Bob McQuillen

Progress: 26% of Bob's Tunes have been played at least once.

241 individuals (more or less) made 601 submissions through the Submit Your Tunes form. Including tunes played more than once and lists in the "more tunes" field, it comes to approximately 677 tunes played in 2023 so far.

People played tunes in dance halls, living rooms, basements, kitchens, churches, assisted living homes, at festivals, in Grange halls and even in a car during lunch break. They played alone, in twos and threes and fives, tens, and more.

There is a short video on Facebook of a band of 17 playing The Dancing Bear in Milford, NH.

15 or so people played the Classics - Scotty O'Neil, Amelia, Pete's March & Sarah's Jig - at the Dance Flurry in Saratoga Springs.

Pie Chart shows our progress

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Bob McQuillen and Friends at Pinewoods

There is a wonderful YouTube video by Larry Edelman of Bob with friends at Pinewoods Camp in 1995. Great stories, great tunes! Bob with Laurie Andres, Charlie Pilzer, Cathy Whitesides, Susan Kevra, Andy Davis: Bob & Friends at Pinewoods, 1995

Bob & Friends at Pinewoods, 1995 - links to YouTube video.

Bob McQuillen & Friends at Pinewoods, 1995

Where are the tunes? California, where are you??