Bob McQuillen

Progress: 89% of Bob's Tunes have been played at least once.

535 individuals (more or less) made 2,147 submissions through the Submit Your Tunes form. Including tunes played more than once and lists in the "more tunes" field, it comes to approximately 2,514 tunes played in 2023 through September 30. See our leaderboard below.

We've officially played 1,380 of the 1554 tunes Bob published in his lifetime. Books 1-8, 11, 14 and 15 are played, leaving 174 tunes in books 9, 10, 12 and 13. Bob's last book of 236 tunes, including tunes dedicated to New Hampshire towns, was released on July 1 at the Kwackfest 100 celebration. 59 of the tunes in Bob's Book of New Hampshire Tunes have been played, leaving 177.

How many tunes are left to play in each book.

People played tunes in dance halls, living rooms, basements, kitchens, churches, assisted living homes, at festivals, in Grange halls and schools, in a car during lunch break, at a community Burger Night, an English dance, at NEFFA, at camp. They played alone, in twos and threes and fives, tens, and more - up to 30 (and more!) at a time. Larry’s Waltz was hummed in Empuries, Girona, Catalonia - there wasn’t a piano to be found! Our 2nd international entry.

Numerous submissions have been from dance bands, including Calliope, Sugar River Band, Racket Factory, Upper Potomac Fiddle Retreat Contra Dance Band, Blind Squirrel, Norwich MegaBand, Russell Branch Folk Band, Milford (NH) Musicians, Entwyned, Riff Raff, Northern Aire, Bob's Your Uncle, Roaring Jelly in Dallas, TX, members of Spælimenninir, Portland Contra Dance Community Open Band, Fiddlers Tour of the Capitol District in New York State, The Upper Valley Music Center Open Band, Les Fabulous Girls du Ouest Coast at Warren’s Roadhouse during NW Folklife Festival 2023, New England Dancing Masters at River Jam Romp and Coriolis in Corvallis, OR. The Capitol District Megaband (Albany, NH) and the Sheep Band (Puppets in Paradise Festival) played Pete's March.

Bob tunes are being played in sessions all over the place: Parting Glass Wednesday Night Celtic Session in Saratoga Springs, NY, Lady of the Lake Dance Camp, John C. Campbell Folk School, TradMad Camp at Pinewoods and other camps and festivals have also documented tunes. Sessions in Greenwich, NY and Lebanon, NH have posted; the River Jam Romp in Marlboro, Vermont had a Bob-Tune-Session.

Pie Chart shows our progress

Leaderboard for Jan-May, 2023. Sarah's Jig and Amelia still tied for first, with Pete's March, Larry's Waltz and The Chickadee's Polka staying in the top 5.

Where are the tunes? Did California fall into the ocean?

Map showing locations where tunes have been played.