Acknowledgements- /əkˈnäləjm(ə)nt/

Bob McQuillen at the 2012 Dance Flurry
Bob McQuillen at the 2012 Dance Flurry
Photo © Shelley Osborne

Deborah Maynard
For her technical expertise without which this project could not have proceeded, and her encouragement, and for jumping down this rabbit hole with both feel all the way to bottom.

David Millstone
For encouragement, suggestions, links, for his unfailing support of Bob's work and his legacy. Several links on the handy links page are thanks to David.

Sarah Bauhan
For providing information, Book 15, for encouragement and enthusiasm.

Rebecca McQuillen Parsons
For her kindness in allowing this project to go forwards.

Jane Orzechowski & Deanna Stiles, Old New England
For their dedication to Bob McQuillen's tunes, and for all the great recordings with Bob.

Pat Baker
For careful attention to Bob's Note Books and for keeping the tradition going all those years.

Emeline Dehn and Morgan Wilson, University of New Hampshire Library Archive
For sharing items from the Bob McQuillen Collection and encouragement.

Carol Compton, Brattleboro Music Center and Amy Cann
For early encouragement and feedback, and playing all the bizarre tunes I want to play, no matter how weird.

And so many others. I can't think of a single person who, when I proposed this project, said I was crazy. Maybe they all knew it and were too polite to tell me.

Laurie Indenbaum
From the Center of the Universe - Athens, Vermont - where you can’t buy milk, get gas, go to school or get a haircut. But the Town Clerk’s office is open Mondays from 9-1, and we have the best road crew in Windham County.