Gerard's Jig Jig D 20 June 2011 Gerard Hranck was the nifty sound man at Phinney Hall when we last played there. We'll have to play this tune for him next time!
15 34 Ghost Town Jig Jig b 31 Oct 2011 In mid-July 2009, the "Rythm Rollers" (that's Cathie, Laurie, Bruce and me) played for the dancers at the "Ghost Town Chill Down" in Jerome, Arizona. We had a wonderful week-end in a real pretty place, but it was kinda spooky!!
15 35 Ivar's Jig Jig G June 2011 Ivar's Salmon House is the best seafood restaurant in Seattle, and boy, what a treat it is for some East Coast dude to go there for dinner. Yummy! (Big time!)
15 36 Jane's Waltz Waltz G 25 Jan. '12 This tune is for "Old New England's" fiddle player, Jane Orzechowski, with much love, and thanks, from Bob
15 37 Jay and Molly's Waltz Waltz D 26 July 2011 I'm so lucky to be at Jay Ungar and Molly Mason's Ashokan Dance Camp. They are awfully nice to me, and so I thought they should have a waltz. So here it is, dear friends, with many thanks for your kindness.
15 38 Jeff's Jig Jig D 10 Sept 2011 Jeff Weiler used to be a regular at the Monday Night Dance in Nelson. He hasn't been there for a while, so I thought he might come if I wrote him a tune to dance to. All the best to you, Jeff. Hope you like your tune.
15 39 Jim's Jig Jig e 8 April 01 Fiddler Jim Burke is a regular at the Philbin-Clarke OSSIAN USA Concerts in Loudon; Jim comes down from Laconia and it's such a nice time we have when we get to play a few tunes together after the concert. It's always something to look forward to, Jim - hope to see you soon!
15 40 Julia's Jig Jig G 31 August 2011 Julia Plumb is a really nice young woman fiddler at Doug Prostik's Maine Fiddle Camp and I just thought she might like a tune to teach her students at the Camp. I hope you like it, Julia! And best always from Bob (that's me!)
15 41 Kathy's Waltz Waltz G May 2011 I am not sure, but I think Kathy Fanning and I shared the piano at Folklife - anyhow, you're a sweetie, Kathy, so here's a tune just for you. I sure hope you like it! P.S. Kathy's from a nice place: Juneau, Alaska!
15 42 Keene State Waltz Waltz G 28 Feb '09 Early this week I had a dream about getting my Keene diploma; later on, in this same week, this waltz showed up. Is there anyone around who can tell me how this stuff happens? Weird!
15 43 Lake City Waltz Waltz D May 2011 Lake City, just outside of Seattle, has a wonderful dance hall where I have played so many times with Warren Argo. Oh! How I will miss him!
15 44 Larry Siegal's Reel G June 2011 Every so often I get to play with Larry Siegal, that great mandolin player, and it's always such a joy when that happens. All the best to you, Larry!
15 45 Liz's Moon Reel D 10 Jan 2011 According to Sarah Bauhan's mother, Liz, who came from England, you solve any problem this way: when the moon is brand new, a little tiny, thin thing, you reach in your pocket, turn a coin over, bow 3 times, make a wish, and your troubles are over. Hey - it works for me!
15 46 Lost Pines Jig Jig D 9 Nov 95 I will always remember that wonderful dance camp weekend at Lost Pines Dance Hall in Smithville, Texas. Jimmy Drury and his Mother took real good care of us - she cooked a turkey dinner that I'll never forget! Thanks loads to you, Jimmy, and Mom, too!
15 47 Lou's Hornpipe Hornpipe D September 2011 Debra Schultz and Penn Fix, of Spokane, WA, have two nifty kids, and one of them is named Louise, known as Lou. And that's who this tune is for! All the best to you, Lou. MAC
15 48 The Lush Jig Jig G June 2011 Jack Lush is one of the sound techs in the Roadhouse (that's the huge dance hall at the N.W. Folklife Festival in Seattle), and I just thought that since he was such a nice guy he ought to have a tune. Cheers, Jack!
15 49 Mary Shonk's Reel D September 2011 Mary Shonk never misses the Monday-Night-in-Nelson dance, so I thought she might like her own tune to dance to. All the best to you, Mary
15 50 Mary's House Waltz G 3 September 2011 Mary DesRosiers (you know Mary) lost her house, and now, lo and behold, she's got a nifty new one. You should see it - it's been built by friends and family, and it's a knock-out! So pretty!
15 51 M.F.C. Jig Jig D 31 August 2011 I think that Doug Protsik's Maine Fiddle Camp is, without question, the greatest music learning event in New England. People both young and old come from all over to learn how to play traditional music on various instruments (not just fiddles) and they have the time of their lives. It's a truly wonderful place. P.S. The food there is out of this world, too!! YUMMY YUMMY!!
15 52 Michele's Waltz Waltz e September 2011 Michele Godbout was a sweet girl playing the banjo at Pinewoods in 1974 when Sandy Davis took a great picture of her. In 1976, she left this world, and when I saw her picture in the CDSS News, I though she should have a tune to play up there where she was. Much love to you, Michele
15 53 Mr. Duncan's Hornpipe Hornpipe G/D 23 Feb 95 We always stop at Duncan's Restaurant in Brunswick, NY, on our way to the Old Songs Festival. He's a very nice man, and his turkey club sandwich is a thing of beauty and a joy forever! Yummy!
15 54 Mr. Gottlieb's Waltz Waltz e 25 Aug. '11 Mr. Charles Gottlieb was a very dear man in my life, and this tune is to thank him for his many years of T.L.C.
15 55 Ms. Carlton's Jig Jig D 22 Aug. 11 This tune is for Nancy Carlton, Aesop's Coffee Shop's wonderful baker, and besides that, she's Edgar's Mommy! That rates her for one of Mac's tunes, any time! Meowwww
15 56 Mona's Hornpipe Hornpipe D May 2011 I never saw a cuter cat than Mona. She lives in Seattle, right next door to the Blades, and I get meow-ed all to pieces whenever we meet. Meow, Mona!
15 57 Myrick's Hornpipe Hornpipe D Feb '09 Bruce Myrick lives in Keene, and he is the Treasurer of the Monadnock Folklore Society. When M.F.S. puts on a concert in the Nelson Town Hall, that's when you'll see Bruce, because he always sells the tickets for the happy occasion. It's always nice to see you, Bruce - all the best!
15 58 Nancy’s Reel Reel D 11 September 2011 Plunky-plunky-plunk! Well, this tune is for great Seattle bass-player, Nancy Katz, and I sure hope you like your tune, Nancy! Cheers! Bob
15 59 Nanette's Reel Reel D 23 March '12 Years ago when my friend, fiddler John Brennan and I used to park the piano truck at the Philly Folk Festival, a nice gang of musicians would gather around and we'd have a wonderful time playing tunes together. Camper Nanette Paolella, from Plymouth Meeting, would sit across from us and enjoy the music, too. So now, we enjoy her, because she serves us that delicious Starbucks Coffee whenever we show up. Yummy stuff! Thanks loads, Nanette!
15 60 Nelson Road Schottishe D 10 Oct 05 Coming back home from the Monday Night in Nelson dance, this little tune started dancing through my head - one two three, hop, one two three hop, one hop, two hop, three hop four and …. P.S. Happy Columbus Day!
15 61 New England Center Jig Jig G Jan '06 It's always such a treat to stay at the New England Center Hotel in Durham. We get to do this every year during the Ralph Page Legacy Week-end held in the MUB.* *Memorial Union Building
15 62 Newport Road Jig e 3 July '08 With much love to the residents of 334 Chandler's Mill Road, (both two-legged and four-legged!)
15 63 Not Today! Reel D 24 August '11 When I saw Dan Keaveny in Aesop's Coffee Shop this morning, I told him "Ready Any Time." He replied, "Not Today!" Dan runs a funeral parlor here in town, and we've got it all arranged. Hot Stuff!!
15 64 Our Governor's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 2 June '99 For New Hampshire's Governor, Jean Shaheen, with a great many thanks, not only for her broad support of the Arts in the Granite State, but also for her much-appreciated kindness to this artist.
15 65 Paul's Waltz Waltz G 6 March '12 Since Paul Rosenberg started that nifty Dance Flurry over in Saratoga Springs, NY, I just thought he might like a waltz of his own to dance to as a small reward for all his hard work. Cheers, Paul!
15 66 Peter's Waltz Waltz G 7 March '12 Peter Davis is the new head of that wonderful Dance Flurry, and so I thought he deserved his own tune to dance to. All the best to you, Peter - I hope you like your tune!
15 67 Peery's #2 Reel D 25 Dec. 2011 I don't like the tune I wrote for Gordon Peery in Book 14, and probably he doesn't, either. So anyway here's another shot at it, and I hope it turns out better. Merry Christmas, Gordon!!
15 68 Phinney Hall Reel G Feb '09 Sometimes when I'm out in Seattle for the Folklife Festival, I get to play a dance with either the "Rythym Rollers" or "Mac's Quackers," in Phinney Hall. It's a real nice dance hall with good acoustics, and a great pleasure to play there. Hope it happens this year!
15 69 Pierce Hall Jig A 4 September '11 If you go North on Rt. 5 thru Putney, VT, (you CAN get there from heah!) you'll come to a road with a sign that says, "Dance Tonight." Take that road, which turns into a dirt road, and a mile or so later you'll come to this old antique dance hall (in good shape) with an old antique piano (it plays well!) and you'll have a great time!
15 70 Pierce's Hornpipe Hornpipe D September 2011 Debra Schultz and Penn Fix, of Spokane, WA, have two nifty kids, and one of these is named John Pierce Fix, known as Pierce. And that's who this tune is for, with every good wish from MAC.
15 71 President Pierce's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 21 May '08 President Franklin Pierce, our nation's 17th president, came from New Hampshire. His homestead is located in Hillsobor, and Old New England has played a memorial concert there.
15 72 Ridgeway's Reel Reel D 30 Oct 99 Every so often I get to play a dance with John Ridgeway. He's a real fine bass player and a good friend, and it's always such a pleasure when our paths cross. I sure hope it happens soon, John - it's been a while.
15 73 The River Hornpipe Hornpipe D 2 Sept. '11 The Piscataquog River runs through New Boston, my old "home town," and I was going to name this tune for it, but the, I thought "RIVER" would be so much easier to say. Hence, this! You can call it the "PISCATAQUOG HORNPIPE" if you want!
15 74 Santa's Jig Jig G/D 25 December 07 I don't know if anybody ever wrote Santa Claus a jig before, but they have, now! I hope he likes it!
15 75 Scotty's Reel Reel G 7 September 2011 Scotty Leach, from Tacoma, is a real fine musician, playing both fiddle and piano (not at the same time!!) and I thought he might need a tune. I hope you like this one, Scotty!
15 76 Skelton's Hornpipe Hornpipe D 18 June '03 John Skelton is a good friend of many years. From England, he now lives in Versailles, KY, and he can play the keys off a flute, the holes off a whistle, and say, did you ever hear a bombarde? A bombarde says "Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" while (melodically, of course) it pulverizes your brain - well anyway, he can play the hell out of one of those, too! All the best to you, John!
15 77 Sophie's Waltz Waltz G/D 1 March '09 Those wonderful Orzechowskis, Jane and Peter, of Newport, NH, have five nifty kids, one of whom is named Sophie. I always wanted to write her a waltz, and so here it is Zosia, with love from Bob
15 78 Southwest Reel Reel G 18 May 2011 I was drinking a nice cup of coffee, in a nice airplane, en route to Seattle to attend the Northwest Folklife Festival, when all of a sudden, this tune came flying in! Wonderful stuff!
15 79 Steve Brown's Reel Reel D May '08 I thought that Sue Songer from Portland, OR, who, along with Clyde Curley, has published the two Portland Collections of dance tunes, ought to have something besides a waltz to dance to. So here it is, Sue, with love from Bob. P.S. maybe you'll dance with Clyde to this tune!
15 80 Sue's Hornpipe Hornpipe A 8 September 2011 Old New England's flute player, Deanna Stiles, has a nifty, sunny room on her nice, new home up in Danbury, and I thought she might like a new tune to play in it. Hope you like this one, Deanna!
15 81 The Sun Room Reel D 12 September 2011 Hey, Steve, I be one of your bodhrans will keep real good time to this tune! All the best to you, dear friend - keep the beat! (I know you will!!)
15 82 Tacoma Hornpipe Hornpipe D May 2011
15 83 Thelma's Waltz Waltz G/D May 2011 Loads and loads of people are greatly saddened by Warren Argo's loss, especially Olympia's lovely Thelma Leuba, and so this waltz is for you, Thelma, with much love from Bob
15 84 The Three Sisters Waltz Waltz G 5 July 98 Back in the Golden Years of great caller Duke Miller, three girls, all sisters, used to be regulars at his summer dances in Fitzwilliam that Jim Kennedy and his wife, Sheila, hosted. Joanna, Susan and Linda Frederick and their mother, Martha, never missed a dance for years, and believe me, they sure added sparkle to that hall-full of happy people. With love to you guys from Uncle Bob (and that's to you and Mrs. K, too, Jim!)
15 85 Vitamin “O” Reel A 23 Aug. '11 Vitamin O refers to Oreo Cookies that my doggie buddies up in Newport like so much. Deanna named the cookies that because they are so good for you. Well, aren't they? 'Course they are!
15 85 Vitamin “O” Reel A 23 Aug. '11 Vitamin O refers to Oreo Cookies that my doggie buddies up in Newport like so much. Deanna named the cookies that because they are so good for you. Well, aren't they? 'Course they are!
15 86 Wake-Up Waltz Waltz G 27 February '92 I was dancing to this very tune this morning with one of our nice lunch ladies in the school Cafeteria, until I woke up! What a wonderful dream!
15 87 Wedding Day Waltz A 1 September '11 On September 1st, 1947, 64 years ago today, Priscilla Jean Scribner and Rober C. McQuillen (that's me!) were married in Dublin, N.H. It was a great day.
15 88 Yo-Yo's Polka Polka G 29 Aug '96 Kari Lundgren introduced me to a raven named YO-YO (who flies like this: [yo-yo sketch) at the Raptor Center in Sitka, AK, last year. They glue up broken eagles and such (ravens!) there and it's quite a place. Thanks, Kari! It was a great trip!
15 The Caller's Collective Intro to Caller's Collective tunes.
15 89 Alice Reel D September '11 for Alice Morris, Manchester
15 90 Amy Reel G/D September 2011 for Amy Cann, Westminster, VT
15 91 Beth Reel G/D for Beth Parkes, Billerica, MA
15 92 Carolyn Reel G 6/11/2011 for Carolyn Parrott, Hopkinton, NH
15 93 Claire Jig D September 2011 for Claire Mattin, Kensington
15 94 Dan Reel G/D 5 Oct 2011 for Dan Pearl, Southborough, MA
15 95 Dave B. Reel D September 2011 for Dave Bateman, Portsmouth
15 96 Dave E. Reel G/D September 2011 for Dave Eisenstadter, Keene
15 97 Dave K. Reel G September 2011 for Dave Kaynor, Montague, MA
15 98 Dave M. Reel D Sept. 2011 for David Millstone, Lebanon
15 99 Diane Reel G September 2011 for Diane Goodman, Hancock
15 100 Dudley Reel G September 2011 for Dudley Laufman, Canterbury
15 101 Duke Reel G October 2011 for Duke Miller (d.), Fitzwilliam (Schenectady, NY)
15 102 Frank Jig G October 2011 for Frank Woodward, Francestown
15 103 Fred Reel G October 2011 for Fred Breunig, Putney, VT
15 104 Gene Reel G Oct. 2011 for Gene Gowing (d.), Dublin
15 105 Halton Jig D 3 April '11 for Halton "Dick" Richardson (d.), Marlboro
15 106 Jack Reel A October 2011 for Jack Perron, Peterborough
15 107 Jeff Jig D Oct. 2011 for Jeff Petrovich, Keene
15 108 John Reel D November 2011 for John McIntire, Unity, ME
15 108 John Reel D November 2011 for John McIntire, Unity, ME
15 109 Lester Reel G October 2011 for Lester Bradley, Thornton
15 110 Lisa Reel A October 2011 for Lisa Sieverts, Nelson
15 111 Mary D. Reel D October 2011 for Mary DesRosiers, Harrisville
15 111 Mary D. Reel D October 2011 for Mary DesRosiers, Harrisville
15 112 Michael Reel G October '11 for Michael McKernan, Putney, VT
15 113 Neil Reel A Oct. 2011 for Niel Orzechowski, Newport
15 114 Nils Reel G 4 October 2011 for Nils Fredlund, Keene
15 115 Peter T. Jig D April 5, '12 for Peter Temple, Harrisville
15 116 Peter Y. Reel A Oct 2011 for Peter Yarenski, Barrington
15 117 Ralph Reel D October 2011 for Ralph Page (d.), Keene
15 118 Ralph S. Reel G/D October 2011 for Ralph Sweet, Enfield, CT
15 119 Rich Reel G/D October 2011 for Rich Hart, Amherst
15 120 Sarah Jig G October 2011 for Sarah Mason, Deerfield
15 121 Steve Reel G Oct. 2011 for Steve Zakon-Anderson, Conway, MA
15 122 Todd Reel A Dec. 2011 for Todd Whittemore, Danielson, CT
15 123 Tony Reel D Oct. 2 for Tony Parkes, Billerica, MA
15 124 Walter Reel G October 2011 for Walter Lenk, Cambridge, MA
15 125 Chrysandra Waltz G 2 Apr 11 In March, 2011, my wonderful friend, Séamus Connolly, lost his dear wife, Sandy Walter, to cancer, and it is for her, and him, that this tune was written, with much much love from Bob.
WB WB1 Scotty's Waltz Waltz D 22 July 2012 I do so hope that Scotty O'Neil can hear this where he is now; it comes to him with much love from Mr. Mac
WB WB2 Laurie's Waltz Waltz G 23 July '12 Bob McQuillen 23 July '12 / For Laurie Indenbaum
Bob's Book of New Hampshire Tunes Go: → Top → Bottom → Middle → Book 15
Book Page Name Meter Key Date Notes and Dedications
NH 1 Acworth Reel Reel G 16 Aug 12
NH 2 Alexandria Reel Reel G 7 Jan 13
NH 3 Allentown Jig Jig D 21 Aug 12
NH 4 Alstead Hornpipe Hornpipe D 14 Aug 14
NH 5 Alton Jig Jig D 28 Aug 12
NH 6 Amherst Hornpipe Hornpipe D 17 Aug 12
NH 7 Andover Hornpipe Hornpipe D 12 Feb 13
NH 8 Antrim Hornpipe Hornpipe G 25 Aug 12
NH 9 Ashland Reel Reel D 29 Jul 12
NH 10 Atkinson Jig Jig G 9 Sep 12
NH 11 Auburn Reel Reel D 24 Aug 12
NH 12 Barnstead Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 25 Aug 12
NH 13 Barrington Jig Jig G 16 Aug 12
NH 14 Bartlett Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 26 Apr 12
NH 15 Bath Jig* Reel C 10 Aug 12 *Actually in Common Time, Reel or Hornpipe
NH 16 Bedford Reel Reel A 17 Aug 12
NH 17 Belmont Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 27 Jul 12
NH 18 Bennington Hornpipe Hornpipe D 20 Aug 12
NH 19 Berlin Hornpipe Hornpipe D 29 Aug 12
NH 20 Bethleham Hornpipe Hornpipe G 10 Feb 13
NH 21 Boscawen Reel Reel D 30 Jul 12
NH 22 Bow Jig Jig D 19 Aug 12
NH 23 Bradford Hornpipe Hornpipe G 30 Jul 12
NH 24 Brentwood Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 21 Aug 12
NH 25 Bridgewater Jig Jig G-D 10 Feb 13
NH 26 Bristol Hornpipe Hornpipe D 30 Jul 12
NH 27 Brookfield Hornpipe Hornpipe D 20 Aug 12
NH 28 Canaan Hornpipe Hornpipe G 1 Aug 12
NH 29 Candia Hornpipe Hornpipe D 30 Jul 12
NH 30 Canterbury Reel Reel G 13 Aug 12
NH 31 Carroll Reel Reel G 26 Aug 12
NH 32 Center Harbor Reel Reel A 27 Apr 12
NH 33 Charlestown Hornpipe Hornpipe G 14 Aug 12
NH 34 Chester Jig Jig Em 15 Aug 12
NH 35 Chesterfield Reel Reel D 15 Aug 12
NH 36 Chichester Hornpipe Hornpipe D 18 Aug 12
NH 37 Chocorua Hornpipe Hornpipe D 15 Aug 12
NH 38 Claremont Hornpipe Hornpipe D 15 Aug 12
NH 39 Colebrook Reel Reel G 24 Aug 12
NH 40 Concord Reel Reel D 16 Aug 12
NH 41 Contoocook Reel Reel A 17 Aug 12
NH 42 Conway Hornpipe Hornpipe D 23 Aug 12
NH 43 Cornish Jig Jig G 23 Aug 12
NH 44 Croydon Hornpipe Hornpipe G 12 Feb 13
NH 45 Dalton Reel Reel A 29 Aug 12
NH 46 Danbury Jig Jig D 20 Aug 12
NH 47 Danville Reel Reel G 29 Apr 12
NH 48 Deerfield Hornpipe Hornpipe D 23 Aug 12
NH 49 Deering Hornpipe Hornpipe D 9 Jan 13
NH 50 Derry Jig Jig D 28 Aug 12
NH 51 Dover Hornpipe Hornpipe G 29 Aug 12
NH 52 Drewsville Hornpipe Hornpipe D 29 Aug 12
NH 53 Dublin Jig Jig D 29 Aug 12
NH 54 Dummer Hornpipe Hornpipe G 30 Aug 12
NH 55 Dunbarton Reel Reel Bm 31 Aug 12
NH 56 Durham Reel Reel G 30 Aug 12
NH 57 Enfield Reel Reel G 1 Sep 12
NH 58 Epping Hornpipe Hornpipe D 1 Sep 12
NH 59 Epsom Hornpipe Hornpipe D 1 Sep 12
NH 60 Errol Reel Reel D 2 Sep 12
NH 61 Etna Hornpipe Hornpipe G 4 Sep 12
NH 62 Exeter Hornpipe Hornpipe D 2 Sep 12
NH 63 Farmington Hornpipe* Jig G 3 Sep 12 *Actually a jig
NH 64 Fitzwilliam Reel Reel D 3 Sep 12
NH 65 Francestown Jig* Jig D 3 Sep 12 *Simplified version of The Francestown Jig in Book 5.
NH 66 Franconia Reel Reel G 4 Sep 12
NH 67 Franklin Reel Reel G 5 Sep 12
NH 68 Freedom Reel Reel D 1 Sep 12
NH 69 Fremont Hornpipe Hornpipe D 5 Sep 12
NH 70 Georges Mills Jig Jig G 7 Sep 12
NH 71 Gilford Jig Jig D 5 Sep 12
NH 72 Gilmanton Jig Jig G 8 Sep 12
NH 73 Gilsum Hornpipe Hornpipe G 6 Sep 12
NH 74 Glen Hornpipe Hornpipe D 7 Sep 12
NH 75 Goffstown Hornpipe Hornpipe A 8 Sep 12
NH 76 Gorham Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 8 Sep 12
NH 77 Goshen Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 8 Sep 12
NH 78 Grafton Hornpipe Hornpipe D 8 Sep 12
NH 79 Grantham Jig Jig G 8 Sep 12
NH 80 Greenfield Reel Reel D 9 Sep 12
NH 81 Greenland Hornpipe Hornpipe D 9 Sep 12
NH 82 Greenville Reel Reel D 9 Sep 12
NH 83 Groveton Reel Reel A 9 Sep 12
NH 84 Hampstead Reel Reel G 10 Sep 12
NH 85 Hampton Hornpipe Hornpipe D 10 Sep 12
NH 86 Hampton Falls Hornpipe Hornpipe G 9 Jan 13
NH 87 Hancock Reel Reel G 10 Sep 12
NH 88 Hanover Jig Jig G 10 Sep 12
NH 89 Harrisville Reel Reel D 11 Sep 12
NH 90 Haverhill Jig Jig G 12 Sep 12
NH 91 Hebron Jig Jig G 12 Sep 12
NH 92 Henniker Hornpipe Hornpipe D 12 Sep 12
NH 93 Hill Jig Jig D 12 Sep 12
NH 94 Hillsborough Reel Reel D 12 Sep 12
NH 95 Hinsdale Jig Jig G 15 Sep 12
NH 96 Holderness Hornpipe Hornpipe D 14 Sep 12
NH 97 Hollis Hornpipe Hornpipe D 14 Sep 12
NH 98 Hooksett Reel Reel G 14 Sep 12
NH 99 Hopkinton Jig Jig D 14 Sep 12
NH 100 Hudson Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 15 Sep 12
NH 101 Intervale Hornpipe Hornpipe D 15 Sep 12
NH 102 Jackson Hornpipe Hornpipe Em 15 Sep 12
NH 103 Jaffrey Hornpipe Hornpipe D 16 Sep 12
NH 104 Jefferson Jig Jig G 17 Sep 12
NH 105 Kearsarge Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 17 Sep 12
NH 106 Keene Hornpipe Hornpipe G 17 Sep 12
NH 107 Kensington Hornpipe Hornpipe G 12 Feb 13
NH 108 Kingston Reel Reel Em 17 Sep 12
NH 109 Laconia Reel Reel D-G 19 Sep 12
NH 110 Lancaster Reel Reel G 19 Sep 12
NH 111 Lebanon Reel Reel G 19 Sep 12
NH 112 Lee Jig Jig A 9 Jan 13
NH 113 Lempster Reel Reel G 21 Oct 12
NH 114 Lincoln Reel Reel D-G 22 Nov 12
NH 115 Lisbon Hornpipe Hornpipe D 22 Oct 12
NH 116 Litchfield Hornpipe Hornpipe D 23 Oct 12
NH 117 Littleton Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 25 Oct 12
NH 118 Londonderry Hornpipe Hornpipe D 24 Oct 12
NH 119 Loudon Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 25 Oct 12
NH 120 Lyman Jig Jig Bm 25 Oct 12
NH 121 Lyme Reel Reel G 1 Nov 12
NH 122 Lyndeboro Hornpipe Hornpipe G 1 Nov 12
NH 123 Madbury Hornpipe Hornpipe G 2 Nov 12
NH 124 Madison Reel Reel D-G 3 Nov 12
NH 125 Manchester Reel Reel G 3 Nov 12
NH 126 Marlborough Jig Jig G 5 Nov 12
NH 127 Marlow Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 5 Nov 12
NH 128 Mason Reel Reel G 6 Nov 12
NH 129 Melvin Village Hornpipe Hornpipe D 3 Dec 12
NH 130 Meredith Hornpipe Hornpipe D 5 Dec 12
NH 131 Meriden Hornpipe Hornpipe G 12 Dec 12
NH 132 Merrimack Jig Jig G 13 Dec 12
NH 133 Middleton Reel Reel D 13 Dec 12
NH 134 Milan Reel Reel G 13 Dec 12
NH 135 Milford Hornpipe Hornpipe D-A 15 Dec 12
NH 136 Milton Hornpipe Hornpipe D 17 Dec 12
NH 137 Mirror Lake Reel Reel D 20 Dec 12
NH 138 Monroe Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 21 Dec 12
NH 139 Mont Vernon Jig Jig G 21 Dec 12
NH 140 Moultonborough Hornpipe Hornpipe D 21 Dec 12
NH 141 Mount Sunapee Reel G 22 Dec 12
NH 142 Mount Washington Reel Reel G 23 Dec 12
NH 143 Munsonville Reel Reel D 24 Dec 12
NH 144 Nashua Jig Jig D 24 Dec 12
NH 145 Nelson Reel Reel D 2 Jan 13
NH 146 New Boston Jig Jig Em 24 Dec 12
NH 147 New Castle Hornpipe Hornpipe D 26 Dec 13
NH 148 New Ipswich Reel Reel G 2 Jan 13
NH 149 New London Reel Reel G 2 Jan 13
NH 150 Newbury Reel Reel G 3 Jan 13
NH 151 Newfields Hornpipe Hornpipe D 4 Jan 13
NH 152 Newington Hornpipe Hornpipe G 4 Jan 13
NH 153 Newmarket Hornpipe Hornpipe G 4 Jan 13
NH 154 Newport Hornpipe Hornpipe D 6 Jan 13
NH 155 Newton Hornpipe Hornpipe A 7 Jan 13
NH 156 North Hampton Reel Reel G 7 Jan 13
NH 157 North Stratford Hornpipe Hornpipe D 9 Jan 13
NH 158 Northfield Reel Reel G 10 Jan 13
NH 159 Northwood Reel Reel Bm 11 Jan 13
NH 160 Nottingham Reel Reel Em 13 Jan 13
NH 161 Orford Reel Reel Em 13 Jan 13
NH 162 Ossipee Reel* Jig G 13 Jan 13 *Actually a jig
NH 163 Pelham Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 13 Jan 13
NH 164 Pembroke Hornpipe Hornpipe G 14 Jan 13
NH 165 Penacook Hornpipe Hornpipe D 14 Jan 13
NH 166 Peterborough Jig Jig G-D 14 Jan 13
NH 167 Pike Reel Reel D 22 Aug 13
NH 168 Pittsburg Hornpipe Hornpipe G 23 Aug 13
NH 169 Pittsfield Hornpipe Hornpipe A 23 Aug 13
NH 170 Plainfield Hornpipe Hornpipe D 23 Aug 13
NH 171 Plaistow Reel Reel D 24 Aug 13
NH 172 Plymouth Reel Reel D 24 Aug 13
NH 173 Portsmouth Hornpipe Hornpipe D 24 Aug 13
NH 174 Raymond Hornpipe Hornpipe D 25 Aug 13
NH 175 Richmond Jig Jig D 25 Aug 13
NH 176 Rindge Hornpipe Hornpipe D 25 Aug 13
NH 177 Rochester Hornpipe Hornpipe D 25 Aug 13
NH 178 Rollinsford Hornpipe Hornpipe D 26 Aug 13
NH 179 Roxbury Hornpipe Hornpipe D 27 Jan 13
NH 180 Rumney Reel Reel D 27 Jan 13
NH 181 Rye Reel Reel G 27 Jan 13
NH 182 Salem Hornpipe Hornpipe D 28 Jan 13
NH 183 Salisbury Reel Reel D 28 Jan 13
NH 184 Sanbornton Jig Jig G 28 Jan 13
NH 185 Sandown Reel Reel G-D 28 Jan 13
NH 186 Sandwich Hornpipe Hornpipe D 8 Jan 13
NH 187 Seabrook Hornpipe Hornpipe D 28 Jan 13
NH 188 Sharon Hornpipe Hornpipe D 31 Aug 12
NH 189 Shelburne Hornpipe Hornpipe G 28 Jan 13
NH 190 Silver Lake Hornpipe Hornpipe G 29 Jan 13
NH 191 Somersworth Jig Jig D 29 Jan 13
NH 192 South Acworth Hornpipe Hornpipe D 29 Jan 13
NH 193 Spofford Jig Jig D 30 Jan 13
NH 194 Springfield Hornpipe Hornpipe D 30 Jan 13
NH 195 Stinson Lake Hornpipe Hornpipe D 30 Jan 13
NH 196 Stoddard Reel Reel D 31 Jan 13
NH 197 Strafford Hornpipe Hornpipe D 2 Feb 13
NH 198 Stratford Hornpipe* Hornpipe D 7 Jan 13 *Actually a jig
NH 199 Stratham Reel* Reel G 4 Feb 13 *Both parts are in G even though the key signature changes to 2 sharps in the B part
NH 200 Sullivan Hornpipe Hornpipe D 4 Feb 13
NH 201 Sunapee Reel Reel D 5 Feb 13
NH 202 Suncook Reel Reel D 5 Feb 13
NH 203 Surry Jig Jig D 5 Feb 13
NH 204 Sutton Reel Reel G 7 Sep 12
NH 205 Swanzey Hornpipe Hornpipe G 10 Feb 13
NH 206 Tamworth Jig Jig G 5 Feb 13
NH 207 Temple Hornpipe Hornpipe D 6 Feb 13
NH 208 Tilton Hornpipe Hornpipe G 6 Feb 13
NH 209 Thornton Hornpipe Hornpipe D 8 Jan 13
NH 210 Troy Hornpipe Hornpipe D 6 Feb 13
NH 211 Twin Mountain Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 7 Feb 13
NH 212 Union Hornpipe Hornpipe D 7 Feb 13
NH 213 Walpole Jig Jig D 7 Feb 13
NH 214 Warner Reel Reel G 8 Feb 13
NH 215 Warren Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 8 Feb 13
NH 216 Washington Jig Jig D 8 Feb 13
NH 217 Waterville Valley Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 8 Jan 13
NH 218 Weare Reel Reel D 9 Feb 13
NH 219 Webster Hornpipe Hornpipe D 9 Feb 13
NH 220 Wentworth Hornpipe Hornpipe D 9 Feb 13
NH 221 Westmorland Hornpipe Hornpipe D 10 Jan 13
NH 222 Whitefield Jig Jig D 10 Feb 13
NH 223 Wilmot Hornpipe Hornpipe G 10 Feb 13
NH 224 Wilton Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 11 Jan 13
NH 225 Winchester Hornpipe Hornpipe G-D 11 Jan 13
NH 226 Windham Jig Jig G 11 Jan 13
NH 227 Wolfeboro Hornpipe Hornpipe G 12 Jan 13
NH 228 Woodstock Hornpipe Hornpipe D 12 Jan 13
NH 229 Blackout Reel Reel D I was working on this tune, when suddenly a car hit a pole nearby, broke it in two, and of course, that's how this tune got it's name!
NH 230 Buzzy's Coffee Reel D 13 Aug 12
NH 231 Eighty-Eight Keys (Reel)* Reel G 27 Jun 11 *Not the same as a tune of the same name, dedicated the same date, in Book 15
NH 232 Olivia (Krommes) Reel D 7 Aug 12
NH 233 Phinney Hall* Reel G 27 May 12
NH 234 Rosie's Reel Reel G for Rosaleigh Blackmer
NH 235 Still a Doozy! Reel D for Peggy Duesenberg
NH 236 The Space Needle Jig Jig G 30 Aug 12

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