All the Tunes - In One Place!

Bob McQuillen’s Note Books - An iPad App with ALL the Tunes
Release Date: June 27, 2023. Happy Birthday, Bob!

Go to the Apple App Store to download the app.

This iPad OS app is a fully portable collection of 1,500+ tunes published in Bob’s Note Books 1-15, just the way that Bob wrote them. No need to carry all the books to a gig or a session! You can view individual books or search all of Bob's compositions by title, page, key, or meter.

Your own chords can be annotated right on the app. If 1,500+ tunes is too mind-boggling, there is an “Editor’s Choice” list embedded in the app, and other lists and resources are available on the CDSS website.

How do I find the tunes?

The CDSS Store has a supply of all of Bob's Note Books except for books 3, 5 and 7, which are out of print. Book 15 will be available there shortly.

The Brattleboro Music Center has a complete set in the music library. If you find other sources for the tunes, please let us know.

If you don't have any of the Note Books, find someone who does have them.

Search YouTube for recordings, and learn a tune by ear. There are links to recordings on our Handy Links page.

Ten of Bob’s tunes can be found in the Portland Collection books:

Some of Bob's Note Books show up in used bookstores from time to time.

A google search may find more transcriptions of his tunes, often the most-played: Dancing Bear, Amelia, Scotty O'Neil.

All of Bob's waltzes through 2011, and a few from 2012, can be found in his Big Book of Waltzes, available from CDSS.

There is a wealth of material in the University of New Hampshire Library Special Collections Archive. While these materials can only be accessed at the library and with permission, it is a vast array of Mac-abilia. You can view the UNH Catalog here.