How to Find Bob McQuillen's Tunes

All the Tunes - In One Place!

Bob McQuillen’s Note Books - an iPad App with ALL the Tunes
Release Date: June 27, 2023. Happy Birthday, Bob!

Go to the Apple App Store to download the app.

This iPad OS app is a fully portable collection of 1,500+ tunes published in Bob’s Note Books 1-15, just the way that Bob wrote them. No need to carry all the books to a gig or a session! You can view individual books or search all of Bob's compositions by title, page, key, or meter.

Your own chords can be annotated right on the app. If 1,500+ tunes is too mind-boggling, there is an “Editor’s Choice” list embedded in the app, and other lists and resources are available on the CDSS website.

Where to find hard copies

The CDSS Store has a supply of some of Bob's Note Books.

The Brattleboro Music Center has a complete set in the music library.

Ten of Bob’s tunes can be found in the Portland Collection books:

Some of Bob's Note Books show up in used bookstores from time to time.

All of Bob's waltzes through 2011, and a few from 2012, can be found in his Big Book of Waltzes.

Other ways to learn Bob's tunes