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March, 2023

Good Bye, Old Man

In Honor of "The NEW Old Man of the Mountain"
A Poster by Hilliare Wilder. Click the link to see it!

This slightly nutty waltz is dated November 2007
The dedication reads:

“Good Bye, Old Man - Bob McQuillen Nov '07
At the Lake City Dance in Seattle in May, 2003, Dave Kaynor was the caller that night and he told the crowd of a tragic event.
He said, "New Hampshire has lost face." Well, it did - the Great Stone Face (AKA The Old Man of the Mountain)
that Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote about so many years ago finally fell down on May 3, just before Dave came out.
And it really was a tragedy. We sure miss him.

The message in the deleted measure reads, "don't ask; just play the damn tune" with an arrow pointing to the next measure.
It's tough to read from Bob's score, but we played this tune on March 19, 2023 at Pierce's Hall, East Putney, Vermont.

Good Bye, Old Man © 2007 Bob McQuillen. A waltz in tribute to the fallen stone face the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


Nominated by Bill Tomczak
"Everyone knows it, everyone plays it and it's damn beautiful.
I believe I've played it more than once every year since I first learned it. A classic!"
Hear Bob play it with New England Tradition (April Limber, Pete Colby & Bob) in a medley after Alouette's Waltz Alouette's/Amelia

Amelia, ©1981, Bob McQuillen. "Now here is a tune for Deanna's sweet daughter; If you haven't met her yet, You really ought ter."

Bonus Tune - Alouette's Waltz, Book 4

Alouette's Waltz, © 1979 by Bob McQuillen. "With love to Alouette Iselin, and so many thanks for her beautiful singing. Nelson, N.H., is very lucky to claim her as a fringe benefit!"


February, 2023

The Boys of Antrim

Nominated by Tod Whittemore
"Unusual and fits Washington Hey to a T,
I think The Boys of Antrim is one of the best and most unique tunes that Bob wrote."

The Boys of Antrim by Bob McQuillen, shown in its original printed color. © 1981

Woodland Dream

Nominated by Mary Cay Brass, Athens, VT
"Slow, haunting, mystical."

Peter Yarensky, Newmarket NH says, "One of my favorites ever since I first heard it.
In the dedication he makes the comment 'I saw a Bear this trip!'
Each recording in the links is different, and I really enjoy all of them."
Hear it on YouTube Old New England Dick Nevell Sarah Bauhan - Elmwood Station Applejack

Woodland Dream by Bob McQuillen. Tune #90 in Book 3. © 1977

Used with permission from Great Meadow Music / CDSS

January, 2023

Olde Tyme Quadrille

Nominated by Justin Godin, Merrimack NH
"It’s a classic, feels almost like he was channeling the ancients, but still feels like Bob.
I am also partial to the chromatic run in Bar 23."
Hear it on YouTube Hand it Down

Olde Tyme Quadrille by Bob McQuillen. Book 2 #58. © 1975

Used with permission from Great Meadow Music / CDSS

Ralph Page

One of Bob's most joyful tunes. Nominated by Deborah Maynard.
Hear it on YouTube Old New England Applejack

Ralph Page by Bob McQuillen. Book 4 #78. © 1979

Used with permission from Great Meadow Music / CDSS